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Hey Kevin! Thanks for doing this. Longtime fan here, although I understand that I am a dime a dozen (and I’m perfectly okay with that!). My Dad got me “Clerks” for Christmas back in 2005 (when I was 12) because he thought it’d appeal to me, and I don’t think he’s ever been more correct about anything. The following years I watched every movie you’d directed religiously and loved them all. As I aged I found that the themes present in your films became more and more relevant to me, and I felt like I sort of grew with them—for each rough patch in my life it seemed like there was a film I could totally relate to, and I would appreciate each flick even more as time went on (still waiting on the mirror experience to “Strike Back,” though…).

Anyways, sorry to ramble, but here’s my question: don’t you think it’s kinda ironic that critics often cite your “desire to make movies for yourself” as one of your only weaknesses? I’m a living example that even if you grew up in a drastically different setting (born & raised in Texas), a lot of the concepts in your films are still universally beautiful and relatable, so I find this critique bothersome—even though I know you don’t give a shit about what they say. If you’re making them for yourself you sure do represent a big portion of the world! Thanks Kevin.

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I saw it on opening day, a little garlic salt and paprika and my foot's practically a delicacy.

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The best part is that Kevin Smith movies arguably contain more relatable and personally cathartic material than most other filmmakers' movies ever will. Props to you for being such a laid back and thoughtful guy.

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Kevin, can you either confirm or deny Jennifer Garner's comments about Ben Affleck? Is the dude packin'?