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Update 2: Having reread many of my answers, I wanted to apologize for my appalling grammar. The questions were coming fast and furious and I answered many from my phone.

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That is the real question.

I have this habit of whenever I set myself a goal and achieve it I think "whats next" 5 Years ago I ran a half marathon. Then a Marathon, then a Half ironman, then a full ironman, then a desert ultra marathon. Then this.

Sorry for the run-on sentence

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Fitting grammar for your run-on life.

ultraslow168 karma

hahaha. Well said.

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Nice one pal. Well done on all your efforts. I've got a Sprint triathlon tomorrow. Going to do a half iron man next year, don't think I fancy the full one though haha. What you've just accomplished beggars belief :)

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As soon as you finish the half. You will set your sites on the full. Trust me. Its what every one says :)

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No, it's way too crazy for me.

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After reading The Barkley Wiki page I'm still not exactly sure what it is, but it sounds awful and like people would die

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Basically its a 5 loop ultra marathon. If you manage to complete just one loop you are amazing.

Usually one person finishes a year.

There is a documentary on YouTube about it.


That sounds like a lot of willpower, keep it up! Just be careful, though - I increased my running performance in a comparable fashion and have gotten a myocarditis out of it. I got the infection from a cold I didn't even felt like having (no coughing, no running nose etc) and now part of my heart muscle isn't working and some valves are not closing completely anymore. My performance has been down to 40% of what I had before (yet I'm thankful theres something left) and I'm constantly tired, cold and will probably be subject to future heart problems. From what I know now, I should have stopped after the marathon or half marathon, for the sake of my family and me. Just be very careful with your health! Good luck for future events.

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TIL about myocarditis. Thank you for the warning.

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Full desert ultra marathon? Badwater?

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Marathon De Sables

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are you tired?

Also how much longer do you think you would be able to run before dying!

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I am tired :)

I actually thought about this question. Probably around 3 days :)

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Did you smoke a fat doobie before biking that 420 km?

ultraslow15 karma

No, I had a couple of croissants

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Did your nipples bleed, your dick go numb and your toenails fall off?

ultraslow280 karma

No bleeding. I wore the right gear and used Vaseline.

One toenail fell off.

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Apparently painting your toenails helps with this. You can wear clear polish or you can just say "fuck it" and look fabulous.

ultraslow88 karma

I didnt know that fact. I think I'd prefer to lose my toe nails to that :)

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All I can tell you is that if you have a sister, wife or daughter reading this AMA, you are now probably doomed to have your toenails painted in glorious technicolour before every event. You're welcome :-p

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How do do something for 33 hours? What about food, water, and bathroom?

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You have a crew following you in a car. They feed you and give you drink.

When I need to go to the bathroom, I get off my bike and pee on the side of the road. The professionals just pee on their bike.

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How do you stay awake? With that sort of exertion over that time period, I'd be unable to keep awake.

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You can do things you never thought possible.

Notjustnow66 karma

What did you eat/drink?

ultraslow151 karma

I ate tons of different things. I had flat coke, gels, candy, soup, isotonic drink, water, bread

jjremy4 karma

No bananas? :o

ultraslow5 karma

A couple, they didnt sit well.

Franco_DeMayo49 karma

What if you need to poop? Do you fast prior, or, just hope for the best?

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I drink coffee first thing in the morning. That usually triggers my pooping mechanism :)

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How do you stay motivated to keep training hard? A year ago I was at the top of my game, and some depression, I lost 25 pounds of the solid muscle I worked so hard for (natty) and now I just can't find the passion for it again!

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I fall off the "wagon" all the time. I have just become good to get back into the gym or on the bike. Just get back into the gym. Even for 15 minutes.

I also started training with other people. That is huge. People will keep you on track.

Lastly, I work with a coach.

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What was your total time? Which is your hardest event?

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my total time was just under 33 hours.

The hardest part probably the mental anguish leading up to the race. After that, the bike is probably the hardest. North Wales is very very hilly.

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I've always wanted to run a marathon, is it worth it?

ultraslow133 karma

I believe so. You will never forget that sense of accomplishment.

Setting a difficult long term goal and achieving it will change your life.

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How much time did you typically train per week?

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6 hours was my shortest week and 21 was my longest. Average was about 12 hours.

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Bro, do you even lift?

ultraslow124 karma

I do lift :)

Full natty bra

Babbit_B49 karma

Do you also do all-running ultras? I'd be interesting to know which you found more challenging (say a 100 mile run versus the same distance broken into swimming/cycling/running). Or perhaps the two are challenging in different ways?

ultraslow87 karma

I do run ultra marathons.

A 100 mile run is far more difficult than a 112 mile Ironman. In my opinion of course :)

Babbit_B103 karma

Because you're using the same muscle groups all the time? Just guessing.

My brother's a UK ultra-marathon runner. He just finished the Mont Blanc ultra in Switzerland (and it damn near finished him - 45.56.58 on a 46-hour cutoff). Even he thinks Badwater is insane, so if that's on your bucket list, hats off to you, my friend :-)

Myself I only run if there's an angry tiger at one end and free cake at the other.

ultraslow72 karma

Your brother is a Legend. UTMB is very very difficult.

Babbit_B37 karma

Thanks - I'm very proud of him :-)

Yeah, he's done a number of hundred-milers and he says that was the toughest - including DNFs when he was pulled out for hypothermia and that kind of fun stuff. I think the change in elevation is an important element - he was treated for altitude sickness after the race.

ultraslow59 karma


I am scared of UTMB. I was actually thinking of doing it next year.

Your bro should be the one doing this AMA :)

Babbit_B29 karma

It's supposedly the toughest footrace in Europe, and even the purists, pros and masochists tend to use walking poles for the ascents. It sounds like you've got the stuff, though! I'm betting that this time next year you'll be back for another AMA :-)

ultraslow25 karma

I hope so. One of my friends DNF's that race this year. He didnt want to go on after 24 hours.

eastoneleven45 karma

How long did you sleep for once you had finished? Did you even sleep?

ultraslow95 karma

Thats a great question. I couldnt sleep for a long time. All the adrenaline, caffeine gels and sugar. Sleep was very hard to come by until about a day later.

Notjustnow37 karma

What was your post race meal? Did you fantasize about it in the race?

ultraslow74 karma

Double cheese burger. yes. I did fantasize about it :)

Rockzilla40007 karma

Where did you get the burger?

ultraslow18 karma

Burger King at the rest stop going home.

peachyman2033 karma

How long did it take u to train?

ultraslow49 karma

About a year

chainpress29 karma

What bike did you ride?

ultraslow47 karma

Specialized Shiv TT bike with a lot of upgrades. Compact crank, mavic cosmic carbone wheels, adamo saddle etc

chainpress39 karma

Very nice. You didn't consider a lighter road bike because of the hills, or were the benefits of a TT bike too great to pass up?

ultraslow77 karma

You are correct. The TT bike was a mistake. A road bike was the way to go.

Babbit_B19 karma

Is the cycling part of triathlons hideously expensive in terms of equipment? I'm guessing so.

ultraslow40 karma

Yes, it can be. about 1k-15k

UnexpectedBacon24 karma

Well done! Will you be doing it again?

ultraslow59 karma

Thank you!

Not this race.

Maybe ultraman Hawaii or Canada.

UnexpectedBacon15 karma

Ok, good luck for the future then!

ultraslow20 karma

Thank you very much.

Do you race?

UnexpectedBacon40 karma

Not really, no. I once did a five mile run, and that's about it.

ultraslow77 karma

5 miles is an accomplishment. Most people can't do that.

UnexpectedBacon25 karma

I didn't think I would be able to either, but I mantained a slow pace and managed to get to the finish line. It was for charity, so I was extra motivated. How did you prepare yourself for the thriathlon?

ultraslow23 karma

I ask a local triathlon coach to create a plan for me. I also started getting swim lessons at the local gym.

Within 2 years, I want from nothing to Ironman.

UnexpectedBacon12 karma

How often did you train? It must have been very time consuming as well as tiring

ultraslow15 karma

I trained every day except Mondays. Sometimes twice a day. A lot of my training was done at home on the turbo trainer.

Pka15222 karma

Was there a moment where you thought "Shit what did I get my self into!!" ??

ultraslow107 karma

5 minutes before the swim started

Ghost_Brain21 karma

What other sports do you take part in? P.s. Well done on completing it, you're physically/mentally super strong.

ultraslow21 karma

None really. I just swim, bike, run and lift weights.

I guess i'm boring :)

Ghost_Brain14 karma

What type of biking? Haha boring I doubt it, I've travelled with people like's somewhat more adventurous.

ultraslow21 karma

I like to go for long slow bike rides and listen to audio books. Usually between 4 and 6 hours.

wishfulwatermelon20 karma

How long did your "hangover" last from this? I ran a half marathon and felt like crap afterwards and the next day.

ultraslow34 karma

The race finished last Monday and I am now starting to feel whole again.

Notjustnow16 karma

Would you consider running the Badwater 135 ultramarathon?

ultraslow24 karma

That is on my bucket list. I have run the marathon de sable. I need to get a couple of 100 milers under my belt first.

I'm planning on doing a 100 miler next year.

Notjustnow15 karma

Any injuries in training or the triathlon?

ultraslow18 karma

I hurt my shoulder from too much swimming. Sometimes I get sick from over training and now allowing myself to recover properly.

Metal2theend13 karma

Admit it... You did this just for the chicks, right? It's a great pick up line, "hey baby. I'm an iron man... In many ways."

ultraslow45 karma

Technically, this is Ultraman :)

I will try that line on my wife and report back :)

Metal2theend26 karma

Ah! You're right. Sorry, I thought I had an ace in hole joke there but goofed on the title. Congrats on an accomplishment that such a small percentage of people can claim as theirs.

Now go ultra man your wife!

ultraslow18 karma

that last line made me laugh :)

whyareyousuccessful12 karma

To what do you attribute your success at being able to finish such a grueling race and training regimen?

ultraslow41 karma

The mind is the greatest obstacle to doing something like this. Fear of failure, fear of what people will say, fear of not finishing.

I was not a physical person. I am a technologist who sits in a cube. I really had to reprogram my mind. I started hanging around really disciplined peopled

This is very corny, but every time I would think of not doing the race, I would watch something like this :

whyareyousuccessful11 karma

As a follow up to your journey - how did you go from being not a physical person to doing something insanely physical? Couch to 5k just doesn't seem to cover this. ;)

Also - when you started hanging around disciplined people, what was the very first thing you started to be disciplined about?

ps - loved the video. thanks for sharing

ultraslow27 karma

I got a coach. That really helped. Also, when you start hanging around local running/triathlon clubs, you meet people that push you past your perceived limits.

The first thing you start learning is that they don't make excuses. If they plan on waking up at 5 am for a swim, they do just that.

Avokineok11 karma

How to pay for all this training and the actual events?

ultraslow19 karma

Well I pay for the events with my own money.

I pay for the training with time that I could use doing other things.

Avokineok11 karma

So this bike for example, will be quite expensive.. Ant sponsors at all? Special lifestyle (no girlfriend/family or special flexible job)? Thanks!

ultraslow20 karma

The bike was very expensive. I dont have any sponsors. Just paid for it with my paycheck.

I have a wife and kids. I try to do as much training after they sleep.

mt_winston11 karma

Is there a song that was your "anthem" for this?

ultraslow16 karma

Great question. This video was:

Had it playing on my ipod

apiroscsizmak10 karma

What does your heart rate look like on a triathalon like this?

ultraslow13 karma

between 120-160.

DefiantKoala10 karma

Congratulations on completing that. It sounds grueling! Where was it? Which of the three are you best at?

ultraslow30 karma

Thank you!

I am an average runner, a slightly below average cyclist and a horrible swimmer :)

DefiantKoala43 karma

Based on the fact that you just did an ultra triathlon I'd say they are all a little above average...

ultraslow28 karma

When I compare myself to some of the guys racing, I feel below average. There are some pretty amazing athletes out there.

But I appreciate the sentiment :)

BFJ408 karma

What does this convert to in freedom units?

ultraslow9 karma

6.2 mile swim 260 mile bile 52 mile run

Kareem88 karma

Congratulations on completing the triathlons. What are you planning to accomplish in the future ? What do you feel is missing in your life ?

ultraslow13 karma

Do you mean what is missing from my life that i'm filling with crazy triathlons?

therebelliousgoat7 karma

How did you progress from not being active to your current physical state? Also, what's your 5k time? Awesome ama btw, cheers!

ultraslow20 karma

Thank you very much.

I started in 2009 with a half marathon. My boss convinced me to start getting more active as a way to clear my head from the stresses of a demanding job. After I did the half marathon he made me sign-up for a marathon. After that, he made me sign-up for a half ironman. I then kept upping the game every year after that.

Notjustnow31 karma

Your boss's solution to your demanding job is to be even more demanding in your "own" time.

ultraslow17 karma

lol. Never thought of it that way. But yes :)

NorbitGorbit6 karma

what food did you want to eat the most afterwards, and which sponsor is missing out on a branding opportunity by not providing such food for participants?

ultraslow16 karma

I really wanted to eat fruit and cheese burgers. Ultraman is not yet well known like Ironman so it doesnt get many of the sponsors. Also, only 30 people did this race where as 3000 will do an ironman race.

mackavelli6 karma

Do you worry about sustaining permanent injuries (such as wearing of the cartilage)? I would think this is very hard on your knees, especially the running part.

For people that do these races regularly, are they in better shape in old age (because of the cardio benefit) or worse (because of accumulation of injuries)?

How old are you?

ultraslow12 karma

Yes I worry about that. But I think I was ssustaining more long term problems sitting at my computer for 12 hours straight eating crap

crankybraian3 karma

how much did it end up costing you for the race? Did you get sponsors?

ultraslow5 karma

No sponsors. It cost me a crap ton of money.

NewSwiss3 karma

Did you weigh yourself before and after? I've heard of people losing measurable amounts of weight in extreme cases like this (and not just water weight).

ultraslow3 karma

No, but I wish I had.

j0bsthr0waway3 karma

Did you have to stop at all to take breaks during the running portion? I can't even run a mile straight so the concept of going as far as you did, non-stop (or really, even at all) boggles my mind!

ultraslow4 karma

Yes. There are two planned stops where athletes recover.

Anablue3 karma

WOW ! Fantastic ! At what point did you ever feel tired ?

ultraslow4 karma

Thank you.

I felt tired during the bike leg. Nothing some caffeine gels couldnt fix :)

philipii3 karma

That's incredible, well done man. How did you feel when you finished it? Where you euphoric?

ultraslow2 karma

Thank you very much. I was really really emotional. I raced a Mexican guy the last 3 miles and it took it out of me.

Cried like a baby when I saw my wife.

noagray2 karma

How long have you trained for?

ultraslow2 karma

About a year.

Keep-reefer-illegal-1 karma

Would you like to plug any of your fine sponsors?

ultraslow10 karma

Sure. I would like to thank my wife and my wallet :)

ultraslow4 karma

Thats great. Im going to use that :)

CreamOnMyNipples-1 karma

What is your favorite color?

ultraslow-1 karma

I dont have one.