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Joel, I'm excited for MST3K coming back.

I'm curious on how much of the reboot is in terms of the background story/host segment portions. I mean, will the old show and characters be referenced or alluded to? Or is this a hard reboot where everything that happened prior doesn't exist?

Thanks for taking time to answer our questions!

Seryan_Klythe3 karma

Dan: Hey, singing or no singing, I am glad he gets to show off what he can do in fantasy again.

Tim: All good! I thought you did pretty damn well. Congrats! :)

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Dan: I think I died when I saw that Rutger Hauer signed on, one of my favorite actors. How was he? (Does he sing?)

Timothy: Have you done any singing previously? What was your audition piece for the show?

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I can't wait for Shadow and Bone? Did Russian and Dutch inspire you?