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Wow - its sickening that there are people that wont hesitate to end someone's life, especially when its over the value of two broken phones - how much could you guys have agreed on already? Couple Hundred?

Have you done any more shopping on craigslist since? Maybe got a gun of your own now?

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it was about $110. And I'm assuming they were going to split it 4 ways. So my life was worth about $27.50 per individual .I no longer do craigslist. Yes i got a permit to carry



phone-kings26 karma

Its ok. I laughed typing it

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A couple of scumbags shot my 17 year old friend over 3 grams of weed they were trying to rob him for. Worth about $45 for the 3 of them. Obviously it's illegal and there was a risk, but they just approached him at a gas station while he was in a truck and asked if he had any then tried to rob him. They sprayed bullets at him and he got caught in the neck. Bled out walking to the gas station looking for help.

Some people are scumbags. Glad you made it through though. God bless your life and the time you have now with your family. As someone who has been close to death, it's amazing how your life changes and how much more you appreciate the little and the big things.

phone-kings10 karma

Very sorry to hear that about your friend. It bothers me in the sense that they dont care about your life. They dont care that that I have a son whose life im very much involved in who i rough house with everyday and he rides "horsey" on my back and all those things and a wife who I love more than life. They wanted to make her a widow and my son fatherless for what?

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You mentioned that at the time it didn't make sense how the accomplice tossed the gun back to the attacker, but you later figured out why he did.

Why did he?

phone-kings60 karma

Becauee the shooter was 17. They thought he would get off easily. Even his mom thought so when I saw her at court. She had no care in the world outside the courtroom , laughing and joking with her friends (not at me). Once she was called into the courtroom the crocodile tears started. Let me quote something she said...."im sorry about what happened or whatever but it is what it is" and all I could think of was youuuuuuuuu bbbbiiiiitttttcchhhh

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Becauee the shooter was 17. They thought he would get off easily. Even his mom thought so when I saw her at court. She had no care in the world outside the courtroom , laughing and joking with her friends (not at me). Once she was called into the courtroom the crocodile tears started. Let me quote something she said...."im sorry about what happened or whatever but it is what it is" and all I could think of was youuuuuuuuu bbbbiiiiitttttcchhhh

A bitch is a female dog. A dog is man's best friend. This woman sounds more like Ebola virus.

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Very true

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Is this in the US? Were the attackers white?

phone-kings25 karma

In the usa. No

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The mind of an american : No = black

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Poorly thought-out group robbery involving excessive violence. Mother (no father mentioned) says "He a good boy" in court. Of course they were.

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she did say that. She also said her son is not a violent person and I must have done something to make him that way. She didn't feel the need for some motherly intervention when his facebook has him flashing dolla dolla bills yall and throwing up gang signs.....After the judge at the juveinile center decided he had enough of her and her lawyers shit and said to get him out of my court room immediately and he was going to be tried as an adult , then she said "Oh lawd why you doin this to us!! why us!! why my baby" <--true story. I wanted to tell her there's no one listening to you.

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A bit of a morbid question but did you feel the bullets entering your body? Did it hurt? If so how would you describe the pain?

I broke my wrist in half when I was a kid but I was in so much shock I didn't feel it, then I was put on morpheme so I wasn't really in pain until after the operation.

phone-kings26 karma

not morbid at all . My adrenaline was through the roof , I felt the bullets piercing my body but it didn't hurt.....until adrenaline wore off. Being shot burns like hell. Not being able to breathe because my lung was punctured took a lot of focus from the pain away

stubby434 karma

Thank you, ok so follow up question were you aware of what was happening from that point on?

I mean I guess a lot is going on in that instance.

phone-kings7 karma

yes i was aware of everything going on.

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15 years a long time. Probably pled out to keep it from going to trial.

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did they catch the black person that did it?

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Where do you live? Was the nurse who helped you white?

phone-kings8 karma

LMAO , I live in Memphis. Yes....

ichegoya1 karma

did the guy you fought with seem surprised, angry, scared? also, you mention 'moving the gun away from your head' - what do you mean? you ducked? you twisted around? grabbed his hand?

phone-kings6 karma

surprised and angry that i fought back i guess. I mean he's trying to aggressively point the gun at me and i'm fighting it off moving it away from me. I grabbed the gun and his arm and threw him on the ground and landed on top of him. It all happened so fast. I didn't want to let go of the gun

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Holy crap. First of all, this was very well written. So sorry that happened to you. I am glad that you were lucky enough to survive. How has this event changed your life?

phone-kings5 karma

i'm a pretty positive person already With that said, I am more cautious and overly alert of my surroundings everywhere i go. And as I mentioned, it showed my the best in people (RN saving my life) and the worst (someone tried to kill me) so that part is kind of a mindfuck since i saw both extremes. I appreciate things a lot more than i already did since it showed me just how fragile life is

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It's incredible what you've been through and I'm glad to hear everything is okay. Have you spoken to the them since all of this happened? Did they seem sorry?

phone-kings23 karma

No they didnt seem sorry in the least bit. As a matter of fact shooter was looking at me mad that I lived. Iasked him how he liked the beating I gave him

Iceozo4 karma

Iasked him how he liked the beating I gave him

I'm smiling from ear to ear just imagining his reaction. Glad you made it out, you're one tough bugger.

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15 years isn't enough. I've never understood why attempted murder doesn't carry the same sentence as if the person wasn't incompetent.

This guy's is a bad shot so he doesn't get life?

phone-kings6 karma

completely agree Just because you failed at killing me you get a lesser sentence. Don't get it

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Do you feel like justice has been served? Do you know what's happened with the perpetrator's families? Mainly to fulfill my sick sense of satisfaction for how one of them conducted themselves during trial.

Lastly, I know they didn't recover the gun, but were there no leads on where the shooter or his accomplices may have even gotten their hands on one? (i.e. stole it from their parents, friends, etc.)

phone-kings7 karma

In my eyes justice would be served with death penalty. No leads on how gun was obtained

dankitty2 karma

Probably stolen or acquired from the streets. People sell guns used in crimes for incredibly cheap I acquired a glock 17 for $100 when I was dealing drugs, I would never use it unless it was life or death and obviously never carried it out of my apartment. Still have it too. Serial code is scratched off and it makes me nervous even owning it now that I've pretty much turned my life around and got a real job. Glad you made it out okay!

phone-kings4 karma

Id get rid of it if I was you. Thats just me though. Get a ccw and a gun registered in your name

postiegirl845 karma

They should use your story to teach teenagers about internet security. I'm glad you made it through.

Has what happened stopped you from running your business? I can't imagine you'd be able to trust anyone enough to buy and sell now.

phone-kings10 karma

I run my business from a shop now. I no longer deal with craigslist

j_allosaurus5 karma

did you ever see that nurse again after you recovered? do you know her name? ever get to thank her in person?

phone-kings25 karma

Yes I got to see her at the arraignment since she was summoned. I wasnt expecting to see her. It was a very emotional reunion. Shes such a wonderful human being. We keep in contact. How do u thank someone for saving your life?

CheekyDouchebag25 karma

How do u thank someone for saving your life?

Fuck her right in the pussy.

phone-kings17 karma

The least I owe her is the D. But that isnt enough me thinks. Plus it'd be akward afterwards since I would feel so wrong sneaking out instead of snuggling. I mean after all she did save my life. I would be mortified if she caught me sneaking out and said where are you going? Ok.......I might be taking the joke too far

Stang1776-2 karma

Lick the butthole then. Should be even after that.

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Did it hurt?

phone-kings11 karma


jimmy0110873 karma

Do you think they would have shot you if you'd simply relented and given them the money?

phone-kings4 karma

Yes im convinced to this day that he was going to shoot me regardless

Quantumsheep03 karma

This might sound quite weird, but what was it like sticking your fingers in the gunman's eye? Did he suffer any noticeable injuries to that area? How did it feel?

phone-kings8 karma

Honestly I dont remember. I wanted to force his eye to go into his skull though. Yes his eye was damaged and could have attributed to him being unable to shoot me in the head as I was running. I vividly remember catching a glimpse as I started running and him wincing

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phone-kings4 karma

Wont particularly affect it. I will try and raise him to be a good person to other people but not naive if that makes sense. We are getting him a lot of toys. Super man, cars, toys ,books and clothes

TriceratopsArentReal3 karma

Before this happened did you ever see yourself being in a situation like this or ever plan on what you'd do if something like this happened? How would you have expected yourself to react versus how you actually did? I sometimes think about this kind of thing happening and I'd like to think I could react this way but it seems like the scariest situation imaginable and I'm not sure I could.

You're an inspiration for how you handled yourself and I'm happy you and your family made it through with your life.

phone-kings6 karma

I gueee I kind of knew it was a possibility but I would do things as safe as I could like only meet during the day in a good and busy part of town and never any high dollar transactions. I love life and wasnt prepared to let some piece of shit thug play the role of God by putting the fate of my life in their hands. If I was going to die I wanted to know that i at least tried to fight for my life

Roflsquad3 karma

Thanks for sharing this incredible story!

Do you think the shooter will try to kill you after he gets out?

phone-kings4 karma

or will i try to kill him.............highly doubt he will try to . Just kidding about me trying to kill him.

GnomeChumpski3 karma

What kind of gun were you shot with? Also, did you have to testify against these guys? And if so, what was that like?

phone-kings10 karma

they didn't recover the gun but i was told by detectives based on the shells it was probably a .38 special?

Tallm3 karma

That's horrible, Im sorry. Ive had trauma in my life. Are you experiencing PTSD?

phone-kings12 karma

No. In the weeks after the incident, i would have very crazy dreams where everything happened all over again but i would be watching from a 3rd person point of view. Yes I had to testify against the shooter. It took every part of my being to not kill him. He wasn't in the least bit remorseful

Tallm3 karma

When was the incident?

phone-kings5 karma

year and half ago

Tallm2 karma

You may want to look into it. PTSD is usually delayed, coming on years after the initial incident. This was my case and a doctor confirmed it. I also have a close friend who was partly responsible for a fire that killed 5 close family members, and almost himself. He spent a few months at a trauma rehab, and they spent a lot of time preparing him for PTSD that would inevitably crop up. There's a chance it may not happen to you, but worth looking into if you have the resources.

phone-kings4 karma

Thanks. I'm pretty confident it won't....at least i hope. I lived through something so terrible and came out of it getting to see my son,daughter (who was conceived after the incident ) and wife everyday and it's hard for me to focus on the darkness of the situation. I remember looking up at the strangers around me while i was on the ground and the look on their faces was a look of concern,hope and anger for me along with the nurse who is responsible for me being alive showed me that most people are good......most people.

HoneyVortex3 karma

What prison did the shooter go to?

phone-kings3 karma

state pen?

SilentlyCrying2 karma

Do you remember what it felt like when you were shot?

phone-kings3 karma

at the moment it didn't hurt. The sleeve on my t-shirt was blowing out and i thought it was the wind blowing it out, i lifted up the sleeve and blood was shooting out. I just thought ok this is not good.

SilentlyCrying3 karma

At any point did you think this is it im going to die? And if so were you at peace with that?

phone-kings8 karma

i refused to believe i was going to die even though looking back yes I was going to die. The bullet that entered my chest got uncomfortably close to my heart. I was also told if I would have freaked out then my breathing would have been too much since my lung was punctured. I just kept thinking about my son, I don't know why i kept repeating to the nurse just please don't let me die, i have a beautiful son. I kept saying that and I don't know why. I didn't think my life would end with me dying in a mcdonalds drive thru

SilentlyCrying2 karma

How has it affected your life since?

phone-kings4 karma

well i don't like people behind me. I won't freak out about it but if i'm at a restaurant I prefer to sit somewhere where there's a wall behind me so if things go wrong, I can be prepared. It doesn't bother me enough to avoid a place if i can't have my back to the wall but i prefer it.

SilentlyCrying1 karma

How do you feel towards the people who shot you, do you feel hate still or have you found a place where you can forgive what happened?

phone-kings7 karma

i wish them a slow painful death :)

SilentlyCrying1 karma

Were they ever prosecuted

phone-kings2 karma

15 years for the shooter , the one who handed the gun back to shooter has a warrant for his arrest and is still at large. The driver and passenger got 1 year each.

ProctologyDoctor2 karma

I am glad you are okay and sorry you had to encounter this trash. If things were the way they should be, you'd have been able to get the gun and splatter his worthless brains all over his buddies saggy pants.

That being said, I had a punctured lung in a motorcycle wreck and it scared me more than anything I have experienced in life before or since.

I really thought I was going to die on the side of the road because I could barely breathe and when I did, I could sense the gurgling in my body - hard to explain.

Did you also experience the fear that you were going to suffocate and was it the worst fear you have had in your life too?

phone-kings2 karma

I feel you man. Yes it's the scariest shit

BuzzkiII2 karma

You got out lucky. Craigslist is scary at times. I've seen some shady things on it, and though some get removed quickly it's frightening to think what could have happened. Horrible that they thought with him being a minor he could get off easier and trying to use that to their advantage, and that moms reaction too! Glad they got caught. How are you doing now?

phone-kings6 karma

Im glad to say im back to 100%. I have a long scar on my arm from when metal plate was put in. I lost feeling in back of my leg but why would I need to feel that anyway lol. But yes physically im 100%

Baddiemcnoskill2 karma

I'm shocked that this has so few questions on it. Does it bother you that one got away and the other two only got one year each?

phone-kings5 karma

Yes it does but I dont think about it much

thatoneguywithpowers2 karma

Also, what did they hope to gain by doing this to you? At most a couple hundred bucks that you were bringing to buy the phones?

phone-kings6 karma

who knows......street cred?

fuckyouasshole22 karma

Maybe you were a gang initiation. You probably fucked up their shit by not dying.

phone-kings10 karma

possibly. I'm that asshole in a video game that no matter how many times you shoot , he JUST WON'T DIE

thracen2393 karma

You using cheat codes for extra hp or lives?

phone-kings10 karma

obligatory up down up down left right left right ab ab select start.

YoungMarley1 karma

I always have my concealed carry on me. Thank you very much for that story, The survival lesson there that sticks out to me is take control of the weapon at all costs. the question is: what caliber handgun was it?

phone-kings1 karma

.380 I believe is what I was told

serve_god1 karma

Wow, incredible story, I'm glad you're okay....

  1. How did you heal? (back to 100%?)

  2. Did the guy say anything to you, or did you say anything during this whole thing, like even when he put the gun to your head?

3.Was this reported on anywhere is it in the news? I looked it up and apparently this happens a lot...I never heard about it before though

phone-kings4 karma

  1. yes i healed 100% physically. Cosmetically i have a long scar on my left arm which is pretty cool looking and scars from the bullets.
  2. Yes it was

MilkMiner1 karma

Did he say anything? I mean was it a robbery, or just people being horrible?

phone-kings13 karma

the gun was to my head and my reaction was to move it away from me. It was an attempted robbery . If i felt I would have been safe giving him the money , then I would have gladly given it. I can't explain in words how certain i was that i was going to be shot regardless though. Detective said that there was a high chance he was going to shoot me anyway since he was stupid enough to pull out a gun in middle of the day at a very busy shopping center.

Ganzi30 karma

I know the AMA is probably over now but this is nightmarish. I'm so glad you survived. Fuck. Was just thinking, if id been in that situation what would I have done and I think I woulda died. It's truly terrifying to think about. You're so brave! In context with all the events with Mike Brown and stuff, to be honest I'll be glad every time another one of these evil people is taken off the streets. My brief question is, do you as a person interact with others differently now? As in do you trust people less or do you take precautions when meeting new people.

phone-kings3 karma

thanks. Never underestimate what you would do in life and death situation I no longer meet new people (craigslist) if that's what you mean. If you mean in general, I'm a pretty good judge of character but I never want to be vulnerable again if something like that ever happened again.

TheWolfeOfWalmart-1 karma

My friend was murdered from a craigslist add, then the killer SOB shot him self in the head and his new GF didn't tell anyone in fear that her new BF would break up with her?

DebianSqueez7 karma


TheWolfeOfWalmart-1 karma

What are you going to do about the guy who gets out in 7 year? gona let it go?

phone-kings3 karma

I refuse to give him space in my thoughts. He's not worth the space in my head. I have moved on and not looking back. With that said, I won't let my guard down ever again.

Nutella_Sandwich-18 karma

Did you live?

phone-kings17 karma