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I'm supplementing my two blogs by using this :”ask me anything” on Reddit – another one of those useful means of finding friendship introduced to me by listening to young people – and perhaps we can together discover what has brought me – after much trial and error – to such a happy state in my life.

My youthful adviser tells me that I should say a bit about myself so that you can know something of my perspective. Born in San Antonio in a lower middle-class environment, I attended grades 1 through 11 in the public schools. volunteering for the Marine Corps in 1943. I was being prepared for the invasion of Japan through the Marine V-12 training program. Perhaps my life was spared by the dropping of the atomic bomb – but at what cost to others? My three college degrees were made possible by the G.I. Bill of Rights. College education in Illinois and Michigan resulted in a lifetime of education work in Michigan where I did everything in the public schools from teaching kindergarten to university instruction except driving a bus. My real love however was being a junior high school principal in an inner city school for the last 15 years of my 30 year professional career. And seventeen years ago I found a renewed life in the District of Columbia.

The only true trauma in my life came after 43 years of marriage when my wife died.. Since then my life continues to be enriched by our four children, nine grandchildren and a new partner. Both widowed she has enriched my life with her two children and four grandchildren and marvelous retirement opportunities in Washington DC.

While looking forward to answering questions, my hope is that you will learn more about me and share thoughts on my to blogs:

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(I'm Ron's "youthful advisor" - his grandson, /u/theturbolemming - on standby in case he needs help! Here's us at his 89th birthday party on Monday - as for his replaced body part, he now has a new shoulder, which I'm not sure qualifies this as a "medical" AMA!)

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two_off19 karma

What were the biggest surprises you learned from teaching kindergarteners?

dcretiree69 karma

OMG, what a wonderful first question! Not a surprise but verifying an expectation. How accepting and open children are. And continuing to wonder why we say our mission is to help children become adultlike when what we really need to do is to make adults more childlike.

Caelrock7 karma

That is without a doubt the most amazing view of the world I've read. I am only 18, and the veil of bullshit you just lifted from my eyes... thank you. I guess wisdom truly does come with age.

dcretiree10 karma

My, I hope we have an opportunity to talk more.
Thank YOU for the response - it is being around young people that enables me to have a rather positive outlook.

aquamarinerock3 karma

If you haven't read To Kill a Mockingbird, you really should. Very good book about Childhood and the world from a child's perspective.

dcretiree3 karma

Thanks very much for the response. Fortunately, I think everyone in the world his read, or should've read Mockingbird. So many good movies, so many good books. I can recall being the principal of a highly integrated 50-50 black/white junior high school and some of our greatest learning experiences were showing worthwhile movies. These are the kinds of things the children should be exposed to that can bring our world together. What a thrill for me to have the opportunity to work in such an environment – and for my own kids to go to high school with those students. What fun I had giving them razor blades – so we could build model airplanes together. Those are the real joys of being a principal

Bob00213 karma

What do you think about the differences in the youth of today vs the youth of your generation?

dcretiree50 karma

How I wish I had time and space to write a book on this. I'm tremendously impressed by the curiosity, drive and search for meaning in young people today. However I am afraid of that current social conditions and expectations in America today make it difficult for them to find himself and put life in perspective. I know this answer is far too brief, but hopefully future responses to questions will give you a more complete answer

salmonmaki12 karma

Does the fear of getting older lessen with age?

dcretiree12 karma

What an interesting question, but it is one I have never thought about before. I think it is totally individual, depending on one's life condition. However, your question causes me to ponder with such questions as one's outlook on life, religious conviction and a host of other factors. For me being around young people, changing my religious outlook to feel that I can make my own heaven (or hell) here on earth are all factors that have caused me to embrace getting older.

dcretiree3 karma

I believe I answered this at some length in a previous response. If you'd like more information please submit your question again. I did emphasize that this is an individual thing by and large and I shared my own personal thoughts. Primarily it causes me to increase my efforts to get and give as much from life as I possibly can – I'll continue to live not in some heavenly abode but in the influence I have on those I have been with.

MaggotAssChauncy2 karma

I guess not.

dcretiree5 karma

I'm new at this, but I hope you saw my previous answer that covers yours as well as I can in a brief rsponse

BlackHairedGoon1 karma

There's a lot of interesting polls about young people's fears about getting older, and how many older people experience it, and the latter was always much, much lower. I'm quite looking forward to it now. Eating butterscotch boiled candy and talking shit all day.

dcretiree6 karma

You guessed right, but I think it is a very individual thing. And it depend so much upon conditions - I am so very fortunate that I am in my own home, comfortable, with someone I love. And I have many opportunities to be with people and talk about meaningful things all day. To read to explore to be with young people.

suaveitguy6 karma

Technology in the classroom gets a lot of attention. Online courses, iPads, connected classrooms, etc... What do you make of it all? Is there anything new under the sun?

I read a book for educators about AV in the classroom from the late 50s, it was eyeopening to see the identical language and predictions about film strips, LPs, and overheads changing the dynamic of a class.

dcretiree15 karma

Indeed I did begin my teaching in the late 40s, and have seen at least a half dozen resolutions in educational practices. They all have their place, and you mention many that I was told would change education forever.

I have never seen anything however to match that which I have seen the last few years in making information available on a broad scale. But information is so different from knowledge and the inspiration given by an outstanding teacher. Oh how I wish every child in America had the opportunity to attend private schools that I have seen in the DC area where classes are small, facilities more than adequate and teachers who are respected and dedicated.

Stealthbmxer4 karma

As someone that go to a school that basicly only uses ipads/macbooks and all the homework is online i would really like to see the answer to this.

dcretiree6 karma

I hope the previous question provides you with an adequate response. Certainly iPads and the like are an improvement, I am sure, over the ditto sheets and other types of busywork that I have seen too often. But remember I retired from the principal ship 29 years ago.

hoolysh5 karma

What is your biggest fear? Has it changed through the years?

dcretiree20 karma

Franklin Roosevelt was quite insightful when in the wartime situation he stated, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I've seen too many people fail to get the most out of life because of the fear of failure of uncertainty of the unknown of catastrophes that may or may not occur. Yet, I fear, that financial uncertainty is something that has plagued me and a great many others for many years. Perhaps those of us who lived through the Great Depression came to this position firsthand. My friend Frank was quite insightful I feel when he's conjectured that he and I were fortunate in that we had enough money to get by on, but not enough money to worry about the importance of acquiring an excessive amount of it.

Ranmalo5 karma

what led to your shoulder replacement? in your case were there or are there any potential complications from this procedure?

dcretiree15 karma

Because of arthritis the pain in my left shoulder reached nine out of 10. I might've called at 10, but when I get to that stage I'd almost prefer to be dead. I wondered that if at my age, if it would be worth it. The orthopedist and my general practitioner said that with my enthusiasm for life, it would enable me to maintain a good quality of life, and I reluctantly agreed to the surgery. after three weeks I can orly report that it is been a piece of cake. Because of the use of a nerve block, I have never experienced pain above the level of three. And now I am finding that physical therapy appears to be bringing back full use of this shoulder quite quickly.

nojihad4 karma

Why am I me and not somebody else?

dcretiree16 karma

Although getting a PhD at the University of Michigan, it is unfortunate that I never took a course in philosophy. Perhaps then I could give you a better answer. Perhaps disclosing some of my values, I might say that the day you were born life truly began in a world not of your choosing but in a culture and society that had much of your life charted for you. Would you be you if you would enter the world in India, Iran or China? Love, are some other powerful force, put you on a path that only you can follow. I believe my recently adopted Presbyterian faith might say something about predestination. I believe you became you through a combination of nature and nurture. To me we look too much to black and white rather than the beautiful shades of gray

frozzymm4 karma

How do you define the word "happy"?

dcretiree16 karma

Did I use the word happy? Perhaps one word defines it and that is fulfilling. I recall my older son as I entered my 20th year of retirement telling me to just sit back and enjoy life. It was not until a recent trip abroad that I discovered that golf/enjoyment is not the force that drives me but that it is trying to make a difference in society to leave the world a better place than it was when I entered the gives me personal satisfaction

frozzymm2 karma

You did, indicating you were at a happy state in your life. For me it is being able to provide for my family and to take care of my parents. Coming home from work to find my 18-month old son snuggled up to my wife while they watch some silly children's movie makes everything worthwhile.

dcretiree3 karma

I thought I answered this, but I don't see it. Perhaps I don't truly understand what's happening with this marvelous technique, Reddit. Certainly you are right to point a family,. I guess this is so deeply ingrained in my life that I failed to mention it my four children, their wives and husbands, and my nine grandchildren provide me with a fullness of life that I cannot imagine being without.

Anzat4 karma

I'm tremendously impressed by the curiosity, drive and search for meaning in young people today.

You seem incredibly optimistic about young people. As a relatively young person by comparison (but still a geezer on Reddit at 34), I have to wonder: where is the optimism coming from?

It seems to me that there are some very talented and driven young people now, as there always have been. But there are also a lot of lazy, self-entitled brats. I'm sure there have always been a few of those, too, but it's a common sentiment that their numbers are increasing. This is often attributed to the rise of an attitude in education and parenting in which everyone is a winner, everyone is special, everyone needs to have their self-esteem boosted at all times, etcetera -- and this has poorly prepared young people to deal with real competition or rebound from failure as adults. For example, I recently saw a conversation between professors complaining that up to 10% of their class was now begging for (or even angrily insisting on) unearned extra credit at the end of the semester to bring their grades up. Do you think this problem really exists, and if so, what's to be done about it?

dcretiree7 karma

I find myself in full agreement with both of the extremes you project. Insofar as the relationship between professors and extra credit I don't feel I have enough insight to comment. However I do have strong feelings about youth, but I do admit to some ambivalence. I am thrilled with the desire of so many to make a difference in the world. Yet for so many there is frustration. They see education as meaningless, and that they cannot truly make a difference in the world. Thus they turn to reality games, pretend sporting events and waste much time on the Internet. As evidenced in Egypt, I believe the Internet has great possibility for change, if we only know how to use it. I also feel that schools could do much more in gettings students out of the classroom and into the real world. For example one of my blogs here in DC lists the free cultural events that are available to anyone. Yet I see schools failing to take advantage of these many activities that are there. Additionally I have put out a blog,, that was devoted to looking at the bottle bill the does so much for the environment and a great many states. I think students could study this and become an active force in trying to preserve our planet.

I know this is rambling but I truly believe there are many things that could be done to encourage kids to become active in the world they live in rather than withdrawing out of frustration that their lives don't matter.

stoked_fire1 karma

I can tell you this is totally true. Not many people ask for extra credit at first, but when one person does, a whole boatload join in. I can't say anything about their numbers increasing though. It seems like its been this way since grade school. And now I'm a 5th year senior.

Seriously people, you don't need extra credit in college.

dcretiree3 karma

I'm fascinated by the interest in this topic. Perhaps this occurs when students are forced to be concerned with credit rather than learning. Perhaps if we had more of the German system that colleges relatively free, that students can concentrate on learning rather than worrying about future loans college cause etc. we could have more concentration on the learning aspect rather than the drive to balance cost and learning

monyistbitu3 karma

Just by looking at your face, you seem in impeccable health at such an old age. How is your mental health? Do you have problems with memory?

What are your tips to maintain health?

dcretiree14 karma

Me, such an old age? Hogwash! My tips for maintaining health begin with the importance of good genes, yet I am sure I have grown older than any of my ancestors. Certainly physical and mental health go together, and I am appreciative of the being around young people and their zest for living that provides a good start. My only problem with memory is the continuing one that I have at all my life, as have so many people, the inability to recall names. My current mental health, I believe is excellent and some of it I know is result of having gone through a period of depression/situational depression, some 20 years ago. I sincerely believe there is a benefit in having been treated for depression and that it helps us understand more fully the difficulties that so very very many people have faced. Oh that we might treat it with the same understanding and financial support as we do physical ills

Willdude1235 karma

Out of interest, do you think that the reasons behind people being depressed today remain the same as they were in the past, and do you think that the treatment offered to you would work in this era? Also, what advice would you give to people who are stuck in mental ruts and struggle to enjoy life?

dcretiree16 karma

Get professional help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mental health is just as important as physical health yet society and the health industry and the government are light years behind. HOw unfortunate. Additionally, I believe our culture has been intensely seeking new and glamorous ways to enjoy life. We need to find the beauty and joy around us in simple things. We push children too far and too fast always seeking more RIGHT NOW!

kkmsin1 karma

Why did someone downvote that comment?

dcretiree8 karma

Did they really. I don't really understand what's going on

I_pee_in_coke3 karma

Biggest regret? Thanks for doing the AMA!

dcretiree3 karma

Very interesting. I believe my regrets are opportunities that were missed, however who knows what might've happened if my actions had been different. As a principal there were teachers who I thought were ineffective. Yet I could only go so far in trying to bring change. When I had a national educational position of some importance in my youth I was not prepared for the leadership I might've provided. I'd like to have recommended that every eighth-grader in America come to Washington to be enthused with the promise of our country. I regret that I was not more forceful in enunciating some of the insights I have gained in my later years. I hope to make up for this in my blog Ron's rants which can be found at

shotglasss3 karma

Semper Fi, Marine. What fields of study would you recommend for people bound for college in the near future, and what fields would you stay away from?

dcretiree5 karma

I delayed in answering your question until I had more time to think about it. I must admit that my approach to education was solely utilitarian - after 3 1/2 years in the Corps, I wanted a career and marriage. Unfortunately I didn't take the opportunity to explore and discover-one of the purposes of life. How fortunate are those who use college in that way through broad studies and the humanities. How wonderful to be able to seek knowledge for knowledge's sake. However somne may already be focused and know their direction and focus primarily on that - I hope they too would explore in depth. The fields to stay away from - I can think of none. Some courses are known as micky mouse courses, yet they may have utilitarian or aesthetic value.

mydickandballs3 karma

does reason for our existence become clearer with age? I feel there is no real reason for it and therefore live my life trying to be with the people that make me happy and teaching my daughter to think for herself.

dcretiree4 karma

In my humble opinion you already know the reason for your existence. Trying to bring happiness to others is rason enough. I find such satisfaction in just walking down the street, looking people in the eye and greeting them. Yes, teach your daughter to think for herself, but about what and whom?

10-2002 karma

I see you volunteer for the NPS. What parks have you been to? I can't wait to retire so I can volunteer in Yellowstone. :D

dcretiree2 karma

I feel so fortunate that I have visited national parks in the four corners of our country North South East and West and a great deal in between. I fully agree with Ken Burns who made the marvelous video on our national parks, that they are America's great idea. I'm happy to see that Ken was a graduate of the Ann Arbor city public schools. I volunteer at the Presidents Park. It's unusual as a national park since it does not conform to what we expect in the great outdoors. But we have recently totally redone the White House visitor Center where I spend at least four days a week, in sheer enjoyment.

However I would have to say that my personal favorites are the ones out West certainly Yellowstone, but above all for me Rocky Mountains national Park.

onlyAA2 karma

You seem like a great person! What is the most favorite place you have ever traveled to outside the US? Inside the US? Is there any place you haven't been that you would love to see?

dcretiree2 karma

What a nice complement, but don't judge the book by its cover. I'd love to travel and thanks to volunteering with a student exchange program, I've had the opportunity to travel rather extensively both alone with my family to Europe, Central America, and Egypt outside of the country. I loved visiting where my grandfather came from in Germany. For a truly exotic experience there's nothing like snorkeling in Hawaii – that used to be outside the United States so perhaps covers both areas. However the Rocky Mountains particularly in Colorado and south of there and a bit West is bit Indian country – that we stole – are among the highlights for me. There's no better way to travel than by car throughout our country.

At 89, however, my exotic travel days I fear are over – so much of the world I would still love to explore, but it's getting harder and harder to leave family and friends.

beretbabe882 karma

What was it like to witness firsthand the Civil Rights Movement and the first integrated schools in the 1960s? In light of the many killings of African-Americans by police in the news, the Ferguson Riots etc, what do you think we could learn from the Civil Rights leaders of that time? What do you think the US can do to stop these tragedies from happening?

dcretiree5 karma

Thank you for a question that causes me to reflect on perhaps the greatest story of my lifetime – the accomplishments and setbacks in America and attempting to realize the promise of our country.

I stand in awe of those who live lost their lives or risk sticking out their necks in the name of justice and equality for all. What a change from my youth in San Antonio was separate drinking fountains and Blacks relegated to the back of the bus. How dramatic for me to be a part of the equal housing movement in Ann Arbor that attempted to make residences available throughout the city for all racial groups. So many improvements, but yet so many things, difficult things, to be worked on in the future – poverty and lack of equal education for all, integrated and sensitive police forces, and perhaps above all restricting gun ownership to those who actually needed and are certified as being competent to use it only when truly justified. I wish I had time and energy to give you a more complete answer, but I think we would all profit by looking more deeply at what King Gandhi and others tried to point us toward.

Luk3ling2 karma

What's your general opinion on the state of the Public Education System?

Does it do what it ought to? What would you most like to see changed?

dcretiree5 karma

I love this question because the public school system has been the center of my life's work. However having been retired for 29 years, I feel my views are somewhat dated. I've tried to keep up however by volunteering in public private and charter schools, therefore I do have some opinions. Let me outline just a few: *I worry about the burnout of teachers and charter schools *I abhor the extreme emphasis on testing *I wish all schools had the same effective teachers, small class sizes, and emphasis on true learning experiences rather than teaching to tests. *I'd like to see the best teachers assigned to inner-city schools, and those are just a few thoughts to begin with

trobo841 karma

What are your concerns with charter schools?

dcretiree3 karma

I must admit, that my personal experience with charter schools was here in the district for one year about six years ago. I was thrilled with what I saw. The main difference that I could see, well there were actually several, probably too lengthy for me to try to cover in a brief response, but the lack of a union, small classes, extra time for learning, and a fresh new teaching staff are four of them. What concerns me were *excessive demands upon teachers, *will teachers remain for longer than a few years *whether or not to charter schools can be somewhat selective in their admission policies and not have a cross-section of students, particularly relegating special education to public schools. *Money being taken away from the public schools in order to duplicate facilities, the support of the entire community and the total organization of public school education in our country.

I strongly believe that the public schools are one of the few remaining vestiges of bringing all people of our country together. We are so segregated in communities, clubs, churches and yet the public schools to me were the main vehicle to bring all peoples together. How I wish that someone would do a feature TV series – like Ken Burns – showing the tremendous role of public schools in the development of our country. At one time the public schools of Detroit and other cities in our country had magnificent, magnificent high schools. There remain marvelous schools in our country, but all we hear is how awful the public schools are. How fortunate I feel that my children and most of my grandchildren were able to attend integrated public schools.

This is worthy of a much longer reaction perhaps we can talk further but these come to me off the top of my head.

trobo842 karma

I suppose we are lucky in that our daughter's experience with her charter school has been largely positive. Our neighborhood school had a terrible reputation, and I was lucky enough to get her in a charter school (by lottery, she got one of 12 open spots that had over 300 applicants for) that has one of the best reputations. Many of the teachers have been there since doors opened 14 years ago and only one has left since she started, and that was to move to care for an ailing family member. They do project based learning and they go on field trips weekly and has really opened my daughter up to new experiences. They're mixed classrooms (K/1, 2/3, etc.), which I was concerned would hold my daughter back when she was the younger group in the class, but she's learned a lot of responsibility in taking care of her younger classroom buddy and has learned to get along with kids of all ages in the school. The school is very diverse in culture, though I must admit as a single parent in nursing school working two part time jobs we are definitely one of the less financially stable families in the school. I felt very fortunate to get her in since I can't afford to move to a neighborhood that has a good school until I graduate in a couple years. There are a few negative things. Since they only get half the funding public schools do, the facility is older and small, but they spend a lot of time on projects and make it work. The fact that the lottery is open to everyone within the city school district means a lot of my daughter's friends live in different parts of town, making play dates a challenge and also a challenge for me to get her to school since there aren't school busses. There's less stability since they count on receiving the rest of the funding through fundraisers and donations to keep the doors open. And the one I'm most concerned about is when she transfers into middle school, there will likely be a big difference in teaching styles and classroom structure she'll have to adjust to. Also, I know there isn't a lot of economic diversity, and I'd guess this is due to a couple factors. One of those is a lot of lower class families either aren't as aware of options other than their neighborhood schools, aren't as concerned with education, or can't afford to self transport. The self transport is definitely a sacrifice as I have to drive my daughter to school, drive back across the river to park in a neighborhood, and then bus to the teaching hospital I go to school at as I can't afford parking up there. It's a heavy time burden on my already full schedule, but I'm not willing to sacrifice my daughter's education for my own. Thank you for your response and I hope you have many years of happiness!

dcretiree1 karma

Thank you so much for the thoughtful response. I'm heartened that you have such a good experience and I can see that you are aware of both the strengths and the shortcomings. I just wish good charters could be available to ALL! I'm beginning t see the disadvantages of Reddit - I'd like to more about each contact I make.

DudeInDistress2 karma

What do you think pof the changing, or evolving, view on homosexuality in America?

dcretiree14 karma

Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into? But I can only be honest. for one reason alone this was perhaps the most difficult problem I faced. My only acquaintance is a use was with two pedophiles as I recall. To me and I fear many in my generation the terms were synonymous. How wonderful to see the freeing of our society from these ancient morays into a world in which we should consider all humankind is one you probably never heard of Wendell Wilkie, but I know my parents voted for him over FDR. His insightful book ONE WORLD should be our theme. Our one world will live or perish only if we continue to move in that direction

DudeInDistress4 karma

Thank you for your honesty!

Yes, I know people change views in light of new evidence, and are then 'ashamed' of their old views. And I too held beliefs so wrong I was disgusted whenever I looked back, but when asked I had to own up. No one is perfect. I used to believe in religion but am now an atheist.

You, and your parents, seemed (and actually you know what? Still seem, if not "are"!) way ahead of your time.

Sir, I am from across the planet, in the Middle East, and not even a native English speaker. I do not know you but I salute you. Thank you for this. It's these views that change the world for the better. And I also hope that my future kids, and future grandchildren, will continue to strive for the improvement of humanity.

Thank you.

dcretiree7 karma

And thank you for the thoughtful response. It underscores the marvelous potential of the internet to have the world face its serious problems and bring us all together. And your introduction of religion really gets at one of my primary interests - religion. I truly believe that religion has caused many, if not most, of our problems, but it is only through religion that they will be solved. While I don't consider myself to be an atheist, I do reject the way man/woman has created misleading religion through the myths they have made. But I do believe there is some ultimate force that prevails for good in the world if only we could all subscribe to it.

Mitcheli11 karma

In movies, the 1950s with its Barbershops, Soda Shops and guys with greased hair and that image of the 1950s diner. Is that all some bullshit thrown together by Hollywood? Or was life really that relaxed?

dcretiree2 karma

Fun to think about. I think it largely depends upon one's location. In the early 50s I was in a small town near Ann Arbor after having lived mostly in Texas the previous 23 years, except for three years in the Marine Corps. Certainly we had the soda shops, the distinctive styles and a great deal less pressure on kids in growing up. However some of the same negative situations were present then – bullying, cliques and separate social classes. Perhaps the greatest difference I see with today is that in that day a majority of the middle and upper classes there was one major wage earner in the home and life was a great deal less complex.

TheWarpedWizard1 karma

What sort of new experiences do you plan to try in the future?

dcretiree3 karma

I am so enamoured with the present that I find it difficult to project into the future. Having just started two blogs and having some most enjoyable volunteering experiences limits my view of the horizon. I do, however, having just turned 89, want to take two years to celebrate #90 - since the odds are that I will not make 100. In these two years I want to find time for being with my 9 grandchildren and four children and their spouses since I am in the east and they are in the mid-west. And I also want to complete something I started working on with a grandson - writing my life history.

SoundHound1 karma

Hi Ron! Thanks for being here. :-)

I was just wondering, what has been your favorite subject to teach throughout your career?

dcretiree5 karma

Easy when I taught eighth graders unified studies in Milan Michigan in 1950. A combination of English and history made it possible for us to really look in depth at the lessons of history. It's equally did easy to tell my unfavored teaching experience – trying to help teachers, needing a Masters degree to make more money, the secrets of becoming principles. While knowledge is important and should never be navigated I see the principalship much as teaching, and art rather than a science. Loving care for children tempered with proper values, trumps everything else

floridawhiteguy1 karma

What technological advance(s) in your lifetime was/were the most exciting for you at the time, or still makes you shake your head in wonder?

dcretiree9 karma

Goodness gracious goodness gracious! Every generation comes up with, "the most exciting". But this here thing and the abundance of information on the Internet causes my old psyche to shake with the potential for improving the world's conditions. What a wonderful media for bringing all the world together as brothers and sisters

UpSideofDown1 karma

Does it disappoint you to see this generation, for the most part, squander the ease of access to the abundance of information on the Internet?

dcretiree3 karma

I may have answered this already, but I am still a bit unfamiliar with how to use Reddit. I love the Internet and the information it makes so readily available. However I am concerned that these handheld devices put one in tune with another place rather than getting the most out of the experience at hand. When chaperoning a high school group on a bus through the city, I would tell them to put away their cell phones and look at the world about him. To enjoy the people around them at the dinner table rather than being with someone else.

ToastedMello1 karma

Im curious about your experimentation! What(if any) drugs have you ever done and what were thdy like and did they alter your life or sense of purpose at all?

dcretiree2 karma

Again, I thought I answered this previously but I may have made a mistake in my unfamiliarity with Reddit. In my generation, or at least in my social circle, drugs were totally foreign to our upbringing. I guess I have always had an enthusiasm for life that has not led me to even consider taking drugs. I know my children my grandchildren have, it's a culture around us but I see no need for it.

hihihhhhhhhhh1 karma

Do you Miss your first wife, does your wife miss her first husband, how does that work out?

dcretiree2 karma

Goodness, I thought I answered this, but with my unfamiliarity with Reddit I may not have adequately saved it. Linda and I have been totally open to discussing our previous lives with our deceased partners. We feel the presence of our deceased partners in the lives of our own children and grandchildren.

schultzM1 karma

What do you think of cars and other autos and how they have advanced in your life?

Do you have a dream car?

dcretiree2 karma

Oh my this is going to be a lot of fun. My family's first car was a model T – the car Henry made and paid workers five dollars (was it a day?) -so they could afford one. It had to be hand cranked to start it. And gas was $.18 a gallon unless a newfangled fancy pump ended up with $1.11 – the gas was free. ON a teaching salary I had primarily used cars, but as a principal I could afford more expensive new ones. I marvel at the fancy changes and the safety features that have been added.

I'm rather pedestrian however in my outlook. I want a car not too expensive to buy, economical to operate, provides comfort for my 6'4" frame, and serves my family's needs.

But full disclosure. One of my son-in-law's is a successful auto dealer. Most dealers I know of live comfortable lives, but the proudest my son-in-law makes me is that among the 25,000 auto dealers in our country, for two years he has been voted as one of the 100 dealers in the country who treat their employees best, as voted by his employees.

Oh if only all companies had to meet certain standards this way, rather than their profitable bottom line.

Sorry, I fel like a minsiter!

dcretiree1 karma

And by the way, I just saw my first Testla (or whatever) and it may change my mind - and have everything I want!

HolePunch661 karma


dcretiree8 karma

Of course. Give me any restaurant that serves good unpretentious meals at reasonable prices. That includes the collides chain, especially the Olympic grill, the corner bakery and Zayrania in the District of Columbia

diegojones40 karma

What made the job at the junior high so wonderful for you?

dcretiree3 karma

I was the principal of a school where I felt our school could make a difference for the children that we were responsible for. I was fortunate to have enough administrative help that I could be in the hallways seeing and talking with children notes topic, eating lunch with them and have my assistants take care of the administrative details. I retired early in part because I felt I was being driven to test students rather than helping mold of them.

diegojones41 karma

I have a few friends that are teachers. The bureaucracy is the biggest complaint. They love their kids but hate the system.

dcretiree3 karma

I'm sure that is true in many systems. Having been a principal and only Ron Edmonds of Harvard, I have to agree with his conclusion that the leadership of the principal is one of the five most important aspects of what makes a good school. A principal with enough clout in my day could cut through all the red tape. Having been on the profession for 29 years, I know things have changed, but I think there are, there must be, schools that are exciting to be in today. I have seen in private schools, I have seen it in charter schools. I worry however about the burnout affect in charter schools. Many do not have the support of a strong teachers union. Certainly the profession has improved in its attractiveness because of the work of unions, however I also know they can be at detriment to good education.

aleksthepster-8 karma

How do you like Pewdiepie?

dcretiree7 karma

I believe I have answered all the meaningful questions I have received.

JRod707-20 karma

local youth here,

I understand the defecation of underpants plagues the senior citizen community.

what efforts have you done to combat this issue?

dcretiree7 karma

Oh come on, you're pulling my leg. You are a senior serving under false pretenses as a youth. My DNA fortunately has presented me from having any problems in this regard. I know it is a problem for great many, but with diet, pharmaceuticals and medical doctor recommendations I think the problem can be alleviated somewhat. Increasingly I find it important to "keep everything moving quote closed.