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I actually don't smoke pot at all but I can get you some. Do you?

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How was it like to work with Roman Polanski in (my favorite movie) Bitter Moon? Which one is your favorite movie in which you starred?

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What do you say about the Russian claim that a democratically elected government was overthrown in an undemocratic way?

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I am Israeli (לא יודע איך להוכיח את זה) and I support the full boycott of Israel. Your propaganda and diversion tactics are not going to obscure the fact that Israel is an Apartheid colonial state that has been engaged in ethnic cleansing since its foundation. Since the political system (especially in the US) has failed and has been complicit in the support of the Apartheid State, concerned conscientious persons like myself are now pushing for the non-violent protest mode of BDS. You are on the wrong side of history Mr. Ayalon, just like the proponents and apologists for apartheid s. Africa back in the day. My question is of course: did it ever occur to you that Israel's critics are right and that you are indeed representing a colonial apartheid state that is engaged in ethnic cleansing, egregious violation of human rights and blatant discrimination?

תודה עמית

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Qadafi is one of the people credited with helping Mandela bring down the apartheid regime. He may have been a dictator but accusing him of racist white supremacist plots is ludicrous.