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meerca58 karma

Dan Schneider probably has it, as he keeps tons of props from his shows

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Hi Michael, big fan of your work on PoI and Lost!

What's the most recent memory you have of experiencing pure happiness? And what's your most memorable happy moment? :)

meerca12 karma

Which device from the Cabin in the Woods would you, Fran, have activated if you were in that situation? And which one do you think would Topher choose?

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Hi Katie, big fan of your work on Switched at Birth!

Hm, when was the last time you experienced a moment of pure and complete happiness? haha what :P

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To Dan: Can you list 3 of your favorite things (or just fun facts) about The Neighbors? ('turn the light bulb, pet the dog', the whole was just priceless btw haha)