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First my question :) What is your advice to young adults these days about doing the right thing like you did when you were their age? It would be great to hear you speak to a graduating class about humanity and knowing the difference between right and wrong.

I was very moved by your actions that day and I thank you for being a great human being protecting another human from being harmed. Regardless of what he represented. It was your instinct to protect someone from being hurt. That is how all human beings should be! Thank you for being you Keshia Thomas!

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I will some day visit Amalfi, it is my dream! I love you Lou, you are a great legend in my young tv years as a kid and I loved you on King of Queens!

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That is really sad that a speaker at a graduation would say something that stupid. See.....I knew it, you would be a fantastic speaker to the youth of today!! Document what you just wrote because we will hear it again! I hope and pray that your life has been blessed for what you have done for this world! Thank you !

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Bless you every single day Paul for what you are doing to help animals!! Thank you

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heheheh...fun fact......I am from MI, now in GA.