I'm Anthony Trucks. I played college football for the University of Oregon and then played in the NFL for the Bucs, Redskins, and Steelers.

After my career-ending injury playing for the Steelers, I started my own company (www.AnthonyTrucks.com).

I'm here to answer any question you have about the University of Oregon football, the NFL, or starting your own business as an athlete! AMA.


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orangejulius15 karma

Why do you think the Ducks defense disintegrated the way it did in the national title game against Ohio State?

Do you think the Pac as a whole was less physical than other conferences this year?

What's life like after the NFL? Do you have any desire to go into coaching college?

What's your opinion on the new play off format and do you foresee issues with the selection committee and the way they operate?

AnthonyTrucks19 karma

I think the sheer size overpowered us in time. We couldn't get the ball moving on offense and it made the defensive get beat down over time due to so much time spent no the field. Like after the NFL is CRAZY man. Its harder because we enter the real world without any work experience and most guys have horribly huge egos. It makes the transition really tough actually. I got to a VERY low low in life at on point. The real world is no joke. I don't think I would ever go into coaching. I love the game, but I have a lot more to share with the world and it would be hard if I were coaching. I actually like the new playoff system. Its better than the BCS in my opinion. Perfect? No. Better? yes.

ApplesBananasRhinoc3 karma

What was your academic life like at U of O? What did you study?

AnthonyTrucks15 karma

I actually did man. I studied pretty hard. I cheated one time in a sociology class in my first quarter at school and failed the test so I decided not to do it again lol. Best decision ever because it allowed me to actually use my brain to be able to be smart enough to do the things I do now.

Im_Bruce_Wayne_AMA3 karma

Uhh I think he meant what was your major/area of study?

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

Lol, bet I sounded stupid then. I think I missed the "what" in the question somehow. I'm reading and responding to fast, my bad. I studied kinesiology.

I_drive_all_over-6 karma


ApplesBananasRhinoc2 karma

Seriously, I'm curious!

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

Academic life for me was cool. I went to class, studied, actually tried, and I did well. I had a son my sophmore year so my fiancé and I worked our butts off to make sure that when the game ended we could provide for him. I didn't get any breaks from teachers, actually they seemed to make it harder lol. All in all school was what you would expect it to be, I just got free tutors when I needed them.

cautionmaybecomehot11 karma

Hello! Big time Gamecock fan here. Thank you for spending time with all of us.

Since you are here, could you tell us a little bit about what your company does?

And, if you do not mind, I'd like to know what are your thoughts on paying college athletes.

AnthonyTrucks16 karma

As for paying college athletes I am ALL for it. We don't make enough money playing while the schools get TONS of money off tickets, endorsements, OUR jersey sales, etc. Leaving us with very little time to even get a job to make extra money. I thinks its only fair to reap some of the financial benefit that the colleges make off of us. Not a lot, just a little.

Nomadic_Penguin6 karma

Did you not receive a full ride scholarship for the opportunity to play for their football team?

AnthonyTrucks7 karma

You receive a scholarship in order to help better the program (read: the schools product that they can sell) Yes, I am beyond grateful for having my school pad for and having the opportunities that I had. All I am saying is that it wouldn't hurt to get a little more financial help from the school who won't give us time to make any more money, and won't allow us to sign autographs so they keep us hog tied. Theres more to it than meets the eye.

Nomadic_Penguin1 karma

Thank you, I appreciate your answer. I definitely agree that the school should not own your likeness, such as with autographs and jerseys.

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

Ya, kinda sucks but it goes with the territory for now.

FuckinWalkinParadox-1 karma

take a second to look at financial records before you make statements like this. most school don't make profits on their athletic programs. not even the big ones.

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

see below

JubilantJake1 karma

Last time I said this in CFB I was downvoted. Not to mention the schools have to pay for other athletic teams such as women's basketball and softball, and shit like that. Schools can't afford to pay their athletes other than giving athletic scholarships. I play JUCO football right now and have been struggling very much financially but I understand that the best I can get is a free education. Which if you think about, is still technically paying their athletes.

AnthonyTrucks10 karma

Keep in mind that a scholarship is not actually giving money. It's excusing it. The money won't be "lost" if the player doesn't go there. Also, each school has different levels of what they pay in scholarship based on the cost of living, so the payment could fluctuate as well. To think that schools don't make money is pretty naive. How do you think they afford to pay the head coaches and A.D.'s MILLIONS of dollars. Are all schools the same? No. But the larger schools who makes A LOT of money off of players wouldn't be hurt to give out and extra $200 a month to players, which would be more help than people even know.

AnthonyTrucks7 karma

Very welcome, I'm actually having fun. I've always had a desire to help as many people as possible. I came from a pretty bad childhood and have had a roller coaster of a life even since then. So when I left the NFL I wanted to give back how I knew, which was sports. So I opened up a gym from to help athletes like myself have a place to call home and develop the skills to play at a higher level. The gym thrived for 6 years and then I was introduced to new things and new opportunities.

I started consulting on ergonomics for the local power company and started speaking a lot. I fell in love with talking to people and helping them on a mass scale, and people liked hearing about my life, my perspectives, and lessons ways I could help. So I closed the gym and shifted gears and opened a company where I now travel the world and speak as well as create online courses for people to improve their lives. Its called Trust Your Hustle. (Sorry for the long response lol, I might be a little passionate about it)

Dr_Herzenstube7 karma

What was your most memorable part of getting recruited?

What is the best business advice you've ever received?

Who is the nicest person you've met during your football career?

AnthonyTrucks24 karma

My most memorable part was being flown in Oregons private jet up to the school.

The best business advice I ever received is: It's nice to be important, but its more important to be nice. The measure of a man is how he treats the people that he can gain nothing from.

Nicest person I ever met: My agent Drew Pittman

RyanRyanRyanRyanRyan7 karma

How did your injury affect you mentally/emotionally at first? And how long did it take you to consider and ultimately begin your business?

AnthonyTrucks12 karma

It killed me inside. All I knew growing up was football. It defined me as a man. So when it was over I didn't know what to do. I didn't know why anyone would respect me anymore so I huddled down and experienced a dark low of life. Then I started talking to people and found out that I could help them by sharing my knowledge and experiences with them. Especially the kids and athletes I worked with. Then I started finding that adults needed and wanted my help so I expanded to that. It has taken me about 6 years to get to where I am now with this new business.

I started my gym about 3 months after I tore my shoulder and fought through some pretty horrible times to keep it afloat. Then, after it was doing very well, I closed it to help more people in life and not just sports and fitness training.

I just redirected my energy from sports to business. I took all that same drive and vigor and used it in a different arena.

shortbussupastar7 karma

Is it really as bad as they say at the bottom of a dog pile in the NFL? Are players that dirty trying to injure you?

AnthonyTrucks12 karma

Lol, yes. I have had my fair share of bites, twisted ankles, and pinches while being told how my mom was treated the night before..

kingramses037 karma

when you go to get groceries, do you go by the bread aisle or the produce first?

AnthonyTrucks22 karma

I do produce first. I like to touch melons

ApplesBananasRhinoc6 karma

I live in Eugene, what do you think of the brand new insanely expensive athletic building that they now have on-campus?

AnthonyTrucks10 karma

Gawdy, I know. But Soooooo cool. The thing is like a spaceship. Football leather on the walls, Ferrari leather seats, electronic lockers, european toilets, its nuts. I love it personally, but I don't have to see it every day lol

ApplesBananasRhinoc3 karma

Football leather on the walls?!?!? I would think all of this would give a lot of U of O players big egos and then if/when they don't make it to the NFL or the big leagues and reality sinks in, it would be an extreme let down. I'm glad you bounced back after all that. It all builds character, so they say :)

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

Ya, its pretty nuts in there. There was a famous quote by a player who I entered the draft with and the media asked him what the NFL as like and his response was, "Well the facilities aren't as nice" (facepalm) so yes, you are right, that can happen sometimes. I tried to keep my head on my shoulders as best I could. My faith, parents, and my coach had a huge part in that.

notaflyguy1425 karma

Anthony! As someone that has gone through the UofO program, what has it been like seeing the transformation the ducks football program has undergone in the past 8 years?

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

I actually had this conversation in the airport on the way back form the national championship game. It has been an awesome sight to see. I came in before all the crazy jerseys, the amazing facilities, and greatness they have experienced. I was there right after they climbed to #2 with Joey Harrington so I got to see the decline right after and then the rise to prominence we see now. It has been great to be a Duck in all honesty and I am proud to have been a part of it. I just hope we can keep it up and not fall off like so many teams do after the run of success like we have had.

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

I can see what you mean, but that was my junior/senior year when we got the highlighters yellows. We only had the one helmet back then though. Now we have a different uniform and helmet every game. Thats what I was pertaining to when I said "crazy jerseys"

Uptownstunna5 karma

Who were some of your favorite teammates while at Oregon and in the NFL?

AnthonyTrucks7 karma

Haloti Ngata, Jerry Matson, JD Nelson, Brent Haberly, Demetrius Williams, Justin Phinisee, Tim Day, Paulani Ma'Sun.... Too many to list.

Thestupidmetadata5 karma

These are the kind of AMA's I love. Just someone who is doing an AMA for the sake of an AMA

Who is the friendliest NFL you've ever met and vice versa, the least friendly?

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

Most friendly wold have to Anthony Madison for the Steelers. Really greta christian guy. Least friendly would have to be Brandon Lloyd would have t be the least. I watched him pour water on a rookie at dinner and laugh like it was nothing smh

MythicApplsauce5 karma

What do you think about college football being used as the minor leagues for the NFL?

AnthonyTrucks4 karma

That how the world works. How else would players make it to that level?

MythicApplsauce2 karma

Baseball and hockey, for example, each have minor leagues separate from college athletics.

It's just jarring to me how different my college experience and goals were (to get an education) as opposed to some college athletes (to go pro).

I realize many collegiate athletes do take the opportunities given them to get an education, but it also seems like quite a few do not.

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

I get you. Its just a different sport I guess. I think football breeds a different person sometimes though. I personally was there to get an education but its driven into you by coaches and teammates that if you aren't at the D1 level to go pro that you're not going to take the game serious enough. In all honesty the perspective has its ups and downs. downs are that you lose focus on the education that is WAY more important than game, I agree. The plus is that you may be able to make more money in 3-5 years than you'll make in 20 at a regular 9-5. Its a gamble that makes sense if you are capable. We go to school to learn to then get a job to make a living. If I can play a game I love and shortcut a little to get to the income I ll take the chance. I personally would still get the education. Heck I left before graduating and still took biology, chemistry, and calculus online while in the NFL to graduate even though I didn't really have to.

iceyj215 karma

how much poon did playing college football get you?

AnthonyTrucks16 karma

Uneventful answer is that I have been with the same girl FAITHFULLY since I was 16. How much COULD I have gotten? Well its like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop

Tankrgod4 karma

During your time at Oregon, did you enjoy bathing in the tears of WSU fans?

AnthonyTrucks4 karma

Lol.... ya i had fun in those games. Except when they came into Autzen and beat us after we beat Michigan at home. I actually originally committed to WSU and decommited to go to Oregon so I had guys on WSU that had taken the recruiting trip with me originally who always reminded me that I should have gone there.... Sure, because WSU is a powerhouse

einsteinway3 karma

A friend of mine is a rabid Ducks fan. He always talks about WSU and how even when they're bad they somehow consistently give the Ducks a good game.

He calls it "getting Coug'ed".

hiphoppopotumus623 karma

I always thought getting Coug'ed meant being up by 20 points to a team they should beat and then ultimately lose. Oregon coug'd it. https://twitter.com/Seattle_Gooner/status/554868403899748352

AnthonyTrucks1 karma


AnthonyTrucks2 karma

lol, never heard of it. Ill have to keep that in mind.

mmherzog4 karma

Was the Truck Stick in Madden named after you?

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

This is completely unvalidated, but I am going to go ahead and say yes. #wishfulthinking

mmherzog2 karma

I think they probably owe you some kick back or a cover spot or something.

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

Im drafting a letter right now to request my share..... ill include a video of me flexing like Terry Crews

Edit: Typo

mmherzog3 karma

Good Luck. If it works im asking for 10 % for suggesting it.

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

alright.... but can I pay you in gum #tridentlayers

mmherzog3 karma

I'll take what i can get

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

mmherzog4 karma

Not gonna lie that stuff is legit good

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

Right?? lol

tunnelpoliceman4 karma

As an Ohio State student, I'm curious about the reaction of Ducks fans about the game. As an actual former football player for Oregon, what was your general reaction to the game? Could the Ducks done something different to come out on top? Do you think the Buckeyes are deserving of the win, or was it all just a fluke? Thanks for doing this AMA.

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

It sucked lol. I take nothing from the ass whooping they put on us. We couldn't stop the run and we couldn't get the ball moving. We were outplayed and out coached. Its what I like about college football, it can be anyones game on any day. Like when Appalachian sate beat Michigan. Its who is the better team that day. It was not a fluke. Much respect to the Buckeyes.

cweaver903 karma

Hey Anthony,

How has your body handled life after football? Ive played for 16 years about to go into my senior year of D3 football and im sore all the time. Does it get better? Also how big is the committment in D1?

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

Honestly it all depends on the active recovery you do. I got my degree in kinesiology and have trained countless youth to professional athletes in my gym before I closed it down and it all boiled down to how you take care of your body DURING intense workout periods. The body needs massage, stretching/flexibiilty, proper neutron, etc. If you take it as seriously as training you'll be fine. I went out on a shoulder injury, and although it still gives me problems, they would be much worse if I didn't stay active.

You'l naturally have issues over time but you gotta put effort into taking care of your body

cweaver903 karma

Ah thanks man. Very interesting. Glad youre actually replying and giving a lot of insight!!

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

Very welcome. A friend recommended I hop on here so I did. And if I do anything I do it 100%

madsparks3 karma

A few questions...
1) Does anyone call you 'Tony Trucks'?
2) A lot of college players don't make it to the NFL. What factor allowed you to make it?
3) How did you find out your injury was 'career-ending'? What was the first thing you thought about after finding out?

AnthonyTrucks8 karma

1) Yes my high school football coach does still. My dad calls me Toneford for some reason. 2) Honestly I think what made it possible for me, past the God given talent, was my work effort. I had a pretty crappy upbringing and developed a disgusting humbled work ethic. It's what allowed me to work without expecting anything in return. My dad has been welder for 20 years and watching him work the way he did without praise all the time taught me a lesson about how you need to work in silence to achieve your goals. Its a lesson I will pass down to my kids. 3) When I couldn't lift my arm up, drive, or wipe my butt I had to get surgery. After that no NFL tam wanted a linebacker with a shoulder that had bone spurs, arthritis, and a torn labrum. We do to much upper body movement in taking on blocks and making tackles to be able to be effective with a bad shoulder.

madsparks7 karma

Thanks for the answers, Toneford! (Hey, you do not argue with your dad. :) )

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

lol.... that I do not

Kanuck_Kyle3 karma

Were you born with that excellent facial hair?

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

LOL..... Yes, and God blessed me with some great eyebrows somehow. I get asked all the tim if I wax them and I honestly never have in my life

Chuppp3 karma

Big fan of yours on and off the field.

Strongest person you've seen in college? Professional?

Best overall athlete?

Hardest hitter?

Most underrated lift?

Most overrated lift?

Favorite pregame meal?

Biggest meathead?

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

Strongest person in college I saw was Haloti Ngata and Igor Olshansky. Professional would be Chris Hovan.

Best overall athlete was when I played with Sean Taylor. Dude was a monster and ridiculously fast. He covered ground unlike anyone I had ever seen.

Hardest hitters: James Harrison and Chris Kemoeatu

Underrated lift: The power clean / Tricep dips

Most overrated: Bicep curls

Favorit pre game meals: Not skittles lol. Chicken, broccoli, Rice Pilaf

Biggest meat head: Luke Rowley. Good guy, definite meathead.

apgujohn3 karma

What are your thoughts on traumatic brain injury in the NFL? Did this influences your decision to retire? Have you seen friends and colleagues in the NFL struggle with it?

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

I think its a little out of control in my opinion. I can understand it at he NFL level because guys are getting so much faster and bigger at the same time now so every hit is like a car accident. But when it trickles down to the youth level where athletes aren't as powerful its a little like the "ADD" freak out were having now where any hyper kid needs drugs to calm down. I think its gone overboard. In reality its the 4th highest sport for concussions behind soccer and even gymnastics, but football is more popular so its gets the sting.

It actually had nothing to do with my retirement. The studies came out after I played so we werent even thinking about it in all honesty. I personally also haven't seen any teammates or friends struggle with it. I FULLY believe that it happens and I take NOTHING from the guys who have experienced it, but I haven't had that close of an experience with the issue myself.

apgujohn5 karma

Thanks for the honest, insightful answer. You're a good dude!

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

very welcome

drewbulubu3 karma

What movie or show would you say best captures the college/pro lifestyle?

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

Do they have a show where you sit at home icing your body playing call of duty? And then head to work/class half asleep.

Because most of the shows really sensationalize what people THINK we do.

blarghusmaximus3 karma

Its 3rd and goal, call it 4 yards. Defense has been running all game. QB is in the shotgun, 3 wide.

HB is at his side, lined up on your side of the field.

What are you thinking about presnap? Who are you looking at? What are you looking at? Why are you looking at that?

Man, thats where football gets sexy for me. Its chess with human pieces who all make independent decisions.

AnthonyTrucks8 karma


Depending on the defense and personnel we're in everything changes. Im going to say we're in goal line D with an extra LB. Two WR to the field, right, with the HB aligned to that side as well. Lone WR and TE on the left boundary side. Im going with HB bubble right as a last resort dump, but the main play is going to be the back side WR slant with a TE arrow out left into the boundary, because they think we're manned up with the short distance and 3WR set, but I would call a cover two and set the corners in the flat to take away the bubble threats. They know we assume they're going to run, because they have been all day, so they anticipate us coming forward to open up the pass but we do a line stunt to free up the backers. We have one LB blitz field side to rush the throw or stop the run. The backside LB knows he has a stick corner so he doesn't fly out showing the QB that the slant is taken away so the QB looks to the TE arrow and sees the corner sitting, can't throw there either. As he turns to go for the dump to the RB on the right he gets smashed in the face by a linebacker named Antony Trucks. Trucks gets up and does his signature "Truckstop" move. Game Over. #GoDucks.

blarghusmaximus2 karma

I fucking love you.

AnthonyTrucks1 karma


howsitbrew2 karma

best fucking thing i have seen all day, great shit, thank you !

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

Very welcome... I miss that sh*t

ehonard3 karma

Whats the hardest part about transiting between college football and the pros? Also why do you have a wikipedia page in Danish but not English?

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

1) The transition is tough because were not given tools to succeed in the "real world". We don't usually do internships, have friends who are in regular jobs, have work experience, etc. So were dropped into a world where the skills we've honed in a "professional" sense are rendered all but useless. Thats why a lot of us turn to sports or fitness training, and coaching, because its all we know sometimes. I personally wanted to create something that was great for everyone and not have to piggy back so hard on my football days, so it was even harder. I almost lost my business 4 times, my marriage fell apart, I was broke MANY times, and life just sucked. It took me 5 years to get back on my feet honestly, and I probably had it easier than most in some instances.

As for the wikipedia I honestly have no clue lol

Playa903 karma

Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning?

AnthonyTrucks4 karma

Peyton Manning.... Have you seen his hilarious commercials lol

karmisson3 karma


AnthonyTrucks6 karma

I never played for him but I hear nothing but good things about how he does things. I had teammates who played for him after I had already left. From what I hear the guy is a mastermind and a really cool dude.

DinksMalone3 karma

It was great watching you play, I graduated from UofO in 2004 but have been a duck fan all my life.

Do you still keep in touch with many teammates from college, and the program in general?

Go Ducks!

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

Thanks for the love! I do in fact keep in touch with a lot of the guys. I live near Matt Toeaina, I still keep in touch with Brent Haberly, JD Nelson, Parris Moore, David Martin, and lots more guys. I also go and visit the coaches every so often. Last year I went and hung out with DP and Kevin mitchell at the new football facility. I still get a little love ;-)

DinksMalone4 karma

I got a chance to tour the Hatfield Dowlin this last summer, holy crap. When I was a kid celebrating every hard earned first down I could have never imagined the program at this level.

AnthonyTrucks4 karma

I know. Its great to be a part of such a cool program now. Glad I didn't go to USC lol

YoureAllCoolFigments3 karma

What's your favorite beer at the Ninkasi brewery in Eugene?

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

I must say I haven't been yet. Ill make sure to go up there this next season and try one out. Ill get back to you then :-)

Tristanna3 karma

How is your day going?

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

Good. My kids are home sick nd I'm just chillin after getting back form the game. My 5 yr old daughter is asking to be taped up like mummy by her 10 year old older brother as I type this Never a dull moment with all my three kids around.

Demian_Rodriguez3 karma

I'm just wondering about your opinion, do you think college athletes should get paid by the universities?

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

I think so yes. We put so much time and energy into the game and we don't even have time to work and make extra money. Then the schools sell tickets to watch us play and apparel with our number son it and we don't get a piece. I think a LITTLE something would be nice.

Demian_Rodriguez4 karma

Totally understand where you are coming from. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't some athletes get scholarship to attend school? Couldn't it be argued that that's you "pay"? It probably isn't enough but still a little.

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

Yes. All scholarships are paid for in ticket sales alone in the first home game. That doesn't take into account the other games, concession, apparel, tv, bowl games worth millions, etc. I didn't say we needed to be paid LOTS of money, but when we put in hours and get paid an equivalent less than minimum wage it might help to get a little extra pay. Especially when we're not even given enough free time to get a job to make any extra money. So yes I can see where you're coming from, it obviously helps, but its to enough. Yes we get free school, but the school make SOOOO much money of our backs, literally

ReleaseTheKragle2 karma

Who did you want to see win the Super Bowl this year? What did you think about that call in the Cowboys vs. Packers game?

AnthonyTrucks8 karma

At this point I'm all for the Packers. A colleague of mine trains Aaron Rodgers. As for the call in the cowboys game that was DEFINITELY a catch!!

ReleaseTheKragle5 karma

I'm a cowboys fan myself, but either way the Packers did play hard and deserved the win. I'll be rooting for them as well.

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

My best friend is also. Ya the packers definitely are a good team. Rodgers played well even though he was banged up so I can respect that. (even though Suh tried to put him out ;-) )

ReleaseTheKragle3 karma

Speaking of Suh. Were there any players that were just in general jerks? I always imagine the NFL like a college campus with each team being a fraternity.

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

Honestly I didn't run into a lot of jerks. One of the weirder players was James Harrison. We called him silverback cuz he was borderline crazy. In a meeting one time he told coach he was going to f*ck him up..... and no one knew if he was joking.

ReleaseTheKragle5 karma

Crazy people be everywhere.

AnthonyTrucks7 karma


orangejulius2 karma

Other than the national title participants - who is the most exciting team in college football going into 2015 and why?

AnthonyTrucks5 karma

For me it will always be the ducks. reason? I don't follow anyone else as closely lol.... #Biased

orangejulius5 karma

No love for the Georgia Tech triple option?

AnthonyTrucks25 karma

No I like real football :-)

clockwork_jesus2 karma

Hey Trucks! What do you like on your pizza?

AnthonyTrucks8 karma

Sausage, pepperoni, and olives. My kids hate it so they pick it off and I get extra sometimes if I'm lucky :-)

deviger2 karma

Is football big in Oregon? I've been there and of course everyone is all about Portlandia now. I get the impress that it's not big football country. Am I wrong?

AnthonyTrucks23 karma

Football actually is big honestly. They don't have a pro team in the state so its all about the university or Oregon and the crappy school up north called Oregon State. College football fans are actually more emotionally engaged than pro fans in my experience so theres lots of love around the state.

therealpkg15 karma

2004 Duck here. Can confirm existence of crappy university 40ish miles North of UO. Existence of football team there yet to be determined.

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

(slow clap)

crossbuck2 karma

I grew up just outside of Portland, then moved to Columbus to go to Ohio State. Comparing the two, no football is not big in Oregon. Lately, when I've gone home to visit, it has been more popular. I see Seahawks gear everywhere.

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

welp, it seems times have changed :-/

deviger3 karma

I grew up in Maine. Friday nights in the fall were football nights. If there was a home game, you were there, even if you weren't really watching it.

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

Ya, sounds a lot like Texas as well. Oregon is definitely not like THAT.

infari2 karma

What's the nastiest thing you've heard on the field? Always disappoints me that you can't hear the player interaction on the field. Seems like it's half the fun.

AnthonyTrucks6 karma

That the team ran through my mom and sisters to prepare for the game. Then the descriptions followed :-/

whatucisme1 karma

Just watched you on remote survival. Good stuff! I'm curious, a lot of guys leave the NFL in the same fashion you had to or because they can't compete at that level. You said yourself that in 3-5 years you can make more money than 20 years at a 9-5. Why do so many of these guys end up financially broken? Also, it seems common that athletes have steady girl friends and get married when it's almost every outsiders dream to ball out of control and have ALL the options. What's that about?

Thank you for your time.

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

Thanks, I had a great time during that experience. Definitely out of my normal lol. Personally I think that guys make the money and then enter a world that doesn't value the same skills they used to make it. So they start living a lifestyle that can no longer be supported by their current professional possibilities. To make things wore they then get to prideful to do regular life work and eventually go broke living off of their savings and having no steady income. They need someone to teach them how to manage their money better and make them swallow the egos and get a job when the fame is gone. Just my opinion I guess. I couldn't give you a definitive on that. In my experience guys, married or not, took advantage of the "options" sadly. Its a slippery slope though. Thats how you end up with 6 baby mommas lol

whatucisme1 karma

Thank you for responding!

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

very welcome

whatucisme1 karma

If I had ever gone pro anything I'd have done the Thad Castle on Blue Mountain State and frozen some of my genetic goodness and snip snip boom. Skeet skeet everywhere, lol.

AnthonyTrucks1 karma


ByFee1 karma

Did you ever get starstruck seeing big time players on the field, if so who?

Also, was there a player you were looking forward to hit?

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

Honestly I wasn't much of a fan. I would show up to teams and not know who guys were. It helped because when you get starstruck it leaves you taking it easy on guys and not making plays so you won't last long. I like to hit Clinton Portis. he was always messing with me in the locker room lol.

delore251 karma

What is a noun?

AnthonyTrucks10 karma

Anthony Trucks

apalebluedot1 karma

Sorry ahead of time for any ignorance:

My question is, from the money you made as a professional football player in the NFL, I'm curious as to how you faced times where you were broke after your career ended. Was it simply due to bad financial practice during your time as a player, or are some players not paid as much as the general public believes, etc.?

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

Not ignorant at all. I think people have a misconstrued vision of how much money we made. We actually only get paid during the season every week. So if you don't make it the full football season you don't make the full money. Then the tax bracket takes A LOT of money from you. We also don't make millions like everyone thinks. While I was playing I actually still shopped at ross and drove an old Chevy Tahoe. When I got out I still live a pretty frugal life. My struggles came from spending money on opening my gym and then not getting it profitable for years so i slowly declined. Its hard because I could have easily gotten a job and got steady paycheck, but my heart wanted to help people in a different way. At the time in 2008 the economy was horrible but i stupidly opened the gym and struggled. That being said without that struggle I wouldn't be where I am today from learning some really hard lessons.

apalebluedot1 karma

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Good luck to you and your business in the future.

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

No problem. Thanks!

GenericJeans1 karma

What's something interesting about the NFL that the average person wouldn't know?

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

We are the weirdest guys ever. We are so far from special its ridiculous. I had teammate that would play soccer in the locker room butt naked.

kelloggflakes1 karma

Feelings on girls/women playing football? Are the camps, around the US, that are set up for high school players really worth it? Did you go to these camps and get anything out of them?They seem to be run by bored college players obligated to do them.

AnthonyTrucks3 karma

I think its fine if they want to play and want to play with other women (if its tackle) it just wouldn't be equal if they played with men, from a physical strength standpoint.

As for the camps i think they are not as beneficial as people think. Most of the college coaches that people are told will find out about the numbers at the camps will never know. Its just goo marketing. Some camps however do teach some beneficial techniques that would REALLY help kids. The problem is that when those kids go back to their teams their coaches don't understand what they learned and it gets lost in translation and never used again.

Yes, most of the college guys running them aren't all that engaged, they're just trying to make a buck sometimes. Not everyone, but most of them, heck I was one of them at a time. I was just hanging out. After the NFL i stepped my game up.

snakesnake91 karma

What kind of programming to you guys follow in the NFL when trying to up your Squat/Clean/Bench numbers? How many days a week are they trained (off season) with what kind of loading and set/rep schemes?

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

The periodization of the program, which determines the set/rep/weight/etc, usually depends on the strength coach. Theres no one size fits all structure, and usually its not as intense as college because they don't want to get us hurt because it would be on them. So you see guys leave the teams training to get in shape on their own with more intense training.

That being said, we always trained 4 days a week with 2-3 days rest.

sexybertha1 karma

Hey man, thanks for taking the time to personally answer everyone's questions! When you were in the NFL, did you see a ton of other players save their money or spend it as fast as they got it? I've sorted noticed it's either one way or the other.

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

It usually depended on the team. With the Redskins guys were flashy and flaunted their money a little more than necessary, in my opinion. With the Steelers though guys were humble and didn't do all of that. The bad part was when young players who were new to money tried to keep up financially with the veterans who had lots of money and it left them over extended sometimes. It seemed like a matter of ego. They wanted to SHOW like they had money, but doing so left them with less. I saw guys give $1,800 TIPS to servers.... craziness smh...

Its like that Kevin Hart standup where he talks about having to not hang out with some guys. "You see the way my checking and saving are set up...."

Baelzabub1 karma

How often during your time with Oregon and the Steelers did teammates tell you to "keep on truckin'" during practice or games?

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

LOL!!! I had a motion I would do when I made a great play where I would stand with my left hand on my hip in a superman like pose and motion my right hand the same way you would when you try to get a trucker to honk his horn. Its was called the "Truckstop"

interruptingsound1 karma

This is glorious! Did you do it in the NFL? I don't remember you doing it at UO.

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

I did it in the NFL once or twice. I did it a lot my junior year at UO, but I got flag at the end of my junior year and Belloti chewed me out so it didn't get pulled out as much my senior year lol

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

About to take my kids to lunch so I'll have to get back to your questions after. Keep posting your questions though.


win_the_day_go_ducks1 karma

84! Thank you so much for your years as a Duck!

I've been a Duck fan ever since I was a kid. One of the things that I think makes Oregon so special is the coaching staff and their continuity. Do you have any memories (particularly of any of the assistants) that stood out to you?


AnthonyTrucks3 karma

Ya, the coaches were always cool in my experiences. The one that I hated when I was there, but love now, is DP (Don Pellum) He was always a crazy dude but meant well. Not to mention when him and coach Cam (Campbell) would show up on game day in their purple suits looking like pimps... DP even had a cane one game lol#GoDucks

AirBees1 karma


I have been a duck fan since I was born. I have pictures of me at Autzen when I was 2, and with Danny O'Neil when I was 10. My Dad wrestled for Oregon in the 70's when Prefontaine was making history. My brother earned a degree at UO and helped him get into medical school. The UO and its football program have always been a huge part of my life. I really just came here to tell you congrats on your post NFL success and to keep working hard! Your personal story is truly remarkable to say the least!

The one question I do want to ask you is do you and the other guys you played with have any idea how much Eugene, Oregon loves you, and for that matter any duck that puts the uniform on?? I know we recruit nationally now, and 95% of the roster comes from outside Oregon. I just want to make it clear that the fans of the Oregon football program supports and roots for you guys win or lose. We are proud of the way the Men of Oregon have represented the University and State for so long. We thank you for your dedication, work ethic, and sacrifice on and off the field. For those fans who watched Oregon in the late 80's, early 90's through Monday's game, it is really impressive where the program is today. I just want to thank you, and all the Oregon players to ever suit it up, for the memories of my childhood, and the memories yet to be made. Go Ducks!!!

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

Thanks, I really appreciate the love. Sounds like you bleed green and yellow too, I love it.

I think we have a felling, but since I didn't get a chance to stick around afterwards I don't get a chance to really experience it I guess. It's great to know we're still loved and thought about. We truly do appreciate and love you guys too. Nothing like running out of that tunnel and hearing you guys go wild.

BTM531 karma


AnthonyTrucks1 karma

Smart. School isn't going anywhere, but NFL money is. Sadly once you look at the next level it is a career and a focus has to be be income. Its not unlike anyone else and their careers in life. I believe he's a smart and humble guy, but after winning a heisman and playing in the national championship game his stock can't get much higher. It sucks as a duck fan, but I fully understand it as a career move. Im sure he'll make enough money to continue his education if he ever decides to.

WhoReadsThisAnyway1 karma

How bout dem Buckeyes?

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

Go Ducks.... Sucked to lose. OSU earned it. I still love my Ducks tho

WhoReadsThisAnyway2 karma

Thanks for actually responding.

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

Definitely. Gotta give credit where it's due.

WhoReadsThisAnyway1 karma

Who do you like for the Super Bowl?

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

Im going with Seattle and New England. You?

WhoReadsThisAnyway1 karma

I'd like to see Andrew Luck win one. I don't know if he can beat Tom Brady though. This is what Brady does, he wins playoff games. I want Seattle to lose to Green Bay just so all the Seahawk and Niner fans that I work with can quit talking trash to each other. I think Green Bay is the better team anyway.

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

My thoughts exactly, TB is a beast honestly. When he gets in the zone he's unstoppable. I watched him throw 43 straight passes in the second half against us, the steelers, in 2007 in the second half of the game and win. No runs the entire second half?? thats crazy.

As for the seahawks Wilson is on fire, and Rodgers has that injury thats definitely making it hard to be the same guy that got them here.

I live in the bay now so I know what you mean about the nine sea hawk bickering lol

WhoReadsThisAnyway1 karma

That must have been amazing to play against one of the greatest QBs to play the game. Probably not at the time, but in retrospect.

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA, even though my question started out as kind of a jab at you being a Duck.

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

Ya, it definitely was something to think back on and it was cool. Not a problem, Ive enjoyed answering the questions. I've had my fair share of pokes in life, they don't bother me as much anymore. Its a good ice breaker sometimes.

Hedgechotomy1 karma

In the NFL do referees ever treat some players (read: superstars) differently?

Do you own any interesting memorabilia from your playing days?

Is coaching most intense at the college or pro level? As in, I imagine NFL coaches to be more relaxed because they are well paid and at the top of the game. I expect to be fully wrong :)

Thank you for your time doing this AMA!

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

Thats good question. I don't think the refs ever do. I have never been in a conversation with one outside of the game, but then again I wasn't a superstar lol. I have also never seen any guys "chumming" it up with them. They're human though so I wouldn't put it past them to take it easy on someone.

I have some stuff from my playing days ya. Mostly from college though because in the NFL they keep stuff on lock and key. I managed to get a travel bag from one team, and at Oregon I got all the jerseys from my senior year, a few game balls from college, and a couple rings from college. Besides that nothing crazy special. Maybe I should have grabbed Big Bens jock strap and framed it lol

It's pretty much the same at both levels. Although the players aren't pros, the coaches still are. At both levels your job is on the line every year if you don't perform. In college I am speaking more of the top colleges in the country though. Its just harder on the player in the NFL because we're no on scholarship and can be cut any time.

ontopofyourmom1 karma

Fellow Duck here ('02, '12 Law)

What do you think about the idea of turning the 32 (or whatever) most successful FBS teams and putting them into an actual professional minor league, with private teams paying to play in school stadiums, licensed logos, etc.?

Do you feel like this would shortchange athletes like yourself who want to get college educations? If we had a professional minor league like the one above, I suspect you would have been on a professional team and unable to go to school (at least during the season)... Even if players could go during the offseason, I'd imagine that only a small proportion would take advantage of the opportunity... I know that scholarships do a good job of turning athletes into student-athletes. I guess I'm sort of rambling.

Lastly, it is really cool that you've managed to take such good advantage of your short NFL career. I have heard that a lot of players just live the high life for a couple of years and are left up shit creek after their inevitable injuries/being cut.... You must have started out with a plan... what does the NFL do to encourage players with less foresight to make good decisions?


AnthonyTrucks3 karma

That honestly is an odd concept to think about. I don't think that kids would even be mentally or physically prepared in that kind of structure. You learn more than just football when you go to college in my mind, and to remove that from the game, the sheer life structure of it all, would have exponential negative effects in the long run.

No problem on the rambling, I think i get your conceptual direction. Its definitely an interesting thought.

Thanks, it definitely hasn't been easy to get here in life. Most guys actually do. They burn through money still trying to be cool and don't drop their ego and swallow their pride enough to realize they're no better than any person working their ass off in this world.

My plan was simple, work without an ego like my father displayed for me after he adopted me. When I got home I just got to work like a man does, NFL or not.

Sadly the NFL doesn't have a lot of successful programs that help athletes with the transition. Not just from lack of effort though, I sometimes see it from not being able to get guys to give the effort. They don't want to work so they laze away until the money burns out.

ontopofyourmom1 karma

Thanks, Anthony. I'm glad you did this AMA - it seems like most of the ones I see happen because of who the subject is, not because they actually do anything interesting.

I hope you enjoyed your time in Oregon and had a chance to take advantage of the great outdoors...

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

Thanks for the compliment. Yes I most definitely enjoyed my time there. i grew from being an 18 year old boy to leaving a man who was married with a kid. (well as manly as you can be at 22 lol)

HughDowns1 karma


AnthonyTrucks1 karma

Hey, yes I am definitely a panther. Thanks, I will definitely keep pushing!

RhettS1 karma

What do you think about the SEC hype?

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

5-8 years ago I would say its validated. They are bigger, faster, and meaner. I think now a days the talent levels have evened out across the country as coaches are being able to recruit kids out of the states where previously mostly SEC teams would get kids before they went out west. They're good still, but its evening out in my opinion.

Catredes1 karma

Did you get to know/meet any canes? Miami canes are the bomb

AnthonyTrucks2 karma

Lol, They're ok. I got to play with Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor actually. They were cool guys in my opinion.

interruptingsound1 karma

Might be too late, but what turned you onto Reddit? Did you read it casually before? Go ducks!

AnthonyTrucks1 karma

I read it a couple times before but didn't really understand it until a buddy told me it was something I could actually hop on. I got back from the national championship game and was sulking from the loss and I was bored so I figured why now try it out. Ive actually had a blast just hopping on and talking. I used to own a gym for six years and I had tons of people daily that I talked with about this same stuff. Since I closed it it's just me and my thoughts so this is a cool place to just talk lol.

Nate1471-6 karma

Fuck the Buckeyes, amirite?

mkc6143 karma

Someone's salty

AnthonyTrucks4 karma

Well at least they can count

AnthonyTrucks2 karma


AnthonyTrucks-2 karma

Huck the Bucks

not_bloddy_likely-14 karma

Why are you such an attention seeking whore? Shits sad bro

AnthonyTrucks8 karma

after creating an account 30 minutes ago I guess I could say the same.

not_bloddy_likely0 karma

attention seeker anonymous

choose one

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