Hello everybody.

I recently released my 60th album, THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE. The album coincides with my 50th anniversary of being in show business and is a summary of my life so far. Every track tells a story, tracing the high and low points of both my professional and personal life – from becoming a child star to achieving multiple No.1s, selling over 100 million records, and becoming a worldwide heartthrob...

You can check out my album on iTunes here, on Amazon here, or listen to my Spotify playlist here.

Victoria is assisting me today via phone. AMA!


Update: First of all, thank you for all the GREAT questions. But most of all, thank you for supporting me for all of these years. Especially to the Puppy Lovers, as well as the new fans that have recently discovered who I am. I hope you enjoy my latest album, and please tell everyone you know about it, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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boldly-going-nowhere77 karma

Hello Mr. Osmond,

Back in the 80's you did a concert at Stockton fairgrounds with Milli Vanilli. At that concert you grabbed my mom out of the audience and kissed and/or made out with her. I just want to personally thank you because I have not stopped hearing about this since I was born. I live in fear that someone will mention your name so that my mom will bring up that moment and tell it again in excruciating detail. I could never even enjoy Mulan as a child for fear my mom would run down the hall during "I'll Make a Man Out of You" and pause the movie to tell me the story again. I know I have to ask a question so, do you at least remember this concert, or my mother?

She says Hi by the way...

Donny-Osmond96 karma

Tell your mom I said Hi, and yes I remember the concert because I'm the only one who sang live! Haha!

ptanaka18 karma

Could you tell that Milli Vanilli were lip singing?

Donny-Osmond36 karma

I was fooled, just like everyone else.

tpahornet5 karma

Any chance on you helping me get a date with your beautiful sister?

Donny-Osmond27 karma

Dream on, buddy!

tomkvideo33 karma

How did you get involved in Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" video, and what convinced you to do it?

Donny-Osmond87 karma

Al just called me out of the blue, and said "I wrote this parody called 'White & Nerdy' and you're the first person I thought of."

I didn't know if that was a compliment or an insult. But it's one of the things I'm most proud of.

muarauder1231 karma

Hi Donny, thanks for doing this AMA. Let me started by saying that we can all agree that reddit in general doesn't really fit into your typical fanbase. Most of us either haven't heard your music or just don't like it after listening to our parents play it for years.

However, I was surprised to find out that you did the vocals for I'll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan, which is my favorite song from a Disney movie.

Do you have any other hidden gems like this that might get a younger audience interested in your music?

Donny-Osmond50 karma

A little bit of unknown trivia is that Donatello from TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is named after me.

True story! He wears purple.

TheWookieRoars8 karma

Hi Donny. What is one piece of advice that you know now, that you'd tell yourself 20 years ago?

Donny-Osmond42 karma

Let's see... 20 years ago... "Be a little kinder to Rosie O'Donnell." :)

krande3 karma

Are you and Rosie on good terms now? I'm not sure my mom has gotten over how Rosie behaved with the whole 'Puppy Love' fiasco.

Donny-Osmond18 karma

Rosie and I are best friends. And that was evident, last week, when I did THE VIEW.

CrimsonPig20 karma

Hi Donny, big fan! How similar are you to your portrayal on Johnny Bravo? Those were some of my favorite episodes.

Donny-Osmond30 karma

Hahaha! Not similar at all. It was very silly. But I loved doing Johnny Bravo.

TheFuckingEagles14 karma

Hi Donny, why do you think your "good guy" image has been viewed so negatively and what does that say about society when people like yourself are considered "unhip?"

Donny-Osmond56 karma

I'd rather be who I am, and not conform to society.

theArnoldFans112 karma

You're obviously a Disney fan. Are you looking forward to the new Star Wars by Disney and what do you think of Star Tours at Disneyland? Or if you're not a Star Wars fan, what's super geeky-cool about you that we don't know?

Donny-Osmond34 karma

I'm a Star Wars fan. And interesting bit of trivia is that George Lucas used the Donny & Marie show in 1977 to help promote the release of STAR WARS. It's actually true! I played the Mark Hamill spot. Kris Kristofferson played the Harrison Ford role. But Chewbacca, R2-D2, Darth Vader, C-3PO, and the Storm Troopers were on the show.

It's really cool.

Kanuck_Kyle10 karma

Do you wake up every morning and piss excellence?

Donny-Osmond25 karma

I wouldn't call it that.

theArnoldFans110 karma

Hi Donny, thank you for the great work-out anthem: "Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. What are your favorite work-out songs and how do you stay in shape? What exercises do you do?

Donny-Osmond19 karma

It's all about the core these days, rather than just building muscles.

As far as the songs are concerned, there's a great album called THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE, haha! :) By Donny Osmond.

And Bruno Mars' UPTOWN FUNK is a great song to work out to.

That_Guy_JR7 karma

Wow, love for Mark Ronson from the most unlikely of places. Respect!

What's a song you like that people wouldn't necessarily associate with your style?


Donny-Osmond34 karma

I'd say "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse. That's one of my favorites.

txslindsey10 karma

What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while you were performing live?

Donny-Osmond25 karma

Oh! It was during JOSEPH & THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, my loincloth came off. In Salt Lake City, of all cities!

I grabbed a basket and covered myself back up! But the ensemble, the cast, they were chasing me and pulled it off me!

holographene8 karma

Do you like pizza? If so, what toppings? Do you like beer? If so, what kind?

Edit: I remembered about the beer and tried to edit it out. But you were too fast for me! Thanks so much for answering :)

Donny-Osmond25 karma

It's one of my favorite foods. But nobody puts corn on it. I love corn on pizza!

And I don't drink beer, I'm a Mormon.

katarokkar7 karma

What's your biggest challenge as a musician now? Also what do you think has changed the most in your 50 years in show business?

Donny-Osmond10 karma

Social media is vitally important. I wish I had Facebook back in the "puppy love" days. And biggest challenge... is constantly re-inventing yourself, which is vitally important.

kenzie2667 karma


What was your favorite part of Dancing with the Stars as a contestant and what was your favorite part as an audience member while watching Marie?

Donny-Osmond7 karma

The Argentine Tango Dance was my favorite. But my wife called that the "You could sleep on the couch" dance.

wheresmycake7 karma

Hi Donny. A long time ago I read an interview with Dweezil Zappa about his upcoming album, and he said he had a guest singer "Donny F*cking Osmond!" I thought the quote was so funny that we renamed my little garage band DFO. How was it working with Dweezil? By the way, your vocals on the Stayin' Alive cover were insane - I did not realise just how great a singer you were.

Donny-Osmond11 karma

I had the privilege of knowing his dad, Frank, and to be able to work with Dweezil was incredible. Because he really is an amazing musician. And he pushed me to the limits, vocally!

judysanderson7 karma

Hi Donny never had the chance before to say it's been a great 50 years following you and I have every one of those 60 albums. I've always wondered is there anything you would ask us.? Your fans ?

Donny-Osmond4 karma


Now that's a good question.

What would i ask the fans... Out of all 60 albums I've done, what is YOUR favorite?

katrina19686 karma

Is it good being back in Vegas?

Donny-Osmond9 karma

It almost feels like coming back home, when I come to Vegas. Because I've been here for so long. It looks like this could turn out to be an 8 year run.

tydublies6 karma

In Weird Al's first ever take of White and Nerdy, your dancing is incredible, was that mostly freestyle or did you rehearse it beforehand? I play that video at every party I attend

Donny-Osmond8 karma

Everything you see in that video was improv.

TheDuskDragon5 karma

Hello Donny, thanks for doing an AMA!

If Dancing with the Stars had another all-star season but with only past champions like yourself, would you consider competing again?

Donny-Osmond14 karma

I was already asked to compete again in the All-Star season a couple years ago...

But I already have one trophy. :)

alliparker175 karma

Would you rather:

  1. Have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers?

  2. Have a dragon or be a dragon?

  3. Stand barefoot on an iceblock for 20 min or be tickled on your bare feet for 20 min?

And Why for each? :P

Donny-Osmond11 karma

1) That's a stupid question, haha! I would rather have fingers as long as my legs. Can you imagine?

2) Be a dragon.

3) Standing on ice blocks.

angel1034 karma

Hello Mr Osmond. Who is your favourite singer right now?

Donny-Osmond9 karma

Bruno Mars!

Thoppyy3 karma

Hi Donny! My mum's a huge fan (and I love Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat). She met Merrill a couple of years ago in London and wouldn't stop talking about it. She would love to know if you would consider rejoining the Osmonds for a UK tour?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

I miss working with my brothers, and I think that would be a fun opportunity.

ExHippieChick3 karma

Hi Donny! Welcome to Reddit! Your new CD led me to ponder the soundtrack of my own life and I found it hard to narrow down songs. How hard was it for you to narrow it down to the songs that you did record for the album?

Donny-Osmond9 karma

It was a yearlong process, and I had a list of at least 300 songs that I narrowed down to 15.

Sherry333 karma

Hi Donny. Love the new album, my favorite song by far is "Survivor". Will you be doing any videos? "Survivor" NEEDS a video!!

Donny-Osmond3 karma

There are no plans to do a video right now. But I certainly have some ideas of what I would do, if I did a video for SURVIVOR. It would be very interesting.

Slow-moving-sloth3 karma

Hi Donny….love you so much! I lived for The Donny and Marie Show in the 70s.
I’m a little bit country, and need to know if you are still a little bit rock n roll. Do you still have a little bit of Motown in your soul?

Donny-Osmond5 karma

Hahaha! Sounds like a song that I know :)

There's a lot of Motown influence in my life. Which is evident on this new album. For instance, go back and listen to BABY LOVE.

lmanders323 karma

Donny, I have never seen Mulan, but I have listened to I'll Make a Man Out of You 45 dozen times. Do you ever get tired of a song like that yourself, or is it great everytime for you like it is for me?

Donny-Osmond6 karma

I've heard 46 thousand times and I still like it!

teabag4giggles3 karma

Hi Donny! What was your favorite song you have ever written/sung?

Donny-Osmond3 karma

There's a song called FACES IN THE MIRROR which I thought could've been a single that I recorded back in...1990. I love that song.

alliparker173 karma

Boxers or Briefs? Coffee or tea? Beach or mountains? Mani or pedi? :P

Donny-Osmond15 karma

None of the above! Hahaha!

PuffBear3 karma

Hi Donny! Thank you for doing this AMA! Your #1 single in 1972, Puppy Love was my very fist 45 record (ok...I am dating myself here) I wanted 2 45's for my birthday. Puppy Love and I'll Be There by MJ. I cannot thank you enough for all of the years of wonderful music and laughs. My question is.....I know you were only 9 or 10 at the time, but did you have any idea that Puppy Love would be as big as it was? Also......I wanted to say your 1 year rememberance of Michael Jackson was wonderful on Youtube. You are a Class Act!

Donny-Osmond4 karma

I had NO idea that "Puppy Love" was going to be my signature song. I only sang it 3 times in the studio. And that 3rd time was the take that then ton the record.

Katiekat273 karma

Donny, I love your attitude! Your positive energy is a real inspiration. You seem like a genuinely kind and loving man who improves the world around him on a regular basis. Here are my questions:

What was your greatest personal victory of 2014?

Also (and this may be a bit morbid), given your level of fame it is a strong possibility that a hundred years from now, some one will claim you "haunt" somewhere.

What place would you like to be known to "haunt"?

Donny-Osmond3 karma

First of all, thank you for the compliment.

And I think the greatest accomplishment, professionally, was the completion of my 60th album.

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame?

two_off3 karma

If you had to record a duet album with a current artist, who would it be?

Donny-Osmond6 karma

I think a collaboration with Janet Jackson would be amazing, given the juxtaposition of the Jacksons and the Osmonds.

Dunkh3 karma

Hey Donny! I loved your sick dance moves on "Weird" Al's "White and Nerdy" video. Do you still keep in touch with him and any chance of doing a collaborative project?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

No collaborations in the work at the moment, and yes, i stay in touch with Al. In fact, I get a Christmas card from him every year.

Rehab_Barbie2 karma

You totally made my best friend's day by sitting on her lap in AC. Do you typically interact with your audience? Has anyone ever acted inappropriately when you have?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

I don't normally sit on people's laps. But yes, they can be inappropriate sometimes.

Ruthie19632 karma

How awesome was it to ring that bell last week at the NYSE?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

To be part of a 222 year tradition was beyond words. It was so cool.

krande2 karma

Hi Donny,

My mom is a really big fan of yours (I think she almost died when you serenaded her a couple years ago at a show, and then again when Marie brought my dad on stage at a Christmas show). I must know... is purple really your favorite color?

Donny-Osmond3 karma

It actually is.

I don't wear purple socks anymore, thank goodness, but yes, I still like purple.

ajlposh2 karma

I've seen an appearance of you and your brothers on the Flip Wilson show. What was Flip like?

Donny-Osmond5 karma

He was a consummate comedian. His timing was always spot-on. I remember doing this skit with Flip, and Lucille Ball... talk about two great comedians in one place!

citizenoftheorionarm2 karma

Hey Donny, one of my favorite childhood memories is watching you on the Donny and Marie show. I remember recording the little bit Country, little bit Rock and Roll segments on a hand-held cassette player. What are the standout memories for you making that show?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

Let's see... I didn't care for the comedy skits that much. My favorite part of the show was the "Little bit Country, Little Bit Rock & Roll" segments. I spent most of my time working on those, instead of the comedy.

Katy632 karma

Recently I attended your show in Vegas and you and Marie paid tribute to many artists. Which artist influenced you the most and why?

Donny-Osmond8 karma

Stevie Wonder. Because he's Stevie Wonder, hahaha!

HawaiiJean2 karma

Hi Donny! Can you tell us which of your songs you'll be adding to the Vegas show? Everyone I talk with would love to see you add Survivor to the show! :)

Donny-Osmond2 karma

I really don't know what I'm going to add at this point. I just barely started this week. So I imagine in weeks to come, I could answer this question better.

julieincalgary2 karma

How pleased are you with the positive feedback and reviews on The Soundtrack of My Life?

Donny-Osmond4 karma

It's always gratifying when - after working a project for almost 2 years - when people respect the work, and believe me, there was a lot of work behind this album.

julieincalgary2 karma

Hello Donny! Thank you for introducing me to yet another techie thing lol

Is there a song you would have liked to put on the 60th album but didn't have room for?

Donny-Osmond6 karma

I almost did JUST THE WAY YOU ARE by Billy Joel. But it didn't make it.

Ableyoungthug2 karma


Donny-Osmond3 karma

I think about it every day. How fortunate I am to still be doing what i love, over 50 years later. Not very many people can say that. And i owe it to my fans.

So thank you!

NorbitGorbit2 karma

what are your favorite mics, headphones for studio use and for personal use? also favorite toothpaste, dental hygiene regime?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

As far as headphones, audiotechnica makes some of the best phones. As far as a mic, I use the blue bottle with the C-0 diaphragm. And whatever's available at the drugstore!

BordersRanger012 karma

How was it doing Strictly Come Dancing in the UK?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

You'd think being a judge would be easy, but it's a very difficult position to be in.

holabonjour2 karma

Hi Donny! Lifelong fan here. Have you ever been to Alaska? Would you like to come visit? Maybe do a show while you're here?

Donny-Osmond3 karma

I went fishing in the Kenai peninsula back in 2003... and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Terri_W2 karma

You said one time that sometimes "it's hard being Donny Osmond". Do you still feel that way at times?

Donny-Osmond3 karma

Not anymore.

Now that I've been able to reinvent myself so many times, I enjoy looking back at all the things that I've done, and that's why I wrote the song 'SURVIVOR.'

julieincalgary2 karma

What is the most exhausting part of the Vegas show? I'm worn out just watching you do Celebrate!

Donny-Osmond2 karma

From beginning to end, it's exhausting!

wendywales2 karma

Donny, obviously you had more than the final 15 songs to choose from for the album. Was there one particular track you wanted to cover, that you were advised to leave well alone . If so what was it?

Donny-Osmond13 karma

"Sad but True" by Metallica.

Terri_W1 karma

Where would you like to perform that you never have?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

The Taj Mahal.

cherizar1 karma

Hi Donny - knowing you've been a long time techie, and were 'married' to your Blackberry for so long, but you recently made the switch to Android, and I believe Samsung. How do you like working on an Android and would you ever make the switch back to Blackberry?

Donny-Osmond3 karma

I miss the tactile feel of a Blackberry. But once you go Android... you can never go back.

Candymom1 karma

What advice do you have for dealing with performance anxiety? I'm 45 and have been taking piano lessons for a year. I get so anxious during lessons, I have a hard time playing for my teacher. My mind just goes blank. I don't even play as well if I'm just recording my self on my phone! Beta blockers have helped, but I'd like to not have to rely on them. What can I do to get a handle on my anxiety?

Donny-Osmond3 karma

My wife gave me the best advice EVER when she said: "When you perform, just be average."

carolnorthernireland1 karma

Will the Home Furnishings Line ever be available in the UK??

Donny-Osmond1 karma

The company is so new that at the present moment, it's not available. But there are plans to expand it in the next couple years.

theArnoldFans11 karma

Do you have all of the collectibles that were made of you...All the dolls and everything? Or do you only have a few remaining pieces of your merchandise?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

I only have a few pieces. But one of the things that I'm glad I still have is a box of my original purple socks! I don't know why I keep them.

But I do.

dimplejuice1 karma

How would you compare being a child star in the 1970s to the level of scrutiny that child stars face today?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

I think there's a lot more danger with social media. Whereas in days past, or in times past, you could cover up a lot of bad stuff.

dimplejuice1 karma

Do you ever have writers block? Ever feel that after 60 albums, you have expressed everything you want to convey? What artistically keeps you going?

Donny-Osmond1 karma

Oh geez, haha! Writer's block. I get writer's block all the time. And what i want to convey changes from album to album. This current album literally is the soundtrack of my life. And everything I want to say at this point in my life.

zoidboob1 karma

Hi Donny

How ill were you after your appearance on Saturday Kitchen recently?

I seem to recall you being served some seafood that you weren't particularly fond of....

Donny-Osmond5 karma

Just this question makes me want to gag again!

jacklia1 karma

Hi Donny, loving the new album - especially Survivor.

I was hoping you would be touring UK this year but now we're hearing about a D&M world tour instead.  Are you still planning a solo tour in the UK? If so, can you give us a clue when this will be?

Please don't forget to come to Scotland (just don't sit on any glass coffee tables!!!!)

Jackie x

Donny-Osmond3 karma

SURVIVOR seems to be... everyone's favorite.

It's also my wife's favorite song on the album. As far as the world tour goes, there are no plans right now. But I will keep you posted if anything changes.

Amyga171 karma

What is it like to have the perfect smile?

Donny-Osmond2 karma

Oh, you didn't see me before I wore braces! :)

DAVEatm1 karma

Hey Donny! This has been driving me nuts since last June. You were grabbing requests from the audience for songs to cover, you asked a little girl what she wanted to hear and she said "Elsa". First do you remember that moment (lol) and if so did you know she was talking about Frozen? You went off for a bit like you had no idea who Elsa was. It's that nagging thing I've wonder every time I drive past the Flamingo. Would you be willing to do your own version

BTW I was in your sister Marie's ward in Henderson, she is always so cool and open to talk.

Donny-Osmond4 karma

There really is no interest right now to do my own version of FROZEN...but did you know the animation of the Prince was pattered after YouTube videos of me?

My nephew Hyram animated the Prince using his Uncle Donny's YouTube videos.