Hey Redditors – Ray Liotta here for my new film Kill The Messenger, which comes out in theaters tomorrow, October 10th. Watch the trailer here. I’m excited to share this film with you all and to be doing my FIRST EVER REDDIT AMAA!
So fire away, ask me almost anything and I’ll be here beginning 10AM EST today answering your questions!

UPDATE: This was a GREAT first Reddit AMAA. Thanks to everyone who came out! I gotta run, make sure you go see Kill The Messenger!

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richardwrinkle2085 karma

There was quite a bit of cooking and eating in the movie Goodfellas. Was the food as good as it looked or did they just throw a bunch of canned spaghetti sauce in a pot and make you guys eat it?

RealRayLiotta3759 karma

Actually it was! The sauce that I was stirring in Goodfellas is actually the sauce of Scorsese's mother. She had made it specifically for us.

Frajer1691 karma

would you say Joe Pesci is funny like a clown?

RealRayLiotta2375 karma

No. Not in the least.

underdabridge1498 karma

Who was the last famous person you texted with?

RealRayLiotta2192 karma

Anthony Hopkins

GrandMasterT1488 karma

If there was a 'Grand Theft Auto Movie' would you reprise your role as Tommy Vercetti?

RealRayLiotta2205 karma

I really would have loved to do that.

richardwrinkle1129 karma

I read that you don’t have any Italian in you, but regardless I consider you more Italian than many of my friends who are 100% Italian. How does it feel to be the most Italian non-Italian on the planet?

RealRayLiotta1681 karma

It feels great, thanks for noticing.

richardwrinkle1128 karma

Ray, your smoldering stare is the most amazing and scariest stare in Hollywood! Is this something that came natural to you, or did you work tirelessly on perfecting it? Any tips to teach an average guy like me?

RealRayLiotta3054 karma

A stare is really nothing more than what you're thinking inside.

GrandMasterT1049 karma

What is your favorite line from 'Goodfellas'?

RealRayLiotta2972 karma

"Fuck you, pay me!"

Bigassbird782 karma

Mr Liotta. I am a huge fan but, quite frankly, you scare me in most of your work (the Muppet movie notwithstanding)

Do you have any anecdotes of inadvertently scaring people in real life just by your presence? I imagine there are times when people see you and think “Oh shit! He’s gonna whack me because I didn’t give him the extra jalapeños he requested”

RealRayLiotta1187 karma

In the beginning of my career, if I would get onto an elevator some people would be quiet and not say anything. But luckily, no.

revolut1onname750 karma

Who would you say is the most intense actor you've worked with, and why is it Kermit?

RealRayLiotta1768 karma

Actually it's Miss Piggy — too demanding and all she wants to do is kiss.

scozoola615 karma

Who's your favorite band?

Do you like to make party?

RealRayLiotta1386 karma

Steely Dan

FarrisD572 karma

Is your laugh in Goodfellas your real laugh?

RealRayLiotta853 karma

Yeah, a version of it.

jillmt87523 karma

Are you bothered by the fact that you have somewhat been type cast as a dirty cop in recent years or do you enjoy playing that sort of character?

RealRayLiotta904 karma

No, I like playing it. I've been lucky enough to play lots of other roles, but it seems like bad guys just stick out in peoples' minds more.

OhHelloPlease490 karma

Hi Ray, I was wondering if you could tell us about your time filming Hannibal, particularly your final scene. Were you shocked/surprised with how you met your demise in that movie? How was it working with Sir Anthony Hopkins?

RealRayLiotta741 karma

Yeah, it was brutal! Even as we were filming it, it seemed really raw. But then when I saw it, I reacted like everyone else — it was horrific.

DayOldTurkeySandwich451 karma

How do you think The Sopranos would have turned out had you taken the lead role instead of James Gandolfini?

RealRayLiotta829 karma

Different. He was so iconic that it's hard to imagine anyone else doing it. He could have had the TV version of Goodfellas.

liamquane426 karma

Hi What is the best thing that a director can do for you on set? :~)

RealRayLiotta1274 karma

Leave me alone

shivan21410 karma

Do you plan to run for some political post in the future?

RealRayLiotta1316 karma

Never. My parents were in politics and it left a bad taste in my mouth, so never.

GrandMasterT380 karma

What are the chances you and Joe Pesci can get together for another movie?

RealRayLiotta600 karma

I guess there's always a chance. I would love to work with him again, but I haven't heard of anything.

GetFreeCash359 karma

Hi Ray, welcome to Reddit!

Two questions for you:

  • What would be in your perfect sandwich?

  • Are there any fictional characters from literature that you would like to portray?

That's all! Thanks again for doing this AMA! :)

RealRayLiotta816 karma

Ham, cheese, salami, and hot mustard. And I used to always want to play Jesus. But none really come to mind right now.

SMStanton358 karma

How were you and other actors trained to convincingly play baseball in "Field of Dreams"?

RealRayLiotta535 karma

I played when I was younger, but I also worked out with a guy named Donny Buford (who played for the Orioles) and a USC coach Rod Dedeaux

SKQ62355 karma

If you hadn't become an actor, what else would you have wanted to be, as far back as you can remember?

RealRayLiotta494 karma

A musician.

MrComedyHooligan345 karma

Why don't you watch your own movies?

RealRayLiotta698 karma

Too weird! I've seen some just out of curiosity to see how it turned out but I've probably only seen half of what I've made.

AzBrah339 karma

Hi Ray, Goodfellas is one of my all time favorite films.

What was it like working with Martin Scorsese, and are there any funny moments you had on set?

RealRayLiotta449 karma

Thanks! It was great. I never really wanted to act. I decided when I was in college. I would watch all those 70s movies, which I thought was a great period in movie making. He as well as De Niro and other actors/directors were who I learned from so getting to work with them was great.

lmanders32284 karma

Ray, I played as your digital representation in the Call of Duty zombies game. How fun was that to work on? have you ever played it, or had someone show you how it works?

RealRayLiotta433 karma

I have never ever played any of 'em, but they're fun to do.

richardwrinkle279 karma

After watching your 1800 Tequila commercials, I think when The Most Interesting Man in the World retires that you should take over for him. Would you consider this?

RealRayLiotta803 karma

Haha! No because I think it's pretentious they say he's the most interesting man in the world. There are so many others.

suaveitguy265 karma

Sadsack weenies, fierce bad guys, or upstanding great guys? Which is most challenging to play?

RealRayLiotta590 karma

Fierce bad guys. I've never been in a fight my whole life so to do something different.....

rhapdimp265 karma


RealRayLiotta565 karma

In a cliche sense, find something in life that they want to do and would enjoy doing because the majority of life is not in school but living life and that's a lot of time!

shivan21244 karma

How come your projects are more dramatic rather than sci-fi/fantasy/horror oriented?

RealRayLiotta390 karma

Good question. I've done a little bit of all of them, but you just try to make the best decisions based on what is offered to you.

Noixdecoconoire230 karma

Hi Ray! Thanks for doing this AMA!

What is the best advice a director had ever given you?

RealRayLiotta486 karma

To "do it again," meaning that if it doesn't work, just do it again. Actually it was Scorsese who said that.

go_lobos229 karma

Whats one actor/actress you haven't worked with yet that you would love to work with?

RealRayLiotta545 karma

I'd love to work with Meryl Streep.

DornishWhine218 karma

You've been in so many films over the years. What do you consider as your best work?

RealRayLiotta475 karma

I don't look at it that way. Each movie poses its own challenge. I just had a movie called The Identical where I played a preacher and I was proud of that.

blcklbelsdmf210 karma

Take the gun, or leave the cannoli?

RealRayLiotta367 karma

Take the gun.

InstagramLincoln209 karma

I was pleasantly surprised to see you pop up in The Muppets movie! Did the song and dance numbers take you outside of your comfort zone? I can imagine they took a while to film.

RealRayLiotta595 karma

No. Actually when I first started acting, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I took up theater and all I did was musicals — a jock from Jersey, singing and dancing. Danny Trejo was so funny with the muppets, he would talk to them as if they were really real.

Mannbearpiggg209 karma

Goodfellas is in my top 3 favourite movies all time, love your work! My question is: What is your favourite gangster / Goodfellas type movie that you were not involved with?

RealRayLiotta497 karma

Godfather 2.


according to the good folks at mst3k, you smell like apples. is this true?

RealRayLiotta259 karma

Not that I'm aware of.....

jomstir179 karma

Who is your favorite director to work with?

RealRayLiotta380 karma

I've been lucky to work with a bunch of them but probably Scorsese and Ridley Scott!

shivan21177 karma

How did you get to play in Sin City?

RealRayLiotta322 karma

They asked me, simple as that.

RealRayLiotta348 karma

I loved the first one. I actually havent seen the one I did, but someday maybe. I dont watch most of my movies.

tommy40155 karma

Mr. Liotta,

Huge fan here--what was your favorite role you've ever played?

RealRayLiotta476 karma

I dont have a favorite. I have some that stand out. Obviously Henry in Goodfellas. A movie I did Narc. The Identical that just came out. And dancing with Kermit and everybody in Muppets Most Wanted — singing and dancing with Danny Trejo and The Muppets is a once in a lifetime thing.

ismellpretty154 karma

Hi Ray, long time fan! Is there any actor or actress that you've met that has made you feel starstruck?

RealRayLiotta326 karma

I guess Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall. I'm doing another movie with Anthony Hopkins, but I'd say I'm more excited than intimidated.

RealRayLiotta116 karma

Not really.

BrieAndGrape129 karma

Hi Ray

Did you ever meet the real Henry Hill? And how much of his story do you believe?

RealRayLiotta232 karma

Yes. I have no reason not to believe it.

thisisadamsusername121 karma

Would you rather fight one horse-sized Joe Pesci or 100 duck-sized Joe Pesci's?

RealRayLiotta262 karma

Probably duck-sized. I could use my feet and just kick 'em.

volcarona115 karma

Do you like turtles?

RealRayLiotta277 karma

I've scuba dived a few times and I love seeing the sea turtles so yes I like turtles.

denimourson106 karma

If you could redo one movie scene agian to either make it perfect or relive that experience. What scene and movie would that be?

RealRayLiotta334 karma

I would do the scene with Joe again (you think I'm funny?). it was just fun. It was improv actually.

egcamby105 karma

What is it like knowing that, being in so many truly iconic films, people will be watching your performances for years to come?

You're fantastic, by the way.

RealRayLiotta184 karma

Thank you. You make movies so people will see them, so if they see them past their immediate shelf life, it's great!

ubdiverbrksbord82 karma

What was it like working with Alice Eve?

RealRayLiotta212 karma

Just as you think it would be.

paulisnofun78 karma

how many push ups can you do?

RealRayLiotta290 karma

In a week or in a day?

laxpwns71 karma

Mr. Liotta,

How is it you're such a badass, and where can I learn?

RealRayLiotta244 karma

Go to acting class

Accent1268 karma

Ray, you were in a lot of my favorite movies. One of the things that doesn't get talked about much is that you were in my favorite episode of one of my favorite shows ever. You on ER was incredible. Any stories you can share about doing that? Would you ever do anything on TV again? Thanks for your time and I can't wait to see your new film this weekend!

RealRayLiotta127 karma

I'd love to do cable. No stories, but I get a lot of people coming up to me who had someone with an alcohol problem, so it's always nice if you've touched somebody and that one touched a lot of people.

unicorn92867 karma

What's your favorite animal?

RealRayLiotta171 karma


chubbyfats65 karma

Sauce or gravy?

RealRayLiotta147 karma


Rusty_Empathy65 karma

Good morning Ray,

I would like to know if you have a "bucket list" and if so, is there anything on there that you're willing to share with us?

As an aside, I've been crushing on you since the 90's. Those eyes!

Thank you

RealRayLiotta192 karma

No, I don't have a bucket list. I'm pretending it's not going to happen (death).

AGallagher41062 karma

Hi Ray! I was wondering, what's your favorite ride at Disney?

RealRayLiotta185 karma

I have a few because I go every single year since my daughter turned 4. If it's hot, the log ride. I don't know their names; just where they're located.

breathe_happy59 karma

What's the craziest fan encounter you've ever had, good our bad? Best encounter?

RealRayLiotta199 karma

Probably in the urinal. Crazy fan encounters typically happen in the bathroom.

shivan2153 karma

How was your cooperation with Robert Patrick and Jeremy Renner?

RealRayLiotta65 karma

He was good. He's a really a good actor and he's really good in this movie.

fratso50 karma

If you could play any sport professionally, what sport would it be, and what position?

RealRayLiotta127 karma

I used to always want to play basketball professionally.

milleniamisc49 karma

Have you ever passed over a role and then regretted it later on? Or have you ever taken a role and then regretted it?

RealRayLiotta106 karma

No, but there are some that I've wanted but I didnt get. Certain circumstances dictate you doing certain things at certain times. Sometimes, I wish that was different.

avidranter48 karma

What is the one role you would like to play all over again?

RealRayLiotta124 karma

I don't think I'd want any of them back.

MrKyleOwns46 karma

Hi Ray! Could you describe a typical day you have?

RealRayLiotta157 karma

If I'm working, I'm working. If I'm not, I'm a single dad so it's usually going to the gym and then chauffeuring my daughter around.

M4tt1ks36 karma

Ray, first of all I'd like to thank you for this opportunity, second I'd like to ask: where is the best place to get pasta?

RealRayLiotta138 karma

At an italian restaurant.

didntexpectTheBeard32 karma

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be and who would be your archenemy? Also do you enjoy a good bagel with cream cheese?

RealRayLiotta138 karma

X-ray vision. Too many pretty girls!

cptkilla31 karma

What's your favorite part to play,the hero or the villain?

RealRayLiotta85 karma

I like all the parts, but villains are fun.

Braindead9030 karma

You are a pizza, what toppings would you have?

RealRayLiotta111 karma

Just pepperoni - all the way!

avdmatt6925 karma

Good morning! You're the best. I mean that. My question is about coffee. Milk or half and half?

RealRayLiotta91 karma

Milk. 2 percent. Just for color.

JeF4y21 karma

You head over to the snack table/truck on set. What do you grab?

RealRayLiotta49 karma

A bag of of potato chips

SMX_Dizzy20 karma

What is your favorite Steely Dan song? Album?

RealRayLiotta46 karma


lyyki18 karma

You have pretty much the greatest eyes in all of Hollywood. If you had to choose one person to do a staring contest with, who would be the hardest enemy?

RealRayLiotta49 karma

My daughter

liamquane18 karma

What research did you do for the role?

RealRayLiotta46 karma

None really. All the information for this one was in the script.

Cheatahh16 karma

How freaking cool are you in the 1800 commercial!?

RealRayLiotta32 karma

Thanks, I like the commercials too.