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phoebe1_30 karma

Holly said at a convention (2012) that you live down the street from her! Do you ever meet and why haven't you uploaded a selfie together on twitter???

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Who was the last actor from Charmed you ran into/talked to?

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Many Charmed Conventions are happening in Europe this year. I know you're very busy, especially now with the new baby, but is there a chance you'll attend one in the future? (There's one happening February 2015 in Paris.)

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omg, so exciting!! Btw, I'm still waiting for my copy. It takes forever. I had to order it twice. I don't know what's the problem and they don't ship it to Greece. :/

phoebe1_2 karma

I think you tweeted more Hacktivist comics will be released & that the protagonist will be female this time, right? I haven't read these comics yet, but what can you share w/ us about the new ones? Also, will you turn Hacktivist into a movie? Niki, from Greece