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Also, if you ask, Israel won't stamp your passport and instead stamp a separate piece of paper

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I mean this question with all respect, do you think dominant muslim countries rely too much on the muslim religion to dictate everyday life for citizens? I only ask this because I am an American, I lived in Jordan for 1 year and saw so many men (and women) having to hide their emotions and denying their individuality because of shame from their families.

Personally, I think this is torture on the soul; that for these countries to progress, citizens need to have their own voice and not have to put on a mask to confront society. Sorry for the little rant.

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Hey Will! Your new show looks great - can't wait to watch it. I have to ask, is it difficult being the only character on a sitcom?

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Hey Joe! Thanks for doing this! What has been the biggest letdown of your career as a comedian/actor?

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As a producer, did you always want to get into comedy or did you just fall into it?