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picodroid68 karma

Do you have Battletoads?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_64 karma

Yes, would you like to reserve it? All you need is a $5 deposit and we'll call you when it releases.

Doades39 karma

Can you explain why, when I was little, I went to a GameStop to sell some games, but ended up leaving with cash AND those games I wanted to sell?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_36 karma

HA! It's actually more common than you'd think, I've done it a couple of times myself, you just get so tired and you get used to the routine of putting the game in the bag and giving the customer their change that you screw up. When it's cash there's nothing we can do, but if the person wanted store credit we can usually just void out the store gift card when we realize that we've made a boo boo.

alaskan--bullworm34 karma

Why are your used games only $2 cheaper than new games?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_47 karma

Honestly? Because the 'perk' of being able to buy and try without fear of not being able to return it entices a lot of people to buy pre-owned over new whatever the cost. It also encourages people to sign up for the pro rewards card to get the extra 10% off the used price. I tell most of my customers to try and buy pre-owned, test the game out, and then come back and buy it new if they're that concerned with the quality of the disk or the completeness of the case and manual.

ShneelBurrito31 karma

Why is that if I bring in my 360, and about 30 games I'll only get about 7.99?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_63 karma

My systems storage room has well over 100 Xbox 360s just waiting to go to their furrever homes. I'll sell maybe 6 in a week if the gods are smiling upon me, and I'll take in roughly twenty in trade during that same week. The huge gap between how fast I can sell them and how many people bring them in to sell is what makes our offers so low. To Gamestop, if I sell one for $125, that will cover the cost of buying 5 at $25. I don't agree with it, I'd much rather just stop buying them from customers so I don't have to worry about an Xbox avalanche every time I walk into my storage room.

VendettaCS15 karma

I would buy an Xbox 360 at a reasonable price like $75, if you are accepting them for $25, granted you make sure they work. $125 is so steep though.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_17 karma

You're preaching to the choir here.

thetitaniumhuman7 karma

Do you have any leeway in price? If someone came in and offered 75-100 dollars, could you take it considering you'd still make money?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_7 karma

Absolutely no leeway in price, 100% company set standards.

PleaseDontStalkMe5 karma

So why not sell them way cheaper?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_14 karma

They should, or give some sort of blowout sale where you get ten free games under $20 or something. But they don't listen to lowly SGAs.

Frug_the_Barbarian5 karma

Is there anyway someone could walk in and say buy fifty of those at once for a discounted price?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

You wouldn't get a discount for buying in bulk if that's what you mean, we can't negotiate prices. It's company set so even if I wanted to give you a discount to thank you for clearing out my inventory I couldn't.

callitsomethingiate26 karma

what's so bad about gamestop?

my experiences with gamestop:

i bought fallout new vegas there when it was on sale and cheaper than anyplace else.

i got some good deals on used gamecube games online (including the zelda collector's edition for $20). two were scratched and i brought them to the local store and had a perfectly adequate customer service experience returning them.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_42 karma

When you realize that Gamestop is a business, it's not so bad. But most people don't realize that it's a business that is out to make money.

kharmedy10 karma

While I understand their reasoning behind the pre-order scheme and don't blame the employees for having to make the pitch, it's still annoying to be asked if I want to pre-order anything and when I say "no" to have to rebuff them again when they go into the "are you sure? we might not have enough copies on release" line.

In a time when digital distribution is becoming more and more prevalent that threat no longer holds water. The only way to fight against the customer being able to quickly and easily download product from the comfort of their own home is to make the companies store environment a place the consumer really likes to visit. Unfortunately Gamestop is making the same mistake that companies like Borders did, doubling down on aggressive sales strategies and programs rather than making the store a destination that gamers like to visit and hang out at.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_5 karma

I wish my job consisted solely of talking to customers about games, that's the fun part and that's where I get most of my repeat customers from. But sadly it isn't like that, it would be great if it was.

kharmedy3 karma

What makes it even more awkward is that I know the employee doesn't want to bother me with that crap either and his job would be much better if he didn't have to do it.

If they don't though then their store manager will get bitched out by the DM and their hours will get cut or he/she will eventually be fired because of low numbers.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_6 karma

Just know that it physically pains me to offer you our credit card. Physical pains. Right in the chest.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_3 karma

When I go to other stores I hate the pitches too, I hate being asked to sign up for this and that, but I try to remember that I have to do the same thing. It's all really out of my character to do it, but it's gotta be done.

Pisoo14 karma

Are you scared for the future of GameStop and other video game stores? Digital downloads are becoming a bigger thing -- do you see it as a threat to you/the business?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_14 karma

Gamestop has seen this coming for a long time, which is why they're branching out into other areas. Did you know we sell used phones, media players, and tablets? Yeah, it's a thing. Also Gamestop is supposedly working on the resale of digital downloads, where we will eventually be able to buy the rights to a download from you and resell it, I don't know if or when that's happening, but that's what the bosses say. But to summarize, Gamestop is doing all the right things as a business to grow and expand with the changing times.

2ndEntropy1 karma

Were you allowed to say that? Or is it public information?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_4 karma

It's not private, if it was really private I wouldn't know about it.

Broco408 karma

How do you guys feel about people going thru your dumpsters and taking stuff?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_8 karma

It's weird and unsettling because if they do they actually do it in-store through our tiny waste baskets. We technically don't have a dumpster at my store, we have a trash compactor, so we don't usually have this problem.

Broco4014 karma

oh my god that would be creepy....

oh hey what are you doing?

digging thru your trash

"continues digging"

_Noli_Me_Tangere_18 karma

Sometimes if I have an extra case for a game I'll just throw it out (no sense in keeping it around) and I have had a customer on two separate occasions grab the game case out of the waste basket and open it up only to grunt when he discovered it was empty. People are crazy.

torkild2 karma

How do you end up with extra game cases?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

Sometimes if our walls are in complete disarray an associate might sell a game to a customer without the corresponding game case if the customer doesn't care and the employee can't find the case. Later we might find the game case and discover we don't actually have the game in stock so we chuck the case. Sometimes people come to trade in games and forget to put the game disk in the case and they show up with an empty case and ask us to throw it out for them.

Notme607 karma

Quite some years ago I recall being infuriated that Gamestop opened the game package right in front of me before giving it to me upon purchasing. I never went back. Why did they do that? Did they stop?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_9 karma

It could have been any number of things, I know a while back there were some problems with the distributors sending out games without disks in them, they might have been trying to avoid a worse situation of you returning, fuming that you didn't get a game in your case. Either that, or if you bought a new, sealed game, and it didn't work or you didn't like it and you tried to return it, the only thing we're supposed to do once it's opened is an identical exchange (the exact same game). So to prevent people from taking the new game that we give them and just returning it for their money back, we're supposed to open it, take the cellophane off and for Xbox games take off that sticker seal. Depending on the customer I sometimes just do a return as a courtesy and tell them not to do it again, but some other people are more strict with the rules.

T1Science7 karma

Alright, if I go to get a newly released game, how many days after release can you still give me all the preorder bonus codes and such?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_8 karma

Ooof, it depends. Half of the time we can't even find some of those codes because they have weird names and such. But it also changes per game. Sometimes the pre-order bonus codes are found in the actual game case, and they are the special pre-order copies of the game, so if that happens I have them until I sell out. I think the latest I've attempted to print out a bonus code was a week after it came out. But if you ask, you can't be a dick, you have to ask really nicely and when I ask if there is anything you'd like to pre-order while you're there, you put $5 on a random game and then cancel it three days later when I'm not working.

zeldstarro6 karma

Which state have you conducted business in?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_3 karma


Saituchiha6 karma

I'm thinking about quitting my current shitty retail job and may apply at Gamestop.

Is starting salary minimum wage?

What are you responsibilities other than what customers can see you doing?

What is company policy revolving around tattoos and piercings?

Is it really like a heaven to work there for gaming nerds?

What kind of discount do you get?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_17 karma

There is no such thing as a not-shitty retail job, I've been in enough places to know.

Starting salary is minimum wage, and the standard retail associate, called a Game Advisor, has the responsibility of handling customers, cleaning the store, doing recovery, taking out garbage, merchandising, and doing whatever odd-job the manager on duty has for them. My responsibilities include these, and also handling incoming and outgoing shipments, participating in conference calls, doing inventory counts each day, handling bank deposits and change orders, putting up all the marketing, dealing with the systems we get in trade, shipping out defective games and accessories and systems. that's all I can think of right now.

As far as tattoos and piercings, there's a lot of gray area, one of my managers had a lot of DC/Marvel/video game related tattoos on his chest and forearms, which wasn't a problem as long as he wore a collared shirt (it doesn't have to be long sleeves). Piercings are a little more frowned upon, besides the basic earrings and maybe like a nose piercing or one lip piercing. A small number of piercings is preferred, otherwise they'll probably ask you to take some of the more extreme ones out. They just really want you to look professional.

It can be awesome when you have a good coworker and a good customer. My regular customers are awesome, we banter and joke around and talk about video games all day. It can also be kind of bad because I have considerably less time to play video games because I work so much, and when you work at Gamestop you want to play all the games and you end up with a backlog of thirty games that you keep promising to play but never do. I always say if I didn't have to deal with corporate I would love my job.

Employees get 15%, but we also get some manufacturer perks, like tritton, turtle beach, and afterglow headsets are an additional 10% off for us.

Pittsburgh_Pirates6 karma

I recently got a ps4 and only have a few games (NBA 2k15 MLB 14 the show Don't Starve just ordered saints row re-elected + gat out of hell over Amazon and the free games that are available) what games do you think are the best out now for ps4?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_10 karma

What I tell you are the best are going to be very different from what you might think are the best. I would say Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Inquisition, Last of Us, Far Cry 4, and honestly the indie game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Pittsburgh_Pirates5 karma

I've played shadow of mordor before and I thought it was a great game, a friend has recommended dragon age & the last of us to me. If you had to choose between dragon age & the last of us which one is better?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_7 karma

They're so different! I love them both for different reasons. However, I will say this, Last of Us got a 10/10. It is literally considered a perfect game. And if you don't cry in the beginning of that game then you aren't human!

EyrionOfTime6 karma

The Last of Us hands down, It's a game that literally every gamer has to try at some point, It's like how Mario was THE game. Last of Us is a bit more complex than Mario.. but man, If you want an emotional, strategic, and sacrificing game, Last of Us is the one. Awesome action, awesome cinematics, perfect storyline.

DrunkenPrayer3 karma

The only right answer. DA: Inquisition is an amazing game but The Last of Us is on a whole other level. I literally had to take a break after one particular scene.

Without spoilers all I'll say is "It's ok now baby girl."

_Noli_Me_Tangere_4 karma

And the floodgates have been opened :'(

Bullet_Resistant1 karma

Add Destiny and that's my library for the PS4 minus the binding of Isaac which since you just rattled off four of the five games I have I'll be picking up now. Thanks. Can't wait for Witcher.

Are we friends now?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

Are we best friends now?

dogeyo6 karma

Did you start out as an average store associate? What did you have to do in three years to get to the senior game advisor status?

How much of a discount do you get and does it extend to friends/family?

Do you have to be a hxc gamer to qualify for store associate?

All the store associates I've spoken to seem to know every game I ask about, do you have the option to or are required to play/try all the popular/specific games?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_16 karma

I was hired as your average store associate, I was promoted after about a year because I had an above-average aptitude for the system we use, and because I have a great deal of common sense--I kid you not, it's really important.

Employees get 15% off of all items except new systems and tablets, and it only extends to a spouse and your children, but I've never seen anyone's family member use it.

You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to work for Gamestop, although it certainly helps, the way my store works, we each kinda have our own little niche while maintaining a working knowledge of everything else, and we help each other out; for instance if someone walks into my store looking for a couch co-op 1st person shooter I am completely lost and will hand it over to my coworker who grinds on Destiny all day long and will suggest two or three games to you, but if someone comes in looking for a game that's similar to The Witcher, I'm your girl.

We are encouraged to play a lot of games, we're allowed to borrow out games for four days to play them and then bring them back. But a lot of times we just tend to be so connected to the gaming industry that we know a lot of seemingly useless information. Also we're good at bullshitting, very very good at it. A lot of times I'll watch streams of other people playing so I can get an idea of how the game is, I also get a lot of feedback from other customers, and I'll be straight with you on whether or not a game sucks.

dogeyo8 karma

Thank you! :D

Do you get hit on a lot a work and/or by coworkers?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_22 karma

You're very welcome!

And yes. Oh my God yes. I've never considered myself to be attractive, even though people have told me otherwise, I've always just thought I was decent looking, but I don't know if it's a matter of me being a girl in a video game store who can hold her own or if I am actually good-looking but I get hit on all the time. I've actually lost a few regular customers because of it, I guess they thought my easy-going nature was really flirting (which I feel horrible for, because I like having platonic friends) and I've had a couple coworkers ask me out and then promptly quit when I turned them down. Most customers who hit on me though are one-time kind of customers, who give me the most skeevy pick-up lines and make me shudder.

threeironteeshot10 karma

"You know, you seem really out of place in the video game world."

"Why? 'Cause I'm a woman?"

"No, 'cause you're a really hot woman... and you are swimming in a sea of virgins."

"Well, that is very flattering and revealing, Alex."

"Look, I know you think I'm really hot too..."

_Noli_Me_Tangere_8 karma

Nerds are in man, none of my coworkers are virgins...well maybe one.

NoBallNorChain4 karma

I work in electronics/games as well. How do you feel about this growing trend of figures that interface with video games (Skylanders, Infinity, Amiibo)? They seem like a huge racket to make people buy more and more content/ability starting at $10 a pop. I just DON'T get it, but the kids are going nuts for them. Maybe I'm showing my age.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_7 karma

I think they're very cool, actually, when they're integrated well. If you use them almost like extra content they're fabulous, when you use them in such a way where you need to buy this figure and that figure to progress in the game then it's a little ridiculous.

Disney Infinity is doing this really well, especially with their toybox feature, skylanders has the cool fantasy creature element, but the fact that you actually HAVE to buy additional figures to gain access to other levels is pretty infuriating.

Nintendo is really slacking when it comes to integrating their amiibos, you can't do too much with them yet.

They great thing that not many people realize with the "toys-to-life" fad is that it becomes super easy to shop for the kids.

"Oh, it's little Timmy's birthday? Marge, does he have the Spiderman playset for Disney Infinity 2.0 yet? No, alright I'm getting it for him now" SWIPE

And BAM easy shopping trip. The other thing I've noticed is that the kids actually also start treating the figures as action figures and playing with them outside of the game, which is pretty neat to see.

But I completely agree with you, whoever came up with the idea was an utter marketing genius, and it has made a boatload of money.

TouringMedal24 karma

Do you enjoy your job?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_5 karma

I enjoy it sometimes. When I have a particularly rude customer or I get a visit from my district or regional manager I enjoy it less; but when one of my regulars comes in and we start smack talking each other in a playful way or when me and my coworkers goof off in the store it's great. I love my coworkers, and we all work really well together, which makes the job easier.

TouringMedal23 karma

Yeah, that reminds me of my old job at Best Buy. Coworkers in retail are everything! Quick follow up question if you have time, what's your opinion of the credit cards you have to sling?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_4 karma

I absolutely hate them! It makes me sick when I have to pitch it. We're supposed to get two every shift, and I never do--much to my manager's and district manager's chagrin.

Lolwutdafuq3 karma

Why do a lot of gamestop employees have this unnatural superiority complex that makes them into an insufferable asshole every time they have to deal with someone?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

I try not to be an asshole, but sometimes it's hard. Corporate bears down on us employees really hard, it's a more stressful job than most people realize.

Madcatz73 karma

Has there been any concern from corporate from the 'no pre-orders 2015' stuff that has been going around? I doubt many gamers are going to follow through with it, if they haven't already forgotten.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

None whatsoever. Corporate tends to be very ignorant of these sorts of things, or they just don't care. Entirely possible it's the latter.

Shentok3 karma

I had a GameStop employee once lick his finger and start rubbing off the marker that was put on the shrinkwrap of a game I was picking up that I had pre-ordered. It was a very unsettling experience and I never plan to go back to that GameStop. Is there a system in which I can send feedback about employees I have encountered doing acts which are unsanitary?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_4 karma

That's disgusting. And yes, on every receipt there is a survey you can fill out and leave comments on; our district managers actually look at them. Although I wouldn't just use the survey to say negative things, also use it if you've had a positive experience, because that helps us too.

EugeneBYMCMB3 karma


_Noli_Me_Tangere_8 karma

I'm not even sure what I just watched. But it makes me glad I'm on PS4...sorry Xbone.

-GIFnotJIF-1 karma

Actually, from what I know, EB Games is GameStop's parent company. Or the other way around. Either way, they're related. P.S. What is your opinion on "niceing" customers that are assholes? Have you done it? P.P.S What free to play game would you recommend and is Smash Bros. 3DS worth the 39.99?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

Working in retail you always have to act with propriety to the customer, no matter how big of a douche nugget they are. So yeah, I've done it, and it sucks because then they think that they can get whatever they want if they yell loud enough. I will say this though, being the smallest associate in my store (5'4" and 105lbs) people get away with a lot less than they think they will when dealing with me. I'm more likely to dig in my heels and cross my arms over my chest than to get scared or intimidated. Tip: the smallest person is the least likely to take your bullshit.

I don't really play any free to play games, so I personally can't recommend any. And yes, smash brothers is worth it.

ghutts3 karma

How do you guys feel about gamefly? Are you afraid that they will take business from GameStop?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_6 karma

People tend to use our pre-owned return policy as a rental service, so not really, I've had quite a few people actually trade in games that they got from gamefly.

zardfizzlebeef2 karma

Do you guys really throw away new shit?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_7 karma

The short answer is no.

The long answer is yes.

If something is returned as defective, and it's something that a) Gamestop can't repair, b) the manufacturer doesn't accept returns on, or c) the manufacturer would rather credit us the price of the item instead of having to deal with taking it back, then it gets coded to be destroyed. One of those such items is the Action Replay. Something that has happened quite a lot is that customers will buy the 3DS Action Replay Power Saves, thinking it is the regular 3DS Action Replay (cheaters!) and when they realize that it isn't what they wanted they will try to return it. Depending on the graciousness of the associate they might be able to return it once it's been opened. Since we can no longer sell it to someone once the packaging looks like a bear got to it we mark it as defective and the computer tells us to destroy it on site. We're a lazy bunch of motherfuckers and we fill up a whole box of similar items to be destroyed every week, so instead of stomping on everything, we just throw it in a dumpster or in a trash compacter.

Another time something like that might happen is if Gamestop deems that something isn't selling well, and it is cheaper to throw it out rather than have it take up precious storage space, Gamestop will mark the price down to a penny and we're supposed to run all of those items through a transaction to eliminate them from our inventory, and get rid of them. This is usually what happens to t-shirts and old strategy guides. If it's something cool, we might take it home, if I'm lucky enough to spot a shirt sized small I grab that shit and run, but otherwise, into the garbage it goes.

Lastly, if a new game gets converted to pre-owned, because Gamestop wants to market it better, or the game gets discontinued we open the game up and slap a pre-owned sticker on it. Sometimes this happens to collector's edition games. If there is something physical in the collector's edition, and none of the store associates want it, it usually gets thrown out, unless it's something small enough to keep around to entice a customer to purchase the game pre-owned.

emperornel2 karma

Why doesn't Gamestop have bigger sales on Black Friday or on holidays?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

Wish I knew. From what I notice, everyone mostly copies each other on electronics and games sales, mainly because those promotions are sponsored by the manufacturer, not the retail store.

Dabee6252 karma

Why doesn't Gamestop have commercials with giraffe people?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_5 karma

Because it would be a good idea, and Gamestop doesn't accept good ideas.

ApocalypseTroop1 karma

Assuming I don't abuse it, do you guys care if I buy a preowned game only to return it a few days later?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

Not at all, I recommend you try it and see if you like it first.

A_Mathematician1 karma

Do you have Turok 3: Age Of Battletoads?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

Only the Japanese Import version for the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

kinnder1 karma

PS4 or Xbox One or Wii U? Also, for each favorite system, what's your favorite game, and why?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_3 karma

I have all three, but I never use my Xbox (Just got it for any future exclusives). The one I use the most right now is actually my Wii U, I love that thing. I enjoyed playing Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on the Xbone, I'm on my second play-through of Dragon Age Inquisition on my PS4, and I've been flipping between replaying Wind Waker HD, Smash Bros, Captain Toad, and the NES Remix on my Wii U. Assassin's Creed was a very good game, and I just happened to get a good deal on it for the Xbox, so I said "why not," I've been waiting for Dragon Age to come out for like ever, and it's great (totally deserving of Game of the Year, although not without it's own problems), and I'm a sucker for Nintendo games, I love 'em all.

TheTroglodite2 karma

Anything on the PC?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

Sims if I'm bored, but that's about it.

Midfall3 karma

So, no pcmasterrace?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

In my opinion PC tends to get screwed a lot ie: Elder Scrolls Online. I like consoles, I'm happy where it's at.

Inglebrook1 karma

I know you've talked a little bit about Amiibos. I was wondering how annoying is the Amiibo collecting community? ALL THE TIME my collecting friends tell me to call in ahead and see if an certain amiibo is available. I don't want to be that guy so I never have. With Wave 3 coming out though I've been going into the stores about every other day. So since you invited me to ask you anything, I won't feel bad for asking, what is my best strategy right now for getting shulk?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

The amiibo collecting community isn't all that annoying to me, the scalpers are. Considering I just came back from an early morning excursion to Target for a Rosalina amiibo--which was a smashing success I might add--I don't have any problems with amiibo fans, I understand the compulsion to collect them all.

Annoy the shit out of us. That is the only legitimate strategy. Although I'm not sure how much we can do for you, it depends how many we get in store, for instance my store has 20 pre-orders for Shulk right now, It is entirely possible that I may only get 20 in shipment.

AWildAnonHasAppeared1 karma

How are the working environment?

Would you recommend that I get a job there?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

The working environment is great if you get along with your coworkers. The only thing I would tell you to take into consideration is the lack of payroll hours. A Game Advisor is lucky to get two shifts of four-five hours long a week, most get one shift or one every other week.

BlownHappyKid1 karma

Yesterday I made my last purchase and went to the counter to close my account that's also added to my PowerUp thingy and I'm curious whether or not you guys have authority to delete any kind on record upon request?

I was told at the desk they "couldn't" and eventually the accounts would go away after being inactive too long. Please assure me the truth.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

We can't do it from the store, you'd have to call the PowerUp Rewards customer service number.

Shiloh86861 karma

PC gamer here; do you guys do anything to get into the PC gaming market?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

Not really to be honest. Gamestop owns Kongregate.com, so they push that like Sisyphus pushes his boulder, but as for more mainstream kinds of PC gaming we just sell PC games and downloads.

cruger131 karma

Do you know the novel called "Noli Me Tangere"?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

I've heard of it, but never read it.

jedvraider1501 karma

Is Noli Me Tangere your favorite book by José Rizal?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

I've actually never read it, it's a line from one of my favorite Renaissance poems from a phrase that is often referenced throughout literature, "Noli me tangere, Caesaris sum." Which means touch me not, for Ceasar's I am. Supposedly Julius Ceasar had jewel-encrusted golden collars etched with this phrase put on his prized deer so that any hunters who came by would know that to kill them was a capital crime for they were already spoken for. In the poem it is a reference to the futility of the suitors of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII's second wife.

Although I might just have to pick up the book and see if I like it now.

writesforsites1 karma

Are you supposed/expected/suggested to keep your 3DS with you at the store? Just because every time I go in, my mii meets the store clerk, and I wondered if he brought it by choice or was expected.

Similarly, are you expected to be a game enthusiast to be considered for employment? The other day, I was in a store and none of the three employees had any idea what a pokewalker was. I went and got a SoulSilver box off the shelf and showed them, and they were like, "Oh yeah, we get some of those, but we don't sell them. If you buy the game we'll give you one." Then they couldn't find one.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

We don't have to, but we like getting street pass meets as much as anyone else does.

And I'm ashamed of my comrades, they should have known what a pokewalker was, but I don't think we really carry them anymore. We are supposed to be fairly knowledgeable about games, it comes with the territory, or at least be a fairly decent gamer.

SenpaiKunChanSamaSan1 karma

Why do you guys always give people bad prices on trade ins. Do you ever tell people not to do it?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

Yepp, but I've turned a bit sour lately. Customers take out their frustration on the trade-in values on us when we have literally no control over them. It's a system of supply and demand, and you have to take into account that Gamestop acts as the middle man, the company absorbs all the risks of selling the game so you don't have to, therefore you aren't going to get $50 back for a new $60 game.

gianviterbo1 karma

Are you Filipino?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

I am of an indeterminate ethnic background.

2ndEntropy1 karma

A long time ago I bought age of empires 2, the disc was printed correctly but burned on to it was some sort of marketing software. I took it back into the shop n the guy didn't believe me, so he put it in a computer and sure enough it started to install this random software. He pulled a new game of the self and tried that one, same thing. I had to wait a couple of days until they got a new shipment to get my game but they gave me some store credit for the trouble.

Does this kind of thing happen often?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

Every now and again we'll get faulty shipments, it seems to happen more frequently with PC games than console games. We had a similar thing happen a few years ago when Borderlands 2 came out. It was a mess, but it didn't try to install anything that I know of.

collierar1 karma

Father of a 9 year old boy with an Xbox 360. We have played all of the Lego games and loved them, what are some other co-op games that would be fun for both and aren't too graphic? Thanks.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_3 karma

Have you played Plants vs Zombies? I would look into it, I had much more fun playing that as an adult than I should have for a "kids game." Also, I would look into the Rayman games, most kids also go crazy over Minecraft, which is a split-screen co-op game, if you can get over the tediousness of building blocks. Then there is Skylanders and Disney Infinity, which is a lot of fun to play, just not a lot of fun to pay for all the additional characters and levels.

Dixie_FlatlineXIV0 karma

I was a recent seasonal hire and was kept on after the season ended. Last night, I found out that I'm being seriously considered for a SGA spot at a different store and I'm freaking out. I love the job and would love the promotion, but I still feel like I have a LOT to learn.

Any advice? Thank you for your time!

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

Jump into it head on! The job is pretty easy when you know what you're doing, and they have to train you. And like I'm sure you know, the POS tells you what buttons to press for which actions. Just use common sense and you'll be fine.

jjxu0 karma

Do you have need for speed on sale?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

Yeah, if I remember correctly Rivals (not the complete edition) is $10 off, both new and pre-owned.

IVIagicbanana0 karma

Do you have battletoads?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma


IVIagicbanana0 karma

So.... can I buy said Fighting Frogs?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

Only if you know the password of the day.

IVIagicbanana0 karma

I bet its Assault Amphibians.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

Nope, that was Thursday's

engineeRAWR0 karma


_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma

Nope, I've got my own little amiibo army, but I'm not THAT serious about it.

MoopleDoople0 karma

My first job was at GameStop, one of the biggest pushes from the top was selling pre-orders and subscriptions to GameInformer. Our staff was ranked on how well we sold that stuff, and we lost privileges if we didn't perform to their standards (which was difficult, as we were located in a mall and the hardcore gamers who actually cared about that stuff would go to the standalone store down the street). We'd be pressured to sell pre-orders to anyone, including the little old ladies hoping that Pokemon Diamond was already out for their grandkids.

One of our privileges was to borrow any game in the store for a few days, so we could be more aware of what we'd be selling. This was a little unethical, as we could take out new games and put them back on the shelf later still marked as 'new'.

Does GameStop still rank employees on, and push for, sales for pre-orders and magazine subscriptions? Can the employees still 'rent' out any game in the store?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

Yepp! We still have daily goals that we need to reach, and we can still rent out games, I try to borrow out pre-owned as much as possible though because I also think it's pretty shitty to play a game and then turn around and tell the customer it has never been used.

itsgerstel0 karma

Can you get me a job?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_1 karma


TheZaxvo0 karma

How many amiibos do you have?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

I have all of the ones that have been released so far. I think 21 right now?

TheZaxvo0 karma

I imagine that wasn't too difficult for you, was it?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

Some of them were, at the beginning I was just as frenzied as everyone else, Marth and Villager took a lot out of my wallet. But then I learned and have been diligent about pre-ordering them. Although Meta Knight seems to be giving me some trouble now.

cornflop0 karma

What are the employee perks?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

The best perk for me is that we are very well connected, if something cool or rare is coming out we know about it and will usually have the first opportunity to reserve it because we're there five days out of the week. Other than that we have a 15% employee discount, an extra 10% off tritton, turtle beach, and afterglow headsets, and we can borrow games from the store for four days to try them out. Also if I'm looking for a game that is hard to find and it's in a store in Mississippi I can call them up and they're more willing to ship it to my store because I work for Gamestop.

cornflop0 karma

Does that 15% work for everything?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

Everything except new systems and tablets.

kidcoolguy0 karma

You and a bunch of other people on the internet refer to the Xbox One as "XBone". Does anyone actually say "ex bone"?

If so, how does that make you feel?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

Yepp, I think it's funny, actually. Microsoft did it to themselves.

mymassive0 karma

What is the oldest console/games that gamestop accepts? Does it vary by location?

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

We don't take anything before Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS. All Gamestops are the same.

mymassive1 karma

Gah, I feel old now. My last visit was to purchase some Gamecube games that were still on the shelf. If you or your co-workers were approached with someone offering to sell you retro/non-current systems would management allow you to personally purchase? Or is that totally frowned upon? Just curious if they support gaming, or if everything is kept strict business. Thanks for the reply

_Noli_Me_Tangere_0 karma

Strict business. You will definitely get fired for buying games directly from a customer.

blkfish92-1 karma

Why is it whenever I take advantage of the used games policy, some associates get angry? What I do is, buy a used game and play it for 6 days, then return it for a full refund.

_Noli_Me_Tangere_2 karma

If you do that repeatedly it is a little annoying to us, because whenever you return something at our store it hurts our daily numbers, so we always hate to have things returned. But at the same time there is nothing we can do to stop you.