Hello reddit!

Once upon a time, I defaced a bunch of websites owned by the government and big corporations, warning them against cyberattacks and all of the wonderful things we hear about in the news today.

I have made a moderate name for myself as a "nerdcore" hip-hop artist with a focus in rhyming about the seedier side of internet - I like to provide a soundtrack for my fellow computer nerds to jam out to while they are knee-deep in an IDE, the same way all of the rappers I look up to taught me about the reality of the streets.

For the last nine months, I have been working on "Introducing Neals" - a retrofuture, cyberpunk "hiphopera" on the road to becoming an hour-long, musical anime. Its purpose is to serve as a multimedia, multi-medium commentary on the open source movement, hacktivism, government surveillance, and net neutrality with familiar 1980s tropes and familiar 1980s corniness.

It started out as a mostly fictional account of possible events, but as time has progressed, key plot points of the album have reared their ugly head in real life. You can stream it here:


Buy it, torrent it, whatever - just listen to it because it is probably the best thing I have ever done.

I am working on a crowdfunding project to animate the album a la Pink Floyd's "The Wall", which I have started up on Indiegogo:


The initial animation of the first couple tracks can be found here:


Remember, remember, the 5th of November. AMA!

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MegaRan29 karma

Yo YTC! Just listened to Neals and I can highly recommend it as the best stuff i've ever heard from you, which is a huge compliment! I appreciate how you constantly keep it creative and new on each release.

my question is one that people ask me a lot: what's your writing process? Do you write to a beat only when inspired, or just jot down ideas all year?

also what's your favorite verse you ever wrote? one you look back on like "yooo I murdered this!"

hope to rock another show with you sometime homie. <3

freshleycrusher16 karma

hey ran! anyone viewing this comment needs to check out /u/megaran ama in about 30 minutes from the time of this post.

honestly, my writing process is i make a bunch of noises that sound like words just to kind of get a feel for how i should sit on the beat, and then i kind of figure out what words i want to say that fit the noises with the narrative i am trying to spit. this is probably going to make no sense to anyone who doesn't write lyrics to beats, but i guarantee you know what i'm talking about.

favorite verse i ever wrote changes so much - right now i am really jocking a lot of the stuff on the new album just because it "seems" like a step up. i'm sure you know how that goes too - things fall in and out of favor, gain nostalgia factor, etc.

phayze0122 karma

You once claimed to have "had a five and quarter floppy, labeled please don't drop me". You made a million copies and no one could ever stop you. What was on those floppys and did anyone ever stop you?

freshleycrusher36 karma

oregon trail

and nah

nexy118 karma

You jacked my AOL account in 1999. Can I have it back, please?

freshleycrusher19 karma

i probably dont have it anymore

sorry for jacking it

jwzguy13 karma

Where can I buy your new release for bitcoin?

STC is the greatest!

freshleycrusher3 karma

what /u/SeansOutpost said

AsciiFace10 karma

What comes after Introducing Neals and the forthcoming movie event?

freshleycrusher18 karma

musicwise, i have no idea what i am going to do next.

as far as hustles go, i am working on a pretty disruptive technology to help the homeless with /u/seansoutpost, and a dating app.

EnderSeven9 karma

Welcome to Reddit, YT. So I've listened to your album five times over since release last night, how much of your life parallels Neals? (Have to admit I'm incredibly excited about the movie)

freshleycrusher7 karma

neals is just a construct of a bunch of people. neals is everyone i've ever known in this game.

itsbeaker7 karma

Who in the hell voiced that sexy motherfucker Skip Turner? His voice is like audible chocolate.

freshleycrusher3 karma

you already know

textbooksforrent7 karma


Big fan of your work. I think "Supernova Swag" might be the greatest song ever written.

I have two quick questions:

1.) do you see yourself doing any more full-length collaborative efforts like you did with MC Lars, or is that process too exhausting and difficult to organize for an entire album?

2.) If you could do an entire album with ANYONE in the history of music, who would it be?


freshleycrusher12 karma

  1. i think lars and i are going to do another album. i like working with lars. dglp1 only took a week in san francisco - i loved the experience.

  2. phil collins, hands down

citizeninternet6 karma

Care to opine a bit on the evolution of Bitcoin? Can projects like Medici and sidechains be heralding in an even greater democratization of money?

freshleycrusher10 karma

i honestly think that the blockchain technology is incredibly revolutionary and has a TON of applications even beyond currency, but it is the miners that truly make the technology usable, and they must be incentivized.

i think it is fascinating that even the initial release of bitcoin already solved a bunch of insane tendrils i never would have thought of. every time i release any type of software, it is always filled with a shitload of bugs and things i forgot to dummyproof.

i don't know what medici is so i am just rambling about how much i love the blockchain. hail blockchain.

derpdicler6 karma

Did the Dekalb Police audio ever get mirrored after the popularity of the DCPD Bangerz album?

On a scale of 1 to infinity, how happy are you to have Surge back?

Been a fan since Nerdrap Entertainment System. Excited for Introducing Neals!

freshleycrusher6 karma

no, but i think i have the instrumentals somewhere. i could start the archive.org of dcpd beats.

i love surge very much and i got a bunch of cases. people give me surge for free too, now, so that is cool.

love you cuddles

robinsky16 karma

Is it true ANYTHING can be hacked?

freshleycrusher9 karma

yes - simply because human beings are idiots. human beings built the systems and work the systems we use every day. until skynet is a reality, hacking is here to stay.

aerno6 karma

have you given your thanks to Him today?

freshleycrusher6 karma


T34bagm5 karma

Ytcracker! Huge fan of yours! I remember I first heard of you through G4's commercial they had featuring you. I've always wanted to kinda get a chance to talk to you, my questions for you AMA:

  1. Being a nerdcore veteran, what's your thoughts on the current status of nerdcore?

  2. Is there a chance you will ever sell T-shirts again?

  3. What is your opinion of BackTrack?

  4. Gotta ask one i've always been curious about; What's your favorite color?


freshleycrusher6 karma

  1. i think it is healthy, the VPCs are a huge testament to that
  2. selling shirts as part of the neals crowdfunding
  3. backtrack is phased out, people are using kali now, but that's even probably been phased out
  4. blue

digitalchaos5 karma

What are your plans with "open your eyes" and will there be more like it? It seems like you cut it from Introducing Neals, why?

I love the anger you throw down in it and some of your recent stuff. MORE!

freshleycrusher1 karma

oh that was just a one off and wasn't going on an album anyway

i should probably just make it available for download

Fodal5 karma

Are you going to be playing SXSW in 2015 and are the 8-bit boys dead?

freshleycrusher5 karma

8bb is just on a knee i dunno whats up with it

i could probably do sxsw i know the people to bug and ive done it a bunch of years in the past ill see whats up soon

OsmoticFerocity5 karma

Wish you woulda come out to Seattle with Lars, Chris, and Spose!

What do you think about the US government buying up and hoarding zero days?

freshleycrusher9 karma

where there is a market, there is a way. i guarantee you that black market whodis can fire harder on 0days than a lot of the bug bounty guys can, and the government doesn't have the swag to pull the real deal with 100% accuracy.

chjacobsen4 karma

Hi, long time fan of your music.

  1. Your latest album is one of the more serious nerdcore releases i've heard so far. It's a pretty rare entry, because the scene still seems to be quite light-hearted and humorous at it's core. Do you perceive nerdcore rappers in general as being afraid to take themselves seriously?
  2. Who are the main people involved in the Niels anime project?
  3. Procedural music generation. Is it a thing?

freshleycrusher2 karma

  1. the definition of nerdcore is pretty malleable, which is why i put the term in quotes. if i had to choose a genre for myself, it would be digital gangster rap or hackercore or something dumb like that. give it a name.

  2. my alter ego quantum torrentino and this beautiful studio in serbia.

  3. it is indeed a thing. stick to pentatonic scales and lunch pails.

ItsonFire9114 karma

WE ever gonna see any more chrono nurga?

freshleycrusher8 karma

i volume one everything and never do a volume two

i always thought it was hilarious on some mel brooks tip

HighrulianHero3 karma

Indica or Sativa?

freshleycrusher9 karma

blends always

Pumparnokel3 karma


freshleycrusher6 karma

ya were internet rich

i just want people to like it

Ancients3 karma

Are you, in fact, some kind of homeless wizard?

freshleycrusher2 karma


mygapinghole3 karma

did you get any heat for the miley cyrus hack back in the day?

freshleycrusher1 karma

nah, just tangentially

Docholliday6663 karma

Why is Vamos a la playa so hacktastic? And what are your future plans for Digitalgangster.com?

freshleycrusher4 karma

i think i'm going to open it up again since cam0 did the today show yesterday.

adrock30003 karma

what are the languages you are writing code in these days? can i get an invite to dg? is it even worth it? haven't been in since the closening. how many times do you listen to swygar on a daily basis? thanks for the years of listens

freshleycrusher5 karma

dg is kind of faltering, but i could probably bring it back with some tlc

lately ive just been managing coders and not getting my hands dirty myself, but c# php objc been in the roster of foster

swygar is a cool song <3

Endreo3 karma

Were you able to get your hands on any Surge, that hocus pocus focus juice?

freshleycrusher7 karma

ya i had vip access i got a few cases

datavortex3 karma

What are the proper ethical boundaries activists should observe when resisting the surveillance and police states, and government overreach in general?

freshleycrusher4 karma

the biggest problem when asking questions of "ethics" is if - hypothetically - you are playing a game - are you playing by the same rules? if you're playing by the same rules, you can play by the same ethics.

that answer is really weird, but i think you know what i mean.

peevegrider3 karma

I've supported you on all of your albums (except the ones you released for free), big fan of 8 bit boys, angelpool, and cat5 techno

Also gotta shout out to my other Digital Gangsters -> DG4Life.

My favorite albums were NES and Nerd Life, will you ever return with another album like those that us hardcore computer science nerds and hackers can get behind? I like the new stuff but it doesn't give me the same woody that the old ones did.

Also, please give us an EP with Quintessence. And put less on the beat and more on your lyrical computer science voodoo genius.

My YTC playlist right now:

Random Toxicity, Untouchable, Throne I Own, Spam or Not, View Source, The Legend, STC Is The Greatest, Internet Worth, Halloween Hack Attack.

freshleycrusher2 karma

quintessence is a grocer now maybe i can pull him out of retirement

justcs3 karma

What advice would give for someone who is alarmed with increasing surveillance, but still wants to work and be a part of the infosec community?

freshleycrusher6 karma

i know people working on both sides of the fence - cops need robbers, red teams need blue teams.

the thing about infosec is you can totally choose your own adventure - it is still such a budding field that you can attach your own style of moral compass in your actions, so just do you playa.

Heromedic183 karma

Last time I watched one of your drunk streams you gave instructions as how to introduce yourself to hardcore drugs, how women exist only to be screwed, woke up your roommate and then felt bad about it for 3 hours, and detailed how easy it is to start a porn website. This concluded with you showing off your Lambo and buying tickets to a Ed Sheeran concert in London. While I must say it was very entertaining to watch, my question is how much of these drunk decisions do you actually regret the following day, and do you even remember anything I'm saying? That stupid question aside, I've listened to Imprisoned by Syndicate at least 100 times today, love the 80's synth.

freshleycrusher2 karma

i love to be americas top scientist at any given moment, and luckily i am branded as an eccentric, so no one takes me too seriously or judges me too radically.

that said, i would rather regret the things i have done in life than regret the things i did not. just live life and be a person and give people something to talk about.

aoi_kokoro2 karma

Why are you so awesome?


freshleycrusher3 karma

i am not that awesome, trust me

young_mike2 karma

Does phlow still rap?

freshleycrusher3 karma

no hes an accountant

Tom2Die2 karma

Hmm...new ytcracker album. That definitely sounds like me. A lot. Heard of you through DualCore. I have no recollection of how I heard of them, but I'm glad I did. I need more nerdcore in my life. I'm not sure I have a question, really...I've been incredibly remiss in my nerdcore listening.

Ok, I've got one. You're probably long gone, but my frustration lives on. Why did you have to remind me that I have yet to start watching V for Vendetta today?! I've done it every year for the past 6 or so, and nobody would believe me if I don't, but...after so many years it gets kinda stale, ya know? Eh, I should still watch it.


EDIT (with real questions):
As it turns out, I can come up with a few questions!

  • Is "neals" short for Neal Stephenson? I want it to be true very badly.
  • Okay, listening to the album, I hear "Nice Guyman" and I'm almost certain at this point. That more or less makes this edit moot, but I'm keeping it for posterity.

freshleycrusher2 karma

yes neals is short for neal stephenson the same way as YT is yours truly

nice guiman is how it is spelled but call a spade a spade

Tom2Die2 karma

Why am I surprised that you're awake at this hour? I know I shouldn't be...I gotta fly out to meet the folks I develop cryptocurrency with tomorrow...

At any rate, I'm pretty sure you just made my week. Have a beer. /u/changetip

therandomguy99882 karma

Ever since CO went weed legal has the stuff you've been smoking gotten a lot better than what you use to get from DGs?

freshleycrusher7 karma

there was a guy in cali who spammed his hash out to pretty much everywhere around the country

i got to smoke his hash whenever i was on tour

i dont think the legality has much to do with it, it just makes the arms race more awesome

Bitcoin_baron2 karma

What's your go to game at the moment? Also loving neals

freshleycrusher5 karma

kerbal space program

rizzmonster2 karma

I'm trying to get into programming but I am at a loss at how to make it fun. most projects I see are things like build a calculator or a web crawler. got any tips for a fun project I can do in python that would be useful and help me grab the ropes and run with it?

freshleycrusher5 karma

best thing to do is figure out a problem you want to solve and solve it with programming

lets say theres a task that you find yourself doing multiple times a day - maybe it can be automated, maybe it cant - but approach programming as trying to make whatever that task is easier

mirkaminer2 karma

Hi YTC! How about sweden and dreamhack? Are we going to se you there.

freshleycrusher3 karma

i have huge roots in sweden via the pirate party and one of the chief producers of the album, so who knows

JacksonGuitarguy2 karma

Hey YT, I'm probably way to late to this, but I did a show with you at the Beauty Bar and CES in Vegas in like...2007? Holy fuck we're old. Anyway, I sucked, but you were totally cool to me and the first person to come up and say "nice job", so I wanted to say thanks for that.

Also, totally digging the Synthwave sound!

freshleycrusher2 karma

hahhhahahah nice that was a cool show

letcha2 karma

What role did the AOL hacking scene play in the evolution of ytcracker?

freshleycrusher3 karma

i call aol the alpha omicron lambda fraternity, because seriously everyone that came out of that clique is doing something important, and we all help each other out. even mark zuckerburg is a part of the fraternity.

a lot of my earlier music was pretty aol-centric, and i love /u/MrSteveCase - we share a last name so you know how we do

pinguin1012 karma

What do you think we need to help teach the general public about hackivists, hackers, and general security? Everytime I try to explain something simple it still seems like the only thing that they can understand is when I tell them to use a phrase that includes uppercase, lowercase, and a punctuation mark for their passwords. But even then they still want to keep their pass as something like: "puppy123".

Other than password security what do you think we can do to help educate the general population?

freshleycrusher8 karma

just not using the same password for everything is the most important thing in the history of luddite security we can possibly hope for

people are fallible, even i have been taken for a ride on good social engineering scam

condoms arent 100% effective, neither are "best practices"

TheBlueMuse2 karma

What game-themed EP/LP (Chrono Nurga, Nerdrap Entertainment etc) do you think is your personal best, and why?

freshleycrusher2 karma

prob chrono nurga - it encapsulated a lot of how i was at the time

lukel992 karma

YT, been a long time fan, since NES. My co-founder recently sent you the video of us using lol money as the intro music for our startup's presentation at the end of our accelerator. He also mentioned the show forever ago at JMU in VA where it was like 30 of us in a room, and you, Lars and Front all killed it. It's one of my favorite shows that I've ever attended, but it makes me wonder what is your favorite show you ever performed? Do you like the small intimate venues, or do you like doing shows in front of huge crowds? Any memories you want to share?

Listening to Neals on Spotify right now, and as soon as I'm off public wifi I'll shoot some BTC for it. Keep it scientific.

freshleycrusher5 karma

i actually remember that show very vividly because of how crazy it was - i showed your partner a video from that show - they are available on youtube

i hate this being my answer, but really, so many venues bleed together - it is incredibly hard to keep them all straight, so i don't really think i have a breakout show in my mind

i like playing the smaller shows better because i am super social anxiety weirdo, so the smaller the show, the better in my eyes

lukel992 karma

Yeah, I remember geeking out at that show because we could chill and talk with you guys for a while afterwards. It was an awesome time, and like I said, one of my favorite concerts ever.

We're in Chicago now, so any time you come through the midwest we'll be there. Thanks for the inspiration. You gonna be at defcon next year?

freshleycrusher3 karma

every year

wat_waterson2 karma

Hey YTC! Looking forward to the movie, I've listened to the album twice so far and thanks for sharing the 0day vids and music <3

How many more classic games do you think you can sample before it's too much?

Besides hacking, writing/producing music, Minecraft with bibs and science, what's something you enjoy that we don't hear about?

When are we going to hear another song with bibs? That was fucking adorable.

Thanks for the music and the rad impromptu motivational speeches, looking forward to the next time we hang out -g3k

freshleycrusher3 karma

i already sampled waaaaaaaaay too many

i enjoy gambling a lot i love to bust sick parlays and get paid like a crazy math nerd

ill get bibs on another track soon she digs the science

and thank you love you

bruce_fenton2 karma

I love Bitcoin and the English language and am interested in speaking.

I think it would be fun to make a rap sometime. Any advice how someone with no experience might make a rap song?

freshleycrusher8 karma

rhythm and meter are the most important thing in my eyes, but lately there has been a lot more "avant-garde" projects that see huge success.

honestly, my only advice to people making music is to have fun. as long as you are having fun, who gives a shit what other people think?

Spookeboy2 karma

Hello YT, I have a question. What is the best tools to use as someone who has little to none experience in hacking? I promise not to be a blackhat.

freshleycrusher6 karma

dont promise to not be a blackhat because it may be what you want to do with your life

take a look at offensive security and their guides and take a look at the kali distro - scripts like wifite make hacking friends wifi for fun and profit easy as pie

drag yourself up from there and become a beast

tysonDUB2 karma

Hi YT. Your rap delivery has seemed to have a bit of a dirty (nerdy) south drawl that is very different from how you speak. What rappers influenced your style?

freshleycrusher3 karma

too many to count

ive probably appropriated way more stylistically than i can quantify

shmesley2 karma

whats up bryce? i remember you from the gen[m]ay days. makes me sad that such a strong community just went the way of the dodo. glad you are still around

freshleycrusher2 karma

you know how we do

snack_man2 karma

What are some of your favorite sci fi novels/authors? Are there any in particular whose influence is strong in Introducing Neals?

freshleycrusher9 karma

neals is actually named after neal stephenson, which is where the YT from my own name comes from. gibson is obviously the largest influence in anything done in the cyberpunk arena from my generation.

kurtmccool5 karma

I've suspected that's where YT was from forever, but I never saw it confirmed anywhere. Thanks for freeing up some of my mental RAM!

freshleycrusher4 karma

kourier = spammer

natural progression

steelsoldat2 karma

What do you think about the million post thread in the 5um? Would you like to see the million posts reached or what are your opinions? Yes I am the spammer.

But the spam game is winnable

freshleycrusher2 karma

/u/aerno is who you be biting ya feel me

SirWheatThins2 karma

Why isn't N.E.S. on Spotify?

freshleycrusher2 karma

its old

therealNux2 karma

What do those shirts and hoodies look like? Would throw some money that way if i could see them

freshleycrusher1 karma

It's going to be the same graphic as the album art.

Darquekyss2 karma

Which musical artists inspire you?

freshleycrusher2 karma

the problem i have with music is the farther i travel up the mountain, the higher i realize the mountain is. there are a lot of people that can't tell the difference between artist a and artist b, but anyone "in the know" can.

that said, i really sweat this group out of LA called "oliver"'s mixing, pendulum/knife party composition and mixing and sound design - the list is tall and wide actually i could go on for hours.

fleabitten112 karma

So what the fuck happened with the 8 bit boys? One good album and then it seemed like everyone went into meltdown.

freshleycrusher6 karma

yea thats a weird subject ask me again in 5 years or so

loopop2 karma

If the 90's were the golden age of rap, what period do you consider the golden age of the internet? Do you ever yearn for the late 90's / early 2000's underground feel again? Back then (and earlier), programmers were a bit like magicians.. people were in awe of what we could do. Everybody is at it now.

freshleycrusher7 karma

i actually think the internet is getting more and more awesome

there is this line in the wire where slim charles tells cutty that the game aint changed it just got more fierce

thats all it is the game is more fierce

1800OopsJew2 karma

Been listening to the new album all morning at work. A+.

Who do you think is the most underrated/under appreciated/under recognized artist in Nerdcore right now?

freshleycrusher5 karma

i really dig the work coming from the female sector, like shubzilla

live show on point as well

sm4llz1 karma

Why do you feel inclined to pee into public sinks?

freshleycrusher3 karma

i moved up to peeing everywhere now no place is safe

DanceExMachina1 karma

Hey YTC. In February 2010, you came to London for a couple of days. I was 17 at the time and had gotten into nerdcore in a big way a year or two earlier. Not many nerdcore artists had made it over here at the time (since then I've been able to see Random and Front, as well as Lars a few times), so I was pretty excited at the chance of seeing you perform while you were here. I sent you a couple of emails and you said it was all too short-notice so you weren't planning on doing any shows (but you were planning on coming back for a tour a few months later).

Then I saw this tweet saying that you were planning to be at an open mic night across London from where I lived. The day of the open night I emailed you asking if you were still planning on being there, but got no response. I was hesitant about going as it was about an hour and a half from where I lived, I was broke (public transport ain't cheap), and I had school the next day. But I thought I might not get another chance to see you, so I decided to go for it.

I embarked on my long journey across the city, and eventually made it to this open mic in the basement of some pub. I got there a little while after it started, but the night was young so I figured you probably hadn't been by yet. I sat there at the back of the room watching the mostly bad (but occasionally decent) people singing their songs, but there was no ytcracker (no rap of any kind if I recall correctly). Right in front of the stage, across the room from me, there was a group of youngish guys, who looked like they could potentially be you and your friends. But it was a bit dark and I was at the other end of the room, and I wasn't that familiar with what you looked like anyway, so I just wasn't sure.

After several hours I was almost ready to give up, but the guy I had thought was most likely to be you got up and walked past me towards the loos. I thought "shit, that was him..." so I got my nerves up, and when the guy came back through I stood up and said to him "Sorry... are you YTCracker?". He looked confused and said "What? ... no?" and went back over to the table. I sat down again and waited a few minutes to hide the embarrassment, and then left for my long journey back home.

I've sometimes wondered if you made it and I missed you, or your plans just changed. So my question is: did you ever make it to that open mic?

freshleycrusher7 karma

i don't think i did make it to the open mic. if it is the trip i remember, the only thing i remember doing was going to the camden roadhouse with my friends jordan and gareth. i was probably very inebriated.

i have been meaning to come out to england with wheatus and frontalot or lars or whatever sometime to actually do a real show, but i have been very bad about getting on the tours out there. please don't hate me.

texasota1 karma

Your show in Houston with MC Chris in 2010 was, by far, the most fun show I've ever been to. When are you coming back?

freshleycrusher3 karma

probably going to tour on this release

mattjfk11 karma

How can I get into hacking?

freshleycrusher2 karma

take a look at offensive security and their guides and take a look at the kali distro - scripts like wifite make hacking friends wifi for fun and profit easy as pie drag yourself up from there and become a beast

demonessa1 karma

I love your music, Nerd Life and Space Mission are my favorite albums.

Anyway, some questions: Favorite programming language[s]? How do you manage to cope with the overwhelming shit going on in the world?

I guess that's all I can think of right now... been up all night! I love the new album, it gave me something to look forward to, so thank you!

freshleycrusher5 karma

the world is a beautiful place fuck the bullshit

im really digging the laravel php framework lately

surflessinseattle1 karma

Mr Game Genie,

When is the last time you cut the head off a fish and then burnt the remains in someone's back yard?

freshleycrusher3 karma


seriously you know when

shouldbeworking231 karma

What did you have for breakfast?

freshleycrusher5 karma

weed and vodka, like a true fake rockstar.

Khalila11 karma

How stoked were you when Surge came back?

freshleycrusher2 karma


zuk11 karma

Did you slang those acai berries?

(how hard? ballparks?)

freshleycrusher2 karma

i slung bizop way harder than acai

like infinitely harder

but them berries are cherry ya feel get on that garcinia

Mavidoore1 karma

How do I get back on DG? Is my username recoverable from when everything was compromised over a year ago?

freshleycrusher2 karma

nah its all a new roll

Lukifer1 karma

Have you played Netrunner? It's a card game of hackers (runners) vs. mega-corps, and it's fucking awesome.

Loving Neals, can't wait to see the rest of it animated!

freshleycrusher3 karma

i havent yet i probably should get on that

EnRuins1 karma

YT, I just want to give props and congratulate you on your success. Love your music to the point of having some old STC stuff in my main playlists, it's just unbeatable. A lot of your music got me through the high and lows in my life.

If you get the chance, business or pleasure, you gotta come to Cinci. Thanking you personally would completely change the definition I have of my schooldays.

Not to mention smoking one with you would be the best thing ever.

The Moderator Bot wanted me to ask a question: What's the coolest fact a fan could know about you?

freshleycrusher2 karma

i love the 513

i dont really have any cool facts about me other than the fact that maybe i am only half white, so ytcracker is shitty application

im hawaiian american indian chinese and irish


anti_black1 karma

Why haven't you answered my emails about joining 5um? I used to frequent 4um all the way up to the end...

freshleycrusher3 karma

i dont control that anymore the members do

im going to open it up again though

NoFoxesInBoxes1 karma

What do you think about SP?

freshleycrusher2 karma

ahhh shit is that n0fx hell yea you know sp is in the mix

JaneAryan1 karma

What's your deal with the strong dislike you appear to harbor for the opposite sex? Is this real or simply gaslighting randomness just for the sake of it? In addition to that, what is your opinion on female hackers?

freshleycrusher4 karma

its odd because i get called a misogynist but i really have no idea where that comes from

i get involved in weird sjw discussions but i believe in the meritocracy

i hate "scene whores" i guess but there are a plethora of female hackers i know who are waaaaaaaaay more talented than me and i have learned a lot from and frankly, they tend to share the same opinions as i do

judge people on their skills, not their sex

ItsEirbear1 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing music over the years. I still bump APM in my car from time to time.

My question for you is waffles or pancakes?

freshleycrusher2 karma

waffles in the winter pancakes ine summer

Bitcoin_baron1 karma

How did getting arrested for hacking affect later life?

freshleycrusher2 karma

if anything it helped me

i mean i cant really get too many square jobs but anything that pays for that type of thing pays well so it is all good

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freshleycrusher2 karma

what part of canadia

Niruz2 karma


freshleycrusher3 karma

van city goes hard