Father doesn't speak English at all, and my English is far from perfect, so we are sorry for our language:)

my father was an entrepreneur up until this summer, when he was drafted and become a soldier. proof0, proof1, proof2

EDIT0: thank you guys, it is a bit late in Ukraine now (3 AM) so we need a rest, we will answer the rest of questions tomorrow morning (if any)

EDIT1: we are back, will continue answering

EDIT2: thanks for everybody, my father went back to front line, so we are not able to answer your questions anymore

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koshdim40 karma

I have started the same AMA for anybody who understands Russian here

mashington1430 karma

how organized are the rebels? are they a legitimate military organization, or are they kind of amateur?

also, about what percentage of people in Ukraine agree with the rebels?

koshdim57 karma

first of all, they are not rebels, terrorists, Russian army, deceived local not rebels.

  1. they are more amateurs than professionals. this opinion is formed on their behavior, they miss very often wasting Russian weapons

  2. not many, no more than 10%

nugev-2 karma

Citation needed.

koshdim9 karma

first of all, they are not rebels, terrorists, Russian army, deceived local not rebels.

  1. they are more amateurs than professionals. this opinion is formed on their behavior, they miss very often wasting Russian weapons

  2. not many, no more than 10%

Roznak27 karma

How does winter affect the war?

koshdim70 karma

Winter makes life not boring, we are chopping wood therefore warming ourselves:)

50PercentLies24 karma

How much do you think Putin has had a hand in all this?

koshdim70 karma

101% of participation

thenewaddition33 karma

You can't really blame him. 101% of the population votes for him, so they must agree with his policies.

koshdim85 karma

your information is incorrect, 146% of population supports him. what is important that it is being said about Russian population, but Putin's troops are in Ukraine which never voted for him. btw, everybody believed Stalin too, but he killed millions of Ukrainians

Cult_films22 karma

How is your father doing?

koshdim40 karma

alive and healthy, mood is "ready to fight"

Cult_films30 karma

Tell him I said "Good luck and stay safe :)"

koshdim26 karma

thank you very much

MattyD8522 karma

What are your thoughts on Americans?

koshdim80 karma

I am happy about their 200 years old democracy

cptslashin2 karma

238 years of freedom.

koshdim6 karma

DangerZoneMaterial19 karma

How do you think citizens in other countries could support Ukraine more? What victories (battle or overall support) would you like to see in the next few weeks? Months?

koshdim39 karma

  1. resist and debunk Russian propaganda, bring responsible people to court, because their work makes huge damage for both Ukrainians and Russians

  2. there will be humanitarian catastrophe on Donbass. there will be no big battles in near future, our winter will cool most aggressive people down

Roznak8 karma

What are the best ways to debunk Russian propaganda?

How would someone that can be easily influenced be educated to separate propaganda from reality?

koshdim18 karma

always doubt, verify facts from many sources, different sides, be sure that they are indeed different, and not rooted to one organization. for example.

in most cases it is enough to go to the source who provided the information, if there is original link - follow and read carefully, if there is only "experts say" you can skip it. check this out as another example

redditor42581 karma

So do you think there will be a stalemate, neither side gaining ground? Do you think it's possible for Donbass to be returned to Ukrainian rule through some sort of comprise, like speical statues for Donbass, or is the only way to reintegrate through military victory?

koshdim2 karma

law and order must work, through negotiations borders must be restored

redditor42581 karma

Thanks for the reply.

koshdim4 karma


nsnide19 karma

  1. Do you trust your leaders / politicians? Among them, who has the most credibility and political capital?
  2. You mention 10% of Ukarainians support Russia? How does the rest of the population feel about them? How are they treated?
  3. How big a role does religion play in Ukrainian life? How does it affect the conflict?

koshdim25 karma

  1. 50/50, Yatsenuk (prime minister), Parasiyk (https://www.facebook.com/ParaVozzik)

  2. tolerantly, trying to convince them

  3. there is catholic priest in our platoon, but people rarely ask him for help. back home my family was divided by religion, one of the side who prays in Moscow orthodox church was told that one's who pray in Kyiv orthodox churches are betrayals and all contacts with them must be stopped, even on household level (I am not sure I translated it correctly), even though both branches have single common relative who was a priest (died in 60s)

nsnide11 karma

Thank you very much for your answers. I pray for the safety of your family and for peace in your country.

koshdim11 karma

thank you. we appreciate that

Saga_I_Sig18 karma

What is daily life like on the front line? For instance, what is your daily schedule?

Secondly, how long will you be on vacation before you have to return to the army?

koshdim30 karma

  1. everybody has it's own job and responsibility, there is no strict schedule, because environment is changing. for example, nobody knows when one's positions will be shelled

  2. vacation is 10 days, 2 more left

RainmanEOD1 karma

Always goes by to quickly in my experience. Cherish your time together, stay safe!

koshdim2 karma


roytheshort18 karma

How did he feel about becoming a soldier?

koshdim50 karma

Relief, because it was hard to watch what is happening in the country and I wanted to participate in fate of my country. It was pity for my ancestors who lived under Moscow's rule, suppressed, in their lie, lie about our history

wateroclock15 karma

Велике дякую вашому батьку. Мені 19 і після нового року я хочу долучитись до добровольчого батальйону. Чи це того варте?

koshdim12 karma

того варте, треба змінювати старших на фронті молодшими. за той час що в тебе є навчись якійсь військовій спеціальності, наприклад саперній справі і йди до нас в батальйон. в інтернеті все є. теорія дуже важлива

brandoss7715 karma

Swole as

koshdim21 karma

happy cakeday!

  1. honestly I don't know

  2. no, I think it will not escalate, Ukraine will do it's best to cool it down, this is why we are on the front line

  3. Ukraine is very strong spiritually and truth is on our side, that should play a main role

JaktheAce6 karma

Ukraine is very strong spiritually and truth is on our side, that should play a main role

I wish this was enough. If Ukraine actually went hot with Russia it would end very quickly. The losses would be high enough to cause defections. Saddam Hussein had a pretty big and well equipped army with a lot of experienced officers from the Iran-Iraq war and they fell like a house of cards in front of the U.S..

koshdim1 karma

against Russia every Ukrainian house will fight. new generation grows as patriots, common sense will win

xebecv1 karma

Luckily Russian army is much less technologically advanced than American. In fact Ukrainian and Russian military industries are remnants of Soviet Union military–industrial complex, and are much more closely matched. I believe that if full blown war starts, both sides will sustain heavy casualties, and I hope Putin believes this too.

JaktheAce5 karma

Except that's not true at all. Russia is leagues ahead of Ukraine.

xebecv6 karma

I did not talk about the numbers. Please pay attention to what I write. I compared only technologically, and there is a good reason for this. In Russo-Georgian War in 2008 the casualties on both sides were not strikingly different, despite the fact that Georgia is much smaller than Ukraine population-wise (4.6 mil vs 40 mil), more poor, and did not have significant military industry, so it had to import most of its military equipment, the most advanced of which was from Ukraine.

koshdim2 karma


Beardsmane15 karma

What does he think, realistically, will be the eventual outcome of the conflict?

And how do you/he feel about the rest of the world's response/lack of response to the conflict?

koshdim25 karma

  1. I believe in victory of good sense, i.e. Ukraine

  2. I am very happy to see support of the rest of the world, it makes Ukrainians stronger

Juan502214 karma


koshdim25 karma

to spend more than 100 days on front line is hard, but weaker people have already gone, approximately 20% (most of them went home)

PastThePoint13 karma

Do you want Ukraine to be a NATO member?

koshdim30 karma

there is nobody else to rely on, close brother has betrayed us

Toxicseagull8 karma

British here. I really hope you get more help soon, the USA has voted more help but I don't know if Obama will do anything. It is a beautiful country that just needs a chance to rebuild and I hope you get the chance soon. No questions but good luck!

koshdim3 karma

I think that Britain rule the world :), you should influence Putin.

thank you

Toxicseagull3 karma

It is a shame the EU is afraid to act without the US. My only hope is we can make the war so unprofitable for him that he pulls out. They are starting to feel it already I think. Britain, France and USA all have elections soon as well so they are all being cowardly. Good luck and thanks you again.

koshdim1 karma

thank you. we appreciate any help indeed

Ableyoungthug10 karma

How do you feel about Putin?

koshdim25 karma

I want him to take his army out of Donbass, I believe then peace in the region will inevitably come

Roznak10 karma

What are reliable source to get information from Ukraine on?

koshdim13 karma

here on reddit currently /r/UkrainianConflict, also there is newly created tv channel http://uatoday.tv/, looks good so far

Roznak5 karma

Most of these sources are sadly enough in Russian/Ukrainian language and writing. The world cannot know what really happens when they can't understand any of the language or even the writing.

I think you need more translators into English if you want the world to understand how Ukrainians really are. UT is good that it now also counters the RT by broadcasting in English.

Do you think there are more plans to make the Ukrainian situation to be more accessible to the none Russian/Ukrainian world?

koshdim9 karma

agree, and that is a huge problem. as an alternative to Russian media you also can look at euronews and bbc.

I don't know about any plans, Ukraine is broke so there is little chance situation will get significantly better anytime soon.

Roznak1 karma

Plans or volunteers to subtitle the Russian/Ukrainian video clips or to write English blog translated posts?

I cannot separate Ukrainian from Russian in sound or written text.

Also the world cannot know what happens in Ukraine when they type in English words and ends up on the RT English page because they write a of of English stuff and Google likes that a lot.

koshdim11 karma

there are groups of people who care about translating, but that is not enough obviously, http://www.stopfake.org/en/news/

if you see any letter with dot above "і, ї" and it looks Russian then it is Ukrainian:)

RT has budget of hundreds of millions dollars, Ukraine has no chance in winning SEO war with available resources.

Roznak4 karma

You are giving Reddit wonderful new resources that up until know were plain hidden for the world.

Here on Reddit I have seen RT been promoted many times a day. But the good news is that RT is being shot down by actually very smart Redditors the last few months.

How about other sources like social media that is reliable? Like this: https://www.facebook.com/EvromaidanSOS

koshdim4 karma

I don't use facebook, but it looks legit. there is Euromaidan account in twitter https://twitter.com/euromaidan which I follow, which is definitely reliable. if you use twitter and know Russian search for nicks that have "Хуёвый <city name>" template, they usually report the news about the city they live in, f.e.

Hetyman2 karma

What about www.kyivpost.com ?

koshdim1 karma

didn't read them, but AFAIK they are fine

jacoberic5 karma

Is there a hostility towards the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community in Ukraine like Russia or other Slavic countries?

koshdim13 karma

we cannot change the genetics. we are tolerant

Kreiger2414 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. I wish your father good luck, and hope that he stays safe in his fight.

How has this conflict affected your economy? (Prices of food, gas...)

Do you think that Putin will push to control more of Ukraine?

Can the separatist territories be returned to Ukrainian control? Are these areas considered officially independent by Ukrainians, or under the control of terrorists/Russian military?

Do Ukrainians plan to take back the territory that has been lost to the rebels/Russian military? Are you willing to give up the lost territory to stop the fighting?

The American people support you. Hopefully our government will send you military aid soon, Putin does not fear economic sanctions. Slava Ukraini.

koshdim2 karma

thank you

  1. I was for 3 moths in trenches, not really aware about the prices

  2. our goal is prevent that

  3. Russia have to return our territories. they have enough land, they don't need Ukrainian land, they need Ukraine to be weak

  4. there are our citizens on occupied territory, they feel bandits rule and wait for our help

Героям Слава!

flyingsquirle4 karma

I met a great Ukranian fellow in vegas and he stayed at my house for 3 months. During that time he spoke greatly about Ukraine, a place I now wish to visit. What is your opinion for someone who wants to visit your great country?

koshdim15 karma

son is talking: I think it is great idea, I had a redditor as a guest, he lived for a few weeks in Kyiv and as far as I understood he liked it.

for now you should avoid travel to the East and Crimea, any other region invites you to visit. if you decide to visit Kyiv feel free to PM me, I can help if you need

smartuy3 karma

What's your father's favorite food?

koshdim4 karma

Ukrainian borcsh

derblaureiter2 karma

  1. I read that you believe Putin is entirely responsible for the conflict; what do you believe his motivation is?

  2. Do Ukranian's see the conflict as Ukraine versus Rebels/terrorists or do they see it as Ukraine against Russia?

koshdim5 karma

  1. he wants Ukraine to work for him

  2. against Russia of course

Orgmo2 karma

So this might not be entirely relevant to the whole military thing, but I follow a competitive video game called DotA2. One of the most famous teams is from Ukraine, called Na'Vi, with Dendi (Danil Ishutin) at the forefront of the fame.

Are Na'Vi or Dendi famous in Ukraine? Is DOTA something people have heard of even if they're not into video games?

Wishing you and your family safety in troubled times.

koshdim5 karma

thank you. son is speaking: my friends played in DOTA back when we were studying in the university and I believe many people play, but it is not nationwide famous sport, more like a hobby of small community

patstuart22 karma

Are you frustrated with the West for failing to do more to help Ukraine? (Personally, I am very frustrated with them).

Is there any worry that the Ukrainian economy's contraction might harm the army?

How much worry is there about the natural gas situation?

Are most of the rebel fighters foreigners or locals? How many locals decided to fight with the rebels?

Where in Ukraine is your father from? Does he prefer Ukrainian or Russian?

Do most Russian-speaking people support your side?

Is anyone blaming the local politicians for the war, or does everyone blame Putin?

Thanks ahead of time if you respond. I am very interested in this war.

koshdim2 karma

  1. we will be stronger if we help us by ourselves

  2. wars always rise economy, improve technologies and we will do our best to to not allow aggressor outside of currently controlled area

  3. Ukrainians are ready to use wood just to avoid accusations of stealing from Russia. for 70 years Russia pumped gas from Karpaty and Poltava regions, Ukrainian regions, with no payment at all

  4. it is Russian military secret

  5. from Kyiv region. I was born in Ukraine, served in Russia (in soviet times), like Russian literature and speak Ukrainian

  6. people who knows the reality, support Ukrainians, even if they are Russians

  7. my personal opinion is that all this roots from Yanykovych (former Ukrainian president who fled to Russia) and Akhmetov (oligarch who made a fortune in region where is now war)

SWIMsfriend2 karma

How are Ukrainian people divided?

Is there a lot of classism or a divide between urban and rural people?

What have the rich people of Ukraine been doing during the war?

Are there any tv shows in your country that is making fun of current events in Ukraine, sort of like The Daily Show?

Is there anyone in ukraine who sides with the Russians or do most people side with Ukraine?

How has the Ukrainian government been during the war?

Are there any SJWs in your country, how are they reacting to the war?

koshdim12 karma

  1. Ukrainians are divided only in Russian propaganda, we are united now as never before because of Putin

  2. definitely is, an abyss

  3. both rich and poor are fighting because all of them are patriots. as an example, one guy from my platoon spent 70 000 UAH (~$10 000 at the time) for military equipment for himself, his wife was not very happy about that:)

  4. yes, there are. Ukrainians laugh on difficulties all the time, it helps us to go through them

  5. not more than 10% of Ukrainians support Russia and it's actions, most of them are in war zone now. with every new day of war hatred towards Russia and inevitably Russians grows, which is really bad, because bad consequences of this will be felt generations ahead

  6. government changes so it is hard to say, but army feels support from the government

  7. could you explain who are SJWs?

SWIMsfriend4 karma

could you explain who are SJWs?

disregard the question, its an american thing, thanks for the answers. Could you explain more about the divide between urban and rural people or the claasisim in Ukraine

[deleted]1 karma


SWIMsfriend2 karma

Could you explain more about the divide between urban and rural people or the claasisim in Ukraine

koshdim8 karma

rich people in rural area live similar life as normal people in the city. to be rich in a village you must work hard, harder than in the city. if you ask more direct questions I may answer better:)

SWIMsfriend0 karma

do people in the city disregard people in the rural areas?

are most of the people in rural areas poorer than city people?

koshdim1 karma

not really, I wouldn't say that

ydneah2 karma

What makes you say the opposing force are amateurs? Are they inefficient or just largely unsuccessful? You said they are not Russian, then why does Petro insist that there are Russians fighting amongst them? Do you feel the fighting is slowing, or building up?

koshdim2 karma

  1. their actions are useless from point of battle tactics, or their purpose is different, they earn money

  2. I never said they are not Russian

  3. stable

xl01 karma

I'm Russian, and on your side. It's truly disgusting what our governments propaganda did to Russians, and our military to Ukranians.

Ama bot want a question mark: War, what is it good for?

koshdim3 karma


EwokieYouTube1 karma

Do you support Ukraine in its independence or do you support the idea of still having ties to Russia?

koshdim6 karma

there should be concrete wall 10 meters high on Ukrainian-Russian border, and concrete field up to Moscow, then we all can live in peace :)

ifishforhoes1 karma

How do you feel about the bullshit RT spouts out? EDIT: also how do you feel about the amount of support given to Ukraine from the U.S? And have you been in any training exercises provided from NATO? One last question haha have you met any cyborgs?

koshdim2 karma

people responsible for Russian propaganda must be persecuted by international court for raising hatred between nations.

we don't feel support from US government. of course no, I haven't participated in NATO exercises. I haven't met any cyborgs, we fight with soviet weapons

ifishforhoes1 karma

Interesting thanks! also what do you mean by " we fight with soviet weapons"? EDIT: disregard I just found out you're a volunteer, makes sense now.

koshdim2 karma

Ukrainian army for 95% uses weapons that was produced in USSR times, that is what I mean, you are welcome

Sickmonkey31 karma

I have a question. How was your day today?

koshdim2 karma

I met my friend that we were studying together 30 years ago, had a lot to talk about

gastrobot1 karma

1) Do the people of Crimea want to be with Russia, or was the referendum a farce?

2) Do you expect that Ukraine will get Crimea back?

koshdim2 karma

  1. people of Crimea don't who they are with, they just want a decent job, calm life and no corruption. Maidan started as a movement against corruption

  2. with new Ukrainian government Crimean people will be better with Ukraine, because of geographical reasons at least

GreenSonicWave1 karma

What are common daily struggles for civilian life and for military life? Like, worries, economy, etc.

koshdim3 karma

everybody worry, everybody wants the war stopped, factories started so they are able to go to work

Hamilton5M1 karma

Koshdim is ukraine accepting volunteer brigades?

koshdim0 karma

could you elaborate? if you're asking whether foreigner can fight among Ukrainians then yes, not officially we have some foreigners among our troops

Hamilton5M2 karma

When my great uncle fought against the nazis he was in a volunteer brigade.

I was wondering if there was an official foreigner volunteer brigade.

Thanks for the response.

koshdim1 karma

you are welcome

hbarca41231 karma

Greystone? Have you seen or met any of the foreign military contractors?

koshdim2 karma

no, I haven't met personally any foreigner among our troops

Squoghunter14921 karma

Hi, I've been keeping up with the war in Donbass and all the unrest since January, and had a few questions.

-Is your father with the actual Ukrainian military or one of the volunteer groups like Vostok battalion? How do they compare?

-How well armed are the Ukrainian troops compared to the rebels? I had read that the Ukrainians had lost something like 40% of all the military hardware they had before the war due to losses in the field, and I was curious if that's affecting frontline troops.

-Are there still a lot of civilians out on the frontlines or have most people evacuated? The casualty reports make it seem like the fighting is taking place in and around populated villages, and I worry about the cost of that to the Ukrainian people.

Apologies if these questions breach OpSec or are too prying. Let him know I wish that him and his unit are lucky enough to never have to be on the battlefield.

koshdim2 karma

  1. I am part of volunteer battalion of Ukrainian army, it is the same

  2. they are not "rebels". we feel confident ourselves with the armament we have. a lot of time passed since then, Ukrainian military factories work fulltime, we have enough. we would appreciate of Europe opened their borders for used hardware, that would help ALOT, even hardware that planned to be scrapped

  3. significant amount of people are still there, they have nowhere to go. you're right, if Russians fire, they usually target our positions that are inside of towns and villages, positions that are in open field rarely get shelled

thank you, luck is what we need indeed

patstuart21 karma

Do you think most Russian soldiers who are in Ukraine support their government's operation?

koshdim2 karma

they are brainwashed by propaganda, they think that they are defending civilians, but there is no danger for them. such people as Kiselyov must face a court

Natalyaport1 karma

Щиро дякую. Героям слава. I'm far away but doing my best to support the efforts of the boys at the front with fundraising. From what I can tell there is a lot of donations coming in, has he personally received all these care packages, warm boots etc?

koshdim2 karma

thank you. donations are very helpful, volunteers bring us whatever we need, boots, clothes, food, anything

DG7291 karma

I followed pretty closely through Euromaidan, but I started paying less attention than I'd like to admit, and media stories are confusing. Who is Ukraine actually fighting? My friend from Ukraine calls them Russian soldiers and rebels interchangeably, I'm not sure which they are. Thanks for answering, and слава Украïни!

koshdim1 karma

ordinary Ukrainians fight for sovereignty, I wasn't on other side, so cannot tell who are there. we agree for peace with condition that on all territory will be legal authority in charge

Героям Слава!

blackdowney1 karma

This may get buried but I really want to know. Russia has recently taken a hit with oil prices going down, and their people's money is being inflated by sanctions as well.

  1. Do you think this will effectively prevent war, or will this be more reason for war from putin's perspective
  2. Are you financially being affected?

koshdim2 karma

  1. Putin never thinks about people

  2. Ukrainian currency exchange rates have also fallen, while I was on front line my savings decreased value in half

blackdowney1 karma

I'm sorry to hear that about your savings. I'm sure your savings will go up in value once oil goes back up.

koshdim1 karma

Ukrainian hryvnya does not fall because of oil price (we have no oil), it is because previous government and war that is going on now

jello19901 karma

How does someone go about getting a vacation during a war?

koshdim5 karma

everybody needs a rest

thegreedyturtle1 karma

How difficult is it to move from front lines back to your home?

koshdim2 karma

you have to go very fast, because you can be shelled while moving

TheMcDucky1 karma

What do you eat and how/where do you sleep when on the front line?

koshdim1 karma

whatever volunteers bring us, cook on bonfire, water is from stream, sleep in blindages. old kiosk was made to be a sauna. all food is natural

sharksonly1 karma

Do you think war is okay religiously, morally, spiritually, etc.? And I mean on both sides.

koshdim2 karma

in any case war is immoral. we want peace

Hetyman1 karma

As a part of the Ukrainian діаспора in America, and a member of ПЛАСТ, I take great interest in what is going on in Ukraine. How do you feel about Порошенко and what he has done so far? Слава Україні!

koshdim2 karma

Героям Слава!

until government doesn't work it is impossible to say, when it start to work we can look and evaluate the results

GreatGeak1 karma

I watched live streams of people rioting before the change in prime minister, I remember thinking how exciting it was that Ukraine was rising up to change the country into what it wanted to be.

After that my heart really went out to you guys with Russia coming in at such a difficult time for Ukraine.

This is a story that has kept particular interest to me personally.

At one point, you mentioned that most do not agree with the "rebels". How well do you believe Ukraine will maintain its resolve towards these changes in government? Do you see any country coming in and assisting with the war? Do the Ukranian people keep possitive in the outcome of the war effort?

People worldwide are watching, I will hope and pray (if it means anything to you) for your father's safety.

koshdim1 karma

  1. there is big danger for Ukraine and without help of the rest of the world we cannot handle that. if world doesn't help us I believe it can trigger new world war.

  2. directly myself I haven't felt help from any other country

  3. Yes, Ukrainians are very optimistic. most people joke about war, this makes us stronger

GreatGeak1 karma

2.directly myself I haven't felt help from any other country

In what ways does Ukraine need the most help?

Is there any way that you can think of that a countries citizens can help without the backing of its government?

I know that last one might be a silly question, but I am a U.S. Citizen, and Ukraine's story seems to hit close to home with me (in regards to the original revolution). I would be more than willing to donate to some sort of kickstarter or something (I know this must seem silly in light of things).

How can I help, short of coming over and enlisting?

Thank you for answering my questions.

koshdim1 karma

I didn't say that there is no help, pressure on Putin is already a help. but personally, in my division there is no a piece of armament or other supply that is not Ukrainian. other countries could send us their old, obsolete APCs for example, that would help ALOT. but that is political decision, so you can help influencing on politics.

koshdim1 karma

I never talk about something I haven't witnessed myself, and not recommend to do this to anybody else

Beansareno1-1 karma

What do you and your father think of the fascist Azobv Battalion? Why are you accepting of Neo-Nazis in your ranks?


koshdim1 karma

our volunteer battalions fight for the independence of Ukraine

w122-19 karma

What does he think about shelling (grad system) of civilian population ?




What are the loses (people killed, wounded) in Ukraine army ?



Also, does he know that U.S government financed euromaidan ? What is his opinion on that ?


koshdim12 karma

  1. why do you think that videos show Ukrainian shells hitting civilians?

  2. listen carefully, she said "since Ukrainian independence", if you don't know that happened in 1991, so all these money were spent way before euromaidan

w122-18 karma

why do you think that videos show Ukrainian shells hitting civilians?

because this are the consequences and this are civilians.


listen carefully, she said "since Ukrainian independence", if you don't know that happened in 1991, so all these money were spent way before euromaidan

As I said.. " does he know that U.S government financed euromaidan". of course it was spent before euromaidan. It was financing euromaidan. I mean..you do know that state department financed "orange revolution" ? It is known fact..

Activists in each of these movements were funded and trained in tactics of political organisation and nonviolent resistance by a coalition of Western pollsters and professional consultants who were partly funded by a range of Western government and non-government agencies but received most of their funding from domestic sources.[nb 2][2] According to The Guardian, the foreign donours included the U.S. State Department and USAID along with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the International Republican Institute, the NGO Freedom House and George Soros's Open Society Institute.[34]


Also, a documentary if you wish to know more


You did not answer this question

What are the loses (people killed, wounded) in Ukraine army ?



I have this information:

“From the new documents, we are able to confirm that from 8 to 15th of August, the Army of the Southeast has captured:

tanks T-64 – 18 units; infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) – 24 units; armored personnel carriers (BTR) – 11 units; combat reconnaissance patrol vehicles (BRDM) – 2 units; airborne combat vehicles (BMD) – 9 units; multiple artillery rocket systems (RSZO) BM27 “Uragan” – 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S4 “Tyulpan” – 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S9 “Nona” – 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S1 “Gvozdika” – 10 units; 82 mm. caliber mortars – 6 units; anti-aircraft mounts ZU-23-2 – 3 units; wheeled vehicles – 44 units. In total, from June 20 to August 15 during the punitive action, according to the reports of the Ukrainian military, the militia forces captured:

tanks T-64 – 65 units; infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) – 69 units; armored personnel carriers (BTR) – 39 units; combat reconnaissance patrol vehicles (BRDM) – 2 units; airborne combat vehicles (BMD) – 9 units; multiple artillery rocket systems (RSZO) BM27 Uragan – 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S4 “Tyulpan” – 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S9 “Nona” – 6 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S1 “Gvozdika” – 25 units; howitzers D-30 – 10 units; 82 mm. caliber mortars – 32 units; anti-aircraft mounts ZU-23-2 – 18 units; wheeled vehicles – 124 units.


Can you confirm this ?

koshdim15 karma

so if civilians were killed it proves that shells were fired by Ukrainians? I would not count that as an evidence.

I cannot confirm what I haven't witnessed

ithomas69-26 karma

What is your opinion on Isis as a Russian?

koshdim27 karma

I am not Russian, I am Ukrainian.

I don't know much about ISIS, but my opinion is that religion must be separated from the state and from politics, it has to be in each person's soul and not influence anything else