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Why do you think many members of the outlawz (like Napoleon) changed their lives after their friend Tupac's death? Did you also ever re-evaluate your purpose of existence after your friend Nate died?

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Do you feel pressure to sexualize your image in both daily and professional life?

Also, did the death of Mr. Lee Young make you re-evaluate your purpose in life or study religious scriptures and philosophers?

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Thank you for your insightful words. I hope time will heal any sadness you feel. It has been shocking for me to see actors I watched growing up suffer tragic ends. I hope you will receive the best success in life.

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What do you hope to achieve from your work? Also, do you fear people who watch your work will misunderstand or misrepresent what you intended?

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What are some methods you use routinely to protect your credit and accounts? Do you routinely change credit card numbers annually?