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I am just thinking on the alleged attempted murder.

So the girlfriend, apparently with no provocation, tries to kill her SO with her own gun in her own house and claim suicide.

Let's assume for a moment that she is a sociopath, since there was seemingly no motive. I feel like the dad would have noticed. Even well adjusted psychopaths tend to be OCD or have some other nervous tick that pops up, even though they seem normal (and, often, very charismatic) in all other aspects of their personality and behavior.

But if she was not disturbed in this manner, we have a problem. Stable people do not try and murder other people for no reason. Ever. Did the dad have a massive insurance policy? Doesn't seem like it, and it seems unlikely he would name a potentially temporary SO as a beneficiary. Did he cheat on her? I guess maybe, but he seems like a stand up guy from this AMA so I doubt it, and seems like he would tell us if he did.

This leads me to think that his memory is, well, unreliable before his coma. Being unconscious that long in that way has a tendency to affect memories, erasing some, changing others. He says his personality changed slightly, which is completely expected, but lobotomies (which this wasn't in the strictest sense, but it was similar) often serve to erase or alter a good portion of one's experiential memories, erasing chronologies and learned interpretations. It is potentially possible that he tried to kill himself, but obviously at this point no one will ever really know.

We have arrived then at the most likely explanation: The dad is an ex-spy. The wound destroyed the memories. It is beyond obvious that his girlfriend was a double agent and that they were partners. He found out about her deal with extreme hacktivists, but gave her the benefit of one final evening together before dropping the news that he was going to report her. He told her he was going to go to bed and give her a full night's head start, but she thought it would be easier to just end him then and there, despite the pain it would cause her. She believed in her cause.

That is why she tracked him down in the bar all those years later. She wanted to see if he remembered anything, but also felt bad and wanted to see that he wasn't completely destroyed, for her own benefit.

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This is the answer I always wanted

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Reddit is in rare form today

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That sounds similar to how deaf people, when they get implants, feel like they no longer belong to deaf culture but are also still alienated from hearing culture. Glad to hear that you didn't really have any issues with that.

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TOTALLY. This is a super legitimate issue suffered by people who are disabled in myriad ways.

Deaf people who get implants are seen by their deaf friends as abandoning their culture in an effort to fit in (not universal, but a well documented issue). When in truth, deaf people have the opportunity to hear Bach, why people hate the song Diamond, and the sound of kittens meowing in happiness when they first discover string.

People in wheelchairs, and, in this description, equivalently dwarves are faced with the fact that it is too much goddam trouble to use your upper cupboards if you know every time you want something from them you are going to have to use a lifeline and phone a friend.

If a dwarf has the opportunity to be taller then goddam do it. Everything is made for people at least 5ft tall and it isn't prejudice, it's just averages, and if you have a way to make your life sit closer to that average fucking do it.