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Pretend I gilded you. (I'm cheap...)

But seriously, that is awesome that you got that.

I hope others do.

Both candidates are bad.

But one is a little worse, and it's our responsibility to do something. We can't just sit back.

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Just so that you know, I'm SO impressed that this is an AMA that for once is not really trying to promote something so blatantly as most celebs.

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110% machine!

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Based on two separate friends experiences in Colombia, add in a couple thousand 'get out of jail' bribes.

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I would have figured Stunts would have their own union, frankly. You guys / gals do FAR more dangerous work than mere acting talent. I'm sorry for you. Folks I know in SAG typically have better luck getting SAG to assist them, so I'm surprissed your lead is not representing you well.

There has to be more to this, Leslie. I'm sorry.