Hey, this is Eli Manning, first-time redditor and two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the New York Giants. I'm sure many of you have been counting down to the season's start, and it's finally here.

I'm doing this AMA thanks to the folks over at DIRECTV who are helping bring NFL gameday to every fan, every Sunday. You can learn more about that here: www.directv.com/sundayticket

Victoria from reddit's helping me today.

And with that, go ahead, reddit, Ask Me Anything!


Update Well thanks so much for asking all the great questions today. I had a lot of fun answering 'em, and I hope you enjoyed the last hour or so.

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KodiakDuck3492 karma

What are your thoughts on this?

RealEliManning3530 karma

I think it's pretty awesome?

PFTCommenter2840 karma

Is Joe Flacco a Elite quaterback?

RealEliManning4276 karma

I think if you're playing in the NFL, you're an elite quarterback.

HammyFresh2389 karma

Why have you tormented my Patriots so much over the years?

RealEliManning3332 karma

It's nothing personal.

nailbiter1112151 karma

Your team is the Giants but there are no logos of Giants on anything, what gives?

RealEliManning2776 karma

That's a great question. I will have to look into that.

Raionic2148 karma

First thanks for doing this AMA! We at /r/nygiants compiled a list of questions and I've put together the top 5 questions as voted by your biggest fans:

  1. We know you occasionally prank and joke around with your teammates. Who has pulled the best prank on you and what did they do? ( by /u/ProsperousPlatypus )

  2. How far can you throw an uncontested ball in perfect weather? ( by /u/mrmagoo512 )

  3. During the offseason one night I took a well known photo of you on the beach holding a tiny bucket and made it a digital painting. It got really popular for a bit and was even shown on ESPN. I just want to know if it ever made its way to you and what did you think? ( by /u/DJ_Febreeze )

  4. Please rank all the Centers you've worked with based on odor. ( by /u/3rdAnnual )

  5. Eli, of all the receivers you've played with, who do you think you shared the best chemistry with on the field? You and Plaxico really seemed in tune, as well as Amani. Who were some of the best? Also, come join us at /r/nygiants. Say hi! ( by /u/mrmagoo512 )

RealEliManning2460 karma

1) Jeff Feagles removed all the air out of my tires one year at training camp and left me a bike pump so I could pump up my tires just enough to get to a gas station.

2) I'd say between 65-70 yards.

3) I saw the picture. And, uh, I've caught quite a bit of grief for holding my child's bucket. But it's a well-done painting.

4) Start at best smelling going to worst?

I'll say... best smelling center... hehe....let's start with Shaun O'hara is the most hygienic, I think. Kevin Booth coming in second place. Wayne Lucier. And I'd say that Richie Seubert comes in last place.

5) Plaxico was very easy to throw to just because of his size. Steve Smith was another one that was great in the slot position. And you know, Victor Cruz has become a great playmaker for us as well.

Xecutor2031 karma

After you score your first TD, can you throw up the Wu-Tang sign for us?

RealEliManning2605 karma

What is the Wu-Tang sign?

turdferguson11131804 karma

EA Sports did a decent job capturing your likeness, see Manningface .

Are you disappointed that they have yet to include your sandwich eating TD celebration dance?

RealEliManning2991 karma

I'm very disappointed they have not included my sandwich-eating touchdown dance. I am very proud of that dance and it took me a long time to master, and I feel that it needs the respect that it deserves.

FauxPelini1795 karma

After you throw an interception do you want to punch the guy who caught it or do you mostly just feel sad?

RealEliManning4695 karma

I don't think I've ever thrown an interception?

Eoin-71385 karma

Eli, what's your favourite video game?

RealEliManning3606 karma

Zelda, on original Nintendo.

doubleUsquared1351 karma

How competitive do you and your brother get at family gatherings? Any funny stories that resulted from that competitiveness?

RealEliManning2608 karma

We're probably not as competitive now as when we were both teen-agers, we had some pretty physical basketball matches back in the day, I guess so much that my dad ended up removing the basketball goal.

pleasuremaker1337 karma

Eli....I am a HUGE fan. Tonight is my first varsity football game ever. Im really excited and nervous. Do you have any tips or advice? Also, do you remember your first varsity football game?

RealEliManning1954 karma

I do remember my first varsity football game! I was a freshman in high school, about the 6th game of the year, and I got my first start as a quarterback, and I was very nervous. I would suggest just enjoy the experience, go out there and compete and have fun, and it'll all work out.

timelf1215 karma

Have you ever been starstruck?

RealEliManning3823 karma


I asked K-Fed for a picture one time. That's the only person I've ever asked for a picture, Kevin Federline.

osasunista1204 karma

Is Tom Brady really that dreamy? Like seriously?

EDIT: Have now learned I should never edit a post! Lesson learned.

RealEliManning2256 karma

He's pretty good lookin'.

robotvincecarter1068 karma

Out of all of the Manningfaces, which is your favorite?

RealEliManning2035 karma

The "excited I just did a touchdown" one.

ArttVandelay1025 karma

'N Sync or Backstreet?

RealEliManning2899 karma

Oh, 'N Sync. For sure.

port01015 karma

Eli, we know you are all business and humble. But what's your opinion on touchdown celebrations being diminished?

RealEliManning2962 karma

I enjoy touchdown celebrations. Cuz whenever Victor Cruz does a salsa dance, I know we just scored a touchdown.

runningblack984 karma

Hey Eli, glad you're here. One question?

Which is superior? Pizza rolls in the microwave, or Pizza rolls in the oven? We're having a fierce debate over this and need to know your opinion.

Thanks for your time!

RealEliManning2286 karma

My wife does the cooking in my family. I would have to ask her.

If it were left to me, I would go microwave, since it sounds much easier.

Kicker36969 karma

I want to start by saying you are my favorite athlete of all time. I’ve been a huge Giants fan since birth and remember being excited the day you were drafted.

Because of that, I make a lot of funny Giants gifs that are pretty popular around here: This one being my first and that sparked me to make more such as this one, this one and this one (full album here). I was curious if you had seen any, and if not just wanted you to see them.

For my real question: Besides me making weird gifs of you, what is your weirdest or most memorable fan encounter?

Thanks for taking the time to be here, and thank you for everything you’ve done for the Giants organization (especially the Super Bowls!). Good luck this season.

Feel free to stop by /r/nygiants and say hello (we’re obviously huge fans)!

P.S. My dad and brother say hello

RealEliManning1628 karma

A guy wanted me to sign my autograph on his arm, which he was immediately going to the tattoo parlor to get it tattooed on his arm. Yes I signed it.

Go Giants!

Aestro17830 karma

How far can you punt a football?

RealEliManning2164 karma

32 yards.

Ebriate811 karma

What's something hilarious you have done or seen a teammate do to a visiting team locker room while on the road?

RealEliManning2012 karma

After we beat the Cowboys in the opening game of their new stadium, I was requested to sign part of the locker room (which some of the Cowboys fans did not appreciate).

ClusterMuck804 karma

What is love?

RealEliManning2534 karma

Don't hurt me no more?

Vanceldore797 karma

Hey, Eli. Thanks for doing this AMA. If you could tattoo any image on Peyton's body (presumably when he's passed out drunk), what and where would it be?

RealEliManning1762 karma

I think I would tattoo Mighty Mouse on his right forearm.

PennyGetYourOwnWifi760 karma

Hi Eli, thanks for doing this AMA! I have to say that I'm a Pats fan, so I"m curious about one thing: do you get along with Tom Brady?

RealEliManning1420 karma

Yes, I get along with Tom Brady just fine. I talked to him for a little bit after the game last night.

AndrewSlshArnld759 karma

What is your favorite thing to do in your down time that isn't sports related?

RealEliManning1520 karma

Just spend time with my 2 kids and my wife and get to enjoy hanging out and laughing with them.

DEEP_ANUS740 karma

What's a secret you could share with Reddit that no one knows?

RealEliManning2226 karma

I like olives.

toofastkindafurious736 karma

Eli. Huge fan.

Over the years you have broken the hearts of many fan bases. Do you have any memorable run-ins with some angry fans?

RealEliManning2577 karma

Philly fans seem to be the most angry.

shtaaap688 karma

Hi Eli! Im Irish and the NFL is getting huge here, actually a US college football game is scheduled to be played here tomorrow to a sell out crowd of 80,000+!

my question is what do you think of the NFL's growing popularity around the world? Specifically in Europe and with the possibility of London having their own NFL franchise. Do you think thats a good idea? or is it just to far away for teams to travel?


RealEliManning920 karma

No, I think the NFL's growing internationally is great. And I think it would be pretty neat to see a team in London sometime.

soccerdude70105659 karma

Hey Eli!

What should I have for lunch and dinner tonight? I want a meal of a champion and your the go to man!

RealEliManning1506 karma

I had a chicken gyro today, so I think that would be a good start. And tonight, maybe do a little italian, some chicken parm.

IGotSkills610 karma

Can you do a back-flip from a standing position on solid ground?

RealEliManning1418 karma


bearclawd605 karma

Who's the funniest player on the team?

RealEliManning1180 karma

Funniest player on the team - I think JPP. Just the stories that he has from growing up and his comments that he throws out during the course of the day.

Zenmaster4591 karma

Had football not worked out, what do you think you would have done?

RealEliManning2141 karma


sw337581 karma

What was your first thought when you saw Tyree catch the ball?

RealEliManning1462 karma

"Did he really catch it?"

Exile_On_Bane_Street574 karma

would you rather fight 100 duck sized DeMarcus Wares or 1 Demarcus Ware sized duck?

RealEliManning834 karma

Uh....I think 100 duck-sized DeMarcus Wares.

Mexicantormexican542 karma

Did your brother (Peyton) and yourself really make a bet to jump over a creek at the Ole Farm golf course and one of y'all landed on the other side and it was complete marsh/mud? It's a story that went around my town and I always wanted to know if it was true. Btw thanks for the AMA.

RealEliManning1208 karma

This sounds like something that could have happened.

Kempskidz532 karma

Did you have a lunchbox growing up? If so, who was on it and who would be on your lunchbox now?

RealEliManning1946 karma

Yes. I had one growing up. I'm pretty sure it was He-Man. And now... it would be Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

mrmagoo512501 karma

Wow it's Eli Manning! How are you? I am here to THANK YOU for bringing me happiness to my life. See, as human beings, we all go through shit. Life is hard, life is challenging, but something I can always count on is watching my Giants every Sunday. It is literally my favorite thing to do. Nothing quite makes me feel happy like a Giants win. And you helped solidify that. Thanks for bringing happiness to my life. Thanks for the Tyree throw. Thanks for the Plaxico go route pass. Thanks for the Cruz 99 harder. Thanks for the Nicks 45 yard hail marry. Thanks for the Manninghmam pass. Thanks for everything and god-dang do I love my quarterback!

Question: Just curious, what single pass are you most proud of? Tyree, Manningham?

RealEliManning703 karma

I think the Manningham pass, just because that took more skill and from practice than the Tyree pass, which was more backyard / draw it up route.

yracuse_462 karma

Regarding the Manning Passing Academy: What is the most common yet easy to correct mistake you see with young Quarterbacks still learning the position?

RealEliManning626 karma

Hm. Well, I think the most important thing for young quarterbacks is to just throw routs with their friends and receivers. The more you can drop back and throw every rout to your receivers, the better off you'll be.

Pixel_Me_That392 karma

Hi Eli!

Do you ever play Madden against Peyton?

RealEliManning1104 karma

I think the last video game I played against Peyton would be Techmobowl, on the original Nintendo.

izokronus378 karma

Who has been the hardest defender or entire defense that you've faced in your career?

RealEliManning1073 karma

Well, I think the Demarcus Ware has sacked me more than any other player, so I think he has a pretty good chance of winning that contest.

R0TISSERIE366 karma

Hey Eli, you're a lot of fun to watch on Sundays! My question is who would win in an arm wrestling contest; you or Peyton?

RealEliManning1074 karma

Definitely me.

pmkilla360 karma

What is the average day for you during the off-season?

RealEliManning785 karma

It's average?

You know, working out and staying in shape, and trying to spend as much time with my wife and my kids, because once the season starts, I get limited time with them.

realged13355 karma

When studying film, what is the first thing you always look for in a defense ?

RealEliManning598 karma

The first thing is just looking for their scheme - whether they are a zone team or a man team - and the techniques that they play within their coverages.

drzowuss344 karma

Eli, how do you think the position of quarterback has evolved from your first year in the league to your current season?

RealEliManning643 karma

Well, I think now you see more running quarterbacks. I still think you have to be able to throw the ball very well, but if you can run and extend plays, it gives you another dynamic.

47th_President339 karma

Hey Eli! Long term Giants fan here. Do you follow any of the other NYC area sports teams outside of football? Have you ever struck up a friendship with any other NYC sports icons?

RealEliManning1607 karma

I keep up with all the NYC sports teams. I've been to Yankees games, Mets games, Knicks games, Nets games, so I root for all the NYC teams... except maybe the Jets.

port0328 karma

Eli, have you ever played fantasy football? If so, how'd you do, and what are your secrets?

RealEliManning874 karma

I did play fantasy football when I was in high school. I used to ask my dad for advice, and to give me some hidden gems to pick up on. One of the great gems that he told me about was Isaac Bruce back in the day, who only caught 70 yard touchdown passes.

Dr-Jay323 karma

Eli, thank you so much for doing this AMA. What was going through your head when you and Peyton filmed the DIRECTV commercial? Did you feel ridiculous?

RealEliManning929 karma

I thought "I hope they can make me sound much better than what it sounds like right now."

timelf292 karma

What was hosting SNL like, can you tell us any behind the scenes stories? What was it like meeting Rihanna?

RealEliManning561 karma

Hosting SNL was so much fun. It's a lot of work with strange hours. Working from 1 PM until 2 AM, most nights, but the cast and crew had me cracking up the whole time. I had very limited interaction with Rihanna, but she was very nice and it was fun to watch her perform.

ThrowAwayHorsePeople281 karma

Is it really as hard as they say it is to learn a playbook?

RealEliManning530 karma

It just takes a lot of time. To not only learn what the plays are, but the progression on which receiver is my first read, based on the coverage that the defense is playing.

yracuse_190 karma

Eli, thank you for doing this! With Ben McAdoo taking over as OC, what changes can we as fans expect to see in the offense this year?

RealEliManning336 karma

I would expect to see a higher completion percentage, as well with being able to push the ball down the field and hit some big plays in the passing attack.

aiph1002162 karma

Eli, your brother and you have been on various tv commercials. The most recent one in a rap video for "Fantasy Football Fantasy" you had a choice to be in a real rap video of any rapper (current or from the past) who would it be and you think Peyton would tag along?

RealEliManning422 karma

Um... I was a big MC Hammer fan back in the day. And I think I could definitely do some of those same dance moves that MC did, but Peyton would not be able to keep up.

herpdyderp156 karma

I heard Michael Smith from ESPN on the radio this morning telling a story how in high school he threw a 4th quarter TD pass and then a 2pt conversion to beat you 8-7. Can you verify?

RealEliManning470 karma

He did throw a touchdown pass, that's about the only truth to the story.

cdmoura149 karma

What is your favorite sport beside football? Are you good?

RealEliManning326 karma

Growing up, basketball was my second favorite sport. But now golf has taken over as number 2.

oscarveli140 karma

Who do you feel are your toughest opponents?

RealEliManning348 karma

Hmm. Well I think the thing bout the NFL is each week you have a tough opponent. If you don't take them seriously and prepare as though it's the toughest game, you won't have a chance to win.

But the NFC East games against the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins are always tough (and important) ones.

cmccue10104 karma

Eli, what helps get you the most psyched up before a game?

RealEliManning216 karma

Just thinking through all the good plays we have in that week that are going to produce touchdowns for us.