Hello lovely people of reddit. I'm Lindy Booth - I have been murdered (Wrong Turn, Copper, NCIS) or murdered someone (Cry_Wolf, CSI NY, Supernatural ) all over your screens big and small and now I’m playing brainiac-synesthete-fan-of-frilly-socks Cassandra on TNT’s new show The Librarians. Hopefully there will be no murder today! Just Ask Me Anything… except math, I’m not as smart as Cassandra.


Update Thank you SO much for taking the time to come and hang out with me today! And Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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Anna_Kendricks_Pubes112 karma

You are one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. How the hell could The Motherfucker not get it up for you??

LindyBooth64 karma


JeanneanSword25 karma

Did you know what a Kaniac was before The Librarians?

LindyBooth26 karma

I did not know what a Kaniac was before the Librarians. And I am OH-SO AWARE of it now. Because Kaniacs are insane. They are the greatest group of fans I have ever encountered. They LOVE Christian so much, and support him so much, and we are so grateful we get to bask in their glow now - hopefully they will let THE LIBRARIANS give them more Christian for years to come!

nailbiter11122 karma

Hi Lindy,

Can you share any funny behind-the-scenes stories from Kick-Ass 2?

Also, did you keep the costume (you looked smashing in it)?

Was the bathroom sex scene with Aaron uncomfortable to shoot?

LindyBooth64 karma

Look, EVERYTHING with Jim Carrey was a funny behind-the-scenes story. He was HILARIOUS. None of us could keep it together while he was doing stars & stripes. He had a different line for every scene, every time we'd do a take, it was a different version of it. That, and the fact that the boys could not stop staring at my boobs even when we're rolling and they weren't supposed to be...

Hahah! Um I did NOT get to keep the costume. There was only one version of that costume, so if there was a KICK-ASS 3, I think it would be cryogenically frozen, waiting for me...

No, it was awesome. One of your job perks as an actress is getting to make out with super-cute actors in bathroom stalls. And someone pays you for it.

JeanneanSword21 karma

Have you had time to do your Christmas shopping yet?

LindyBooth23 karma

I am ALMOST DONE!!! I am very proud of that. I go home to Toronto this week, so I am trying to get everything wrapped up before I leave. Actually as soon as I finish here, I have a couple more errands that i need to run in the Xmas gift department!

charlotte-charades14 karma

Hi, Lindy! I’m so excited you’re doing this AMA because I’ve been a fan of you and your work for a long time. You’re one of my favorite actresses and one of the reasons I decided to go red.

Do you have a favorite type of project to work on? You seem to have done a little of everything.

When you are out and about in your daily life do you get recognized for your work and, if so, what do people recognize you from the most?

Thanks so much for doing this AMA. I’m loving “The Librarians” already and can’t wait for more. Your character was instantly my favorite because you are adorable and amazing. I have to drive home from work now so I'll miss most of this AMA but I had to try to ask a question before I left. Have a wonderful day!

LindyBooth17 karma

I do love working on a little bit of everything. I think it keeps me interested and it helps me stretch and yeah... the variety is the spice of life, they say! And in my career, it's definitely been that. The more different things i do the happier I am. And my favorite thing is always the thing I'm doing at any given moment.

I get recognized most, I think, from a show I did called OCTOBER ROAD. I played a character named "pizza girl" and I think she's the closest character to me that I've ever played. And there's something in my daily life that I think reminds people? I wore very little makeup, very little hairstyling - it was me.

Drive safe. :)

XsingX14 karma

Does The Librarians bring back a Relic Hunter favorite scene?

LindyBooth21 karma

Ahumhumhum.... There is always one scene that stands out for me about RELIC HUNTER, because i tell this story all the time, and it was during an episode when there was a magician with us, and he had to produce a rosebud from in-between my bosom, and someone had forgotten to tell the wardrobe department this, and I had a high-necked shirt on, and we had already shot the scene, so while we are shooting the scene - which was supposed to be quite romantic- there was a girl from the wardrobe department sitting DOWN beneath me under the floor tugging my shirt down so there was enough cleavage in order for the neckline to be low enough... and the reason THE LIBRARIANS reminded me of this is because we have SO much fun constantly onset, and it's such a team show and group effort that reminds me of that. And that scene stuck out to me as the most ridiculous thing that's ever happened to me onset.

jokesjokerman13 karma

You show up in all kinds of shows and movies and you're always great. How did you stop aging circa 2005?

LindyBooth29 karma

I drank a magic potion, given to me by a garden gnome.

MEBrewer10 karma

Is there any actor/actress you really want to work with that you haven't yet?

LindyBooth23 karma

I would love to work with Emma Thompson. She is the reason I wanted to become an actor. I saw her in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING when I was younger and knew that was what I wanted to do. So I would love to work with her.

JeddHampton10 karma

What were Noah Wyle, Jane Cutin, and Bob Newhart like? What was it like to work with them?

LindyBooth9 karma

I mean, it's like working with comedy Hollywood royalty. It's just the best. I was OBSESSED with Night Court, my best friend and I loved watching it every day after school, so it's a dream come true. These people are the reason I wanted to do what I do, so it's an honor and a privilege to go to work every day!

Jonesste10 karma

Is there anything you've discovered during your career that you wish you knew when you started acting?

LindyBooth32 karma

Just not to take any of it personally. Not to take the GOOD stuff too personally, or the bad stuff, because you are constantly being judged, and I wish young me weren't so hurt by that, and I wish I weren't quite so excited when good things happened, because at the end of the day, I am me, and I am surrounded by my friends and family and they love me no matter what - and that's so much more important than a good review, or a bad review, or not getting a job.

judomonkeykyle9 karma

What was your most memorable experience from the set of "Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension"?

LindyBooth16 karma

That was my very first job.

And my favorite memory was we shot an AMAZING episode where everyone - I think we all became really juvenile for some reason? My parents became teenagers and I became a little girl ? and my parents put bubble bath in the dishwasher? And we shot a scene where they FILLED the room with soap suds, and we got to jump around in it. IT was like the craziest dream come true, they kept playing music and we danced around a room filled with bubbles - I remember thinking to myself "OH MY GOD if this is acting this is SO FUN! This isn't work at all right now!"

IlluminIll9 karma

Do you feel pressure to sexualize your image in both daily and professional life?

Also, did the death of Mr. Lee Young make you re-evaluate your purpose in life or study religious scriptures and philosophers?

LindyBooth13 karma

That's a really deep question, haha! Do I feel pressured to sexualize myself in my work or daily life? No, I don't think I do. I think sexuality is something we all possess, it's a tool that I can pull out and use when I want to use it, but I only use it when it's appropriate. It's something I know how to control and I don't ever want anyone else to be in control of that.

You know, that was a very sad and difficult time for me. And it really just made me appreciate life and my family and my friends even more than I already do. But it was mostly just a very sad time for me.

ismellliketuna7 karma

What was the first audition you ever did and was it any different from the last one and any words of wisdom or advice for actors in the process ?

LindyBooth19 karma

I don't know if I remember my FIRST audition. But i Know that my second one was for... FELICITY. To play the lead in FELICITY. And I actually got flown down to screen-test for it, and I was in high school, had never done anything before, it was such an overwhelming experience for me, I didn't know anything about anything - I had breakfast with J.J. Abrams, he was so nice to me, I remember thinking "WOW! People in Hollywood are amazing! This seems so cool and easy!"

And the difference now is that I know there's a million auditions out there, and so I obviously didn't get that job, but at the time it felt SO HUGE and how i think - the last audition I had was for THE LIBRARIANS and I did get that job. And every new job is an adventure, in its own way. There will always be another one.

Believe in yourself. Because no one else is going to, all the time, and you've got to believe in what you're doing.

crem7 karma

Woah a famous Oakvillian! Question: Has Blakelock's gym always had that nice turpentine/asphalt smell? I swear I get a migraine every damn time I enter that place.

LindyBooth11 karma

HAHAHA! Um, as a drama geek, I spent MUCH more time in the studio theater than I did in the Blakelock Gym and I always thought the theater smelled good! So I recommend a change of location for you!

Spacetoast427 karma

Hi. Love the show. I only have one question. How's the brain grape?

LindyBooth19 karma


dumbiedikes6 karma

Hi, Lindy! Did you train on your own for Kick-Ass 2, or did all the actors train together?

LindyBooth14 karma

I mean, I did a lot of sort of physical preparations to get into that costume beforehand and on my own. I worked with a trainer in LA before I went to London to shoot. For the fight scenes, we all trained tighter. Which is cool -each of us had our own fighting style, and our stunt crew person to train with who specified how we fought. My character, Miranda, was a ballet teacher, so a lot of my fight moves are based on dance moves and positioning. So it was interesting they took that into consideration when choreographing into a very tightly choreographed-dance.

Soup_Can_Stu6 karma

I love you so much, I don't even know what to ask. Oh god. Uh... Do you prefer working on movies or TV?

LindyBooth6 karma

Hahaha. Um... I like both. You know, I never want to be pigeonholed in one thing or another. I do love working in TV - it's such a family onset on THE LIBRARIANS, we hope to get to do it for years and years - so the hope of being able to come back and do it again with people you love hanging out with, that's the best part about TV.

SoltanPill6 karma

Are you a fan of Kristen Wiig?

LindyBooth5 karma


MBprocast6 karma

LINDY!!!! Thank you for being here. I just watched The Librarians and I approve of any show where a character shoots a minotaur in the testicles! I'm the host of a movie based podcast and I would like to know if you'd be interested in a 20 min. interview for our listeners? It'd honestly be a privilege and honor to have you for an interview. We'd be watching Kick Ass 2, and pause watching to have you for a few questions. I'd like to talk about some of your prior work, The Librarians, and the trajectory of your career. I appreciate the time you've taken here to answer everyone's question, and look forward to hopefully talking to you more!

Thanks again, Zach

LindyBooth8 karma

Try reaching out to pressroom.turner.com?

n_mcrae_19826 karma

Hello, Lindy. I've seen a number of your roles, going back to Relic Hunter, but I was a big fan of Cold Case (which would fall into the "murdered someone" category). How was it playing a stewardess in the supposed glory days of that profession (even before Christina Ricci did on the short-lived "Pan Am") and do you think there was a resemblance between the older and younger "you" in that episode?

LindyBooth7 karma

I loved working on COLD CASE because i was a huge fan of that show. I just thought it was a cool premise. And I LOVE playing dress-up. It is one of the main reasons I became an actress! So to be able to play a stewardess from the 1960's was SO amazing - the costumes, the hair, the makeup, the shoes, I loved EVERY MINUTE of it. And i thought the casting department on that show was so extraordinary. And the fact that they found people who looked enough alike to pull that show off was so amazing. And my episode was no exception.

Guyinthehall85 karma

What would be your favorite artifact or myth to deal with in a Librarians episode? Thanks for being here, you're for sure the best character on the show, not to mention completely adorable! ;)

LindyBooth8 karma

Awwww :)

Um... I love the Arthurian Legend, so I loved the Sword in the Stone from the first episode. I remember reading the book THE MISTS OF AVALON, I was really young, and just being COMPLETELY entranced by that world. So that was really fun for me, to be able to play that and be a part of that.

BobCoupee5 karma

Hi Lindy. I have 2 questions:

1)Is there anything different you do as an actor to make the wacky world of 'The Librarians' seem real to the audience?

2)If you woke tomorrow and found you were now Bruce Willis, what's the first thing you would do?


LindyBooth9 karma

1) Cassandra believes IN EVERYTHING. So that's a character choice that i made that she goes along with everything. And I think it's good for the audience to have a character there who goes along with everything. But all I could think of when I was reading these scripts was thinking "How frikkin' awesome would it be if Minotaurs were real?" So hopefully that makes it more believable, that there's a character in that world who's just diving in headfirst. We have our Christmas episode coming up, and let me tell you: Cassandra believes in Christmas like NOTHING OTHER. It's in her heart and soul, and it's a very funny episode.

2) Watch DIE HARD.

nailbiter1115 karma

Do you like or do you love Orange Tic Tacs?

LindyBooth8 karma

I actually REALLY, really love Orange Tic-Tacs. They're definitely the best Tic-Tac. They're like candy, and there is nothing else that tastes like that.

I had a really tasty Tic-Tac. It was red, and yellow, and it was passionfruit and cherry or something, a limited-edition Tic-Tac. And I look for that... it was a limited-time engagement Tic-Tac.

tencandancer5 karma

What's your favourite film?

LindyBooth14 karma

I always go back to the movies that I loved when I was a kid when people ask me questions about my favorite movies, because when I was a kid I had so much belief and love in movies, and i believed everything was real, so I loved Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka, and Anne of Green Gables, and Annie, and the Neverending story, and Return to Oz was a REAL favorite of mine - those are the ones when I'm sick or sad i will curl up on the couch and watch, because i can watch them over and over again.

Warlizard5 karma

Have you ever thought of doing a movie with Sean Bean?

It would really ratchet up the tension, wondering which one of you would die.

Never heard of "The Librarians", but hey, thanks for coming on here. I'll check it out.

LindyBooth11 karma

Uh... I WISH Sean Bean and myself lived more often in movies.

I think the world would be a better place.

Chattery4 karma

Cassandra is my favourite character on The Librarians - I was actually surprised how much I fell in love with her. The show's top-notch, too, you guys should be proud!

Did you do any research about anything related to what Cassandra has? I honestly can't remember exactly what it is, but I remember the line about the tumour being the size of a grape, which freaked me out because I was eating grapes at the time (!). But yeah: any research on the type of tumour or did you meet anyone who has a similar condition, see any documentaries on it or anything like that?

Thanks for doing this AMA. All the best to the cast and crew of The Librarians and merry Christmas!

LindyBooth6 karma

Thank you so much!

Merry Christmas right back 'atcha!

I did a lot of research about synæsthesia, so I did a lot of reading on that. I spoke to a lot of synaesthetics. But the brain tumor she has is a frontal lobe brain tumor, and it is about the size of a grape. When we first started the show, I talked a lot with Dean Devlin about what we wanted to do with Cassandra & the brain tumor, and he said it was VERY Important to him that we not play her as sick, because hopefully the character survives, but also we didn't want her to get stuck in a rut, and we wanted to show a side of her that is finally being allowed to live her life with the Librarians, and her curse is also a gift - so we wanted to focus on this positive side of her. It's something she's dealt with so long that it's a part of her life. So that's how we addressed the tumor and synæsthesia all at once.

judomonkeykyle4 karma

Did you get to keep any props from the set of "Dawn of the Dead"?

LindyBooth10 karma

I did not keep any props from DAWN OF THE DEAD.

I was offered one of my tracksuits to take home, but because we only had one outfit - I had worn that bright blue Juicy tracksuit for 4.5 months for EVERY SINGLE day, for 13 hours a day, and though it was very comfortable, I never wanted to see it again.

We joked that we were going to set our costumes on fire at the end of the shoot because we were so over it. No more Juicy blue tracksuit for me!

astroccd19624 karma

Has the character, Cassandra, increased your interest in sci/math? and the wonders of the universe?

LindyBooth8 karma

Yes. Yes. I spent a lot of time learning about what Cassandra was talking about on the show, because as an actor I like to be able to understand what I'm talking about. So I've done more math & science reading in the past year than I did even all through high school !

that_blind_panda4 karma

My wife and I just started watching The Librarians. I was happy you got put in jail for betrayal. Also how do you feel having indirectly killed Excalibur?

LindyBooth4 karma

I...I think I inadvertently did a lot of bad things in that first episode? But I think that Cassandra has such a good heart, that in the end all will be forgiven. And because magic is in the world, maybe we'll see the return of Cal one day.

fdacca4 karma


Really enjoying "The Librarians," and excited to see what happens next! I saw that the show mainly shot in Portland, OR. Were there any scenes that you worked on with portland based actors that really stick out in your mind?? Hope you liked portland! Thanks!

LindyBooth7 karma

I love Portland. It's a ridiculously cool city. I would totally move there FOREVER, I liked it so much. The Portland-based people I loved the most were our stunt crew. They were so amazing, so good at their jobs, my stunt double was so sweet and so fun and so good at teaching me how to fake-punch people - you have to put so much trust in them because your safety and everyone around you's safety is at risk - and I trusted them ENTIRELY.

ElizabethMilbert4 karma

Hi Lindy!! Love the show! How hard is it to talk that fast and make any sense? Lol

LindyBooth10 karma


Um, I think I talk that fast in real life? I think my brain just works in hyper speed. I think people have been telling me to slow down how I talk all my life and I've finally found a good use for it.

thetraveleryt773 karma

I am a fan of the original movies, and was shocked to see the library being cut off from the new librarians. I like you character, she is cool and amazing and does not let a brain tumor get in her way too much. I felt a little connection between your character and myself since I had a Brain tumor removed at Vancouver General 16 years ago, and still deal with the consequences of the tumor. Do you like working on relic hunting shows, since I noticed you were also in the second episode of Warehouse 13 which I started watching to see how similar the shows are, and in Relic Hunter?

LindyBooth6 karma

Well, first, let me say I hope your recovery is going well and smoothly and I wish health and happiness in the future! I find it fascinating to play a character with a brain tumor. I think there's so many layers to it, and I think in future episodes you really see how Cassandra deals with it, and the pressure it puts on her on a daily basis. It's something I'm very proud of, to give people a voice. And I do love a relic hunting show. Because history and magic are SO amazing, and the possibilities with a show like this are endless, because magic doesn't have any boundaries. So it's fun, there is nothing holding any of us back - we can exist in an amazing world. So Cassandra, because of her tumor and how she's suffered, really jumps into this wholeheartedly and really lives every moment of her life as a Librarian.

mleeb3 karma

Did you watch and were you a fan of the Librarian Movies before getting the part on the TV series?

LindyBooth6 karma

I did! I had watched them. I remember when they first came out, thinking "OH MY GOSH, Dr. Carter from E.R. is playing this really goofy weird character, I didn't know he could do that!"

I have a very strong memory of Noah Wyle, thinking he was so much more interesting to me all of a sudden. I definitely thought it was cool he was doing something different.

themulethatkicked3 karma

What, in your opinion, is the biggest barrier to entry with respect to a career in Hollywood?

LindyBooth5 karma

I hate to say it's luck, but i really think it's a lot of luck. You have to be in the right place at the right time, and the hardest part is being SO prepared that when you're hit with that luck, you're ready to take it on. Sometimes it happens when people aren't ready for it, when they don't have the chops to take it on, but it does take a streak of luck - and you never know when that moment is going to be.

rearviewmirror713 karma

Be honest - who's more fun to work with... Christian Kane or Jim Carrey? And who's better looking?

LindyBooth6 karma

Wow. I'm gonna go with...

Dramatic pause happening right now.

I think that I LOVE working with Christian. I think he is super-handsome and super-funny and SUPER-talented.

Jim Carrey also very handsome, but he's so much taller than me, and I have like a tall person fear / I can't stop giggling when I'm around really tall people. It's like, weird.

But I love working with Christian so much, he's such a sweetheart.

MarkBaker2513 karma

Do you think there's still magic out there that'll save Cassandra?

LindyBooth8 karma

If it comes from a garden gnome, I'm willing to try it!

tehrob3 karma

Hi Lindy, love the first episode, watching it again now. What do you think about the comparison to BBC's Doctor Who? Thanks!

LindyBooth5 karma

I watched Doctor Who when I was little and loved it SO Much. I know there's such a huge fanbase for Doctor Who all over the world. So it's incredibly flattering to be put in the same sentence as that show!

astroccd19623 karma

Are there any behind the scenes people who you'd like to mention/acknowledge which contributes to the shows success?

PS - thanks for inspiring me to start getting in shape to actually run a 5K!

LindyBooth3 karma

I would love to mention my hair, makeup and wardrobe team, because I'm an actor that LOVES to play dress and it's such a big part of who I am as an actor, and it's important for a character to have all these things come together, and you don't know how important it is until you don't have good ones - but we were super lucky on this show. So Critter, our costume designer, is as adorable as that name sounds. And Autumn did my hair. And Luce did my makeup. And they were amazing.

LindyBooth3 karma

Now that i say it out loud, they SUPER sound like they're from Portland!

44amethystroses443 karma

Do you and the other librarians plan on doing any events to meet your fans? Like comic con or the like. How do we go about getting an autograph? You guys are amazing. My husband teaches math and enjoys the math of your character. I happen to be a kaniac also ;) But I'm enjoying how we keep learning about each of your characters. Keep up the awesome work.

LindyBooth2 karma

Thank you so much! I'm so glad it sounds like a show your family can enjoy.

We LOVE meeting our fans. It's the greatest and best part about the job. Because we're obviously doing it for you guys. So we did New York Comic-Con this year, and hopefully we'll continue to do Comic-Cons after this. And we hope to see you there!

TheUglyBugBall3 karma

Is there anything regarding Cassandra and her character development that you've had to fight for? If you can answer without plot spoilers!

LindyBooth3 karma

I trust John Rogers SO IMPLICITLY that i am onboard with whatever he's writing for me.

Kiow3 karma

Whats you best advice?

LindyBooth4 karma

Always brush your teeth before you go to bed.

That seems like sound advice. But I've never had any cavities. So I feel like I'm a good person to give that advice.

naruuke3 karma

what do you think of the character night bitch?

LindyBooth4 karma

I thought she was freaking awesome. I had so much fun playing her. When you get a script and your character's name is "Night Bitch," that's pretty much the most awesome thing you can imagine. It made family functions a little uncomfortable for a while, because when people would ask what i was working on a stream of vulgarity would fall out of my mouth... but other than that, it was amazing.

Neufae2 karma

You sort of get this amazing superpower in the show, like an ultra-brain. What superpower would you want in real life if given the choice?

LindyBooth3 karma

I would LOVE to be able to fly. Which is weird, because I am deathly afraid of heights. But i feel like if I could fly, I wouldn't have a fear of falling. So though it would be scary at first, it would help me overcome that fear. Also I wouldn't have to deal with airports anymore.

XsingX2 karma

Can we get Allison Scagliotti to Guest Star?

LindyBooth2 karma

Not my job, but sure?

MEBrewer2 karma

Did you listen to Christian Kane's music before you met him? Do you now? if so what is your favorite song of his?

LindyBooth5 karma

Christian gave me his CD when we were ALMOST done with shooting. I think he was a little shy because none of his had heard his music before, and he said he only had 1-2 copies of the CD left. SO he presented it to me like it was the holy grail. And I listened to it on the road trip that weekend.

I think "House Rules" is a CLASSIC Christian Kane song. It's a classic for a reason.

Tommy_7082 karma

Hi Lindy, was just wondering if you are attending any events in Toronto?, would love to get a picture with you. awesome job in the librarians and your vary pretty. thnxs for the replies on fb, i really appreciate it. Also i know your into fitness. how far do you run?

LindyBooth6 karma

I love running. And I am a runner. It depends on the day. Today was a 0 mile day. But i have competed in 3 full marathons, and a bunch of half-marathons. So depending on where I am in training, I can run up to 26.2 miles. But not a step more than that!

MEBrewer2 karma

How is it working with Christian Kane? Did he warn you guys about us Kaniacs ahead of time ♥ ? LOL

LindyBooth5 karma

He is so humble, he did not warn us about the Kaniacs. We were left to find that out on our own via twitter.

3stepsbackward2 karma

What was it like making movies such as Century Hotel and Rub & Tug years ago? They're such underappreciated, Canadian, fun gems.

Side note, back when I start watched filmings regularly, you and Katharine Isabelle were my first Canadian actress crushes! So, this AMA is cool as shit.

LindyBooth4 karma

Thank you so much! I loved working on those movies because I love my hometown and we shot both of those in Toronto. I love the Canadian film business, I love working and living up there and being a part of the amazing industry. They have always been so supportive to me. Hopefully I get to go back and do a little Canadian gem too. And I'd love to work with Katherine Isabelle too!

sami2012 karma

hello, i love The Librarians! How was to work with Noah Wyle? Can u tell us some funny moments filming with him? Cassandra and Flynn are my favorites!

LindyBooth5 karma

Aww :)

I love working with Noah. I was a fan of THE LIBRARIANS movie, so for me to be able to watch Noah play Flynn was like... I felt like i was getting a private performance of a movie that i love. So it was pretty amazing to walk onset and watch him work. I got very distracted all the time.

When we shot the pilot episode, there's a moment where Noah's giving us our final instructions, and he says he wants to keep me on the team, and I was so emotional listening to him say that that i started crying, and I forgot i was supposed to hug him, so I ended up trying to get to him as fast as I could and ended up running to him and jumping... and it was so sweet, and Dean Devlin came out from behind the camera and was like "OMG! That was so amazing!" We all had tears in our eyes. It just came out of my personal love for actual Noah. And it's a really sweet moment in the pilot that will always stand out for me.

EliseMcg2 karma

Hi there! I was wondering, if you were synesthetic in real life, what two senses would you like to have connected?

LindyBooth4 karma

I would like... anything crossed with a sense of smell. I have a very strong reaction to smells. And to me, I love a good smell, I even love a BAD smell, it's a very intense sense for me. There's so many good smells out there - the smell of rice being cooked is one of my favorites. Another favorite is warm tomatoes from the garden.

RamsesThePigeon-4 karma

I hope this isn't too forward of me, but I just wanted to let you know that you're easily one of the most attractive actresses in the whole of history... and speaking as a full-spectrum synaesthete, I can't think of anyone better suited for the role of Cassandra. (I really, really hope the writers get the condition right, because so many folks don't.)

Now, on to my question:

Would you like to go out to dinner sometime? Just as friends (and for the story), of course.

LindyBooth5 karma

The whole history of time is a REALLY long time, so that's very sweet, so thank you!

And I would love to go out for dinner. I'm thinking Mexican.