I can send proof of income to a mod if wanted I guess But here I am at work http://imgur.com/ME7PhXu

I work in the completion/production aspects of things. I don't know much about drilling. Why are all the rednecks such douche bags? Can anyone do it? Don't I feel bad about killing the earth?

EDIT: I passed out on you guys. Big thanks to the guys who stepped in to help. I answered a bunch more and now I'm back to work, I should be a slow night. I'll have plenty of time, keep them coming!

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supersyaz61 karma

I am a hydraulic pressure testing operator. Can u get me a job? Lol. But seriously, i need a job.

Wyojones53 karma

I've never PMed on reddit but send me a message. I'll reply with my bosses email.

I do flowback by the way

supersyaz15 karma

Thanks man. Thats awesome.

jack_lumpus17 karma



Testers are the bitchs of the oilfield. Nah jp but if you dont mind spending 1-3 months in camp and come out with the social skills of a deranged pirate by all means. But HEY $4000 every 2 weeks woop!

Wyojones2 karma

Haha. I try to avoid being one of those guys

D-Rome31 karma


Wyojones51 karma

Big explosion hazards, environmental spills, toxic gasses and materials, heavy equipment, and driving while tired. There are very strict safety standards in place and I'm responsible to make sure my crew abides by ask the rules. Oh and H2S. Shit's nasty.

D-Rome27 karma


Wyojones36 karma

It can get kinda hairy sometimes. And if you fuck up not only is your job a stake, but the oil company could cut ties with your company costing your coworkers their jobs

escapefromelba5 karma

What's an entry level job and a ballpark salary?

Wyojones8 karma

$1,500 a week is pretty decent

lipstickgeologist17 karma

Hats off to you field guys. I'm a prospect geologist in the office- no explosions or H2S to deal with here. Stay safe and try to not make fun of us corporate folk when we have to go in the field to check on well progress. :)

Wyojones13 karma

Are you a girl. We don't see girls very often.

My well needs checked on

ubguessin11 karma


ross70705 karma


ZeroManArmy5 karma

Deadly gas that will kill you and you won't even know it.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Wyojones5 karma


Springpeen3 karma

A know a couple of guys in the Alberta patch that took a mild H2S hit. Fuckin brutal stuff, man.

Wyojones3 karma

I've been hot with 50ppm. Horrible shit

rhymingisfun29 karma

Would you recommend this job to people in their early 20s? How hard is it to get into your field of work?

Wyojones38 karma

Yes. It's hard work but the opportunity it can give you is fantastic. If you don't want a career from it save for a couple years then pay your way through school with no debt.

It can be easy to get in, but I see probably 80% of new guys not make it a year.

andrewdoubleu11 karma

Seriously though. Where do you apply? Any company/industry websites in particular? I'm a quality assurance manager now in the railroad industry. I'd love to get into something new.

travelinman8816 karma

I work for a small Oil & Gas Company at a desk, sometimes the pay is better working manual labor in the field, but you work your ass off for it. Most field jobs you are making an hourly wage but working 80 hour weeks, with 40 of those hours being double time it adds up. Go to some of the larger companies websites who operate in North Dakota. The websites below have a lot of job openings. Downside is you'll have to buy a camper and live in ND.




Wyojones3 karma

Thank you!

alcoholland10 karma

Why do most new guys leave?

Wyojones4 karma

Can't handle the hours or that people talk shit 24 fucking 7

toomuchLSD8 karma

I've been looking to get out of IT for 2 years now, but haven't found an entry level job taking applicants at a decent pay rate. I'd like to really look into this, as I was already also looking to move to CO anyways. I do not have hard labor experience, all IT background, but I hit the gym regularly and have a killer work ethic. Would I have a chance? Where do I look to apply?

beyondbedbath11 karma

The part of CO that the oil field jobs are in is not the part of CO that most people get excited about. Just be aware of that.

Wyojones2 karma

Greeley isn't that bad

notProfCharles20 karma

You make 6 figures. What's the single most expensive thing you've bought that wasn't a house or a car...?

Wyojones12 karma

I dropped 8k on guns one day. I've spend 5k for a single nights party.

Bun_Franklin20 karma

How do you get a job like that?

Wyojones20 karma

Apply. Seriously, go for an entry level position and work your way up There's people from all walks of life out here.

Tasty_Tortilla18 karma

Could you used an experienced roofer? If the pay is good, I will drop everything and put my all into a job if it's catches my eye. No job is too dirty or tough for me after I've been stuck on a roof for most my life.

Wyojones25 karma

No need for that specific trade really, but it's s labor job, and at the lower levels labor is what gets you in. And the lower levels still pay a couple grand a week.

DiabloConQueso20 karma

couple grand a week.

$2,000 * 52 weeks/year = $104,000 (before taxes).

That's not taking into account time off, vacation, sick days, or seasonal work, but shit -- that's damn good money no matter which way you look at it.

mikkymikkymik32 karma

there isn't sick days or vacation in this line of work. it is the kind of work where you are single and don't have a life and make a shit load of money working your balls off.

Wyojones4 karma

That description fits me perfect!

lietome181817 karma

Whats your average work day?

Wyojones28 karma

Average is a 12 hour shift with 2-3 hours paid drive time to get from the hotel to job site and back. Overtime after 40

jack_lumpus14 karma


Annihilicious5 karma

Yea also, which cafes, restaurants, bars (with women), cultural institutions, entertainment venues do you frequent after your 12h shift and 3h drive?

Wyojones8 karma

The fucking hotel. I like sleep

gsxr16 karma

what does it take to make supervisor? Show up every day and keep your mouth shut?

Wyojones42 karma

Far from. I think the oilfield is one of the last true meritocracy. You can't sweet talk your way out of burning down millions in equipment or spilling hundreds of gallons of oil on the ground

GoldenGonzo12 karma

In one of your posts down below you stated that you are living out of a hotel.

Where is home, and how often do you actually get to go back?

Wyojones2 karma

It's central Wyoming. Maybe every other month

tubadude211 karma

The energy sector is the place to be. I went to school with guys who are your coal mining equivalent. Actually, all of the underground coal miners I know are paid pretty well. Unfortunately, most aren't smart with their money.

Is it common out there for young guys to show up, make more money than their parents may have made combined, and then just ruin their lives?

Wyojones36 karma

I've been stupid with my money I'll admit, but I'm not in debt (I just haven't saved as much as I should)

I've seen many guys lose everything because they buy a new truck, new house, new atv all on credit then they party every month in Vegas and fail a piss test then go completely broke after losing their job.

sidekickbananaduck11 karma

Did you start out as a roustabout?

Wyojones16 karma

Flowback hand. Now I'm still in flowback but make a lot more money

sidekickbananaduck9 karma

Thanks for the answer! Uncle keeps telling me to get into the oil industry. I don't pay attention to it much so I never knew CO was big into it. Sounds better there than in Williston.

Wyojones19 karma

Fuck North Dakota. It's more money and easier to get started up there. I'll take 20k less a year to stay out of that state

A3xG10 karma

How big are the smoke stacks on your truck?

Wyojones7 karma

Hahaha. Single 5" tip out the rear

VideoCT8 karma

how often does someone die on the job site? Sounds like a pretty dangerous job

Wyojones4 karma

I wasn't on site but have been in the same area as a few deaths. Never a serious injury on my crew :D

skweeky7 karma

You want to hire a brit? Got to be cultural these days! Ill do anything, Roustabout, roughneck, I dont mind haha.

What was the hardest shift you've had to do?

Wyojones6 karma

One that I was on my feet yelling at people for 50 some hours without a break because shit was all fucked up

lost_but_crowned7 karma


Wyojones4 karma

Haha. No. I want to buy stocks though.

thereij7 karma

The military headhunters are constantly saying that my experience as an aircraft electrician would make me instantly hire-able in the oil industry. I just don't see it. Any thoughts or perspective on this?

Wyojones4 karma

Mechanical knowhow is very helpful.

HankSinatra7 karma

I worked in Williston, ND for a summer (not in the oil fields) and heard plenty of scary stories from people about having to work with people who were operating huge, dangerous machinery while drunk/high. Has anyone's behavior on the job ever scared you?

Also, what are your hours like? I know a lot of people have to work crazy long hours to do that stuff.

Wyojones8 karma

Fuck yes! If they're not on my crew I'll still do what I can to stop them, if they are on my crew they're fired and better hope they keep their mouths shut and go quietly. I don't want anything hurting anyone or fucking up the environment. I take that serious

FWilly6 karma

That kind of salary is most typical of professionals like doctors, lawyers, CEOs... Manual labor jobs usually don't pay nearly this well, as laborers are usually cheap. Why does this job pay so well?

Is it; specialist knowledge, harsh environment, hazardous duty, difficulty of labor, or something else?

Wyojones5 karma

All of the above. And really, really long hours

Mabus1576 karma

Do you feel bad about killing the earth?

No but seriously has obama's resistance to the keystone pipeline caused any issues for you?

Wyojones12 karma

Honestly, yes. I'm in a good industry but I can see it's damage. As a land owner, I feel you shouldn't bitch about water quality if you agreed to sell your oil rights. I have thought seriously about going into renewable energy.

And right now the pipeline will only improve things, we're in a boom around here and I foresee it lasting several years. That said the pipeline won't touch any of the oil that produce.

ichegoya3 karma

People shouldn't bitch about things they signed up for, definitely. But that's not really addressing the issue. The issue is that petroleum extraction is bad for everything except people's checking accounts. It's bad for the air (after it's been used), the soil, the water, the wildlife, the ecosystems, etc etc etc. THAT'S the issue, not land owners bitching.

Wyojones3 karma

True. Simple solution? Stop using any petroleum based product. I do what I can to minimize harm. But I think that's just to make me feel better about myself

Nixuz2 karma

A few years? A friend in the industry confided to me that the Bakken actually extends almost all the way to the east coast.

Wyojones2 karma

A few might have been an understatement. I will likely make a career of this

Chadadarsya6 karma

My stepdad just finished school to be a Heavy Equipment Operator and my family is likely moving to the oil sands. But I can't wait till I can become a Heavy Duty Mechanic after I graduate highschool. Also a question for you is that do you work shift work? And if so how long?

Wyojones7 karma

I've been on 6 weeks now. I volunteered to work more so I could pay for the stuff I need for my truck (700hp here I come!) Normal rotation for me is 4 weeks on 2 weeks off. I know how to run some equipment, but I need to get certified.

my2centsb4taxes6 karma

What are some of the reasons guys quit the job?

Wyojones8 karma

Long hours, lazy, away from family, can't handle people talking shit

jc44665 karma

Have you only worked in WY/CO oil fields? Ever work in CA or know anyone who has? How does the job compare as far as risk & regulations. I use to work on a rig for Nabors before getting a job as a facility operator. Just curious as to how the job is different regionally.

Wyojones2 karma

I was in Montana once. It varies s lit from company to company. Chesapeake is strict as hell. RKI is super laid back

SibylUnrest4 karma

What's the connection between the oil industry, wells, and recent earthquakes?

It's been in the news in Colorado recently, but I didn't catch the details.

Wyojones12 karma

Honestly man, I don't know. A well might go 10,000 down vertically then 20,000 more horizontally. You're bound to hit fault lines somewhere I'd imagine

lslvr4 karma


Wyojones6 karma

Favorite part is by far the money. I do enjoy it most the time though.

I'm thinking about buying an rv. What's up?

Lotronex4 karma

How physical is the job? I'm at a desk all day and out of shape, how much hussle is there, and how much downtime during the shift? Do you get bussed out to the site, or have to drive everyday?

Wyojones5 karma

Varies a lot. Last three night I have literally sat in the pickup looking at a pressure gauge for 12 hours.


jayjacks3 karma

What's the inflation for cost of living around where you work? For instance. what's rent for a 1 bdrm?

Wyojones6 karma

It's not crazy yet. I wish I had money to invest in rental property because I think it's going to go up soon

MmmYumYumDeviledEggs3 karma

I'm currently studying to be a geo scientist with interest in working for an oil company. What internships are good for my resume that an oil company would like? What is it like for the geoscientists working for your company?

Wyojones5 karma

A friend just went to be an engineer for Slumberjay, she loves it

badrosie3 karma

Female here.. How are the clerical/office jobs for this industry?

Ex-BF's family is from Gillette, WY and always said there was work out there. I'm in Madrid now (dual citizenship) but would quickly move back to the US for good pay. Age 29 with clerical, insurance, accounting, underwriting, and executive assistant experience. Working for a civil explosives/nitrate/ammunition manufacturer, ATM.

Wyojones2 karma

Your job sound cooler! They're there, but I imagine it's a bit harder to get due to a much lower demand

n2hvywght3 karma

What is flowback and can you explain the process?

Wyojones3 karma

I control the flow of the well once it's done being fracked and starts making hydrocarbons. I'm a babysitter for young wells so nothing blows up

TheLegendOf19002 karma

Do you snort lines of H2S?

Wyojones7 karma

It gets me so mellow my heart almost stops

Psandor2 karma

How old are you now, and how much money have you saved?

Wyojones2 karma

22. And, uh 10,000ish

nismoz332 karma

Have you had to purchase any of your own tools or supplies you use for your daily job or has it all be provided to you?

What is your typical EDC (Every Day Carry) setup for your job?

Wyojones3 karma

Oh man. Right now the tools are supposed to be supplied bit they're lacking. Last company was the same way but I used my personal truck so I stocked up on what I needed. My box has a few thousand in tools in it.

Bare minimum is all my safety stuff, headlamp, crescent wrench, and Leatherman.

leftyguitarjoe1 karma

I'm currently I'm school for an environmental science degree with the goal of regulating environmental policies. What experiences have you had with the EPA?

Wyojones1 karma

Lots of classes telling me not to fuck up. And one dude who came out bitching about us flaring the excess natural gas. We were still withing the limit