Nicholas J. "Nick" Kroll

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is an American actor and comedian best known for his role as Ruxin on The League. He previously co-starred in comedy programs such as Best Week Ever, Cavemen, Sit Down, Shut Up, and The Life & Times of Tim.

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Like an Uber driver.

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how do i not get a boner doing this AMA with you?

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one time i fell running in the woods. i was alone. it was cold and dark. a hungry coyote approached me. mouth snarling. i was covered in raw beef. i was trying to get the meat to an orphanage for xmas. as the coyote approached, he was joined by a pack of equally hungry racoons and they came at me. just as they were about to tear my flesh off, adam scott dropped from a tree where he had been bottle feeding a sick flying squirrel. he descended on the wings of th squirrel. he scared the coyote an racoons away and carrried me on his back 13 miles to the orphanage where he cooked the meat for the children. he nursed me back to health with brandy and kind words. they we totally bone zoned gently.

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Riff Raff.

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yeah goldblum is a great improvisor and just total unique dude. watching him and sarah silverlman cunniglingus lemon sorbet is one of the great joys of my lil career.

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only way to have the latter is by drinknig the former.

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Yes. I believe that - I need to double-check - but I believe the Douche is on Parks & Rec tonight.

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they came to me with the character. it was luckily on a week off from shooting the league so i was able to slip away and shoot it. that cast was awesome to work with. really fun. chevy chase didnt like me

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We're having trouble getting financing, but Liz and Liz have already put an ameeezing premiere party together.

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He was. But he was also always a very good, diligent writer.