Hey guys, I'm back to answer more of your questions.

The final season of The Kroll Show airs Tuesdays at 10:30 PM on Comedy Central... http://www.cc.com/shows/kroll-show

Victoria's helping me out today via phone. AMA.


Update Thank you guys for your questions and for watching the show. Keep an eye out for those episodes I mentioned.

And here are the LA Deli lyrics:

LA Deli Lyrics:

When the party's breakin' up and the clubs are closin' down and the City of Angels sleeps There's only one place in town me and the boys will be found, got a jones for some savory meats

Canter's rocks the noshes down in Hollywood, but I love my Jerry's valley dolls And my baby gets a thrill for a Langer's kosher dill, and she'll cream for Greenblatt's matzo balls

LA! Deli! Where the after party's ragin' in my L.A. town LA! Deli! The pastrami's pillin' high while you're comin' down LA! Deli! Eatin' corned beef and eggs 'til the break of dawn LA! Deli! You don't have to be a jew to get your rock 'n' roll kibitz on

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kylethewild753 karma

As much as I love the Kroll Show, I've got another question. Will the Douche be making an appearance on Parks and Rec before its over?

nickkroll928 karma

Yes. I believe that - I need to double-check - but I believe the Douche is on Parks & Rec tonight.

Buxbaum89560 karma

Was Mulaney really as insane in college as he claims he was?

nickkroll734 karma

He was. But he was also always a very good, diligent writer.

wolfman3127458 karma

Mr. Kroll, No disrespect but you smell amazing, did you eat an orange before this?

nickkroll686 karma

I did eat an orange. But I smell amazing because I'm chewing cologne gum. It's called CK Gum.

baconeater613227 karma

Cologne Gum? Can you describe how that tastes?

nickkroll1613 karma

Like an Uber driver.

awatt34427 karma

Who or what was your inspiration behind the voice of the young generation, Mr. C-Czar?

nickkroll997 karma

Riff Raff.

radco85411 karma

Can we get a PubLIZity movie? And why doesn't that exist already?

nickkroll820 karma

We're having trouble getting financing, but Liz and Liz have already put an ameeezing premiere party together.

acapella_death_metal399 karma

You come from a very affluent family – are you a reformed “rich dick” or are those characters informed by people you went to school with? Or both? Or neither?

nickkroll437 karma

All of my characters are informed by who I am and people that I've come into contact with, as well as everyone else involved in making the show - like in the case of Rich Dicks, John Daly and people that he knew.

Spiff69348 karma

Mr. Nick Kroll,

Can you tell us more about the stunning title animations that begin your show? It's like pop culture crack and I love them almost as much as Bobby Bottleservice loves his mom... sorry getting a little choked up there.

Also, did you and Steve Dildarian pinky swear to appear on each other's shows?


nickkroll340 karma

Jonathan Krisel (who directed seasons 1 and 2 of our show, and also directs Portlandia and Man Seeking Woman) came up with the idea for the title sequence, and our amazing graphics guy, Cris Shapan, he is the guy who came up with everything. And he is responsible for all of those Kroll Show opening graphics as well as all the graphics on the show - all the titles and various things throughout the show.

_Bucket_Of_Truth_293 karma

Nicholas J. Kroll, I only got one questions for you's.

Do you marry me?

nickkroll332 karma


Vettelaw203 karma

Is filming an episode of Drunk History as fun as it looks? How exactly does it work, do they just play the drunk storytelling over a PA?

nickkroll261 karma

Yes, they have an edited-together version of the story that you then lip-synch.

rsdio195 karma

How many of the Canadianisms ("cafetorium", "ketchup fries", etc.) on Wheels, Ontario are real and how many are made up?

nickkroll324 karma

I don't know?

You know, it's about 50/50, things that we actually take from Canada. The further we go into the show, the more invented they become.

But the truth is sometimes the actual stuff in Canada is crazier than the stuff we make up.

TellThemIHateThem177 karma

Nick, huge fan! The League and Kroll Show are easily the funniest shows on TV in recent years. Also for some reason I constantly catch myself saying "Good at Business" in completely unnecessary and inappropriate times. Just ask my girlfriend.

Anyway, with both the League and Kroll show ending, how am I supposed to get my fix? Tell me you're going to give me something new.

nickkroll171 karma

Yes. I am working on various things, both involved with some of the characters I've done on the show as well as new characters.

tweezburger175 karma

There was a Phish reference on a recent Kroll Show episode (Gordon Yarmouth). Have you seen them before?

nickkroll304 karma

I have been to a few Phish shows over the years, and my friends in high school were (and continue to be) really into them. Mike Gordon actually wrote back to me about it, which made me look really cool to my high school buddies.

Yourmothersstopsign155 karma

Hi Nick, I watch the Kroll Show every week and one of my favorite bits is Too Much Tuna and I was wondering how much tuna is too much tuna?

nickkroll295 karma

If you start to smell like tuna a day after having eaten tuna - that's too much tuna.

5thGenWilliam148 karma

Nick, what is forever unclean?

nickkroll501 karma

It's a line that I improvised on The League, and that random people scream on the street that frightens me.

CPIz140 karma

What is your favorite kind of loose-meat sandwich?

nickkroll245 karma


ticketbutt132 karma

Hey Nick, huge fan of your sketch show!

Someone mentioned to Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia in their AMA about a Publizity crossover with Toni and Candice at Women and Women First.

They seemed open to the idea, but while Kroll Show is ending soon, do you think there may be a possibility on their show?

As a side question: What do you think of other sketch shows like Key and Peele or Portlandia?

Here's a link to their comment, by the way:


nickkroll231 karma

I'm open to collaboration with anyone, on anything, as long as they give me booze in the morning, since that's the only way I'll get anything done. I love both of those shows, and Jordan Peele did my show, Fred Armisen did a bit on my show, I did a little bit on Portlandia - the best part of doing sketch comedy is being able to collaborate with other people you like and respect.

torah_sam129 karma

Do Jason Matzousakas smell anything like Raffi would smell like? Also, Mrs. Ruxin,Jenny or Shiva: Fuck,Marry Kill?

nickkroll205 karma

No, Jason Mantzoukas is constantly taking showers. He couldn't be more different than Raffi.

tongiocos120 karma

Did you lock in any plans after Kroll Show ends?

nickkroll151 karma

I am working on some new show ideas and some movie ideas, and will hopefully continue working with a lot of the people I made Kroll Show with.

halliswasted111 karma

Can you please release the lyrics to LA Deli?

The Pittsburgh Pawn Stars guy singing at the Karaoke bar was probably the funniest thing I've seen all year.

nickkroll108 karma

"LA Deli," there is a video for - I don't know if there is lyrics for? I have to work on getting the lyrics to "Poconos."

So I'll work on it.

vertlegs85 karma

Be honest... How hard is it being the sexiest guy in the business?

nickkroll204 karma

To be totally honest, it's a challenge, every day.

that_shit_fray83 karma

Does anyone call you Krolly Polly?

nickkroll133 karma

Interesting question, /u/that_shit_fray.

technicalityNDBO69 karma

Do you still have the Man-of-the-People coat, and if so do you wear it?

nickkroll64 karma

Unfortunately I lost my Man-of-the-People coat. But I'm looking to find a new one.

geltoid68 karma

My last post was probably too long for you to read...

I made a The League party game. It's pretty badass.

Do you want a copy?

Do you know who I can talk to so I won't get sued if I end up making it?

nickkroll276 karma

I have no interest in it. But thank you for making it. But I personally have no interest in it.

kylethewild65 karma

What did you drink?

nickkroll201 karma

I drank a half a bottle of tequila, half a bottle of vokka... and a thimble of my own urine.

samsaspeedy60 karma

Do you think going to Georgetown made a difference in your comedy/writing career?

nickkroll119 karma

It did, in that I met people I respect and continue to work with, like John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Alison Becker, Brian Donovan, Ed Herro, etcetera.

dancingcatboy157 karma

hiring any interns?

nickkroll130 karma

Are you asking for a job?

VenomTalks55 karma

Would you ever consider doing a web series for Too Much Tuna?

I need more of those characters in my life and i'm sad Kroll Show is ending.

nickkroll95 karma

We have various plans for various incarnations of the characters. I would love to kill Gil & George, but I don't think God or Satan wants to deal with them. So they will live on.


Nick, would you say the set of That's So Raven was a Twizzler set or a Red Vine one?

nickkroll168 karma

I make every set that I work on a Twizzler set.

Red Vine sets are bullshit.

acapella_death_metal41 karma

How can I become good at bizness?

nickkroll149 karma

Vokka, Jesus, and Revenge.

El_Chieferino38 karma

Hey Nick, first of all I just want to say I think Kroll Show is one of, if not the funniest show(s?) on TV. Satirical genius. And everyone on the show is fucking hilarious. I always have to rewind your show to see what I missed while I was laughing uncontrollably. Pawnsylvania and your Larry Bird impression bring me to tears every time.

I really just wanted to tell you that, but since this is /r/IAMA who do you think Liz’s out better, you or Jenny Slate?

nickkroll104 karma

I think my Liz, post-bangs, is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

bg19838 karma

Hi Nick Kroll. We have a poster of you in the CollegeHumor office in New York. Does that make you scared or happy or more drunk?

nickkroll35 karma

As long as there's one of Ricky next to it, then that's cool.

Smunf34 karma

this questions is for bobby bottle service, aka bobby bottle service ;). do you think you will ever go back to hunting any specific ghostsstssts?

nickkroll44 karma

Yes. In an upcoming episode, all will be explained.

2popes1cup34 karma

Hey Nick, huge fan of The League and Kroll Show! Just curious what the inspiration was for Too Much Tuna? There has to be a ridiculous story behind that.

nickkroll76 karma

There DOES have to be.

bbqnachos32 karma

What's the hardest mental block to get over when you are in the writing process?

nickkroll83 karma

Sometimes I think too much about how hard something will be to produce, and not just follow what the funniest idea is.

hayldog29 karma

Do you have any particular inspirations behind the voices of your Kroll Show characters?

nickkroll114 karma

One of the great things about the internet - beyond the amazing reddit AMA experience - is that you can research any voice you want, just by going to YouTube. Which was very helpful in figuring out the Canadian accent, the Pennsylvanian accent, C-Czar (I watched a lot of Riff Raff to get that accent down).

Jandesen27 karma

What is your favorite kind of cookie? I'm more of a mint milano man myself

nickkroll99 karma

I like a chocolate chip cookie with sea salt on it. But I'll basically eat all cookies. But I don't like cookies with walnuts in them.

trishthedish3622 karma

What 90s song is your jam? Mine's Shoop by Salt n Pepa.

nickkroll114 karma

I was part of a cult for the 90's, and was not allowed to listen to music.

lucksmyskill22 karma

Mr. Nick Kroll if you had live out one of your personas on the Kroll show for the rest of your life which one would it be??

Also blap, blap , blap there can only be one gangster in this neighborhood

nickkroll52 karma

The Nick Kroll character.

jonemillard22 karma

Hi Nick,

What has been your oddest fan encounter?

nickkroll112 karma

My oddest fan encounter... I will grossly namedrop this and say that I met Steve Martin, who knew he was meeting me that night and had watched a couple episodes of the show and said he liked it, which was not odd, but like the coolest thing that's ever happened.

And it's not like he came up out of nowhere - he knew he was going to meet me, and prepped for it.

JuFu21 karma

Thanks for doing this. Weird question, do you like cereal or whatever? If so, what's your favorite kind? Or whatever...

nickkroll85 karma

Let's see.

My favorite cereal - I just ate Corn Pops for the first time in a long time. They do not hold up.

btegeder19 karma

Nick, who is your favorite character to do and why?

nickkroll58 karma

I like whatever character I'm doing at that particular moment, until the other characters scream at me for cheating on them.

janabean42719 karma

Did you create Wheels Ontario to promote Canada? cuz i wanna live there

nickkroll102 karma

Yes. I was paid 100,000 Loonies by the Canadian Government to make that show for them.

pyroplushy16 karma

whose your favorite character you don't play?

nickkroll104 karma

I think Jonah from Summer Heights High...And Jordan Peele's "Wendell" from the Pizza Ordering sketch, Fred and Carrie being the bookstore owners, and Will Forte's character where he gives toasts at weddings.

sportguy6914 karma

Hi is the spanish radio guy gonna make an appearance this season? Your show is very good and very funny. Jenny Slate, Mulaney, and Chelsea Perretti are all hilarious and im glad you all worked together.

nickkroll49 karma

Thank you. No, but a new Spanish character, named Señor Feeture, will appear (who is my tribute to Pitbull).

noshelter11 karma

Which one of the Lizes would you date?

nickkroll27 karma

I would have a menage-a-Liz.

terattt11 karma

Do you ever get nervous before performing on a show/podcast/etc? If no, how did you get over it?

nickkroll38 karma

I do get nervous. And that's not a bad thing. What I try to do (and this sounds very cheesy, but it's helpful) is to acknowledge my fear, and then it doesn't dominate me.

jason128711 karma

What is the best movie?

nickkroll57 karma

I do love RUSHMORE.

steelycrayon10 karma

Where did you pick up the subtleties in the Canadian and Pennsylvanian accents? Did you spend time in either place?

nickkroll64 karma

A bunch of our writers are from the Philly area, so I just quizzed them on it and made them teach me the intricacies of the accent. And the Canadian accent, I just watched Degrassi.

rollergirl3218 karma

Does being a celebrity prevent you from doing something you really like? If so, what is it?

nickkroll38 karma

Listening to other people. It has made it more difficult to eavesdrop on people.

kokee20006 karma

Do you have any plans make a movie with Seth Rogan?

nickkroll15 karma

I think I'm going to be a voice on an animated film that Seth is currently making, called SAUSAGE PARTY. I am probably the most famous person in the cast.

deejydee5 karma

If Bobby Bottle service was working at ur local club.. What kind of alchohol would you want him serving you and why?

nickkroll13 karma

Bobby Bottleservice would NEVER work at a club.

He would be standing in line, outside, trying to get in.

akavanag4 karma

why doesn't the Kroll show air in Canada? :(

nickkroll7 karma

It does. On MUCH.

FatDonkeyLips3 karma

Hey Nick, do you prefer living in NYC or LA? Also any chance we'll see 70's eater again?

nickkroll2 karma

I love both cities. 70's Eater will for sure live in our hearts for all time.

Mastotron3 karma

Hey fellow Nick here, ketchup or mayo?

nickkroll7 karma

Depends on the product. I'd say ketchup. But I'm not opposed to Russian dressing, which is ketchup and mayonnaise together.

stackered3 karma

Is Bobby Bottleservice actually available for promotions? Legit bro

nickkroll4 karma

For the right price. Everyone has a price. Bobby's is lower than most people's.

dungushumungous3 karma

boxers or briefs? also, how often do you hang out with drake?

nickkroll4 karma

Boxerbriefs. And Drake and I go underwear shopping a lot together.

Paedroyhml3 karma

Hey mate, love your work!

Is El Chupacabra based on a particular radio personality?

nickkroll6 karma

El Piolin. And El Cucuy.

Mississippi_Queen142 karma

What has been the funniest or craziest thing that has happened to you, that no one would believe at first?

nickkroll4 karma

That I used to live next to a guy who got hit by a truck as a child?

Princess_Spiderman2 karma

What's your favorite Disney movie?

nickkroll11 karma

My favorite Disney movie is FULL METAL JACKET.

hotjazzinyourface2 karma

What are two of your favorite t.v. shows to watch that aren't yours? Did you watch Degrassi to prepare for your role in wheels Ontario?

Ottawanna go to bed!

nickkroll6 karma

What DO I watch right now?

I'm on episode 8 of THE WIRE and I really enjoyed TRANS/PARENT.

And yes. But I have also hacked into Drake's phone.