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Hi Jen! Big fan.

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Well maybe you're right, OP, but all I know is I could sure go for some of that Tuscan inspired Olive Garden cooking right now. Maybe some pasta primavera, with a garden salad, and oh those magical breadsticks. Just 19.99 right now at participating locations. Mm good.

Edit: Hey, you. Click here and read this post from a Reddit admin. Thanks.

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This is the problem with the Victoria IAMAs. I will never know if Lady Gaga ever even knew this question was asked.

Edit: Christ, people. Put your pitchforks away. Go read this.

Edit 2: And this

Edit 3: and this

Edit 4:And finally, this

Bottom line:

  • Lady Gaga did her own reading and typing.

  • In phone interviews Victoria reads the tough questions to them.

  • IAMAs are better with her there because their PR people would be less likely to ask them those tough questions.

  • Mods and Admins answered my questions

  • Hug it out. You're all wonderful.

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Who was the last famous person you texted with?

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