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What happened between DJ Premier and GURU? I heard a lot about a falling out, but no details. Having played a show with both of you at the middle east in Cambridge, Massachusetts, you two were on good terms, what happened?

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Hi Alyssa! Thanks for doing AMA. Two questions, 1st, what's your favorite memory from Who's The Boss? Second, will you marry me?

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Let's talk chicks man. What do they prefer overall, light stubble? Five O'clock shadow? Or clean shaven? Also, what is the best razor I can get for under $30? Thanks!

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Hi Lin! Thanks for doing AMA. That tongue scene from King Pin still gives me the willies.

Three questions, Would you consider yourself a character actor? Also, who is you're favorite actor living or dead? Also, if you could work with any historical figure, whom would you choose, and why?

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Love the music! Two Questions, first, Who was your biggest musical influence growing up? Second, who & what is your biggest influence now?

Thanks for doing AMA. Cheers!