Dan Fogelman, writer/creator of ABC's new comedy musical GALAVANT, here with Timothy Omundson aka the deviously lovable King Richard.

Episodes 3 and 4 will be airing this Sunday 1/11 at 8 pm (in case you missed the premiere, here's a link http://abc.go.com/shows/galavant) Ask us anything… just don't ask us to sing! Victoria's helping us out.



DAN: Thanks to everybody who's watching GALAVANT! Please make 10 of your friends watch next week & the week after so we can make more!

TIMOTHY: For me it's so incredibly gratifying to see a show we have all worked so incredibly hard on be this popular and strike this chord with so many people. It's just... gratification that my really warped sense of humor resonates with people and I am not alone. And please keep watching, because it gets even better!~

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ziyadmerhebi19 karma

Really loved Galavant! John Stamos as Sir Jean Hamm really made me laugh!

For Mr. Omundson,

How would Lassie fit into the world of Galavant?

For Mr. Fogelman,

How difficult was Galavant to get made? It's a really refreshing show and I find it way more interesting than most of what's on Network Television.

GalavantTV17 karma

TIMOTHY: Lassie would be much more like Gareth - having no time for the nonsense exploding around him!

DAN: Thank you! It was surprisingly easy. ABC got sent the script and said "Go make it." They've been incredible. I keep the plied with liquor.

titan0015 karma

Would you be up for a Monk/Psych crossover special if they decided to make one?

GalavantTV27 karma

TIMOTHY: I'm up for anything that pays me U.S. Dollars.

nicole_msmith15 karma

Tim, do you think you would've been prepared for Galavant if you hadn't been a part of Psych the Musical?

GalavantTV22 karma

TIMOTHY: Yes. But it would've been a helluva lot more difficult. Because frankly, I wasn't that prepared for the Psych musical either.

Lassie_Fan15 karma

Tim/Dan- We would all like to see a 2nd season for Galavnt. At the end of the day, how satusfied are you with the reviews and numbers so far?

GalavantTV21 karma

DAN: Everyone's very happy! The reviews have been positive and for a comedy that's different, that's unusual. The ratings are great. So I'm very hopeful we'll be doing many more.

TIMOTHY: Where Dan takes everyone at the end of season 1 is rather amazing, so I'm sure season 2 will be something equally fantastic. There's a lot more story to tell, so I'd love a chance to do that!

queenbee799914 karma

Would you consider doing a season 2 of galavant? Perhaps set in an oriental setting? That'd be cool, opium dens and ninja fights!

GalavantTV17 karma

DAN: We do, at the end of the first season. We have these cliffhangers that may or may not send our cast to different lands...

42zulu12 karma

Tim, how does it feel to have your beard trending on Twitter? #kingsbeard

GalavantTV13 karma

TIMOTHY: Other than the birth of my children... I think I have never been prouder. I started that hashtag myself while we were still doing the show. And I'm so proud how that little seed has grown into a beautiful mighty oak that is Hashtag: KingsBeard.

LanieLou5711 karma

Tim, I have a somewhat personal question. I noticed toward the end of Psych, your hair took a noticeable turn towards salt n peppa. Had you been dying it for the show and stopped in preparation for your role as the king? Or was it simply that life has been treating your locks as well as it's been treating my husband's?

GalavantTV16 karma

TIMOTHY: I blame my wife, and unemployment. Actually, my wife, my children, and unemployment. By the time I got GALAVANT it was too late to reverse it. The dye had been cast.

See what I did there?

luckythedog2411 karma

Whats your favorite place to eat?

GalavantTV17 karma

TIMOTHY: I would say... Micelli's (the old pizza place in Hollywood) because it's where I took my wife on our first day, where we got engaged, and I take my kids there all the time.

DAN: I like eating at the Mozzarella Bar at Mozza. Cuz that's where i take my dates when my fiancee's out of town.

PsychFan0110 karma

Hi Tim! loved Psych so much! Of all your previous costars Psych or otherwise who do you think would fit in well on Galavant? Oh and Im sorry if my frequent tweets annoy you... (@amyabrigg)

GalavantTV15 karma

TIMOTHY: Tim Curry. He was great to play with us on Psych.

IFronkensteen10 karma

Dan and Tim, Would you rather battle 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck? Why?

GalavantTV19 karma

TIMOTHY: One massive horse sized duck. Because, depending on the weaponry, hopefully I can find a main artery and take him (or her - don't want to be sexist) out in one fell swoop.

DAN: I would buy a gigantic baguette and do all the little ducks.

Icedrive10 karma

Timothy, would you hire Shawn and Gus to solve your mystery/crime?

GalavantTV13 karma

TIMOTHY: Well, they solved 120 cases in a row, many of them murders, so yes!

42zulu9 karma

I've been wondering, in that delighful scene where Chef is feeding you, what were you eating?

GalavantTV12 karma

TIMOTHY: Vegetarian meatballs! And horse eyes!

LoriBroach9 karma

My 12 - year old son is walking around singing "She'll Be Mine." Should I be worried?

GalavantTV9 karma

DAN: You should be proud!

TIMOTHY: First of all, you son has impeccable taste, and i congratulate YOU - you are obviously doing an amazing job parenting.

Loki10019 karma

So, can we expect that every episode of Galavant will have Joshua Sasse without his shirt at some point? Because if so, I approve!

GalavantTV21 karma

DAN: That's part of the plan. In season 2, it will be all Tim with his shirt off.

TIMOTHY: You're welcome America!

IFronkensteen9 karma

Given that it's a musical, Dan and Tim, what is a song (obvz not written FOR Galavant) that best describes what it was like to make Galavant?

GalavantTV13 karma

DAN: "Crazy" by Seal.

TIMOTHY: I can't think of one at the moment. How about "Everything's Coming Up Roses"? A little gypsy for you? Musical theater?

lahtnin8 karma

Love the show, guys.

Timothy - you were obviously a scene-stealer on Psych, but do you EVER get recognized as Susan's brother from Seinfeld?

GalavantTV12 karma

TIMOTHY: Nnnno. I do not. My hair was much floppier at the time, and much much darker. Although every time it reruns - which is every 15 minutes - someone tweets me about it. Which is nice, it means I have a 7 cent residual coming my way.

evansjennifer19888 karma

What character from the walking dead would you want to be on your team if there were to be a zombie apocalypse?

GalavantTV10 karma

DAN: I would go with Rick Grimes.

TIMOTHY: I don't remember any of the character names, I'm sorry.

DAN: Tim would hide behind the girl with the short hair!

TIMOTHY: I concur.

Texasartchick8 karma

Tim: and yes I'm typing this into patrol car while busting traffic scofflaws. I'm a spider waiting for a fly. Also to Tim & Dan - when will it be known if Galavant got renewed for more episodes? The ratings certainly seemed good for the 1st 2 episodes.

GalavantTV9 karma

TIMOTHY: First of all, are you typing this question on a county-owned computer? If so, are you gonna get in trouble? Secondly, Dan, take it away.

DAN: I'm more concerned about the cop who's calling in right now! Hopefully soon. Still a long way to go, but it looks good at the moment.

panegyric7 karma

Tim, What did wee lad Omundson want to be when he grew up??

GalavantTV14 karma

TIMOTHY: He wanted to be an actor. And someday, he might get his dream fulfilled.

ziyadmerhebi7 karma

Hi Tim,

Any chance we might see the Psych gang make an appearance in Galavant? Maybe Shawn and Gus as Jesters?

GalavantTV12 karma

TIMOTHY: I have no control over such things. But i would love to work with any of those crazy sons o' bitches again. They were my dearest friends and family for 8 years. I love them all.

Narfink7 karma


GalavantTV10 karma

DAN: Hahaha! Well, Weird Al is the COOLEST guy. He's very nice. And he actually not only did our show, but we did a little showcase, and Weird Al came and sang his songs. He plays a monk that sings a song called "Hey, Hey, we're the monks." But the guest stars really were all - we had 6 giant stars and they were all the nicest.

TIMOTHY: For me, Al - it was surprising - a very tender and generous lover.

chadwickave7 karma

Seriously, how long did it take you to grow the #KingsBeard out?

GalavantTV11 karma

TIMOTHY: I started the day that Psych wrapped a year and a half ago. At the time, it was my standard - in fact - number 8 hiatus beard. And the rest is history.

hannahuberly7 karma

Hey guys I love the show so far! What did each of you major in at college and what studies would you recommend taking up if we wanted to pursue a career like yours? Thanks!

GalavantTV12 karma

DAN: I was an English major. But I didn't study any of this. My recommendation would be to read screenplays. And get a degree in something real, but in your spare time, read & write screenplays.

TIMOTHY: I got a bachelor of fine arts in Theater. And this is the first job, in 23 years, where I have really, really drawn upon all those dance classes, singing classes, and Shakespeare classes. I don't get a lot of chances to do this sort of thing in TV.

IFronkensteen6 karma

Dan & Tim, if you could play any role in Menken musical history, other than the ones on Galavant, which would you like to play?

GalavantTV9 karma

DAN: I'm going to pick Belle from the BEAUTY & THE BEAST!

TIMOTHY: I was going to say Belle dammit!

hannahnz6 karma

Tim what is your favourite country to filmed in so far?

GalavantTV4 karma

TIMOTHY: New Zealand!

SenseiHoots6 karma

If you could have one thing happen on the show that wouldn't make any sense whatsoever, and you didn't have to explain any of it, what would you want it to be?

GalavantTV9 karma

DAN: It'd be great to have Bill Clinton playing a saxophone as Tim does one of his musical numbers in the background.

Annikaaaa6 karma

Very important question: How many bloopers are there when Ricky Gervais was on set? As in, how many times did you have to laugh during the takes? And is he as funny/amazing as he I think he is?

GalavantTV3 karma

DAN: There were a lot of bloopers. He is really funny. It isn't an accident.

TIMOTHY: There were more bloopers than actual footage that day, I think. He's one of the nicest and most generous, funniest actors I"ve come across.

AmazonPrimeRibs6 karma

Are there any easter eggs in Galavant, kinda like the hidden pineapples in Psych?

GalavantTV8 karma

DAN: What is an "Easter Egg?" I'm 150 years old. I've heard that term but i don't know what it is.

TIMOTHY: It's a little wink for the audience.

DAN: We break the 4th wall a lot, commenting on the music. We've had several Game of Thrones references - we actually had a sign that said "Winterfell."

TIMOTHY: and for me, they're not physical easter eggs, but they are more line readings, or beats I've stolen from my favorite actors, that really they are easter eggs for me because they make me giggle.

IFronkensteen6 karma

Dan and Tim, if someone said that they didn't understand music, what song (not necessarily having to do with Galavant) would you have them listen to to help them understand?

GalavantTV9 karma

TIMOTHY: I don't understand the question.

DAN: I would go with Imagine by John Lennon.

HomeWreaker6 karma

Hey Tim, I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your work and I absolutely loved you in Psych and Galavant. What was did you enjoy most while working on Psych? And what is your favorite part about Galavant?

GalavantTV9 karma

TIMOTHY: Oh god, THE PEOPLE ON PSYCH. And THE PEOPLE ON GALAVANT. That's not actually true. I like the funny things I get to do. The people are okay.

AKTikki5 karma

Tim: Big fan of your work. What type of characters do you enjoy to play the most? More of a serious role like Constantino in Jericho or Cain in Supernatural? Or more of a Light humor Character Like Lassie Or King Richard ?

GalavantTV7 karma

TIMOTHY: They're both amazing to play and I'm so fortunate i get to go back & forth like this. They both have strengths and drawbacks but i couldn't choose. But if you're going to book me on a show for 5 years - I'd rather be laughing than killing people. Well, they kill people on GALAVANT but at least i get to laugh about it.

42zulu5 karma

This one is for Dan, where did you find your inspiration for the show?

GalavantTV7 karma

DAN: At the very very bottom of a bottle of bourbon. Actually, I don't remember. I wrote the opening 5 pages just on a whim, and they sat on my computer for a while, and then one day I just opened them back up!

Annikaaaa5 karma

Hiii! How are you guys doing? This question is for the both of you: If you could choose anyone, which actor/actress would you love to work with some day (an actor/actress which you haven't worked with before)?

GalavantTV7 karma

DAN: I'm dying to do something with Jack Nicholson. I've managed to get a couple scripts across his radar but never got it done. My previous person was Al Pacino, but I just did a movie with him!

TIMOTHY: I'm going to go with Sean Connery. Just cuz I think he would have some very great stories.

stoovencanillas5 karma

Lassie or Richard?

GalavantTV6 karma

TIMOTHY: Tough, tough call, but... Richard.

DAN: Richard for me. Tim only said Richard because the Psych show runner is on the phone right now.

lucyness5 karma

huge psych fan. i've always wounderd was anne dudek (lucinda) cast as a regular member but dropped out or got recast or was she always meant to be in one episode?

GalavantTV7 karma

TIMOTHY: She, I do believe, was cast as a regular in the pilot and for reasons I am not clear of, did not continue on the show, which is too bad, because she is a crazy wonderful actress. Although that meant we got to get Maggie. So everything worked out in the end, for us, anyway. Kinda sucked for Anne.

But she did just fine!

IamStonez5 karma

Huge fan of the show guys! My question is; Will we get to see a Vinnie Jones solo? And how glorious will his angelic tones be? I'm happy that I lived to see the day Bullet Tooth Tony did song and dance! Cannot wait to see more, thank you!

GalavantTV4 karma

DAN: Oh yea absolutely! We have stuff scattered all around. But we are absolutely planning it. He can actually sing!

Kotakia5 karma

Dan, how does it feel occupying the time slot for Once Upon a Time? The trailers always played during the season and I know a lot of other Oncers watched last week because of it.

GalavantTV5 karma

DAN: It's great. My hope is that a lot of the ONCE fans have something to watch during their same viewing time until they come back!

GalavantTV9 karma

TIMOTHY: And we're actually in the Wonderful World of Disney timeslot from when I was a kid, which is a pretty amazing thing for me to think about.

gelarey5 karma

Tim, if you could play any other character in Galavant, who would it be and why?

Do you think you'll be doing, or would you like to do, more musicals in the future?

GalavantTV6 karma

TIMOTHY: OH GOLLY that's such a hard question because I can't imagine anyone else playing these roles! I'm actually being 100% serious. I can't think of how i would improve on anything anyone's done, and that is saying a lot for me.

I DEFINITELY would like to do more musicals in the future. I am working on my voice and looking for whatever opportunities around town with my friends that i can! A lot of my friends are musicians and we've been messing around together for years. It would be nice to take it to a professional level though. I"m thinking CAMELOT, dinner theater, Boca Raton.

maria_potter5 karma

To both: Which is your favourite Disney song? (and what's your favourite Alan Menken Disney song?)

GalavantTV9 karma

DAN: My favorite Alan Menken song - not counting GALAVANT - is "At Last I've seen the light" from TANGLED.

TIMOTHY: I really... can't choose. I can't. There's just so many.

Lassie_Fan4 karma

Tim- how has the ego handled all the great feedback for Galavant? Any Off-Set diva moments you can share?

GalavantTV12 karma

TIMOTHY: Well, my ego was already tremendously large, so it hardly noticed all the amazing, amazing, amazing praise I've gotten.

DAN: His wife moved out yesterday!

TIMOTHY: Did she call you already?

Xboxben4 karma

Where did you get the inspiration for the show? And was it hard getting to where you are now? Im in high school and i want to major in theater at a major university

GalavantTV8 karma

TIMOTHY: Well I can only assume it was because Dan saw so much of my work on Psych and wanted to create a vehicle for me...but that's just a guess.

DAN: I'd written 5 pages of a script and didn't know what to do with it. And I'd done the movie TANGLED, with music, and I was thinking we should turn it into a musical.

beernerd4 karma

Dan, Crazy, Stupid Love was hilariously brilliant and not at all what I expected when my wife dragged me into it. Steve and Ryan were the perfect fit for those roles. Did you have them in mind when you wrote the script? Or maybe some other actors?

GalavantTV5 karma

DAN: I did, I wrote it for Carrell. And I sent him the script through his agent, never imagining it would work out. And he happened to have an opening in his schedule when we were shooting the movie 3 months later.

TIMOTHY: I can only assume you hadn't met me yet.

DAN: If only! He could've played the Gosling part!

DamnJavi4 karma

Thanks doing this, who is the coolest person IYO to work with?

GalavantTV4 karma

TIMOTHY: Other than me!??!

DAN: Everyone on the show is very cool. Everyone is equally cool.

TIMOTHY: Let's agree on Vinnie, because we are the most scared of him. And he is actually really cool.

DAN: Cool & terrifying.

Im_the_QB4 karma

Hey Tim, what's it like to be playing another despicably lovable character? Are you afraid you're being typecast?

GalavantTV7 karma

TIMOTHY: If this is typecasting... bring it on! I don't set out to play despicably lovable characters. It just sort of turns out that way. Maybe because i'm secretly despicably lovable myself.

IFronkensteen4 karma

Favorite cereal?

GalavantTV4 karma

TIMOTHY: I'm a Captain Crunch man. With milk and Crunchberries, specifically.

DAN: I'm not a big cereal eater. When you first asked that, I thought you meant the show SERIAL? I just never eat cereal. I used to love Honey Nut Cheerios.

lucyness4 karma

dan did you cast timothy after seeing him sing with his enchanting voice in psych? timothy you had the chance to do a musical episode in psych, who was the best singer fron the cast?

GalavantTV4 karma

DAN: No, I had never seen him singing before. It was a happy coincidence. Tim, what song did you do? All the actors did a song when they came and hung out with us...

TIMOTHY: The first time I came in, the song hadn't been written yet, so I did "STARS" From Les Mis. And then when I came back in again, I did "She'll be Mine" from the pilot. Anthony - who came in and guest starred! He was our broadway ringer.

Texasartchick4 karma

To Tim. Which British actor was up for the part of King Richard before you landed it?

GalavantTV6 karma

TIMOTHY: Which British actor wasn't up for the role?!

panegyric4 karma

Dan, How influenced by Monty python were you when you created this?

GalavantTV5 karma

DAN: I don't think I was consciously trying to do Monty Python, but i am enamored of them. We actually went to their second-to-last show while we were filming in London.

sky2k14 karma

To Tim: You've played an american detective, a leprechaun on luck of the irish (that dates me a little), and now a british king in galavant. What is the next fun role/nationality for you?

Dan:No question, but the backyard fight scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love is one of my favorite scenes I quote with family

GalavantTV6 karma

TIMOTHY: Um... let's see... I played a Chechen Terrorist as well. I've already played this. So that region is out. I guess... let's say... a Latin fellow. But it would end up being incredibly offensive.

DAN: It's a good one. It took 2 days to shoot that in one location with 12 different movie stars.

ElvishMistress4 karma

Hello Tim! I'd like to know what was your favourite book as a child? Thanks in advance, I adore you

GalavantTV2 karma

TIMOTHY: Thank you for adoring me. My favorite ebook as a child was a book - hang on - on my daughter's shelf - and it's got a weird title... gotta find it here - where is it... hang on... oh man, not here... here it is! wait, that's not it... you'd think I would know.

DAN: He hasn't been a child in a long time.

TIMOTHY: in which case, let's go with Winnie the Pooh. And my wife cleaned up the kids' bedroom.

BradleyPooper3 karma

Hey guys!

Wondering what are your thoughts on youth in Asia?

GalavantTV6 karma

DAN: I don't think it's a punny thing to joke about.

TheOvarianBarbarian3 karma

Hi Mr. Omundson! I loved you in Psych! and am really enjoying you in Galavant! With both shows have a 'fun, light-hearted' vibe. How is working on Galavant different than with Psych?

GalavantTV8 karma

TIMOTHY: it takes the outrageous level from NINE to FIFTEEN.

sasstiel_3 karma

So Dan and Tim, who would you like to be for a day and why?

GalavantTV6 karma

DAN: Vinnie Jones from our show seems like he has it good.

TIMOTHY: I would like to be... Vinnie Jones' personal driver.

meerca3 karma

Loving the show, guys, great job! Q: What was your favorite scene from the first two episodes? And can you tease another favorite from eps. 3/4? Cheers!

GalavantTV9 karma

TIMOTHY: My favorite scene from the pilot is probably my big song & dance number. No, I take it back. It's the scene with the King & Queen of Valencia, where I first meet them, and I am trying to convince them to give me the jewel, and i drink the tea. That was actually one of the audition scenes. And then coming up... 100% the scene I do with Ricky Gervais.

DAN: those would be some of mine. And next week, we have Hugh Bonneville on the show, he does a pirate chanty.

SoltanPill3 karma

Do any of you know Kristen Wiig? What's she like?

GalavantTV3 karma


DAN: No. But i hear she's lovely.

TIMOTHY: ANd a surprisingly tender & gentle lover.

Narfink3 karma


GalavantTV5 karma

DAN: Alan Menken would rather die. I am not a singer. I can do "Hello" by Lionel Richie at a karaoke bar...

TIMOTHY: I know where we're going next friday.

juicyfishtaco3 karma

aye what's your favorite way to eat a potato?

GalavantTV6 karma

DAN: French fries for me.

TIMOTHY: Deep fried in bacon grease.

Seryan_Klythe2 karma

Dan: I think I died when I saw that Rutger Hauer signed on, one of my favorite actors. How was he? (Does he sing?)

Timothy: Have you done any singing previously? What was your audition piece for the show?

GalavantTV6 karma

DAN: Rutger's awesome. He's bonkers. He's the coolest guy. He doesn't sing but he's really funny.

TIMOTHY: Not anywhere near this level. I had sung on JUDGING AMY, of course I sang in Psych: The musical, but the last musical I did was GUYS & DOLLS back in high school! So there's been quite a learning curve in catching up. But I haven't been fired yet, so that's a good sign.