My name is Will Forte and I'm here to let you guys know that my new show THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is premiering tomorrow night, Sunday March 1st, at 9 PM on FOX!

I had a blast answering your questions last time, so let's get started! Victoria's helping me out with getting started too.

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Ryno36391337 karma

What can we do to make a MacGruber 2 happen?

WillForte1472 karma

I don't know! Jorma, John and I have been crazy busy, but we're absolutely gonna write the shit out of that thing as soon as we have time. And we will start to have time in a few weeks. Thanks for your patience. Already have a great outline in the works.

garrettlevine839 karma

Hi Will, I'm a huge fan. Could you name your favorite SNL sketch that you are not in?


WillForte1549 karma

Hi! Cowbell is one of my favorites. Chris Farley's Chippendales dancer. Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. Debbie Downer.

Upstream15832 karma

Will, no one remembers you in my favorite SNL sketch with Jon Hamm where you're a registered sex offender trick or treating. My favorite sketch. Great job. Who wrote that sketch?

potato link for the lazy

Thanks to /u/potatopop for sourcing

WillForte592 karma

I love that one too -- one of my favorites. Colin Jost wrote that one. He is an amazing writer and I'm happy that he's at the update desk now

pleasedontkillmyvibe682 karma

If I ran out of celery, what do I use in replacement?

WillForte1161 karma

Your finger

EvieJay623 karma

What was your favourite line as Paul on 30 Rock? :)

WillForte1240 karma

It's not a line, but I loved singing the song "O Holy Night" with Jenna dressed as the two black swans. So many amazing lines. That writing staff was amazing.

Mic_Drop_Im_Out590 karma

Hello Will! Thanks for the AMA. My wife and I loved 'Nebraska' -- being from the Canadian Prairies, we found that the movie captured the look, feel and pace of life we grew up with. What was your favorite experience when filming on location in the Midwest?

WillForte518 karma

Thanks! Everything about that experience was special. A totally new environment, a bunch of strangers that very quickly became family, a chance to do something I never in a million years thought I'd get a chance to do. Dream come true in every sense of the word. I will always cherish that experience!

TruGabu540 karma

Are you going to do more "fortin' with will" episodes? NOT ON MY BELT

WillForte695 karma

One of my favorite things I've ever gotten to do. I love that one so much. Would love to do another one. I will do anything Tim and Eric ever ask me to do

hoopajoop69528 karma

Why is The Falconer my favorite recurring character in SNL?

WillForte760 karma

Because you are a crazy person like me! It takes a special person to appreciate that one. One of my biggest regrets is a falconer that we didn't get to do during the rainn wilson show. It was a meta version of the falconer in which Donald goes backstage and sees that his whole existence is that of a puppet in an SNL sketch. Maybe one day it'll see the light of day!

JuicyJ604308 karma

What's your favourite colour?

WillForte1694 karma

Don't have a favorite colour. But my favorite color is green. (burn)

WillForte1696 karma

Now I feel bad. You didn't deserve that. My favorite colour is green too

mustrdbecn304 karma

Hello Will. The Brother's Solomon is literally in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. "Don't think about past defeats" is one of my favorite lines ever. Do you have a favorite line or piece of writing from your writing work? What makes it special to you?

WillForte312 karma

That's so nice of you to say! Don't make me pick between all of my dick jokes! I get too attached to dialogue -- it gets really tough when we go to edit stuff. It doesn't mean the line is necessarily good, but I just get attached. I'm a weird dude. Thanks for your support!

mattevan289 karma


WillForte745 karma

You mean the widely acknowledged best sketch ever written? I still stand behind every fart and every face in that piece of polished gold

Havins225 karma

If you were stuck with only one other person as the last people on Earth, who would you most want it to be and why is that person Jeff Goldblum?

WillForte462 karma

Goldblum just has that indescribable thing. And of course, there's the obvious repopulation angle

jobbybutt196 karma

What was your last stool consistency?

WillForte561 karma

I would say it was a 4 or 5 with 1 being concrete and 10 being Coke Zero

INickolai169 karma

Hey Will! Big fan of yours, you never cease to crack me up. I have two questions for you: 1) Do you have any new projects coming soon? 2) What is your favorite thing about koala bears?

WillForte246 karma

I've been working my balls off on Last Man on Earth so I haven't had time to do anything else really. But gonna go do a part in Sandler's movie Ridiculous 6 on Tuesday and then starting writing MacG2! And thanks for the kind words -- hope you like the show! (I love it but I'm biased)

nailbiter111142 karma

Do you like or love, Orange Tic Tacs?

WillForte345 karma

LOVE! It is the very first thing I ever stole from a drug store. I was a kid and my stealing phase was short. But my start was with tic-tacs, ORANGE tic tacs

a-dark-passenger131 karma


How long did it take you to grow that glorious mane and beard? Also I'm looking forward to Last Man.. Thanks!

WillForte180 karma

Thanks! Excited for you to see it! Took about six months to get the full heft and you didn't even see the worst of it. We trimmed it a little bit before we shot the show. thanks for your support!

EvieJay119 karma

What SNL sketch do you wish you had written?

WillForte301 karma

Everything Will Ferrell ever wrote -- that guy is the best of the best. And a true gentleman as well

_KFBR392112 karma

Hello Will! I have to say that MacGruber is one of the greatest comedic gems I have ever stumbled across and has become an all-time classic in my mind. How much fun was it to film that movie? I look forward to checking out your upcoming show “The Last Man on Earth”! Thanks for doing this AMA!

WillForte104 karma

Thanks very much! We're gonna start trying to write MacG2. It was such a blast to make that movie with all of our friends and would love to have a chance to get the gang back together. It's looking more and more like we're gonna get that chance! And thanks for your support! Spread the word -- it's a good show!

PuppyBox101 karma

Is there pressure at SNL to leave the show after having been on it for a while or is it entirely the cast members choice?

WillForte170 karma

There's no pressure. You usually know when it's time to leave. I guess it's a case by case basis. Sorry, this was not my best answer!

nikkinikki592 karma

Favorite cereal?

WillForte519 karma

It doesn't exist -- I want a breakfast burrito cereal

have_d_will_travel67 karma

Hey Will! How are ya? Wanted to say you are one of my favorite comedians of all time. Jenjamin Franklin, which was so funny, proves how weird you're willing to let it go and that's awesome to me. When's the next time you'll do a Comedy Bang Bang podcast apperance?

WillForte122 karma

You know what? I feel awful, you're just reminding me that Aukerman emailed me about it a while back and I never wrote him back! I've been working so hard that my emailing and texting has gone to shit. Thanks for the reminder. I love Scott -- such a funny guy -- and can't wait to do the show again.

lmi664 karma

Hi, Will! What's your favorite place that you've traveled to? Also, what's your favorite movie and/or book, and what's your favorite snack? Thanks!

WillForte206 karma

In America, New Orleans. Outside of America, Positano, Italy. Favorite movies: The Jerk, Jaws, Godfather, Sound of Music, Graduate. Do not read books and do not want others to either. Snack -- breakfast burrito

withbellson59 karma

Hi Will!

Were you or others concerned about physical effects from going full Zell Miller on SNL? We used to worry you were about to burst something.

WillForte66 karma

My mom and the wonderful SNL nurse Teresa were scared I was gonna have an aneurysm -- holy shit, I spelled that right! -- so I took aspirin before just in case. Yeah, it was pretty scary!

Jackpot9659 karma

You wake up to find a genie is hovering over you. He informs you that you really have become the last man on earth, but he will bring back three historical figure for you to have company. Who are the people you decide to come back?

WillForte141 karma

Terence Trent D'arby, Dabney Coleman, Eleanor Roosevelt

nailbiter11156 karma

Did you ever think about using another vegetable to stick in your butt instead of celery?

WillForte183 karma

I will never cheat on my celery. I am a one vegetable man

thenamespal43 karma

I don't really have a question for you but when I was in High School, there was a kid in my grade who was related to you in some way and got you to come and talk to my movie production class. I just wanted to thank you for being so inspiring on that day, and thank you for making me laugh countless times when watching SNL.

Since the mods require me to have a question, who was your favorite cast member you worked with during your time at SNL? Thanks!

WillForte60 karma

That was my cousin's kid Kyle Stivers? Glad you liked the talk. I meant everything I said. Just work your butt off and good things will happen. Favorite cast member? Pretty much everyone -- we're like a family so it's hard to pick a favorite. I feel a special bond with Kristen and Jason but love and respect all others too.

Warrpath29 karma

I'm looking forward to the new show, but I have to ask... How on Earth can a show about the last man on Earth last more than a few episodes? Seems like you are starting out writing yourself into a corner.

WillForte58 karma

Watch and see. I wrote myself into the most open territory that's ever existed. So excited about this show. Hope you like it!

e3super29 karma

Mr. Forte, first, thank you for doing this AMA. I've really enjoyed your work so far, and I'm super excited for The Last Man on Earth. My question: Who, in your opinion, is the most brilliant person you've worked with so far?

WillForte78 karma

So many people. Bruce Dern, Kristen Wiig, Jorma Taccone, John Solomon, Will Ferrell, Patti Forte -- I'm sure I'm forgetting a million but these were the people that jumped out

And thanks for asking!

smkc28 karma

So is the Boner Ghost real? Has he ever visited you...or does he just visit those that live with you?

WillForte57 karma

I've never seen him but have come in contact with so many friends who have seen him. I have come sooooooo close to seeing him. So many times, I'll leave a room and he'll show up immediately after. One day, I'll see him and maybe I can lift that sheet and see if the curtains match the drapes and there is the same color sheet surrounding his ghost dick

huanjia27 karma

Hello! I'm extremely excited for the show tomorrow night, but I wanted to ask about Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories. Season 1 had a severe lack of Will Forte. Is there any possibility of you being on it if they do a Season 2 (or beyond)? I really can't think of anything I want to see more, but with the potential success of this new show, I'm terrified that the opportunity will never arise (not to suggest that you should sacrifice deserved success to make my dreams come true by screaming in horror for 11 minutes on a new Tim and Eric show...)

Also, have you ever been asked to be on Marc Maron's podcast? I'll rank that one as #2 most wanted.

WillForte88 karma

I got to do Marc's podcast. It was a great experience and he gave me this awesome coffee mug as I left. Can't wait to go back and do it again. It was like the best therapy session you could ask for.

As for Tim and Eric, I can't wait to work with them again. Some of my favorite things I've done in my career are things I've done with them. Fortin' with Will is probably my all time favorite. And I hope to jam my way into Bedtime Stories.

loltmoney27 karma

Do you like rice?

WillForte124 karma

Rice the food or Rice University?

WillForte118 karma

If rice the food, brown or white?

WillForte163 karma

Yes yes and yes

guy_from_canada18 karma

How is your day today?

WillForte58 karma

It's good. I've been working my nuts off for so long and am finally in a place where I can decompress a little so it's really nice. And I really like doing the AMA. Thanks for being a part of my nice day!

SoltanPill17 karma

I watched the fartface sketch for the first time yesterday just to see if it was the bomb that some people say it is Honestly i found it really funny and crazy. You and Bill were do great and really committed. Did you think at the time that it was bombing or are you too in it to register how it's going down?

WillForte29 karma

Oh, for sure people were not enjoying it. But I love that sketch. Loved hearing Bill tell the story on Letterman. It really was scary going out there. Like we were going into battle. But I watched it the other day and I gotta say, I think it's really funny. maybe that's why I've never really been in anything that anyone's ever seen. By the way, I think it was New York Magazine that came out with a list of the top ten SNL sketches of that year and somehow Fartface was on their list.

Drprep16 karma

Who should be the next host of the Daily Show?

WillForte130 karma

Golfer Jon Daly

HEXT4LIFE14 karma

Do you belong to any fraternal organization? (e.g. Greek, Mason, Rosicrucian, etc...)

WillForte42 karma

I was in a fraternity at UCLA. Had such a fun time and am still very close to the guys in the frat. Lambda Chi Alpha

cloudform12 karma

What is the most difficult part of your job?

WillForte26 karma

It just takes up so much time. And I'm a control freak so it's hard to give up any responsibilities. But it's worth all the work because the show turned out just how we wanted it to. Hope you check it out!

-eons-10 karma

What character have you enjoyed playing the most in your career?

WillForte49 karma

Loved being MacGruber in the movie. Loved getting the chance to be David in the movie Nebraska. Love doing Hamilton. Oh, and love doing Twinkle and Stink with Suds. And Jon Bovi with Suds. By the way, this never came out in the sketches, but it's worth noting that the names of our characters in Jon Bovi were Girth Evans and Dick Thickness.

spew329 karma

What do you get if you insert human DNA into a goat?

WillForte53 karma

Sounds like a baaaaaaaaaad idea to me. Boom? I still got it? No?

Drewbeedrew6 karma

100 duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?

WillForte24 karma

Easy. 100 duck sized horses. Way more super tight horse vaginas.

John_Basedow5 karma

What kind of trouser hawg you packin, fella?

WillForte7 karma

It's a trouser piglet to be sure

OneMoreSoul5 karma

What's your SSN? ;)

WillForte24 karma

It's a number the government gives you to identify you

jperk845 karma

Hey Will! Your new show looks great - can't wait to watch it. I have to ask, is it difficult being the only character on a sitcom?

WillForte13 karma

It's been pretty tricky but with Chris Miller and Phil Lord, you feel like you're in really good hands. They're my partners in this and they're the guys who did the Lego movie and 21 and 22 Jump Street

jonemillard4 karma

Hi Will,

What has been your oddest fan encounter?

WillForte14 karma

Naked guy in the shower asking if I was the guy from SNL and making a point of pointing his penis in my direction as he asked. He really jutted it out there

iam_hexxd4 karma

In your opinion, what was the best band or live music act that played SNL while you were on the show? Why?

WillForte10 karma

So many choices. My favorite experience there was probably seeing U2 when they played three songs during the show and then stuck around and played many songs after the show was over. My first year there, I think I remember Lorne was trying to get Led Zeppelin to come play the final show of the season. That would have made my head explode

Achtungil4 karma

Was The Falconer your character and will we ever see him again?

WillForte5 karma

Yes it was. Wrote that with two awesome guys Leo Allen and Eric Slovin -- initial idea was Slovin's. Have no idea if I will ever get a chance to do it again but I really hope so! I love the last one we did with the time machine. Good one to go out on!

cjc13033 karma

Was A Good Old Fashioned Orgy as fun to make as it is to watch? What was the funniest thing that happened on set that you can remember?

WillForte3 karma

That was such a great experience. We made it down in Wilmington NC and had such a blast. The whole cast really bonded and we left with an experience none of us will ever forget. Can't remember the funniest thing that happened. I remember the wonderful ice cream place - Kilwin's -- and just sitting around shooting the shit with a bunch of great funny people. I wish all people got to have such a fun job