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I fly business class. I get the 'priority' tag but I usually receive the luggage last.

What gives?

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How many people buying stuff were specifically "just buying itbfor a friend"?

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So far so good...

"Knock on wood"?

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Can you do an IAMA in Arabic one day?

Are you surprised to hear that the highest rate of atheism in the Muslim World is in Saudi Arabia?

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Thank you for your honesty!

Yes, I know people change views in light of new evidence, and are then 'ashamed' of their old views. And I too held beliefs so wrong I was disgusted whenever I looked back, but when asked I had to own up. No one is perfect. I used to believe in religion but am now an atheist.

You, and your parents, seemed (and actually you know what? Still seem, if not "are"!) way ahead of your time.

Sir, I am from across the planet, in the Middle East, and not even a native English speaker. I do not know you but I salute you. Thank you for this. It's these views that change the world for the better. And I also hope that my future kids, and future grandchildren, will continue to strive for the improvement of humanity.

Thank you.