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Wolves are my favorite animals and I enjoy reading and learning about them as a hobby.

Can you recommend any reading material or documentaries on them?

Most of the things I own or have seen are Yellowstone documentaries. My favorite was the Druid Pack, and watching 302M be a stud.

I also was wondering about wolf migration, and if there is a reason as to why a wolf would travel almost 1,000 miles away from Yellowstone?

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My cat will do his business while making eye contact with me. I was under the impression that cats didn't like eye contact but he loves it when he's pooping out the titanic.

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I see you volunteer for the NPS. What parks have you been to? I can't wait to retire so I can volunteer in Yellowstone. :D

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Wow you're an awesome person for going out of your way like that!

I'm lucky my dad knows how to fix my car or I'd be lost. Recently I've been driving and when I get to about 25/30 mph my car jerks as it shifts gears, is this normal? My car is automatic, and it doesn't do it all the time but only when it's around 25/30. And I am assuming it's shifting gears and that's why. Of course it never does it when my dad is in the car or driving it himself.

It lurches forward as if the RPMs are suddenly in the 4000/5000 range, when it's only at about 2000. Is there a fix for this or is it normal?