Well, I'm here to answer any questions you might have. Try to be nice to me. Victoria's assisting me via phone.

I have a new film coming out in the UK today - it's called The Rewrite. Trailer here.




Edit: Well, I'm very sorry, I have to go 'way now to be grilled about my film by a scary radio-person. But thank you very much for your questions. I was frightened that no one would ask any.

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JoelPilgrim1971 karma

Do you feel any shame at playing so many characters that set such high romantic standards for men? I feel like you have been personally responsible for thousands of relationship squabbles based on mere mortal men being unable to live up to the promise of a Hugh Grant-ian boyfriend.

Hugh-Grant3568 karma

I do feel guilty.

It's all a terrible lie. And if it's any comfort - in real life, I'm a nightmare in any kind of relationship. These are all inventions just to make people miserable.

jillmt871876 karma

In a romantic comedy battle royale between you and John Cusack, who would win and why?

Hugh-Grant4573 karma

Ehm - well, when it comes to acting, he would win. But if it came to a straight fistfight, I would take that bitch down.

jasonml1534 karma

Hi. What's your secret to being as old as my mum and yet looking about 20 years younger? Are there any rituals or anything you do, because I look way older than I am (18 and been told I look almost 30) and I don't fancy looking like a goblin when I'm your age.

Hugh-Grant3774 karma

You're very nice to say that. But in fact, I am told that I do look pretty baggy now. Someone on Twitter the other day said I had a face like a scrotum. So I'm afraid I have no tips. You should ask someone else.

zefareu1201 karma

Beer or Wine?

Hugh-Grant3322 karma

I will pour almost anything down my throat, I'm afraid.

Pantlmn974 karma

Cloud Atlas, in my opinion, is a one-of-a-kind, brilliant and criminally under appreciated movie. How was it like, on set, creating such an epic tale? Did you enjoy it, even though (or maybe because) it was very different from the roles you are known for?

Hugh-Grant1208 karma

I was very flattered to be asked to be in that.

Because I'm a huge fan of the Wachowskis. Ehm - I hope I didn't let them down. But I must admit that a flesh-eating cannibal from the future turned out to be harder than I thought it was going to be.

Hugh-Grant1324 karma

I kept wishing someone would give me a funny line.

pantingdinosaur925 karma

Important question, Hugh.

It's almost lunchtime in NYC and I don't know what I want. What do you recommend for under $20?

Hugh-Grant1952 karma

Ehm - I think you should have a Nathan's hot dog. But only one. I once made the mistake of having 4 for lunch. And was unable to return to the film set in the afternoon.

Luet11925 karma

Which of your childhood dreams came true?

Hugh-Grant3064 karma

Absolutely none. I'm a bitter and disappointed man.

judomonkeykyle925 karma

Can you tell us anything interesting about your time on Top Gear? And how does it feel having beat Ewan McGregor by .3 sec?

Hugh-Grant1366 karma

I loved my time on Top Gear, and I was extremely proud of how speedy I was.

Doodoo_Goblin816 karma

What is the worst part about being famous?

Hugh-Grant2246 karma

It's pretty much lovely all around, to tell the truth. And don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

rolfisrolf771 karma

What shampoo do you use,and how often do you wash your hair?

Hugh-Grant3056 karma

Like most Englishmen, hair washing is an annual event. I believe mine is coming up in November, when my whole family likes to wash their hair together.

brightpinksneakers675 karma

Hi!!!! I recently watched Music and Lyrics and I thought it was hilarious, especially the PoP! Goes My Heart song and music video. Those dance moves are amazing. Did you make them up? And what is your favourite tv show? Thanks!!

Hugh-Grant1255 karma

Thank you very much for liking my dancing.

You may be the first person, ever.

And yes, I did make up a number of those moves. Especially the "motorcycle" move.

Which I now see widely imitated in the nightclubs of Ibiza.

Ehm - I really only watch motor racing. But I do quite like Modern Family.

awolfoutwest622 karma

Love Actually is one of my favorites. Do you have any fond memories of filming, apart from torturing Billy Bob with antiques?

Any action on the writing front? What genre(s) do you see yourself exploring when you do turn your attention to being an author?

Hugh-Grant845 karma

All I can remember was fear and dread knowing that I was going to have to do that dancing scene at some point. They kept asking me to rehearse, and I refused.

Sadly, I've been so involved with this political campaign here in the UK for the last 3 years that I haven't had time to put pen to paper. But I do still have that half-finished novel. And the genre I would describe it was would be "black comedy" or "film noir" with the emphasis on the noir, because it all takes place inside the boot of a car.

Western_Balls578 karma

Four Weddings and a Funeral is one of the funniest movies ever made. What's your favorite story from filming that movie?

Hugh-Grant1218 karma

I'm just glad that it turned out well. Halfway through filming, they screened about 20 minutes of the film for the cast and crew. There wasn't a single laugh in it. And I had to be helped, sobbing, back to the set to work that afternoon.

shivan21557 karma

Was it your choice to be so prolific in the area of romantic movies? Would you like to try other genres too?

Hugh-Grant1707 karma

It wasn't my choice. It just seems to be what happened. I have acted in quite a few films in other genres, it's just that no one seems to have watched them.

seismicor551 karma

Are you still in contact with Julia Roberts?

Hugh-Grant2309 karma

I do occasionally bump into her. But I don't call her anymore. Not since the restraining order.

Pantlmn451 karma

You almost became James Bond back in 1995. If you could and were offered, would you go back and take the role? Do you think being James Bond could have changed your life for the better, and maybe make you see the acting profession in a different light?

Hugh-Grant1665 karma

I never was offered James Bond, sadly. Which is a shame, because I think I would look nice in a white tuxedo. And I do love to kill.

Well_Dunn438 karma

At this point in your career, what do you find motivates you when it comes to the roles you choose?

Hugh-Grant938 karma

Well, sometimes it's just that the script makes me laugh. Which was the case with this film, The Rewrite. Other times I'm just curious as to why on earth they would offer me such a part. Which was more the case with the Cloud Atlas role, for instance.

Kismekate416 karma

Have you used the phrase, “Whoops-a-daisies” since filming Notting Hill? It is a mighty fine expression in my opinion, which I am now quite self-conscious of using since seeing the film (approximately 32 times).

Hugh-Grant1147 karma

Heh. English people say "whoops-a-daisies" on average every 3 minutes. So yes, of course I've used it.

AlderaanRefugee406 karma

How's your day going?

Hugh-Grant965 karma

Heh. I'm having a lovely day, thank you. I'm being ferried around from studio to studio, doing interviews for this new film, and so far I haven't lost my temper.

kdk12k2k12403 karma

Hey Hugh, my mom wants to know, in Sense and Sensibility, Emma Thompson wrote such a beautiful screenplay, and in the final climactic scene between Edward and Eleanor you seemed so authentic. Did you ad-lib at all?

Hugh-Grant1029 karma

I would have liked to. But Emma was very fussy about her own script. And would threaten me with physical violence if I changed a single syllable. So no.

DaftFlunk396 karma

Hugh, can you see yourself in the Marvel universe? Which superhero would you be and how would you make sure you get into the third Avengers movie?

Hugh-Grant1276 karma

I've always cherished the role of the Hulk, and am furious no one has offered it to me.

bobsterfest383 karma

what's your favourite food to eat with a cup of tea? and what tea?

Hugh-Grant1938 karma

I have a complicated procedure with tea and biscuits that involves licking all the chocolate off of a chocolate Digestive biscuit, throwing the biscuit away, and then throwing the tea away, because by that time it's gotten cold.

MeleeLady347 karma

What is the strangest thing you've had happen or done yourself on set?

Hugh-Grant1145 karma

Ehm... I once had to do a scene with a giraffe. It was challenging. The giraffe was actually excellent. But I was not at my best that day. I've also worked with a live grizzly bear, who was charming. And with whom I talked about theater during the lunch break.

drake0727312 karma

Do you like acting in the states in hollywood or the UK better?

Hugh-Grant803 karma

I can be nervous and difficult about acting in all of those places. But I do quite like the way the Americans are less devoted to the script, and everyone mutters around with the lines, and improvises. That seems to help my nerves.

Sakura_7285 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

Hugh-Grant973 karma

I'd have to say that was Batman, from the original 1960's tv series. I had, when I was 7, I had a utility belt, a Bat-cape, Bat handkerchiefs, and I still to this day sometimes like to wear my underpants outside my tights.

breovus270 karma

Hugh, could you give me any tips for living in the UK as an international student from North America?

Hugh-Grant848 karma

Don't wash too often. It will make the locals suspicious of you. Learn to love Dairlea and Marmite.

pm-me-your-games241 karma

What was the best country to shoot a film in?

Hugh-Grant882 karma

Ehm - I always love shooting in France. They don't start work until 11 AM. And there are bottles of wine on the breakfast buffet.

skeggaba226 karma

Imagine yourself being the president. Now you have to give someone a Huge Grant. To whom would you give it to?

Hugh-Grant207 karma

Heh. Ehm - that's a good question, I don't have a good answer.

IsraelApartheid211 karma

How was it like to work with Roman Polanski in (my favorite movie) Bitter Moon? Which one is your favorite movie in which you starred?

Hugh-Grant629 karma

I like people who like Bitter Moon. Do you smoke a lot of pot?

As for my favorite movie I've ever done, it's hard to say. But I do have a soft spot for the cartoon I made about pirates a couple of years ago.

gildedgodzilla205 karma

What's your favorite kind of music? What are you listening to the most right now?

Hugh-Grant639 karma

I'm not sure that my musical taste is very cutting-edge.

I very much like military bands, The Sound of Music, and above all, the Gypsy Kings. I met one of the Gypsy Kings this morning. He had a radio interview, and I practically fainted with excitement.

seismicor204 karma

What is your favourite horror movie?

Hugh-Grant639 karma

Ehm - I highly recommend The Lair of the White Worm, in which I bravely take on a terrifying giant earth-worm. It co-stars the new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi. And was made in 1988. With very dodgy special effects.

jesuslolwat179 karma

Is it pronounced caramel or caramel?

Hugh-Grant772 karma

Caramel is what you eat, Carmel is where Clint Eastwood lives.

seismicor147 karma

Hi, Hugh. What can you tell us about Guy Ritchie's directing style? What things does he do differently?

Hugh-Grant555 karma

Guy is clearly a genius.

But his style is, ehm, remarkably laid-back. I have seen him playing chess and playing the guitar while I was busy trying to act. I can only assume this was a reflection on the quality of my acting.

wiseoracle146 karma

If you weren't acting, what would you be doing and why?

Hugh-Grant583 karma

I used to have a parallel career in advertising.

Which I quite enjoyed. I was completely unprincipled, and would advertise absolutely anything for money. It was all quite fun.

bozobozo130 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Hugh-Grant260 karma

I don't think I have one, I'm sorry.

shivan21120 karma

How did you enjoy voice-acting in Pirates! ? Would you like to try another voice-acting in the future?

Hugh-Grant249 karma

I loved that experience. Partly because those Aardman Animators are geniuses. And partly because it was nice not to have to sit in hair & makeup at 6 AM.

I could rely on a lump of plasticine to do the visual side for me.

I'd love to do more animated films.

Sheriffnickgrimes110 karma

If we were to go cheese tasting, which cheese would you suggest I try first?

Hugh-Grant528 karma

I would start with a delicious processed cheese called Dairylea, which is I believe 90% chemical. I was brought up on it, and always look for it among the cheese boards at those expensive restaurants.

goofballl90 karma

Do you think playing a villain role would be something you'd like to try? Or any other genres you want to act in other than what you usually get cast in?

Hugh-Grant312 karma

I have played villains. In fact, before Four Weddings and a Funeral, I played so many that people used to ask me "Didn't you ever want to play a nice guy?"

Generally speaking, I was an evil champagne baron selling the family champagne to the Nazis. I think I played that role about 12 times.

geophagus86 karma

I have to say, your portrayal of Doctor Who was one of my favorites moments of the show. Are you a fan of the show? If so, who do you consider "your doctor"?

Hugh-Grant171 karma

Ehm - I'm afraid I haven't really seen Doctor Who. So it's Patrick Troughton in the 1960's. It was too frightening for me then, especially the Daleks. And even the theme music makes me reach for a cushion to this day.

seismicor77 karma

You're known for your comedy movies. Is this the point in your career when you want to explore other genres starting with The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?

Hugh-Grant162 karma

Ehm - I... I don't have any particular direction with regards to films that I do. Just occasionally something tickles my fancy. And I do it.

ApieJapie68 karma

Hi Hugh. In the Rewrite you play a Hollywood screenwriter. Ever thought, or even tried, to venture into screenwriting yourself?

Hugh-Grant148 karma

I have in fact tinkered with a number of scripts that I've been involved with.

And I do have a list in my iPhone of ideas for a full-length script. It's just a question of having the discipline to get down to it.

seismicor57 karma

Will you direct a movie in the future?

Hugh-Grant131 karma

I would like to do that. I often think the only person having fun on a film set is the director.

barnett290815 karma

Hi Hugh, big fan! I love About A Boy, what do you think of the TV interpretation?

Hugh-Grant24 karma

I'm afraid I haven't seen the TV version.