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Corabal277 karma

How do you feel about being mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy and would you like to appear in that movie franchise?

AJMilano344 karma

Holy sh*t!!! How cool was that? YES! Sign me up.

kickme444250 karma

Alyssa, will you please do reddit secret Santa this year? Your brother does it and we love you!

AJMilano267 karma


melissaval222 karma

Do you miss the Charmed period?

AJMilano300 karma

Every. Single. Day.

I'm still very close to my crew though.

theArnoldFans1175 karma

Hi Alyssa, Would you do a sequel to COMMANDO and what's a great memory that you can share from your experience with Schwarzenegger?

AJMilano312 karma

Arnold used to help me with my algebra homework. He was always very good to me.

tron1977141 karma

What was your reaction when you found out that Starlord's ship in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was named after you?

AJMilano230 karma

I thought people were f'ing with me.

WrayHD128 karma

Will you go to prom with me?

AJMilano193 karma

For reals?

forgotusernamedamnit117 karma

As a father to a 3 year old myself, I'll ask you what is the most unexpected/inappropriate thing your kid has said that has shocked or made you laugh out loud?

AJMilano321 karma

He asked me if my nipples were buttons.

sik_dik114 karma

Alyssa, who, in fact, is the boss?

AJMilano224 karma

Mona. Duh.

YaketyMax102 karma

What was your favorite movie to make and why was it Double Dragon?

AJMilano103 karma

I loved making FEAR. Reese and I became great friends. The creative process was great. Overall, it was just a wonderful experience. We made memories and a good film.

shehryar4691 karma

Were you bummed about the cancelling of My Name is Earl?

AJMilano131 karma

I was surprised. That show was so fun to do.

thisguystaint85 karma

You were the first person that I remember hearing about who took a stand against nude pictures of celebrities being posted on the internet. What was your immediate reaction to the recent widely-publicized scandal involving Jennifer Lawrence and several others?

Have you spoken with Jennifer Lawrence or anyone else involved about the situation?

AJMilano256 karma

Different scenarios but I hate that such a thing would happen to any woman. It's sickening and disheartening. She has every right to send whatever she wants to whomever she feels safe with. I just think, "My God, what's wrong with people."

I'm just grateful that my nudes were all taken long ago with a polaroid camera. ;)

PM_ME_Y0UR_NUDES__85 karma

Hello Alyssa! In your opinion would Charmed be a successful show if aired today for the first time?

AJMilano154 karma

I'd like to think so. I think the chemistry between us is what made the show so special. And that never goes to of style.

robquadrini7580 karma

I saw Kaley Cuoco get a Walk of Fame Star, how come you don't have one yet? You've been working for 30 yrs. Not fair.

AJMilano150 karma

Not fair!

shivan2164 karma

At the beginning of Commando, weren't you affraid that Arnold would forget his lines and attack you with the axe?

AJMilano71 karma

How did you know?

Frajer54 karma

How do you feel about Milano cookies?

AJMilano84 karma


ensockerbagare49 karma

If I, for some strange reason ever ran into you, what would be the best way to charm you?

(Also would you please acknowledge me? I don't know who would be more thrilled, 10 year old me, or present me.)

AJMilano86 karma

I see you! I'm charmed by humor. Make me laugh and I'm yours.

Sakura_749 karma

What's your favorite movie?

AJMilano157 karma


robquadrini7546 karma

Are you surprised by the responses your 2 breastfeeding photos have received? What motivated you to share them on Instagram?

AJMilano135 karma

I've never been the type of person that cares about peoples reactions to what I do or put out there. I feel as long as I stay true to who I am (and I'm okay with who I am) I'm ultimately sharing part of myself. Having said that, I will add that I think it's interesting that we are in a time where celebs can walk a red carpet in next to nothing and everyone's just fine with it but if someone posts a breastfeeding picture people have a negative reaction. What does that say about our society? I LOVE breastfeeding my baby. I want to share that part of who I am with my fans and I want it to be easier for women everywhere to feed their babies in public.

Anna_Namoose46 karma

No disrespect meant, but how did it affect you when you realized that in any given crowd there's at least a handful that have fantasized about you?

AJMilano132 karma

Because of my sparkling personality? ;)

theArnoldFans143 karma

How do you stay in shape? Do you lift or pump iron ever or what type of exercises do you do?

AJMilano124 karma

I do yoga, pilates, spinning classes and run after my 3 year old.

jeremy_chua38 karma

Hi Alyssa! I'm a HUGE fan from Singapore! It's been amazing how I was just a mere 7-year-old and watched you on Charmed, & now I'm 20! :) Here's a random question-- what are some of your favorite country songs/singers?! :)

AJMilano81 karma

PATSY CLINE! That voice kills me.

blueberryglue35 karma

I loved watching Charmed with my sister. Do you have any fun stories from behind the scenes?

AJMilano86 karma

We used to karaoke at a little dive bar every Friday night together. The cast and crew. Good times.

FriendlyCraig34 karma

Was there ever a "turning point" where you thought to yourself "No this life is not for me" or "Yes, that is the life I want?" I know you started your career pretty young, and I would find it interesting how much your life was your choice and how much was chosen for you.

Also, you look bloody amazing at your age. Any top tip on skincare?

AJMilano83 karma

Every day I think "this isn't for me". I'm terrified for my children to grow up around this business. I was so lucky that I didn't end up ef'd up. So lucky. I want to protect them from the crazies. But then I think about how much this business has allowed me to do and for that I'm grateful. I just try to take it day by day and take advantage of the opportunities that I'm given and be the absolute best mom that I can be. Hopefully, everything works out the way it is supposed to.

furryoso33 karma

What's your biggest regret and what have you learned from it?

AJMilano80 karma

My biggest regret is not going to college. I learned that it's important to stay motivated to learn about all that interests you and to never stop that process.

phoebe1_30 karma

Holly said at a convention (2012) that you live down the street from her! Do you ever meet and why haven't you uploaded a selfie together on twitter???

AJMilano56 karma

Sadly, we don't meet. I miss her. I dream about her. But unfortunately, our lives have taken different roads. Maybe someday, when the kids are grown and we're both not so busy, things will be different. But for now, I love her from afar!

Velorium_Camper27 karma

Who's your favorite Charmed baddy and why is it Balthazar?

What's the coolest item from Charmed that you got to keep?

Edit: spelling

AJMilano40 karma

Bathazar for sure. He was the ultimate bad boy. I didn't take anything from the CHARMED set. I wish I did.

VirtuaMcPolygon26 karma

If you could work with any Actor/director. Who and why? (dead or alive!)

AJMilano71 karma

Michel Gondry! Such an amazing visionary.

Sakura_725 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

AJMilano56 karma

Batman! Wonder Woman!

kilithesexydwarf23 karma

What was your favorite charmed episode?

AJMilano56 karma

The Mermaid episode. It makes me laugh.

I_Lase_You23 karma

Hello Alyssa! Here's a Welcome to reddit lase for you! [Link] Now the question: Have you ever turned down a role that later on you really wish you'd taken?

AJMilano35 karma

Tony Danza once said to me, "you never regret the things you don't do". I concur.

MMike7819 karma

Hi Alyssa, do you still have your guns 💪?

AJMilano48 karma

Yes... They are under some fat now but they're still there. :)

theArnoldFans119 karma

My neighbor owns your music album that he picked up in Japan. What are the odds you'll do a new album/CD? Do you sing to your kids and what are your current favorite bands?

AJMilano55 karma

I love to sing to my kids. It' crazy how you can feel there little bodies relax when they hear music. What a gift music is! I love Sufjan Stevens, Blur, Elbow, The Beatles.

u105370318 karma

How do you feel about Jaycee Dugard using your name when she was in captivity?

AJMilano28 karma

It was overwhelming but a great reminder of how you can touch someone's life without being aware. It's part of why I love what I do.

CobraCornelius16 karma

Can you tell us something cool about Tony Danza? How about Malcolm MacDowell?

AJMilano22 karma

Tony is the best! I still get sweet emails from him. And Malcolm was really great too. I had a great time watching him create that character from HUGO POOL.

Ray_ofsunshine15 karma

Favorite Muppet?

AJMilano44 karma


AJMilano21 karma


lazyass_tiger14 karma

Which was the most difficult scene in your career?

AJMilano39 karma

Any scene where I have to cry. I have to conjure up real emotion because I have no tricks and this takes a toll on your mental state. I dread them.

Theatomone14 karma

What is your favorite charity to donate to, and why does that one mean so much to you?

AJMilano35 karma

UNICEF. Because every child deserves a healthy, happy, protected childhood.

unicorn10-1013 karma

What's your favorite animal?

AJMilano57 karma

Humans. :)

No, I have 4 dogs and 10 horses. I love horses and dogs. (A lot)

seismicor9 karma

You have done a voice work for a Ghostbusters videogame. What kind of experience was it? Have you been approached to star in Ghostbusters III yet? Would you like to star in it?

AJMilano14 karma

I love doing voice over work.I have not been approached to do GBIII and yes, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Amojondro9 karma

What should I have for dinner today?

AJMilano31 karma

Indian food.

GoodScumBagBrian9 karma

Holy cow, I can honestly say Ma'am that you are literally my first love. I was crazy about you when I was a kid that was the same age as you when you were on Who's the Boss? ok, I have to ask a question. hmmm, what's the best restaurant you have ever eaten at and what did you have?

AJMilano12 karma

I love SUGARFISH. Sushi...yum...so good.

dutchbeard9 karma

How did you end up in a Blink 182 video?

AJMilano11 karma

I have no idea.

eiselein8 karma

Who's at your dream dinner party?

AJMilano28 karma

John Lennon, Jesus, Audrey Hepburn and Elon Musk

keystroker0078 karma

The only thing I'd like to say to you up front is that you are a beautiful person.

Proof: Looking at the title of this AMA explains it perfectly. Out of all of the wonderful things you have accomplished in your professional career, the fact that you put "Mom" first demonstrates what type of person you are. To me, that is the sexiest out of all the titles you have associated with your name.

AJMilano21 karma

It is my most important title.

edmonton697 karma

What is the one thing in the world that makes you the most happiest?

AJMilano13 karma

Being with my family.

unicorn10-107 karma

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

AJMilano31 karma

Nothing beats the simplicity and deliciousness of vanilla. But I also like mint chocolate chip.

phoebe1_7 karma

Who was the last actor from Charmed you ran into/talked to?

AJMilano20 karma

Brian and Dorian came to the CHARMED reunion that I had at my house which was great fun. I speak to Rose on social media almost daily. I love these people. We spent almost a decade together working sometimes 80 hours a week.

YaketyMax7 karma

The Dodgers are loaded at OF (Puig, Kemp, Crawford, Ethier, Pederson, Van Slyke). Who do we keep/get rid of? What would you do if you were GM?

AJMilano28 karma

I'm glad I'm not GM. I think Ether and Puig can go. But more importantly... can we please get an amazing starting rotation and bullpen??? Pitching wins championships. I know it and you know it, surely the front office knows it.

robquadrini756 karma

How did you come up with the name Elizabella Dylan? I love it. Do you have a nickname for her yet?

AJMilano26 karma

I call her Bella. My mother-in-law's name is Elizabeth and my mom's name is Lin and we wanted to name her after those beautiful women but modernize the names. We came up with Elizabella Dylin. And Milo Thomas is named after David and my fathers. (This answer is grammatically incorrect and I know it so back off!) :)

Christinaaa_956 karma

What's the greatest thing you've learned from your children?

AJMilano13 karma

They've taught me how important living in the moment is. Life goes so fast. Too fast. Watching a child grow is a constant reminder of that.

adripece6 karma


AJMilano8 karma

Something with children. Maybe a pediatrician?

Weekndr6 karma

What's your favourite song right now?

AJMilano31 karma

Blackbird by The Beatles

Mviridis6 karma

Crosby or Ovechkin?

AJMilano27 karma


JulieBK915 karma


AJMilano9 karma

  1. Good question. No clue.
  2. Good point.
  3. Honestly, she's the only one that has the answer to that. I was told she left for creative reasons.
  4. Mermaid episode. It makes me cackle.

Bensonhoist_trowie5 karma

Yo, Alyssa! Do you ever come back to visit Bensonhoist?

And, pretending for a second that you're single, who has a better chance with you - da everyday nice guy, or da bad boy?

You're da best!

AJMilano10 karma

I LOVE BROOKLYN! My Aunt and my cousin still live there! When I'm in NY shooting Project Runway All Stars, I go to Brooklyn a few times a week. LOVE IT.

VincenzoMarsden5 karma

Hi Alyssa! Thanks for doing AMA. Two questions, 1st, what's your favorite memory from Who's The Boss? Second, will you marry me?

AJMilano6 karma

Judith's shoulder pads are my favorite memory. I can't marry you because I'm already married. But thanks for the offer. ;)

bokuwahmz4 karma

What was your favourite video game as a kid? And do you have one now?

AJMilano19 karma

Donkey Kong

ElvisPhoenix4 karma

Are you coming in Paris for the convention (2015)?

AJMilano3 karma

I'd like to. It depends on my work schedule.

liamquane4 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you on set?

AJMilano9 karma

Be my safety net when I take risks.

apalebluedot3 karma

If you could give one piece of advice to someone aspiring to make it as a film actor, what would it be?

AJMilano10 karma

Have a plan B!

robinsky13 karma

What was it like working on Who's The Boss?

AJMilano11 karma

Honestly, it was so long ago I don't remember most of it.

robquadrini753 karma

When can we expect to see the new Hacktivist comics? Have you been approached about adapting it for a TV series or movie?

AJMilano10 karma

I would think the new HACKTIVIST comics will be out next year. We are in production now and... I hope to be able to give you some exciting news soon about the other part of your question. Hi, Rob!

ben56473 karma

I've been a huge fan of you since I was born. I watched you on Who's the Boss when I was a toddler and Charmed when I was growing up. You are so awesome, Alyssa. My questions are:

  • What's your opinion on Josh Charles as an actor and isn't he an awesome person?

  • Do you still keep in contact with Danny Pinaturo and isn't he an awesome person?

AJMilano13 karma

So good. SPORTS NIGHT!!!!!! Oh, how I loved that show. He's a good dude.

melissaval2 karma

Do you still sing?

AJMilano5 karma

Only to my babies.

ElvisPhoenix2 karma

Do you feel Blessed?

AJMilano4 karma


zefareu2 karma

Mayo or Miracle Whip?

AJMilano12 karma