Im doing this because ppl on reddit seem enthusiastic and interested and i like being to directly interact with ppl about the show. also, my buddy gary from high school is always on reddit and i figured gary would be impressed if i did one of these AMA's.

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itsanerdthing607 karma

How do you not get a boner when filming bedroom scenes with Nadine?

*Edit, reddit gold? Cool thanks!

nickkroll1377 karma

how do i not get a boner doing this AMA with you?

fearthisbeard515 karma

A gallon of three penis wine or a full week of Andre dressing you?

nickkroll958 karma

only way to have the latter is by drinknig the former.

nickkroll503 karma

thx bud. i did not get to see the whole kournikova. there was a lil drape covering the special parts. luckily i was wearing xray glasses i bought from the back of a spiderman comic. jason is one of the nicest, most thoughtful dudes i know. complete opposite of rafi which makes him all more impressive on the show.


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nickkroll646 karma

i only come to atlanta if you can hook it up with jermaine dupree. hope you get some kroll run off tail.

jpaulgale427 karma

Hey Nick,

In 2010, I was stuck in a Chicago airport, hours before my grandfather died, unable to go home to my family; I chatted with you on Yowie for a half-hour and -- just for that little bit -- I was distracted by talking to one of my favorite comedians (or a creative idol, if we're being dramatic).

Thanks for that, and good luck with Kroll Show. Here's hoping you become the next Key and Peele. I don't mean, "here's hoping you split into two biracial men." But there's also nothing wrong with that.

What's been the most difficult aspect of making this new show? Have you ever -- on this or any other project -- hit a wall which made you give up, even if only for a few hours?

nickkroll326 karma

sorry to hear abot your grandpa. glad you enjoyed the yowie bit. nice we can chat again.

i love key and peele. those dudes are funny. great writing staff. show looks great.

nothing has been hard with this show except just waiting for it to come out. psyched for ppl to finally see it change and grow. best nk

Limpan383 karma

Your guest spot on Community is one of my favorite moments of that show, how did you end up being a guest star?

nickkroll851 karma

they came to me with the character. it was luckily on a week off from shooting the league so i was able to slip away and shoot it. that cast was awesome to work with. really fun. chevy chase didnt like me

HectortheRican354 karma

Was it fun to work with Jeff Goldblum on the Thanksgiving episode of 'The League'?

nickkroll965 karma

yeah goldblum is a great improvisor and just total unique dude. watching him and sarah silverlman cunniglingus lemon sorbet is one of the great joys of my lil career.

edeainfj346 karma

Please tell me a beautiful story about Adam Scott.

nickkroll1261 karma

one time i fell running in the woods. i was alone. it was cold and dark. a hungry coyote approached me. mouth snarling. i was covered in raw beef. i was trying to get the meat to an orphanage for xmas. as the coyote approached, he was joined by a pack of equally hungry racoons and they came at me. just as they were about to tear my flesh off, adam scott dropped from a tree where he had been bottle feeding a sick flying squirrel. he descended on the wings of th squirrel. he scared the coyote an racoons away and carrried me on his back 13 miles to the orphanage where he cooked the meat for the children. he nursed me back to health with brandy and kind words. they we totally bone zoned gently.

nickkroll294 karma

ok guys. i gotta bounce. have to get to the writers room for kroll show season 2 so we can hopefully get picked up and make more. i appreciate you guys asking all these questions. hope you have a nice day with a solid BM. stay hydrated!!

scp333285 karma

Does Jon Lajoie serenade everyone on the set of The League?

nickkroll661 karma

every day. nude. covered in maple syrup.

Clever_Comment_Now248 karma

What's it like working with John Lajoie and Jason Mantzoukas? Are they as funny off set as they are on set? Also, what's Jason like in real life?

nickkroll443 karma

both incredibly nice dudes. and both smart. and both not sex addicts. but they both wear upstairs and downstairs wigs.

Anniba225 karma

Nothing against you, but are you worried of Comedy Central cancelling your new show after only a season or two? They seem to have a tendency to quickly drop off shows that star a single comedian such as Sarah Silverman or Demitri Martin.

nickkroll450 karma

cant control that. only can control making the show as funny and fun as possible. and hope that doing things like this can help ppl hear about the show and watch it share it.

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nickkroll419 karma

my nye resolution 10 years ago was to do an open mic. i was about 23. havent stopped since. you just gotta start. will be kind of difiicult at first but yuo have to push through. go up everywhere always. nobody is born a genius. EVERY great comedian works at it constantly.

schmeeisme182 karma

First i want to say the The Shiva Bowl Shuffle is the best scene in the whole show

  • Are most of your terms on The League (Fear Boner, White Knuckler) from your guy's actual life or are they thought up when you guys are writing the episodes?

  • Who has won your guys actual League each year?

  • Who was your favorite guest football player to work with?

PS: You nasty Ruxin, you nasty!

nickkroll192 karma

RG3 impressed the hell out of me. really smart, humble funny dude.

also enjoyed all the shiva bowl shuffle dudes. mjd grimes syndey rice.

jackie our co creator won the league. beat duplass in the finals. duplass beat me in the semis.

writers come up with terms and then also some get improvised and then enter the lexicon. like shit sippers. i brought them frittatas. byut white knuckler and fear boner were pre written as theyre integral to plot.

aidsbrain143 karma

Nick 'the Gnoll' Kroll! I'm a big fan from Sweden, so big that I even make up fake nicknames for you and post them here. If you could impregnate any man on the cast of The League, who would it be and what would you name your child?

nickkroll224 karma

i would probably get steve ranasizi pregnant because he's got red hair and i think it'd be awesome to have a red haired kid. we will then travel to stockholm, send the baby down a canal and see if we can catch it as it falls off a fjord off the coast of norway.

i_eat_cereal_AMA123 karma

  • So, what's the real story behind the on-set fight between you and Ken Marino? What was said to cause the fight? Was it all fake to promote the show?

  • What's the name of your Fantasy Football team?

  • What's your favorite cereal?

nickkroll239 karma

the stroy w the fight was ken and ike aka gibiatti and paul scheer came to me in the morning and said 'you have to respond to this' in reference to ken's first tweet about hitting me. i repsonsed cryptically just cause i thouht it was so obvious it was a joke. as day went on we realized ppl thought it might be real. seemed so ridiculous to us that ppl would think ken and i fought. i quoted mlk, thought that THAT would make it obvious i actually felt bad ppl thought we had actually fought my fantasy team name is basic cable actors wife.. avatar is steve ranasizis wife. fave cereal is prolly cookie crisp which i havent eaten in 20 years

stanleyhudson119 karma

Is John Mulaney appearing on Kroll Show?

nickkroll216 karma

mulaney is all over kroll show. gil faizon and george st geegland are in four episodes.

KraiserX112 karma

I think you should convince everyone you know to come out with more episodes of The Life and Times of Tim. Not many shows make me happy for no reason like this one does

nickkroll75 karma

thx talk to hbo

bmack414112 karma

How much is the character of Ruxin like you in real life?

nickkroll344 karma

i dont think im a horrible person like ruxin. most of the terrible things he says are things i come up so theres clearly something broken inside of me but generally I'm a nice person who hopes for the best for ppl unlike ruxin who wallows in a miserable world of lies and vengance.

kidasquared77 karma

will Cavemen be making a comeback?

nickkroll259 karma

yea we just got a 100 episode order!!! you heard it here first!

purplepalmtree976 karma

Has there ever been something so disgusting that FX wouldn't let you put it in The League?

nickkroll115 karma

very few things dont make it in some form or othewr. we've obviously said some awful things but generally they are VERY cool about content.

KangaR00freedom56 karma

Have you ever deemed someone/something forever unclean?

Also if you guys ever want to new au pair for the show, I'm in.

nickkroll83 karma

im so facsinated that forever unclean took off as an expression. was a throwaway. we are looking for a new au pair. brie larsen who played the au pair ins the girl on the mix tape cold open on the 1st episode of kroll show.

bigtwinkies46 karma


nickkroll93 karma

no more wheels this season. we started it too late in the shooting sched. we are writing a ton for season 2 if we get picked up. LOVE that canadians like it.


As a former champion of my Fantasy Football League, I have hit a bit of a slump in the pasts few years with heartbreaking playoff losses. I need a new team name to really boost my team to the top. If you can, would you give me a new team name for the upcoming season? In exchange I'll put your name on the trophy when I'm hoisting it a year from now, just like Ruxin did with Andre after his victory.

EDIT: Congrats on the new show by the way!

nickkroll214 karma

name your team name whatever your opponents home address is. spook the shit out of em.

TipsyFaceT43 karma

Hi Nick! I'm so excited to see you posting on here. I've been re-watching "The League" all week and I'm a huge fan. I've noticed one thing and would like to get it covered "Why does Ruxin wear so much pink? Sweaters, ties, tshirts, etc..." lots of pink! I'm okay with the pink but I was wondering if there's a side story to it, inside joke, or just how you like to dress.

nickkroll211 karma

we early on came up with the idea that ruxin is always dressing like its easter. thats the general note for wardrobe.

codythebeau36 karma

Hi Nick, huge fan ever since Best Week Ever. Love the League and your stand-up. Gotta say, I was a little apprehensive about the new show after seeing the first commercials, but it blew me away. I showed the first episode to everyone I could and we were all in tears. Funniest new show I've seen in a very long time and I hope it goes for a long run on Comedy Central. What other guest appearances can we expect in the future? Also, will we be seeing you making any other appeareances as "The Douche" on Parks and Rec? Thanks for the laughs. PS, these cupcakes are amaaaaaaazing.

nickkroll75 karma

thanks man. so many guests comin up on kroll hsow.

andy milonakis jenny slate john mulaney maria bamford hanibal burress jb smoove rob huebel chelsea peretti and a bunch more folks...

thepipingplover31 karma

You and Chelsea Peretti are a super team! Baby & Tootie should have their own show.

nickkroll30 karma

working on it!

Pie_Coffee28 karma

When will we hear more chupacabra?

nickkroll48 karma

got a little taste of him on doug loves movies last night. and he's gonna be on kroll show in a few eps

Frajer27 karma

Where do your characters come? Are they based on real people? To borrow from Gabe Delahaye where do you get your ideas?

nickkroll57 karma

my characters come from observed from life and also from watching tv and movies. always a combination of everything coming and processing and then putting back out. thats a vague answer sorry.

Haystack-Charm25 karma

Who is your favorite stand-up act? Would you ever consider doing a dramatic role?

nickkroll66 karma

id love to dramatic roles. part of fun of kroll show is that its obvioulsy a comedy but also a lot of weird dramatic parts - all in service of comedy - but still fun emotional stuff.

some standups i enjoy right now - ron funches, joe wengert, gabe liedman, jessi klein, chelsea peretti, kyle kinane

newsdaylaura1816 karma

Are you single?

nickkroll70 karma


tightbuttholesoup14 karma

thank you very cool is one of the best specials of all time. I'm so glad there's gonna be more St. Clair action on the Kroll show. The League is hilarious, you bring a lot of funny to the world. thank you, very cool.

nickkroll36 karma

thanks tightbuttholesoup!

legitimatedrapes13 karma

Hey Nick, big fan. I'm not trying to be a smartass, but my question is: how close is your real life persona to the character of Ruxin on The League? Is he basically you with the worst parts embellished, or a purely original character? Keep up the good work!

nickkroll35 karma

thx. easiest way to describe is the jokes ruxin makes are very much me. the worldview of ruxin is almost polar opposite to me.

DevoALMIGHTY13 karma

Which is your favorite character to play so far on Kroll Show?

nickkroll44 karma

sounds cheesy but whatever one im doing that day. truly. so fun to constantly switch around and learn about them. i dont love wearing makeup or high heels so that can get tiring.

vonDriessen4 karma

You guys are usually pretty spot on with fantasy football knowledge on the league, but I have to say you whiffed on Adrian Peterson this year like most people.

Do the writers argue about fantasy football and what should make it on the show? And does the filming lag make it challenging?

nickkroll5 karma

we start shooting before the season starts and sometimes we're spot on sometimes we change names depending on what has actually happened with the actual nfl.