So I did an ama after I got diagnosed, so I figured I'd do one now that I have completed the long difficult journey of chemotherapy! I was diagnosed with testicular cancer late June last year, and had to have the testicle removed. After that, due to the kind of tumor I had, I had to undergo four rounds of chemotherapy which was everyday for 6 hours for 5 days straight, per round. I'm really doing this to try and help anyone who might be in a similar situation, or just make others more knowledgeable about what it's really like to live through cancer as well as chemo. So go ahead ask away, I'm not shy. I will literally answer anything, don't be afraid.

EDIT: This made the front page, thanks to everyone! I always knew cancer would be my ticket to the front page. On a side note, my ultimate goal right now is to create a screenplay based on my experiences. So if anyone has any questions or tips about that, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm aspiring writer/director so I'd love some help

PROOF: FYI, this scar is on my waist, not my balls. Didn't think I'd have to make that clear but yeah. these are the pictures I used for my last ama as proof (hence the incorrect dates), too lazy too take more pictures of my surgery scar.

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dpgproductions204 karma

Congrats man! I remember seeing your other AMA and I'm glad to hear that you pulled through! My dad was diagnosed with testicular cancer around 1990. I was only about 5 years old so I didn't really know what was going on. He survived and I can't tell you how thankful I am to have him around to this day. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy and other treatment in general at that time was not as good as it is today and it ended up doing a lot of nerve damage to him, especially in his hands and feet. So he's dealt with chronic pain pretty much the entire time since it happened and it's really taken a toll on him.

I guess my question would be did they tell you anything about possibilities or expectations of long term effects from your treatment? I assume it's improved a great deal in the last 24 years, but is there still the risk of things like long term nerve damage or have they pretty much perfected it to the point where you go back to basically 100%? I hope it's the latter, and congratulations again!

theodo169 karma

A lot of the side effects really depend on the chemicals you are given, and the amount of chemo you do. In my case, there were about a million possible long term effects, from hearing loss to blindness etc. But so far, since finishing chemo I have had a variety of tests done on my basic senses and such, and all came up as normal! I do believe that chemotherapy has improved a large amount since 20 years ago though!

CaLaHa717122 karma

What symptoms did you have that led to your diagnosis?

theodo237 karma

The main symptoms were a swollen testicle which in turn was extremely sensitive. Just sitting down in school would feel like I was consistently being kicked in the balls. One of the worst pains I've ever dealt with, and I waited a week to see a doctor like a moron.

cujo195111 karma

I waited a week to see a doctor like a moron.

Don't beat yourself up about it. Something about the balls makes it difficult to tell people about.

When I was 14, I had a testicular torsion... worst pain of my life and I waited way to long, mostly because I couldn't figure out how to tell my mom what was going on.

Good thing you got the treatment you needed before it spread anywhere else. Hope you recover well. I remember I was insecure after the surgery. If that's the case with you, don't worry because it'll change over time as you realize it's not a big deal.

theodo145 karma

I was a little insecure at first, but I decided it's really not something worth worrying about. And I was very apprehensive about telling my parents initially, but my school was going on a biking trip across the city the next day and I knew there was no way in hell I could do it, so I kind of had no choice. Bike trip might have saved my life.

GivAhuG72 karma

ha, I waited more like 2,5 months! Oh this isn't a contest?..., but my pain wasn't as intense as you describe! And even then when there is pain involved with the testicle doctors often dismiss it because tumors down there often don't hurt. Anyhow I'm glad you are doing well!

theodo61 karma

My doctors last guess was cancer. But I am glad I caught it early. Who knows how much worse the pain would have gotten

Spiderius12 karma


theodo50 karma

Darn tootin

nuclearpowerrules163-12 karma

Your a strong woman. I would have killed myself ;(

theodo11 karma

Can't tell if you're joking or have no concept of gender

nuclearpowerrules1630 karma

I meant man sorry.....accidentally typed woman

theodo2 karma

Fair enough haha. But anytime suicide even came into my mind, I just thought how stupid that would be. Why would I give up and go down like that, when I can fight it and be the kid who beat cancer? Suicide is not even an option in a situation like that.

Not_cool_dud3100 karma

Most 17 yr old males have no concept of their mortality. What's it like being 17 yr old who realizes this?

theodo222 karma

Honestly it's very weird. It really makes you realize what in life is worth worrying about, and made me change my perspective on positivity completely. The worst part now though is anytime I hear high school kids bitch about their problems, I just wanna say "Did you hear my fucking bitching when I was doing chemo? No, you didn't" but hey that's not my job.

fireball_7339 karma

It's not your job but I'm pretty sure you could run a crowdfunding campaign to make it your job. The world would be a better place.

Or you know... be an inspirational speaker on health and wellbeing issues.

theodo82 karma

I'd be an awful inspirational speaker because it would instantly turn into stand up comedy. All my best hospital stories are made to be told stand up style.

fireball_7320 karma

That's a great style of speaking though. There is this thing called "Bright Club" where university researchers talk about their worth via the medium of stand-up. Sounds awful at first, but it actually works really well. It's especially good to hear stand-up around unconventional subjects rather than just the same old formulaic stuff.

If you enjoy stand-up, then I'd thoroughly recommend giving it a try. I'm a big comedy fan and I used to run a show for 2 years at my student union that had a lot of acts go through that are now regularly on BBC shows and even on Conan in the USA.

theodo27 karma

I've actually always been really interested in stand up, after finally seeing a live show (Russell Peters, funny guy). I personally just think it's something I'd be good at it. I have absolutely no shame when it comes to personal anecdotes or details, so I've got a lot to say about a lot of things.

Spartn272 karma were saved by a bike trip, which lead to cancer, which lead to surviving cancer, which lead to a life changing experience, which leads to you doing stand up comedy...

Get it? Now do it!

theodo3 karma

First thing I said to my mom after I got diagnosed was that "the Lance Armstrong joke I made before the bike trip feels far too relevant now". It stopped her crying at least a little bit.

jimmy0110871 karma

that would work! And it'd be okay because you've had it. If I tried it, it'd be a bit weird and probably offensive! I'd be interested to see how it turned out. Making light of some elements in with all the serious stuff. I remember being really scared when I found a lump down there (turned out to be nothing to worry about). I beat myself up about getting checked for a while until I was drunk one night and told my mum on the phone while at Uni. Next day when I got checked it was a relief even before I heard what the doc had to say.

It might help people talk about it more. What better month than Movember to start!

theodo4 karma

Well I've got a good joke about when I first found out I'd be missing the first few months of my senior year in high school.

K so my doctor sits me and my parents down, and gives us the basic run down on how my life is gonna change. So yeah I started tearing up a little bit, I got a bit misty eyed, but hey. She told me I'm never gonna be able to go scuba diving. You know what that does to a man? Anyways, with the doctor is this very lurky, uncomfortable feeling woman who's a social worker. I have no interest in working with her socially since I'm 17 and not 4, so I tend to ignore her. But when the doctor leaves, she looks at me crying, brings me a box of Kleenex and sets it down. I was like wow, that actually was pretty nice. Then she gives me this odd look, and says, staring me in the eyes "if you ever need someone to talk to..." she then throws me a business card across the table, "give me a call". Then I wasn't even sad, I was just mad I was getting marketed to by a therapist hungry for clients.

nhp8902 karma

Well, I did go through chemo when I was 17 (4 years ago), and did you see me do an AMA? No, you didn't.

Joking aside, I'm glad you're cancer free.

theodo2 karma

People keep thinking I'm doing this for attention or something but I'm anonymous so like what. I just wanted to be able to give some insight to others. But glad you're 4 years clear!

nhp8902 karma

I was just making a joke, hope you didn't take it any other way. There's nothing wrong with doing an AMA. Thanks!

theodo2 karma

Sorry there have actually been a few people already who have said I have no right to do an ama, and that I am a bad person for thinking my story is worth sharing haha. People these days right?

whoneedsusernames70 karma


theodo105 karma

I had a mixed germ cell tumor, with I believe it was 10 percent of the tumor being malignant. All though there were no confirmed spreading, there were marks on my lungs which is mainly why I had to do the chemo. Turns out the marks are still there, but they are so small the doctors have declared them as dead scar tissue. As for chemo, I surprisingly only puked from it I'd say on about 5 occasions over the 20 days that I actually did chemo on. Worst day ever was a day my dad forgot to give me my proper medication, and I swear to you I have never felt that sick in my life. I thought I was going to die then and there. So just a tip, always take your prescriptions kids.

gdaman2248 karma

I'm happy that you are now cancer-free!

My question is, are you sterile now?

theodo63 karma

I haven't gotten a fertility test yet, and don't plan on it til I feel it's more likely it will be successful. They say infertility is one of the side effects of chemo, but there are people I know even who have had the same situation as I had, and ended up being able to have kids fine. So it really all depends.

D-Rahl86750 karma

The more important question is are your balls still silky smooth?

theodo80 karma

I wish. After 3 months of not having to shave my pubic hair, it started coming back :(

aynez4 karma

But you did get to freeze some of that man juice before starting chemo, right?

theodo3 karma

Yes I did, but the sample was not as strong as we'd hope. So they have it, but it's not a sure bet.

CodePIZZASSabcdep-11 karma

The kids COULD possibly have genetic problems. I would advise against having kids for their own sake.

theodo8 karma

You realize that's not even somewhat, let alone at all accurate? I'm not talking about fucking my cousin here or anything all it affects is my sperm rate. If it goes back up, I will still be producing the same sperm I ever did.

TheLethalLotus2 karma

not to be rude but he is right. the chances of birth issues are increased ~70% when either the sperm or the egg is exposed to radiation. although 70% increase on like .5% is only like .8% so its not really that big of a deal. Just mean you have a slightly higher chance than the average person of the unthinkable happening :(

theodo4 karma

I didn't go through radiation I went through chemotherapy. But yes I'm sure it does slightly raise the chances, but not enough to be mentioned by any of the many specialists I saw. So his comment was still uncalled for

not-cleverbot8 karma

I'm happy that you happy that I'm glad.

theodo58 karma

I'm not that happy that you're glad. So Idk what you're talking about.

vodkapenguin32 karma

Congratulations on your good news! We are all taking this life one day at a time. What days are you looking forward to?

theodo75 karma

Due to complications of the Port I had surgically put in my chest (it's out now) for the chemo, I developed a blood clot in a major artery. Because of this I have to give myself a needle twice a day in the stomach. The day I don't have to stab those fuckers into me anymore will be a very, VERY happy day.

edifyingheresy14 karma

Six whole goddam months...I feel your pain brotha.

theodo28 karma

I've been on them for about 3 months, most annoying part of the whole process almost. Nothing worse on a Saturday then having to wake up at 8 to give yourself a needle when you just wanna sleep in

edifyingheresy15 karma

I took my second one right before I went to bed so I didn't have to get up so early and take the other one. I also have heavy anxiety when it comes to needles (which didn't really dissipate through the whole experience, oddly enough) so all the drugs I took to get a semi-restful nights sleep helped with the evening shot.

theodo18 karma

My doctors initially said I had to do both exactly at 8, but I have found that the time doesn't really matter as long as you do both at roughly the same times (am and pm). I was scared of needles before I started getting constant blood tests, but weirdly my fear has come back slightly after a few months of the needles. Now I tend to hesitate a lot more then when I first started doing them, I think it's because I have caused some major bruises at times.

edifyingheresy6 karma

Yeah, the bruising sucks. I'm not telling you to go against your doctors or anything, but mine told me every 12 hours, so I was able to schedule them according to my lifestyle.

theodo7 karma

12 hours is what I generally shoot for. I've been told an hour or two off schedule isn't a life changing ordeal either. I've even missed one of my needles on probably 3 occasions and had no issues (all though I'm definitely not recommending that). Right now I'm on the Lovenox 100 mg ones, what needles did you have to take?

IsItAllGone3 karma

Are you giving yourself Heparin? I just had surgery a week ago and was given Heparin into my gut in the hospital while I was admitted to prevent clotting. The burn of the Heparin was excruciating, I couldn't imagine having to do that for six months. Congrats on being cancer-free!

theodo4 karma

It's enoxoparin but I believe it's very similar to heparin! You kind of get used to it after awhile though. I did it in front of a friend though and he was in shock.

JustinianTheWrong30 karma

I'm glad to hear you're doing well; I still remember the first AMA! Being the same age, I cannot imagine going through something like what you did and I greatly admire your strength. My mother will be starting chemo as well as radiation in a month (Stage 3 Breast Cancer) and I would love to get some insight from someone who has successfully made it through. What could I do for my mom to make the process better/easier for her? What were the biggest challenges for you, and how did you overcome them? What are some things your loved ones did that helped you through? Thank you so much for the help!

theodo44 karma

This might not help your mom so much depending on her stance, but I really do have to say the only thing that stopped me from puking was good old Mary Jane. I even ended up getting a green card, which I didn't know was a thing in Saskatchewan. Other then that, drink lots of water. Tons of it. You need to flush your system. During chemo, all though it got annoying, having my mom there the whole time was extremely beneficial as she tended to any needs I had (food, drinks, etc). One thing I'd recommend is don't patronize her though. As a fellow cancer experiencer, the main thing that made me feel better about it all was being treated like nothing was wrong with me.

alleycat33629 karma

Just to add to that, help around the house. Do laundry, wash the dishes, make dinner etc. She's going to be tired and sick and thing you do to help out will be appreciated. I'm going through chemo for breast cancer so I know :)

theodo21 karma

I totally agree with this all! The last thing I ever wanted to do was clean or make food. But if she is in the process of doing something herself, let her do it. She will need to still have things she does to make herself feel normal. For me it was going out with my friends on the weekends. Definitely wasn't a good idea but I would have never made it with my sanity otherwise.

JustinianTheWrong7 karma

Thank you for the help! Water definitely sounds like a good idea. I don't think my mom could ever get used to smoking, but she is open to THC pills, possibly edibles (We're in California so yeah). I've tried to treat her as normally as possible, but it's hard whenever I think about what she's going through. My dad and I will both be there for her as much as possible, hopefully without making her uncomfortable. Thanks for the tips, and congratulations on being cancer-free!

theodo16 karma

Thank you again! And a vape is a great alternative to smoking, but edibles are also a good idea. I used to bring thc lollipops to any surgeries I had xD. And I know it's hard to treat people the same with something like cancer, but honestly when I'd go out nothing would make me feel worse then everyone asking me how I'm doing, or how things are going. I know that sounds awful, but it just reminded me of what I was going through, and made me feel like an outcast. Like a dying person. And that's the worst.

techsupportlibrarian18 karma

This might sound silly, but I am genuinely interested in your thoughts about "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. What did you think about it? As you are a teen who had cancer, I am interested to see if you enjoyed the book at all or if it was in bad taste. I am kind of on the fence for the most part and I don't know if I could recommend it to teens with cancer or cancer free like yourself.

Otherwise, congrats!

theodo2 karma

I honestly chose to avoid the book as well as the movie on purpose. I had the movie summarized to me (albeit by a drunken girl) and I just didn't think I could handle it. Seeing a love story through the connection of two people going through chemo or what not just sounded to far and away from what I actually experienced, which was doing chemo in a room with my mother only. 50/50 though I found to be extremely accurate in how the protagonist handled the whole situation. One of my favourite movies of all time, even before I got diagnosed.

your_comment_is_best13 karma

Hello, well done and congratulations. Chemo is a bitch.

Did you have the BEP regime? Will you have any folllow up treatment? Whats your management plan like?

theodo6 karma

I'm not exactly sure what the BEP regime is so I'm not sure if I had it. As for follow up treatment, unless there are any changes in my future CT Scans (one every 3 months) then I am absolutely done with all forms of treatment. The only thing I still have to do is one medication on weekends, and injections twice a day.

tastycrumpets3 karma

BEP is Bleomycin, Etopicide, and Cisplatin. Judging by the rounds you described, it definitely sounds like it could be it. I had three rounds myself. Finished up in August.

theodo4 karma

Yes that is it! The P through me off tbh. But yes 6 hours a day. Luckily for my last two rounds, I had a pick line with two ends, allowing me to cut the time in half. Made it a lot more tolerable.

your_comment_is_best2 karma

This is what I had for ball cancer.

Glad to hear you're almost free of medication. How long will you do the scans for? I did one every six months for two years then one a year till the five year mark.

theodo3 karma

I assume I will be doing it for around 5 years but could be less or far more. I really won't know for a year or two, but at the moment it's just once every 3 months.

hadesflames12 karma

Good luck, and I hope you don't experience any recurrence?

theodo12 karma

I thought remission was the lack of active cancer cells in your body? I've always been led to believe remission was a good thing.

hadesflames7 karma

Sorry mate, 4am here. I meant to say recurrence. >.>

theodo14 karma

Haha made me question everything my doctors have told me. But yes let's hope not.

hadesflames15 karma

You shouldn't believe things a random stranger on the internet says over what your doctor says anyway. =p

theodo7 karma

You'd be surprised how often my doctors were wrong. There were times where I'd have to make them check something after they said I was fine, only to find a problem.

hadesflames6 karma

That's not a reason to trust them less than a random internet stranger. I'm not saying to trust in them completely, but believe me, had you been in my hands and not your doctors, you'd be dead as I tried to figure out how much chemo to give you on google. =p

theodo5 karma

I'm sorry to crush your spirits but I was being sarcastic about losing faith in my doctors. Big thing I learned was that the Internet likes to lie. A lot.

VADHeart12 karma

I did an AMA several months ago about having an artificial heart (LVAD). On the 15th of October I finally had a heart transplant (I haven't done an AMA on the recent transplant) and I was surprised at how fast I recovered because of my age (20).

I am only a couple years older than you and we have totally different health conditions but we both beat the odds. A tip from me would be to keep your mind and body busy to avoid getting depressed. I hope you do well because of your age and that you don't face any new complications.

My question: Do you feel that the chemo affected your mind? If not, what do you feel it affected the most?

theodo9 karma

The only way it affected my mind was in the way I think about things and handle problems. Chemo to me is living hell. It's like being put in solitary confinement almost. You have a lot of time to think and reflect. Really all I think chemo legitimately affected was my hair growth (which is finally starting to come back). And that's all only temporary thank God.

Samalingus11 karma

Congrats man, great to hear! I just beat cancer last year too at the age of 16. Did you notice that there was some food you now have trouble eating because of thought association from eating it after a hard day of Chemo?

theodo13 karma

I don't know if Robin's Donuts will ever be the same for me, but other then that I don't think so. My taste buds were way off during the months of chemo, so things I used to love are just starting to taste good again. It's a great feeling.

Flappach3 karma

Hopefully this wears off after a couple of years :)

theodo3 karma

They are already starting to get better! Things are slowly tasting better.

yoonssoo10 karma

How much do you think you've grown and matured from this? What is the biggest difference between you before diagnosis and you now?

theodo22 karma

I think the emotional growth is unbelievable. I went through things I never thought I'd have to, and I made sure not to give up hope, as hard as it gets sometimes. The main difference in myself I think is my outlook on things. I used to be known as a very negative kid, but there's no way I would have made it this far without being positive. A lot of people actually commented on how well I handled everything. In my mind, the more I acted like nothing was wrong, the closer to the truth it would be.

TheOtherCrow7 karma

What's your favourite Pokémon?

theodo18 karma

Most difficult question I've gotten yet. I'm a big Mewtwo guy, all though Squirtle will always have a place in my heart.

hot_coffee7 karma

Congratulations, and all the best for your future!

Are there any health- / lifestyle-choices you follow that are supposed to be beneficial in your situation?
Do you plan to continue following these choices now that you're cancer free?

theodo9 karma

Beneficial, not so much. A lot of detrimental choices though I'm sure. A good diet is impossible during chemo, and exercise is physically impossible. So I'm just trying to ease myself into the normal life in that sense.

DaTr0LL6 karma

How amazing is modern medicine and the doctors and nurses that practice it?

theodo12 karma

I liked I'd say about a quarter of the nurses and doctors I saw, if that. Lots were amazing, but some just either don't know what the hell they are doing, or are just awful to associate with. The medicine is pretty impressive though.

onlytakesone6 karma

Congratulations! Cancer is a bitch! She took my sister.

What nickname have you been given? Lance Armstrong?

theodo11 karma

I made sure to make every single one testicle joke I could think of before my friends simply in an effort to avoid a longterm nickname. It somehow worked. Now I just need to work on getting rid of my old nickname, The Predator xD


Well done :D Pardon my ignorance but how does it feel when you are hooked up to the chemicals?

theodo11 karma

Fucking annoying. The noises they make will forever haunt me. Plus it's like having an anchor tied to you. Going to the bathroom becomes the ultimate test of endurance.


  1. Have you watched Breaking Bad? If not, I would highly recommend that you do.
  2. Now that you are free, what's that one thing you are looking forward to doing?

(Thanks for answering :D )

theodo8 karma

I only got up to season 4 :'( and now that I'm free, I need to start working on getting everything in my life back to normal. Then I have to work on making my life more then normal. More then what it was before everything is my goal. Not the same person, shouldn't be the same life.

aacarbone5 karma

Congrats, that's awesome. How do you plan on celebrating?

theodo6 karma

I've just been doing the normal teenage partying you know? I'm still working on getting my body back to normal and stuff, such as my diet, getting into shape, as well as my immune system is still below average. After everything is back to normal fully, trust me I'll be celebrating harder then anyone before me.

aacarbone4 karma

Good for you man, you beat cancer live it up

theodo2 karma

Thanks man. It's really something I'm proud of honestly.

ElderHansLanda5 karma

Hopefully this isn't too personal, but does jacking off feel any different? Do you have less cum now?

theodo2 karma

Nah I'm still shootin straight don't worry.

hakeo3 karma

I'm glad to hear you came through on top. That's some scary shit. As someone who's spent a good deal of time in the hospital for something that was potentially crippling but not at all life threatening, I can only imagine how liberated you must feel.

So, what's next? How are you planning on celebrating and what are you going to do with the life before you?

theodo3 karma

With only being 17, I've still got the whole world ahead of me! And I've been through some things that almost no one else has, so I just hope I find a way to take advantage of it all!

mindfulmu3 karma

If you see me will you high five me?

theodo11 karma

Even if I don't see you I'll high five you

mindfulmu7 karma

I'm quite unique so you'll know me when you see me. I'm out of shape and Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes. So the first white guy that high fives me out of the blue I'll know it's you.

theodo4 karma

Your physical description makes me worry that you're not in Canada like I am. All though that might sound racist, it's just the truth.

mindfulmu5 karma

I'm in California where theres more mexicans then you can shake a stick at. Then again I'm unsure if any Hispanics would survive your barren northern lands.

theodo11 karma

Once again this might sound racist, but I had a feeling you'd be in California. It just seemed like the place for a Hispanic guy who could use a high five.

mindfulmu3 karma

We usually give the nod upward towards each other but generally during mating season we high five as a challenge to other alpha males. Are there any mexicans in Canada, it seems we would like it but were not fond of the cold.

theodo7 karma

High fiving is the ultimate challenge of manhood so I understand. And I can't say there are many Mexicans as far as I know. At least not in good old Saskatchewan

fakugubi3 karma

Or maybe he wasn't joking when he said 'unique'.

theodo6 karma

I must know where this man lives now. For science.

mellifulation3 karma


theodo6 karma

Weirdly the only good news I ever seemed to get, or any glimmering beacons of light or whatever. I would only get this from the other pediatrician, not my personal one. He would say legitimately conflicting to what she had stated and he'd say these things so confidently. All these things ended up coming true too. So without him getting me in the mind set for them, I don't think they would have. But the first time I realized things were gonna be okay I think was about halfway through chemo. Just because I got to realize that I was halfway through escaping death. There's no turning back now

DeathByToothPick2 karma


theodo2 karma

Ice bucket challenge?

angrypotato12 karma

17 years old and surgery scars for testicular cancer? I felt very afraid clicking those proof links.

My questions are:

  • How has school been?
  • Any dream jobs?

theodo2 karma

I tried to keep the pictures tasteful. But school was difficult at first, mainly because I hated having to miss the first few weeks of my senior year. Luckily I had gained extra credits in past years, so I only have to do 3 classes this semester. And now that I am back at school they are going pretty well, all though I'm still a bit behind. As for a dream job, I've always wanted to be a film director. I'm working on a screenplay based on my experiences with cancer, and I'm hoping to give it a definite comedic aspect in the realm of 50/50. The only thing that kept me positive throughout chemo was always trying to find something that was worthy of a scene in the script I've been waiting to have a reason to write since I was little.

hanselpremium2 karma

What was your first order of business upon hearing the good news?

theodo12 karma

I assume you mean that I finished chemotherapy, but it's actually a long story. I was initially told I'd be doing 6 rounds and would finish mid December. Halfway through I heard mention of only 4 rounds total, but that it was unlikely. A week after finishing my 4th round, my doctors told me I was officially done. So I went out and did something I hadn't done in a long time, and I got drunk and partied my ass off. Getting that kind of news on a Friday kinda makes that the only response.

envy2213 karma

Did you have any negative effects from the alcohol after the chemo?

theodo5 karma

At first I found I would puke easier then normal, but it's definitely getting better! I'd say drinking for me is about normal now, but I do still have to be careful because of the type of injection I am taking.

jonimc2 karma

Are you going to do anything differently in your life that you might not have had you not gotten sick?

theodo3 karma

I have nothing in particular planned, but I do think I'm going to appreciate a lot of things more. It definitely changed my outlook on a lot of stuff, so I do think that I will end up in a different place in my life then I would have had I not experienced everything I did.

gerdgawd2 karma

why were you doing chemotherapy if you are cancer free?

theodo2 karma

Due to the type of tumor I had (part of it was malignant), they get you to chemotherapy to make sure it doesn't spread, and if it did, that those cells die. It's more of a precautionary method, but a necessary one

simon_guy2 karma

Congrats and fuck cancer.

Hows the remaining ball? Are you going to get a prosthetic? What's the deal with the infertility after chemo thing?

theodo17 karma

Fuck cancer indeed. And I've decided against a prosthetic. I'd feel more self conscious about a fake then just having one I think. And the infertility really is all random, so I'm hoping for the best. I've got a bit in the bank for a rainy day though, which in itself is quite the story. 4 hour drive to a sperm bank with my mom woohoo

paralacausa12 karma

Got to be the most awkward wank ever

theodo44 karma

The walk out of the room after was a lot worse then the act itself. No one likes walking up to their mom with a bag that has your sperm in it.

paralacausa7 karma

No one likes walking up to their mom with a bag that has your sperm in it.

You need this quote in your yearbook

theodo11 karma

I might need to poeticize it a bit first but I like your train of thought.

oceansRising2 karma


theodo3 karma

For surgeries I would try and get as high as possible beforehand to calm me down, then listen to music. And just really really listen to it. It would take my mind off things. I also did spend a lot of time on reddit. During chemo, I mainly slept though. It just made the day go by so much faster.

Streiger1082 karma

Kind of a heavy/loaded question, but do you feel your outlook on life has changed at all? Do you approach your days any differently having stared down your mortality (and won)?

theodo5 karma

Oh for sure. It really makes you realize how trivial some problems in comparison to others. I truly think anyone who knows me well would say I'm a much more positive person now. I've also had to deal with a lot of social outcast issues, as comes with cancer. It's weird to walk by a group of kids in school and hear them say that you're dying of cancer. But it's almost empowering that I represent a level of hope for people. It makes me feel significant, let's say

oscar99092 karma

Not a question, but i just wanted to say congratulations on beating it, i hope you live a happy normal life :)

? The question mark is just there so it doesn't get auto removed.

theodo2 karma

Thank you for the kind words my friend.

oscar99091 karma

Its no problem, I've had family members who have had chemo, really glad you lived. I'm 17 too. On a side note could i ask what music you listen to? I'm just curious of all that happened and what's your thought with all of it. You don't have to answer if you don't want.

theodo2 karma

I'm a big rap guy. Highly recommended song that honestly single handedly got me through some rough days, is Mission by Lupe Fiasco. It's a modern day cancer anthem and is one of the best rap songs I've ever heard. Just cause I can relate. Any other questions?

oscar99091 karma

I'll check it out right now, as you know first hand what chemo is like, would there be a time in your life where you would choose not to take chemo? As it'd be too demanding like if you were older. Hypothetical question obviously.

theodo2 karma

I think it would depend a lot on the kind of cancer, as well as how much fight I had left in me. As soon as my doctor said I had a 95 percent chance at being fully cured, (cured is not a common word in the cancer world) I felt like I'd just gotten the hammer in smash bros. I was gonna go HAM on these bitches, as in cancer cells. Chemo is 50 percent mental I swear.

oscar99091 karma

That was honestly quite heart warming reading the end of this message. I understand what you mean, hopefully i never go through what happened to you, but you have to some extent inspired me with your positivity.

i checked out that song as being more of a rock dude, i really enjoyed it and i really liked the lyrics, really good song and i can see how it would have helped you through!

theodo2 karma

All the voices at the start would make me cry the second I'd hear them. But it really means a lot that I was able to help in any way! I really had to go through everything alone, since any of my family or friends knew less about it all then even I did. So having someone with some knowledge can be very beneficial.

oscar99091 karma

I can understand how that would happen to you. Its no problem, i should be thanking you! Well you made it through man, that's what matters you bet it. Where did the part about my mum come from sorry?

theodo2 karma

I'll have to edit that. I was answering very similar questions to someone who was curious about their mother. Sorry about that haha but still thank you so much!

Donguitarguy2 karma

How much meth did you sell?

theodo12 karma

You a cop?

Donguitarguy2 karma's just a halloween costume...i'm still wearing...

theodo3 karma

Not this time Officer Whitaker

Donguitarguy2 karma win this round...

theodo3 karma

Little does he know... I'm actually Officer Whitaker

thisguy46752 karma

How is your mental state after this experience?

theodo3 karma

It's still adapting to the whole shock of everything. I just spent my entire summer in hell, and now things are just suddenly normal now. It's a lot to process. Sometimes it seems like it never happened. Like it was made up or something. It's pretty fucked up

Kalafiorman2 karma

Do you like waffles?

theodo3 karma

I gotta say, I'm a pancake guy myself.

the_coons1 karma


theodo4 karma

Well I actually got told I was done chemo about 3 days before I was told officially. We were at the hospital after my CT scan, which is what they needed in order to decide whether I do more chemo. But my doctor wasn't there, just the other one I would see occasionally. So we talked to him, and very confidently at one point turned to me and said "Congratulations on completing chemotherapy" and I just walked away crying. It was the most amazing feeling to finally be able to be crying out of happiness after doing the opposite for so long. I don't know if there is a happier moment I have in recent memory then when he said that to me.

kuis011 karma

Congratulations on being declared cancer free man!

What would you say kept you going during the time? Was there someone or something in particular that helped you deal with the situation you were in?

theodo10 karma

Here's one of my favourite stories of the whole thing, that really reminds me of how I made it through the whole thing (it's kinda long, sorry in advance) :

So after getting several tests done to find out what's wrong with my swollen testicle, today's the big day where I find out what it is. Doctor says cancer, and I lose everything mentally. Like my mind is gone. I stare at the floor, and just want to leave. After we finish talking to the doctor, my mom drove me home crying. I had to talk to someone, so I called up my best friend and told him to come over. I'd been keeping him up to date on everything up until then. So he comes over, we get high as fuck, and we discuss it. It was a very heavy subject. But I started getting into the details of the surgery and such, and he ends up feeling woozy and next thing I know he's face first in the garbage trying not to puke. So I, laughing, offer to get him water. I come back into the garage to find him laying on my cement garage floor, looking at me smiling, trying not to faint. I tell him to sit like a normal person, then all I say is "doctor" and he returns instantly to the floor and lays down. I couldn't even cry anymore after he left. I could only laugh. And that's how I got through it. No matter how Shitty things were, I tried to remember, this is gonna make a hell of a story one day

TL;DR: found out I had cancer, told my stoned friend about it and he almost fainted and had to lay down on my cement garage floor.

Lynessa102901 karma

Wow congrats! I hope you celebrated after your last round!! Cancer is a bitch, but you seem to have a really positive outlook! It's great to see! I hope you all the best! How often will you have to get checked now to make sure the cancer stays away?

theodo3 karma

Right now I have blood tests once a week, and a CT Scan every 3 months, which is the most important test. You have no idea how amazing it is to go from going to the hospital nearly every day to only once a week. It's amazing.

Sagemanx1 karma

Did at any point during your treatment you feel like cooking meth so that you could amass a vast amount of wealth to leave your family in case you did die? Kudos on kicking cancers ass!

theodo3 karma

I considered it but after hearing the spoilers for the end of breaking Bad, I don't think that's the best idea.

Eckleburgseyes1 karma

Now that youve passed this milestone are you getting a lot of pussy? You should be. On the first habd you deserve it. On the second hand you have a great avenue. On the third hand you dont know how long life is and most people your age have the luxury of assuming it will be a long long time. Dont waste it.

theodo1 karma

It hasn't happened yet but I'm hoping it's gonna happen volcano style. One day, unexpectedly, the women will just start pouring on me.

Soulcold1 karma

So did you make blue Meth?

theodo2 karma

I made blue men actually. I single handled created the smurfs...

Stephan6191 karma

If you don't mind my asking, what made you want to go to the doctor in the first place? And when you were diagnosed with cancer, what were some of your first thoughts?

theodo3 karma

The pain was getting unbearable, so I decided I needed to make sure it was something serious. When I did find out it was cancer though... It's almost indescribable. It's like your world shatters around you. I just stared at the floor, asked to leave then went to the bathroom and cried like I never have before. You feel broken. I remember I went back to that doctor a few weeks ago, and it was the first time since I got diagnosed in June I'd been there. I strolled in like nothing, then as soon as I got through the door I stopped and just looked around and realized that it was where it all began. It was a very powerful moment

Reyvenclax1 karma

What is the first thing you feel the need to do after all this?

theodo3 karma

Accomplish something that makes me feel like I'm making use on what feels almost like a second chance at life.

Lycabaws1 karma

I keep hearing that chemo is a bitch.. Honestly, i never looked it up or anything.. Could you explain what happens during a chemo?

How do you feel, what do they give you? My mom had cancer or something in her intestines and when we went to the doc he said its fine.. 2 weeks later she went to the hospital and they didnt know what it was (weird).

She then went to our home country and there they kind of had an idea what is was. Then she came back to the hospital here and suddenly they found out. Was in the hospital for 2-3 years, the cancer/something slowly taking her life.

After reading your story im suddenly very interested about how chemo works, seeing as my mom went through it.

theodo2 karma

Chemotherapy is just the way they give you the medicine. The medicine you receive and dosages all depends on your illness. But all that happens is set the bags of. Medicine up a machine and run it through your body through an iv (among other options)

timewaitsforsome1 karma

did the ultrasound catch the tumor right away?

theodo1 karma

Yes it did! We knew it wasn't good when the ultrasound tech said my doctor would call me with the results tomorrow.

cologol181 karma

Hey dude congrats on your recovery! During the experience was there anyone you met or any new friends you made that were dealing with a similar situation?

theodo1 karma

Sadly no. Being 17 and in the pediatric ward was not very fun. It was a lot of being around sick and dying little kids. Kinda depressing actually.

quickscopemcjerkoff1 karma

Get any poon from the whole cancer thing?

theodo4 karma

I got a handy after the surgery of getting my ball removed so that was a pretty legendary with the boys back home. But other then that, when you do chemo it lowers your immune system rank, so you really can't even kiss girls. So I really couldn't even attempt to get with any girls until about two weeks ago. It was a long 3 months.

alixxlove1 karma

Are the girls all over you now, though?

theodo3 karma

If only. I'm in a new breed of friend zone, the cancer friend zone.

alixxlove1 karma

I used to be a teenage girl, so if you want any advice, pm me. The friend zone isn't actually a thing. I'll totally help you out.

theodo2 karma

"used to". Okay so I could be either getting advice from a transvestite or a woman who has fully completed puberty. I don't know which is more intimidating.

alixxlove1 karma

22 year old woman! I'm a good bet, man. :) Also, I bartend in a strip club, and the dancers are mostly 19 or so, so they are also helpful (even if they don't make great decisions).

Ps, transvestite is one of those big no no words. It's like saying "colored." The preferred term is transgendered. :)

theodo1 karma

Honestly I can't keep track of the proper terms for all these gender differentiations, there's about a million new ones with teenagers these days. But so hey if you wanna bring me down to the strip club for some advice that would be wonderfully appreciated :)

alixxlove1 karma

Send me a message, we'll chat later. :)

theodo1 karma

Sounds good mam

MrRankini1 karma

Congratulations! How did you find out you had cancer?

theodo3 karma

I went and saw my doctor, who said me up for blood tests and most importantly an ultra sound. The ultra sound showed that I had a tumor, and the rest is history. At the time of my last AMA, they had yet to do a biopsy on the tumor. This is how they find out what kind it was

boomerangblom-2 karma

Are you a boy or a girl?

theodo2 karma

I don't know but do girls have testicles? Cause that might help you answer your question.

boomerangblom1 karma

That moment when you forget to switch to your Professor Oak novelty account....

theodo1 karma

That definitely would have made it a lot better. Disappointed in you boomerang

vagmulp-3 karma

Congrats buddy, did you get to choose your treatment? Did you look into cannabis oils or did you go straight for chemo?

theodo2 karma

Trust me if I had a choice it would most have been chemo. With the kind of tumor I had, since it was malignant chemo is required. It's non negotiable really.

4to6-23 karma


theodo1 karma

I can't tell if you're trying to be a troll but if not, you're a tad bit of a giant cunt. I hope you get diagnosed with a terminal illness, and when you're on your death bed I'll come say hi so you can see me being 20+ years cancer free. :)