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Why the fuck haven't you and Kevin Nealon had your own spin off yet?

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What happened with all that rice? Who cleaned it up?

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I became a Satanist after my experience within the church, learning that the what's natural was often condoned as "sinful" or "satanic"

Seeing as things like homosexuality are considered sinful, how are are the LGBT community seen by Satanists in general?

Also how would sexual child abuse be treated/seen within the Satanist community? As we have seen many cover ups within other religious groups?

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What was it like supporting Ozzie at the acer arena in sydney? That show was so fucking awesome. Also Vince, I caught one of those picks you threw out to the crowed thank, made my night.

When are you coming back to australia?

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Some with with that kind of fetish shouldn't be too far away.