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If you're going to NYCC, here's where to NYCC-See me:

COMIC BOOK MEN is back for Season 4 on SUNDAY NIGHT at 12am!

You can pre-order TUSK on iTunes here:

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curlymike285 karma

Hey Kevin! Great to have you back. Two things:

Have you talked much to Megan Phelps-Roper after she ditched the WBC? It would be amazing to hear her on Smodcast.

Can you give us any info about Moose Jaws? Because it's already one of my favorite movies in advance.

Also, I'm crazy glad you got funding for Clerks III. Mainly because in April of 2013 you told me I could be in it. I haven't forgotten, Kevin.

ThatKevinSmith332 karma

Spoke to Meghan via email a few times since she left WBC. We almost got to sit down in Los Angeles but I was in North Carolina making TUSK. Hope to catch up in the new year.

MOOSE JAWS will close out the True North Trilogy that began with TUSK, continues in YOGA HOSERS and ends with MOOSE JAWS. It's very simply JAWS with a moose. Set at a summer camp. Robert Kurtzman building giant man-eating moose.

CLERKS III looking like June! And of course you can be in it!

GrandMasterT283 karma

Do you have full confidence that JJ is doing the right things for Star Wars?

ThatKevinSmith554 karma

Fuck yes. From what I saw? He's making a STAR WARS movie I really, really want to see.

dutchoven32280 karma

My History of Comedy professor credits you for being the first director to use pop culture references in jokes… for example, the Star Wars gag in Clerks. When writing those scenes, were you aware that you were entering unchartered territory?

ThatKevinSmith706 karma

Quentin did it first: the discussion of LIKE A VIRGIN and Madonna at the start of RESERVOIR DOGS. That was life-changing for me. I was like "We're allowed to talk about other movies in movies now? I WANT IN!!!" Because that was my whole world and lexicon then: movies. My friends and I didn't have real conversations as much as we quoted RAISING ARIZONA at one other. So when I saw Q's characters doing it, I felt empowered to do it with my characters as well. And that was CLERKS.

ThatKevinSmith218 karma

DAMMIT! I gotta go! Thanks for hanging out and asking stuff! When I get time, I'll come back and hit a few more questions. Thanks for taking the time, folks!

COMIC BOOK MEN returns THIS SUNDAY on AMC! And I'll be at the NY COMIC-CON tomorrow and Saturday! Here's my schedule: ASK ME ANYTHING Live, at the Hammerstein Ballroom Saturday night:

Remember: even if people tell you you're stupid for doing something, it means you've done it. And that makes you a winner. So long as your idea of doing something doesn't involve hurting anyone, make sure you give it a shot. Strange, wonderful (or, at the very least, interesting) things can happen...

oscarveli188 karma

Hello, how are you doing today? I was thinking that it would be cool if you were here as the Silent Bob character and only posted one comment and then left. I think you would be the only person allowed to do that on Reddit.

ThatKevinSmith567 karma

Or, conversely, since he's Silent, when given a keyboard, he's chatty and eloquent. But he overuses emojis...

CommieCanuck180 karma

Hey Kevin! Have you thought of adding a Métis character to Moose Jaws since you've got the movies based in central Canada?

ThatKevinSmith202 karma

I have not. Will think about it now. Thanks!

_Ka_Tet_167 karma

From one chubby bearded guy to another. First, thanks for making it cool to be a bearded chubby guy in a backwards cap.

Second, could I please be in Clerks 3? I could be a guy buying a pack of Chewlies gum. You do kind of owe me one. I took a very lovely young woman to the opening of Clerks 2 as our first date. Halfway through the donkey show, all chance of a second date disappeared. She could have been the love of my life and future bride, gone.

I'll even write my own dialogue. "It's been almost 20 years since I started chewing Chewlies gum and quit smoking... I still miss it every day."

Also, could you tell the pole smokers at r/kevinsmith to let me in?

ThatKevinSmith248 karma

You wanna be in CLERKS III, my friend? As we get closer, we'll let people know how and where they can be involved in the shoot (June of 2015).

nickelkeep136 karma

Hi Kevin! Long time fan with two quick questions for you!

1) Will you be working with Rosario Dawson again? I truly believe her work in Clerks 2 was one of her best roles to date, and I'd love to see her reprise it.

2) On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not at all and 10 being Jason's complete and utter nightmare, how much of a bad influence are you going to be on Jason Mewes' new baby?

ThatKevinSmith325 karma

1) Hoping to work with her again on CLERKS III next year.

2) I'll go with a 1. I'll be the fat, spend-y uncle who buys the kid fun stuff that Jason will confiscate and play with himself.

Allenrw389 karma

First off Mr. Smith, thanks for doing this, I'm a big fan and I LOVE the show Comic Book Men. I just have two measly questions.

What is your opinion on the state of the comic book movie genre?

What's your favorite kind of pop-tart?

ThatKevinSmith185 karma

1) I love the fact that it's even a genre now. And Marvel has made everyone step up their game, so we're getting some fun flicks I never imagined I'd ever see.

2) Frosted Strawberry. But the S'mores Pop Tarts are religious as well.

thedadknight80 karma

Hey, why don't you come to Salt Lake Comic Con and do Hollywood Babble-On or Fatman on Batman?

ThatKevinSmith145 karma

Because you never ask me sweetly anymore...

FallenNgel79 karma


ThatKevinSmith237 karma

It's easy to remain me, as I don't know how else to be. It's a fun, high-profile gift of a job, but it IS just a job. Why be an asshole to people simply because I got lucky?

And also, most folks are only approaching to say something nice. I'd be stupid to brush off a pat on the back from a stranger. Even if it's someone who wants to say "TUSK sucked!", I still have time for them. They took the time to watch MY shit, I got time enough to hear what they have to say, good and bad. And honestly? 99.9% of the time is positive feedback.

TheDarkNateReturns76 karma

Hey Kev! Some questions: You’ve touched on this before, but you haven’t really elaborated on it: Why did Quentin Tarantino turn down the role of Guy LaPointe in TUSK? And what made you offer him the role in the first place? He definitely would’ve brought something different to the part than who you casted in the end…

When can we expect to see the comic book adaptation of TUSK to hit stores? And what about the Blu-Ray? Any particular special features you’re excited for with the home-video release?

Also, whatever happened to the HELENA HANDBAG musical? Obviously your plate is super-full (and sugar-free, YEESH) at the moment, but is it still on the horizon?

Anyways, thanks for making TUSK, taking everything like a champ and spearheading the importance of living a “Why Not?” life. I can’t wait for what’s to come!

ThatKevinSmith105 karma

1) Was told he didn't want to act right now. Heard later he thought he was being offered the Wallace part. We got lucky with our next try.

2) BluRay of TUSK is December, I think. There's a deleted scene that centers on a painting depicting the Halifax Explosion, commentary, interviews, Behind-the-Scenes stuff. Lionsgate is doing a killer job. They're one of the only companies that still goes all-out on bonus features.

3) HELENA is on a horizon that's at least 2 years from now.

Thanks for the kind words! And thanks for going to see the flick!

myhairsreddit67 karma

How was your over all experience working on the set of Degrassi: the next generation? Did you take away anything profound working with the kids on the show?

ThatKevinSmith217 karma

Loved my DEGRASSI days. I'd say it was a dream come true, but I never dreamed I'd ever be on the show when I used to watch it with Jay Mewes at Quick Stop on Sunday mornings. Wild.

Top 2 most profound thoughts I had while working with the young performers on DEGRASSI...

1) These kids were cum when I made CLERKS.

2) If they cut me open like a Tauntaun, at least 3 of these kids would fit inside of me.

All those kids were very sweet about pretending to know who I was. I'm sure most of them were like "Who's this middle-aged fat American roaming the halls here all the sudden?"

DornishWhine67 karma

What are your thoughts on Twin Peaks coming back?

ThatKevinSmith130 karma

Elated to be seeing Cooper and Co. again. Such a fun idea to return. That gum I like IS going to come back in style!

csquared3463 karma

Hey Kevin! Thanks for doing this. Longtime fan here, although I understand that I am a dime a dozen (and I’m perfectly okay with that!). My Dad got me “Clerks” for Christmas back in 2005 (when I was 12) because he thought it’d appeal to me, and I don’t think he’s ever been more correct about anything. The following years I watched every movie you’d directed religiously and loved them all. As I aged I found that the themes present in your films became more and more relevant to me, and I felt like I sort of grew with them—for each rough patch in my life it seemed like there was a film I could totally relate to, and I would appreciate each flick even more as time went on (still waiting on the mirror experience to “Strike Back,” though…).

Anyways, sorry to ramble, but here’s my question: don’t you think it’s kinda ironic that critics often cite your “desire to make movies for yourself” as one of your only weaknesses? I’m a living example that even if you grew up in a drastically different setting (born & raised in Texas), a lot of the concepts in your films are still universally beautiful and relatable, so I find this critique bothersome—even though I know you don’t give a shit about what they say. If you’re making them for yourself you sure do represent a big portion of the world! Thanks Kevin.

ThatKevinSmith149 karma

Most filmmakers I know do it for themselves first, the audience second. But to be honest, that's the only way I'm interested in doing the job. There are PLENTY of people who'll make movies for mass consumption. I can't do that: those aren't the stories I'm interested in telling. In SEEING? Totally. But making them? Let the talented people do that. I'll be over here making the only films I can: Kevin Smith movies.

And at the end of my life, that's what I'll have to show for it: a bunch of Kevin Smith movies. A big, flabby body of work that will speak to who I was and what I did while I stomped on the terra.

People have been telling me I'm doing it all wrong for 20 years now. If they keep saying it another 20 years, it'll mean I'm still making Kevin Smith movies. And that's fine by me.

richardwrinkle52 karma

Do you ever wish it was Bob and Silent Jay? I do....

ThatKevinSmith152 karma

That's how it is in the real world. Happy it's the way it is in the movies. Means I don't have to memorize a bunch dopey dialogue some fat-ass writes...

Evilton51 karma

What is your Top 5 movies? And, if you could redo any movie you were in what movie and why? Who would you cast?

ThatKevinSmith79 karma


A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS is probably the easiest to re-do, as it was originally a play by Robert Bolt before Fred Zinnemann turned it into the Paul Scofield film.

paulisnofun43 karma

How many push ups can you do?

ThatKevinSmith113 karma

With a gun to my head? Maybe 40, tops.

Goldenboy45142 karma

Hey Kev, you've talked in the past about how a Star Wars spin-off based on Boba Fett would be a no-brainer. Now that one is in the pipeline, can you give us an idea as to what take on the character you'd like to see?

Give that penis a sandwich,

  • J

ThatKevinSmith70 karma

A Boba Fett flick would need very little dialogue and lots of bounty-huntin' action. If they do an origin story, it might be nice to see where he acquired the Wookie scalps his doll came with.

IAMAToysRUsKid42 karma

Any hints on the contents of the upcoming Nerd Block? Will there be any Funko Pops included? Why isn't there a Tusk Funko Pop series? Someone should get on that.

ThatKevinSmith65 karma

It's not all Batman, as some imagined it might be. I was very democratic when I attacked the Block.

TUSK merch will likely start swimming around once the flick comfortably finds its niche on home video. But we moved too fast to do any merch for theatrical release: 6 months after the podcast that birthed the flick, I was standing on a set saying "Action!" to Justin Long, dressed like a walrus.

mrburrowdweller39 karma

Kevin, where's Bellicosity? I'm dyin.

ThatKevinSmith75 karma

2015, Walt and I will finish our Batman epic. And this time, no characters will have a "bladder spasm".

BeerBarm38 karma

Hi Kevin. How much did you cringe when you found out Walt gave Dean Cain a $100 gift certificate to the Stash?

ThatKevinSmith103 karma

I cringed more when they charged Nichelle Nichols for a Uhura doll...

Ron_Tam34 karma

Hi Kevin Smith! Thanks for doing this AMA!

Important question. You have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. What would you choose as your final meal?

ThatKevinSmith127 karma

A DoDo egg. Let 'em accomodate THAT request.

Or I can say "As my final meal, I want to eat the foot of someone who saw TUSK in a theater!" It'd take 'em a LONG time to find that cat...

NotTopherGrace33 karma

Yo Kev, huge fan (Clerks is my all time favourite movie), have a couple questions:

  • 1. Which NHL franchise do you root for the most?
  • 2. Have you ever had your asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat?

ThatKevinSmith89 karma

1) Jersey and Edmonton. 2) No. But only because I can't reach that far back.

stevefrombc32 karma

Hi Kevin, Are you still feuding with Adam Carolla?

ThatKevinSmith61 karma

I was never feuding with Adam. He was mad at me. I went on his show to talk about it. I respect the man.

SRUser30029 karma

Kevin!! I am a huge fan of you and Jay and I am so happy to see you do this ama. I was wondering if J&SB Get Old is on a hiatus because of busy schedules, or if it's over? I have been struggling with opiate addiction for the past three years and I made the step to withdraw this week and listening to you tell your stories and Jay's experiences help so much. It makes me feel not so alone. Thank you for that. Also I can't freaking wait for Clerks 3!!

ThatKevinSmith34 karma

Sorry, sir! We'll be back at GET OLD very soon! Gotta start charting the journey of Dad-to-Be Jason Mewes!

So glad you find the podcast useful, too!

Xeo727 karma

First I just wanted to say that I fucking love TUSK. Fuck the haters. That film was amazing.

Who is your favorite Watchmen character? Why?

ThatKevinSmith68 karma

Thanks for the TUSK love!

"Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon." - Rorschach

Explains a lot about who I am.

JonnyB8825 karma

Big fan, Kevin. Thanks for doing this AMA!

Who is your all-time favorite comic book villain and who would you cast to play them in a live action film?

ThatKevinSmith72 karma

I still remain a Mysterio man. And I think Nic Cage would crush that role.

LiquidSnape24 karma

I am stoked you will be in Lego Batman 3. How did you get involved with the game, can you give any info on your role for the game?

ThatKevinSmith55 karma

The Lego Batman 3 folks reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be involved. I was gobsmacked. I used to play the Batman Lego and Star Wars Lego games with Harley all the time when she was younger. Without hesitation, I said yes.

In the game, I play Kevin Smith and I get to interact with some of my favorite Bat-villains!

There's a panel about it I'm attending on Saturday at the NY Comic-Con:

MayorOfGonewild24 karma

Hey Kevin! Super stoked to receive my signed copy of the Widening Gyre from the Stash. Three questions:

If I travel to the Stash what is the likelihood of interacting with the cast?

What is your Holy Grail comic that you own?

Who was your best/worst interview on Fatman on Batman?

ThatKevinSmith38 karma

1) Always very high. Walt and Mike are there almost every day.

2) A Graphitti slip-case edition of THE WATCHMEN. One of the most beautiful reprints ever produced.

3) Never had a bad interview; all the folks I've talked to are really interesting and have stories to tell. Best? The Grant Morrison ep where he poignantly describes the Batman and Robin dynamic is fantastic.

oscarveli23 karma

What was the first comic book that you ever bought?

ThatKevinSmith66 karma

I think it was a Marvel STAR WARS comic book. I'd gotten lots of comics from friends and relatives prior to that, but that was the first comic I bought with my own money. And then I subscribed and got it directly from Marvel. It used to come in a plain brown wrapper. And receiving a new issue addressed to me once a month was what I loved most in the world, long before I discovered sex.

With another person, not with the comic book.

jle41723 karma

Do you have to redo scenes often from laughing during filming?

ThatKevinSmith38 karma

From time to time, we'll blow a take with some laughs. But that's part of the fun of the job as well. If we blow the take, yes - we usually grab it at least one more time.

operation_hennessey22 karma

Can you tell us something about yourself that we may find surprising?

ThatKevinSmith62 karma

Lately, I've been going to bed at 6pm. I think it has a lot to do with giving up sugar, but still - 6pm? That's lame...

Travman9322 karma

Hey, Kevin! Greetings from Montana!

My question is; if you could see your favorite, most ambiguous comic book character be spun off into a movie, who would it be?

ThatKevinSmith70 karma

I'd like to see a movie or TV show about THE QUESTION. Such a great character.

fredderfife21 karma

It's noon in NYC, what are you having for lunch?

ThatKevinSmith61 karma

When I lunch later, it'll likely be a turkey burger sans bun. This is Day 5 of no processed/added sugar for me. I'm feeling so fucked up, having withdrawals like I'm on a drug.

propht50520 karma

Mr. Smith, thank you for this AMA. With the advancement of technology (Redbox/Netflix) and the closing of Blockbuster and mom&pop video rental stores becoming rarer, how would your Randall character feel about this? Your movie Clerks is one of my all time favorites, but I don't think you could film or create that story nowadays. Thanks again.

ThatKevinSmith61 karma

Randal addresses a lot of things that have changed in CLERKS III. This is most definitely one of them...

scapelife19 karma

Hey Kevin! Long time listener of the podcast, and huge fan of your movies. My question : If there was one thing you can go back in time and tell a younger version of yourself (you can go back to any age), what would it be?

ThatKevinSmith55 karma

"Stop. Eating. So. Much. Junk."

And maybe "Don't be afraid to make TUSK. It all works out."

quikclik2217 karma

Holy shit I'm finally early to a kev smith ama! So many questions....ok, I haven't heard any anti clause talk lately, still happening?

Saw tusk, twice, even better the second time! Once again, Michael parks killed. Can't wait for the dvd release! Thank you so much for all you do, a large chunk of the happiness in my life as been because of reading/watching/listening to you work. #walrusyes

ThatKevinSmith21 karma

ANTI-CLAUSE still happening. We just moved it to after MOOSE JAWS.

Thanks for taking the journeys with me. Means the world.

The_Naked_Snake17 karma

What are your thoughts on the new "Gotham" TV series? Also, Clerks III Fuck Yeah! :)

ThatKevinSmith43 karma

Waiting for the first 10 to binge-watch across a weekend.

And thanks!

nancelewis16 karma

Is it true that you only started smoking weed on a regular basis when you were 38 years old? If so, has this changed any aspects of your life or your outlook on life in general?

ThatKevinSmith53 karma

It's changed my outlook. I'm not as scared to try things or worried about what people are gonna say about me now that I'm a stoner. Through a green prism, I'm able to realize that people writing or saying things about how I'm fucking up somehow is just a tiny price to pay for doing whatever I want in life. In addition to those folks, there's always just enough people wishing me well and digging what I do. Being a middle-aged smoker means I'm usually in some state of reflection throughout the day. And when I reflect, I'm grateful for the audience I have and all I've been able to do because of them and their interest, while feeling kind of nonplussed by what I'm told by others that I'm somehow lacking.

leftfornoodles15 karma

Hi Kev! Big fan since Clerks. When will the production of Clerks 3 start?

ThatKevinSmith21 karma

It's looking like June, back east.

fleegle9614 karma

Hi Kevin! First - I wanted to say thank you for all of your movies - I just saw Tusk over the weekend and it was deliciously twisted!

Also thought it worth mentioning that Chasing Amy was the first movie I was ever kicked out of.

My question is if you'd ever consider doing a cameo on Impractical Jokers and/or the What Say You Podcast with Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano?

ThatKevinSmith42 karma

I'd do IMPRACTICAL JOKERS in a heart beat. Same for WHAT SAY YOU. I've known and loved Quinn for 20 years now. Excellent guy. I like Sal too, but Quinn has been family for decades.

Frajer13 karma

How does the walrus Wallace in Tusk poop ?

ThatKevinSmith21 karma

With all the pomp and circumstance normally reserved for The Last Emperor. Or a tube. I never really thought about it until now.

vibrating13 karma

I've always wondered, why do you always wear the same jersey or something that looks just like that same jersey?

ThatKevinSmith45 karma

Stole that from Einstein. He always wore the same outfit. That way, he spent little time thinking about what to wear.

I went to Catholic School from 1st through 8th Grade, so maybe that has something to do with it. I was also an altar boy; they wear costumes too.

When I put on the jersey, it's like I'm suiting up for MY game - which would be the dopey, daily game of being me. I pull on the colors, go over the boards, and try to achieve goals.

Plus? A hockey jersey is the fat guy's Mumu.

buddha15613 karma

What happened to Quint and Brandi after they got married at Universal? Happy ever after, or bitter divorce?

ThatKevinSmith75 karma

Nearly 20 years on they're still married. She turned him into a better man. They've got two teenagers named after their Aunt and Uncle, Brodie and Rene.

Sadly, Mister Svenning had to cut his hand off to escape some Walkers...

unicorn10-1013 karma

What's your favorite animal?

ThatKevinSmith50 karma

A walrus.

bpetrie8812 karma

Hi Kevin! Two questions:

Will we ever see a part 2 of Widening Gyre?


Will the rest of Canada ever see Tusk in theater?

ThatKevinSmith24 karma

1) Yes! In 2015!

2) So far, it's just these theaters:

ShaunisRaptorious12 karma

Any news on yours and walts third batman book? Also if I Bing my copy of cacophony to nycc any chance you and Walt could sing it?

ThatKevinSmith24 karma

2015: The Year We Finish Batman: Bellicosity.

Bing it or Google it - I'll sign it if you find me.

Gui1tyspark10 karma

Will you tour Smodcast/Fatman on Batman to Salt Lake City, Utah? Maybe for our FanX in April or Salt Lake Comic Con. You brought Jay and Silent Bob Get Old and Netheads to a comic shop out this way. We'd love to see you talk.

ThatKevinSmith14 karma

I'd love to.

Mrsheepshagger10 karma

Hey Kevin, long time fan of all of your work (including Jersey girl). Tusk was fucked up and I loved it. In your future projects, such as Yoga Hosiers, can we expect to see as many references to the Smodcast network as Tusk had, or will they be dialed back a bit and become more subtle?

ThatKevinSmith14 karma

TUSK is the SModdiest of the bunch. YOGA HOSERS takes the title from the podcast but not much else. MOOSE JAWS is also from a SModcast as well, but just the concept.

DrPooTash9 karma

Hey Kevin, I’m a huge fan of your work and I’m really looking forward to seeing Tusk.

My questions are, how do you feel about how Tusk has been recieved both critically and at the box office? Is the True North trilogy still going ahead regardless of this? And if so has it changed the way you will approach making them?

Thanks for doing this AMA man!

ThatKevinSmith37 karma

Naturally, I wish TUSK had done better at the box office. But to be honest, nobody was ever counting on TUSK to be a box office hit. Most folks involved just wanted to see what it would look like. And Demarest, our producers, covered the 2.8 million budget with all our foreign sales. And this is a movie that will earn for folks forever. Certainly not at the box office, but everywhere else.

But the fact that it exists - that we did something outside the box - was attractive to our YOGA HOSERS financiers, StarStream (it also never hurts that my budgets are LOW, too). And they're also the folks who'll be backing CLERKS III and MOOSE JAWS. So even without a sizzling box office on TUSK, my next 3 flicks happened BECAUSE of that flick. StarStream saw TUSK as the start of something; not - as some folks who cover movies have speculated - the end of something.

So yes: YOGA HOSERS and MOOSE JAWS still happening. And now, CLERKS III is joining them.

Exciting times!

Vocalkiller9 karma

Kevin, first I have to say I'm a big fan and have been for a long time. Love the movies, listen to the pods, try to get my friends to listen to them as well.

I saw Tusk, I really wanted to like it. But dude, that was the sight of Justin Long in that walrus get up turned my stomach quite a bit. Was that what you were going for. Cause if so, damn man, that was fucked up.

Good job?

To quote my wife, "Kevin Smith has lost his damn mind". :)

I'm really looking forward to Yoga Hosers and Moose Jaws.

ThatKevinSmith16 karma

It's a weird, weird flick.

ftwhite038 karma

Kevin, thanks for doing this AMA! I love the show Comic Book Men. I just wanted to know, what is your favorite comic? Thanks! (Also, Red State was awesome.)

ThatKevinSmith20 karma

THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS is still my favorite comic series of all time.

Thanks for watching the show, man!

shivan217 karma

Was working with Bruce Willis really that bad?

ThatKevinSmith19 karma


straightedgejoe5 karma

Hey Kevin, first off I want to say thank you for the countless hours of entertainment you've provided me over the years not just your movies but your podcast in particular help get me through the week. Just a couple of questions, first when can we expect fat man on batman to return? It's my favorite podcast and I miss it dearly. Second, can you please try and get Stephen Amell on the podcast? I think you would enjoy talking to him even if you don't watch Arrow. And lastly, I was at your annual Q&a this past Comic Con (always funny and inspiring) and you talked a little about Yoga Hosers you mentioned it would feature super natural creatures and you posted on Instagram yesterday saying you would be a "movie monster" so I have to ask what kind of monster? Thank you.

ThatKevinSmith10 karma

I'm gonna be many monsters...

Thanks for all the kind words, man!