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huanjia27 karma

Hello! I'm extremely excited for the show tomorrow night, but I wanted to ask about Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories. Season 1 had a severe lack of Will Forte. Is there any possibility of you being on it if they do a Season 2 (or beyond)? I really can't think of anything I want to see more, but with the potential success of this new show, I'm terrified that the opportunity will never arise (not to suggest that you should sacrifice deserved success to make my dreams come true by screaming in horror for 11 minutes on a new Tim and Eric show...)

Also, have you ever been asked to be on Marc Maron's podcast? I'll rank that one as #2 most wanted.

huanjia3 karma

Thank you so much. I don't know how I missed the podcast, but now I see it. I already know that this not yet produced bedtime stories episode will be a masterpiece, but I'm also extremely biased because I think everything you do is gold. You should know that me and my coworkers quote Allen Bishopman at least 10 times a week. It's a fun work environment.