Proof? How can I offer proof? Hmmm...

--Final(?) UPDATE--

I guess these things have a lifespan and this life appears to be done. I had fun Reddit. I'll look over here again from time to time if anyone still has questions. Thanks for all your interest!

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SanDiegoPics223 karma

Would you consider doing an episode of "Getting Doug With High?"

andymilder144 karma

Who? What?

ruindd95 karma

Doug Benson does a show called "Getting Doug With High?" where the guests get high and talk.

SanDiegoPics40 karma

This is pretty much it but it makes for great entertainment and exposure.

andymilder114 karma

I'd do it, but I don't really get high. Messes with me.

Camaro646057 karma

Pretty sure that's the point.

andymilder96 karma

Yeah. I'd get drunk though.

CarnalKnowledge106 karma


andymilder156 karma

Get me a job on it!

fracta1206 karma

How do you feel about all of your risqué pictures being hacked from the iCloud?

andymilder663 karma

Thrilled. My wife wouldn't pay attention to them before.

loveisrealnfa192 karma

Was any actual weed smoked on set?

andymilder607 karma

Possibly by a rapper I will not name. That rhymes with Coop Fog.

Wlpdx166 karma

In all honesty, what brought you to Reddit?

andymilder447 karma

In all honesty, I don't know. I saw the AMA thing as a new app on the iPhone (I didn't get it) and I was curious to what AMA was. Thought it seemed cool, so I gave it a try.

Roseland143 karma

Most actors/actresses who do AMAs promote some of their work or mention a charitable foundation... anything thing you want to bring exposure to?

It's cool that you're taking time out of your day to talk to fans, loved you as Dean!

andymilder537 karma

Not really. I suppose I'll offer this: My dad died of ALS, but the ice bucket challenge has done more than I could possibly do here. My mom has Altzheimers, so maybe if people want to donate, I'd suggest that. The threat of dementia is HUGE and it would seem that the number of older people getting it is increasing. It's terrifying.

reefermckeefer131 karma

What do you think of Breaking Bad? Do you think it stole it's plot line/story concept from weeds, or do you just desperately want more of Breaking Bad like the rest of us?

andymilder318 karma

The show's brilliant. And, even though when it first came out, we all thought it had Weeds rip-off potential, it never came close to doing that. It's smart, funny, well acted, well written, well directed. I wish I'd been on it.

ClintonHarvey183 karma

and I wish weeds ended with season 4.


solips_sonder73 karma

I wish the contents of Season 4 were spread over 2 seasons myself. There was about 24 episodes worth of content cramped into 12. I feel the only reason the show suffered was for that decision.

They should have ended Season 4 with the "Tunnel" reveal, Season 5 should have been the whole Nancy/Esteban plot, Season 6 should have been them running away from Esteban and hiding in Denmark and the show should have ended with Nancy getting arrested or shot.

Also... Isabelle just kind of disappeared from the show, she was my favourite character, being the necessary foil to Celia and Dean and all. She should have been on the show more - preferably following Dean around rather than Celia.

andymilder197 karma

A fine argument. Not in any way to diminish your thoughts (really), but writing a show is so fucking hard you can't believe it. I'm always amazed by good writing. So, the reason I'm replying is to say: Your idea would've been cool, but that's not the vision they had. Personally, I would've preferred your vision, because there would've been more of Dean, but the credit I give the Weeds writers is this: They broke rules and did the unexpected. Burning down Agrestic, moving to Mexico and then fleeing, they broke every expectation and convention. Like or dislike, it was groundbreaking.

chefbsba113 karma

Dean! Thanks for doing this AMA!

I was a huge fan of weeds from the very beginning. The dynamic between you and Celia and how everything progressed was one of my absolute favorite parts.

Season 1 was especially hilarious with the tennis racquet/hair shaving scenes. I really hated to see your character not around as much as time went on.

Considering the recent success of Orange is the New Black and Jenji having another hit my question is: what is she like to work with and do you have any funny stories from being on set? She seems like such a colorful and brilliant person.

andymilder82 karma

She's a genius. Simple. Funny Jenji stories? Hmmm. I'll sleep on it. See if I can think of one.

verifiedpain105 karma

Why the fuck haven't you and Kevin Nealon had your own spin off yet?

andymilder133 karma

Please make that happen.

AlwaysSunnyInSeattle88 karma

So let me get this straight, you're not here to promote something?

What was your favorite thing about filming Rampart?

andymilder140 karma

I'm NOT here to promote a damn thing. It'd be hard to tell you my favorite thing about filming Rampart since I don't know what it is.

AlwaysSunnyInSeattle64 karma

Rampart was sort of an AMA scandal here a while back, involving a celebrity whom I shan't name. But I think it's awesome that you're here, and Dean Hoades is my hero. Hope to see you in something else soon.

andymilder59 karma


I_Was_Here_Maybe77 karma

Loved the Dean and Doug dynamics from the show. Have y'all worked on other stuff together, or plan on collaborating again?

andymilder87 karma

No. And, sadly, no. But I'm just a lowly actor. So I don't get to make those choices.

chickenshirt41 karma

step one: call kevin nealon.

andymilder156 karma

No. Step one: Get a box.

stumark70 karma

You weren't just on Weeds! You were the guy who said, "Last one looked like he bought it off a Gypsy," in Apollo 13! You make the best NASA technician, absolutely. Oh, and also, you were in The West Wing!! You said, "We're gonna get to Social Security, Josh; it's a long campaign. For now, we focus on the tax cuts." You rock!

Ok, enough fanboy spazzing, here's my serious question: What has been one (or more) of your favorite non-Weeds, on-set experiences? I'm not looking for stories so much as I'm looking for your sense of your own self and your experience. What was the best, or coolest, or most inspired time on a non-Weeds set?

Here's my semi-serious question: Has a casting director or producer ever referred to your last name as having a long i? As in the comparative form of the adjective "mild."

andymilder108 karma

1) Apollo 13. There's a group of about 5 of us who still have lunch EVERY week. That's unheard of. But the filming of that was unusual. It was a special movie in every way. It was my first big film and I was stupid enough to think they'd all be that special/cool. They're not.

2) My last name IS pronounced with a long I. Mild-er. Not Mill-der. Like this salsa is MILDER than the spicy one.

cavemanhooker68 karma

Any funny working with Kevin Nealon stories? Your 2 characters were so great together.

andymilder196 karma

He's become one of my best friends. Answer: The day Michael Jackson died, Farrah Faucet (sp?) died first. When Kevin told me MJ died, I was sure he was pranking me in front of the crew, so I loudly told him bullshit. Spoiler: Michael Jackson died.

Wasted_Thyme63 karma

How does it feel to be hung like a beer can?

andymilder114 karma


ReyasWI70 karma

>mfw he didn't say can-fucking-tastic.

andymilder110 karma

Crap. Wish I had.

SimplySuccess58 karma

Hello, could you tell me what is the secret of your success?

andymilder240 karma

Really, really good looks.

wwepersonell55 karma

What did you guys smoke on the set instead of actual weed?

andymilder128 karma

Some nasty mixture that was awful. You got sorta high for a minute and then had a headache for an hour.

iluvpurplecrayons40 karma

How much do you hate Celia in real life?

andymilder106 karma

Celia is evil. Elizabeth is delightful.

Xylum147338 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

andymilder116 karma

The ones made out of cheese that you can eat.

elvesandems20 karma

Did you mean crackers?

andymilder70 karma

Yeah. Maybe. But I like to be forward thinking, so I'm sticking with cheese.

elvesandems33 karma

This is a great AMA! I think its too late at night so it's not getting the attention it should, but yeah. Thanks for doing it! You were really fun to watch on weeds.

Question is then : What's your favorite music / artist right now?

andymilder58 karma

"Right now" I'm taking to mean as "current artists." Spoon.

fritobugger28 karma

Oh! That dude! Great show! Loved your character and the way you brought him to life. I hope you get to do more fun stuff in the future. I look forward to seeing you in more stuff. Have you done in voice work on animated projects? Would you want to?

andymilder51 karma

I have. I was Lightning Lad on The Legion of Superheroes and a couple other small things. I LOVE doing animation VO, but no one wants to hire me. Sad for me.

crindee28 karma

What is the most fun you've ever had?

andymilder68 karma

My wedding (pathetically cliché answer, but true).

wwepersonell28 karma

What is your favorite cereal?

andymilder88 karma

Cap'n Crunch.

andymilder182 karma

andymilder100 karma

Ooh. I did a commercial for the Cap'n waay back when. Totally forgot. Should I post it somewhere?

christhevans27 karma

Why did you choose a late hour in the day to do this AMA? Heh... it rhymes.

andymilder128 karma

I was up. I did it. I dunno.

zacharywcox25 karma

I hope you do pick this back up today! Man, to pick your brain. You've been a part of a lot that has entertained me for years, and I'm even more interested to find out about your voice work. I'm the host of a movie based podcast out of Indianapolis. Would you be interested in being a guest for a 20-30 minute interview? It'd be an honor and privilege to have you as a guest. On the show, we watch a movie, provide commentary/trivia, interview guests, and get "buzzed." Hence, The Movie Buzzed Podcast. We'll be watching "Domino" coming up, and I think it'd be a perfect connection. I'd like to ask about your work on films, in television, upcoming projects, and more nuanced questions about some of your more well known characters. I really appreciate the time you've given here and the time you've taken to read my request. I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks, Zach

andymilder42 karma

Yeah, I'd be game. Is there a way to send me a private message or something?

isaiahjc20 karma

You were Lightning Lad, The Flash, and Sgt. Flash. What exactly attracts you to characters who "flash"? (PS. My son LOVED Jay Garrick/Flash in Batman:TB&TB. Thanks for such a cool performance!)

andymilder24 karma

I was a big comic book kid when I was younger. After Legion, one of the creators, a really great guy (whom I haven't seen in a while, I'll have to try to find him) named James Tucker asked me to do Jay. I knew who he was and was super excited to play the role. Thanks for the kudos.

LongLiveBacon18 karma

How was it on set?

andymilder43 karma

So great. Really. No bull. Everyone was great. Again, no bull.

ClintonHarvey17 karma

I feel like you're hiding something.

andymilder84 karma

Only my intense hatred of all things.

ClintonHarvey19 karma

Like weeds season 8?

my_redditusername14 karma

Thought you were joking about Weeds making it to 8 seasons. Man, how did that happen? 1 and 2 were brilliant, 3 and 4 were pretty good, but after that...

andymilder24 karma

See my comment above about the writers.

atom_atom_atom16 karma

Just wanted to let you know that your scenes with Elizabeth Perkins were some of my favorites from the series, especially near/during/after the divorce. Anytime you had a hand in Celia getting her comeuppance, I considered it a great episode. Your performance as Dean made it very easy to sympathize with the character.

Was there any particular one of these moments which you are most fond of?

andymilder32 karma

The scene where I bought the motorcycle.

atom_atom_atom11 karma

I was sooo happy for Dean in that scene. But, of course we know what happened next.

You had one hell of a sweet handlebar mustache, though!

andymilder13 karma

I was proud of that stupid 'stache!

midnightrambler10816 karma

You've been an actor in a long list of movies as well. Do you ever see yourself in a staring role? If so what would you be best suited to act? Comedy? Action?

andymilder133 karma

Oddly, drama. And only because I get cast in dramas most. But Hollywood won't let me star. Not their way. And I've made peace with that...but fuck them.

midnightrambler10824 karma

Thanks. Follow up question. When your character on Weeds was flipping out after losing his job, did you actually get tazered?

andymilder42 karma

Nope. But that was FUN!

SanDiegoPics16 karma

Any plans to do any more work with jenji kohan?

andymilder37 karma

Only if she hires me.

SanDiegoPics18 karma

I hope she does ! You were awesome on weeds.

andymilder25 karma


thing_in_a_thing14 karma

Hey Andy. I'm a big fan of Weeds, but also Parks and Rec. Do you have any weird stories as the owner of the Snake Hole Lounge?

andymilder32 karma

Nah. I enjoyed that (mostly because Amy Poehler was really cool. I had no scenes with her, but the second time I was there she was all "Hi Andy!" How cool!), but not much happened out of the ordinary.

Colejew13 karma

Dean! How did you land your role on Weeds?

andymilder32 karma

I knew Jenji and she gave me an audition. My agent back then wasn't what I'd call a fan, or I never would've gotten the chance.

everythingsleeps13 karma

Is Justin kirk funny in real life?

andymilder40 karma

So. So. So funny. Yes. He's funny.

PrincessConsuela6213 karma

What did you want to be when you grew up?

andymilder42 karma

Either an actor or a lawyer. I was very close to applying to Law Schools. Took the LSAT...scored well, but knew I'd screwed up a section. Thought about canceling my score and retaking it, but I decided to try acting instead.

megsyperk12 karma

Hi Andy! Cool of you to do an AMA that isn't for publicity. Loved you in Weeds - you'd have been great in Breaking Bad (glad you're a fan).

I'm curious if there's an adjustment period when taping a show when one of the character's names is your own. Do you turn your head every time someone says "Andy"?

andymilder29 karma

Funny. No, Justin Kirk played "Andy," but the crew and cast were oddly close on Weeds and no one screwed up our names. When you're in the scene, I know this sounds pretentious, but it's true, you only hear your name as "Dean."

Justanonwindsor12 karma

Loved you in Weeds the show was amazing and am still upset that its gone, but to the task at hand. What has been you most enjoyable role to play in any medium and if I can ask an additional question what would be your dream role?

andymilder26 karma

1) Tough. Dean Hodes most likely. SO well written and so much fun to play.

(2) Dream job? Working with Kevin Nealon again on a show. I think we had great chemistry, we've become very good friends, I'd love to have fun working with him. Drama, comedy, whathaveyou.

cantfuckpersonality10 karma

If you had a time machine that could do two trips (one to a time period and back, for example), what would you do?

andymilder36 karma

Go back about 3 years ago and invest EVERYTHING I have in American Airlines when it was $0.40/share.


JourdanWithaU10 karma

Reading through some of this... You decided to do this on a whim? That's awesome!

I thought you were great on weeds. Looking through your IMDB page, it looks like you've actually done a lot of stuff. Although Kevin Nealon is cool, it looks like you've worked with a lot of other big names.

Are there any people who were particularly fun to work with? Any people you wish you hadn't worked with? (Don't have to answer that)

I like this AMA and I hope you get to my question. I'm glad you decided to do this and it seems really genuine.

Thank you.

andymilder3 karma

I LOVED: Ted Danson, Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise, Ed O'Neill, and a lot of others.

Oliver Platt was rude.

broltergeist10 karma

I really dig catching you on Austin & Ally when I'm watching with my baby sister. What's it like to work on show so vastly different (albeit sometimes equally as funny) and with such a different demographic than Weeds?

andymilder18 karma

It's fun. But mostly because the cast is cool, which they really are. Young actors can sometimes have success go to their heads. Not these guys. They're totally cool.

kennethjc9 karma

Do you have any weird feelings about tennis rackets?

andymilder31 karma

No. We still talk every once in a while. No hard feelings.

PyschAgenda8 karma

How's life?

andymilder8 karma

Sanyo! Wait. No. That's life. Crud.

AppemanxD8 karma

Weeds was pretty cool, what is your favorite place you have visited?

andymilder24 karma

Tough. Paris? China? I dunno. I liked Italy a lot too. Tough.

Holydan7 karma

Hey man just came by to tell you what a great job you did on Weeds.

Are you working on anything new now or just taking it easy? Have a good day!

andymilder19 karma

Whatever they let me do. I'm kinda recurring on "Perception," and I'll be showing up on "Masters of Sex" sometime soon-ish.

RsonW7 karma

Would you rather fight present-day John Mayer or 1973 Eric Clapton?

andymilder41 karma

Dumb question. Clapton.

TN-7 karma

Would you be interested in commenting on the way Nancy Botwin was forced into her lifestyle? I am writing a paper in sociology and could use a quote.

On a side note...

What was you favorite scene from Weeds?

andymilder22 karma

Nancy was placed into a tough situation and acted in the way she thought best. Was it the best choice? No. In retrospect, with the way marijuana has been accepted by society now, it seems almost harmless, but she kept making bad choices. But more to your point, she was not forced into anything. She made choices. She could've gotten a mainstream job, she could've changed her lifestyle. She put herself into her own predicaments.

The scene I have with Silas in Heylia's place up North. Or my taser scene.

hannahstorm57 karma

Hi Andy, I liked you on "Weeds" and I think you're awesome, here's a silly question, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where? Kiss from Scotland!!

andymilder13 karma

I'm not. Sorry.

I_Was_Here_Maybe7 karma

Did you get to keep any stuff from the set?

andymilder26 karma

Yeah, I got to keep blueprints of the original set. Very cool steal by me.

HonestWill5 karma

Did your balls ever recover from being dipped "flaccid in the acid"?

andymilder35 karma

It's fake. I didn't actually dip them in acid. Sorry to ruin the illusion.

blackberryyolo5 karma

Did you actually get to smoke weed on the set and do you smoke weed?

andymilder29 karma

No and no. I used to, but I don't really like it anymore, and it makes my heart mess up, so that's that with that.

windflex5 karma

What's your favorite cigar?

andymilder34 karma

Cuban Romeo y Julietta

JD-735 karma

Andy I'd just like to say thanks for a great AMA.

I loved the fact that you just decided to do it on a whim, and that you are continuing to answer questions many hours later (14 hours in with 90+ replies in this thread from you is impressive). Most celebs just are here for an hour or two to promote their latest project, then are not head from till the next one. Though there are a few celebs that qualify as true redditors (thinking off the top of my head of Snoop Dogg, Governor Schwarzenegger, William Shatner, Wil Wheaton).

My question is: We are a big community, I am sure there are some subreddits that pique your interests; after this AMA is over do you see yourself participating on reddit at all?

On a side note if you haven't done so yet, you should check out Mary-Louise Parker's AMA, she is pretty hilarious in it.

andymilder4 karma

I may. No plans, no thoughts on the matter. Enjoying this.
I'll check it out.

wwepersonell5 karma

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

andymilder9 karma


macinmypocket5 karma

Weeds was an amazing show, I definitely loved it! How do you feel about the way that show progressed, and further ended?

andymilder23 karma

I loved it, top-to-bottom. Mostly because I had such a great time doing it. I was not happy to see my character sort of disappear, but they were cool and always checked in on Dean, and then they had a great moment for me in the finale, so on an arrogant actor tip, I really liked it.

Townpoets4 karma

What is your favorite animal pattern?

andymilder29 karma

My old cat's calico. I loved that cat.

stormysunshine4 karma

LOVED you on Weeds!

Who was the biggest diva on set?

andymilder23 karma


Clamwizard4 karma

What's your favorite current tv show?

andymilder13 karma

Tough. Don't know. Ray Donovan? The Good Wife? Justified?

drlemon3 karma

What's you're 2nd favorite flavor of ice cream?

andymilder108 karma

You used "you're" when you meant to use "your."

andymilder46 karma

Mint chocolate chip?

TrekkieTechie7 karma

Your my hero!

andymilder8 karma


CloudlessTwo3 karma

Did the Golden Claw affect the uprooting of the show at all?

andymilder13 karma

I honestly don't know what the Golden Claw is.

noahcarroll2 karma

Super late to the party, but you say you're coming back, so here goes. I was a big fan of Weeds, especially your performance as Dean.

I also loved both of the roles you've played in the Star Trek franchise, which I didn't realize were you until checking your IMDB page just now. What was it like working on DS9 and Voyager? Just another job for you, or are you a fan?

andymilder4 karma

I'm a huge fanboy. It was super cool. But, in a sad (like how stupid am I) way, I was disappointed by the tricorders. They were just plastic. They did nothing. I wanted them to be halfway real or feel heavy.

SultanOfSchwing2 karma

Hey Andy! Huge fan of you in Weeds :D Just wanted to ask, how did that show come about? Were you involved from the beginning? (writing etc)

andymilder3 karma

Jenji came up with it, sold it, and that's all I know. I was not involved except to act in it.

PlatinumJoystick2 karma

Mill-dur or mild-er?

andymilder4 karma

Thanks for asking: Mild-er. Like salsa.

[deleted]1 karma


andymilder9 karma

I'M NOT IN DRUNK HISTORY. Someone else thought I was. Which one?

ArchangelPT-1 karma

Did you ever smoke real pot in the show?

andymilder9 karma

Nope. See above.

jistlerummies-20 karma

Edit/Delete question: Meh, lame. You were on the show weeds, but don't smoke weed. All I needed to hear.

andymilder21 karma

You're more than welcome to bite me.

andymilder24 karma

(That is in no way an actual offer to bite the author of that comment literally. It is merely the author's intent to tell you to kiss his ass. (that is in no way an actual offer to kiss the ass of the author. It is merely the author's intent to shut you up.))

jistlerummies-14 karma

Nah, it's fine. Just a disappointment you never even tried.

andymilder14 karma

I got high a ton in college. It messes with my heart now. Can't do it. I really liked it when I was younger.