Hi! I'm Jewel, actress, blogger, food eater, wine drinker, and overall mouthpiece. My latest project is a comedy chastely titled How To Plan An Orgy in a Small Town. We've set up a crowndfunding campaign you kind of need to check out or I'll be really upset and probably cry and stuff: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/how-to-plan-an-orgy-in-a-small-town Welcome to my AMA. I shall take every question deathly seriously. https://twitter.com/JewelStaite/status/502164568366678016 ALSO DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER: I didn't know you couldn't edit the title of your AMA until I posted it. To reiterate: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING.

THANK YOU for all your questions, you crazy goofs! Love you guys. So fun. XOXOXO

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kianthras966 karma

First off, thank you so much for doing this AMA! I loved you in Firefly, it was, and still to this day is one of my favourite shows. To my question I suppose... Is there any part of Kaylee's character that you really resound with?

JewelBStaite1842 karma

The randy part.

Dexontronox814 karma

Was it strange for you to play Sean Maher's love interest in Warehouse 13 after Kaylee's long running infatuation with him? I think all of us Firefly fans fondly recall the " I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries" line on the subject...

JewelBStaite1030 karma

No. It was awesome. Namely because HE was the one pining after ME.

RingoGringo697 karma

You've been in 2 very popular shows which have been cancelled.

As an actress, how do you deal with the disappointment of your show being cancelled?

JewelBStaite2599 karma

Have you heard of wine?

maybebatshit600 karma

What was it like working on Are You Afraid of the Dark? That was a staple show for me when I was a kid and The Tale of Watcher's Woods was my favorite one!

PS - My boyfriend is in love with you, but I accept it because I'm in love with you too.

JewelBStaite989 karma

I loved doing Are You Afraid of the Dark mostly because I was a little kid and there were tons of night shoots so my mom let me have tiny sips of coffee and I felt really cool. PS - Are we all getting married?

Sheri_ABQ572 karma

Love the sense of humor the Firefly cast has! Will you please tell us about a practical joke on the set of Firefly or Serenity?

JewelBStaite1078 karma

Nathan Fillion is responsible for any and all practical jokes because he'll do anything for a cheap laugh. We created a really mindless competition on creative ways of giving each other the finger which snowballed into a competition to the death... I won. Sorry, Captain.

acarruth543 karma

The question on everyone's mind.

Toilet paper hanging strategy: Standard, logical waterfall or inefficient demonic reverse hidden waterfall?

JewelBStaite674 karma

The boyfriend put you up to this, didn't he? Go back to work, Al.

jonnyace445 karma

First off, Thanks for signing my back a while back. Secondly, what's the weirdest thing someone has asked you to sign?

JewelBStaite1045 karma

A boob. A genuine female boob. Then she had my signature tattooed on her genuine boob. Do you like how I chose this as the first question to answer? Oh, get ready.

forhelvede443 karma

How good was the strawberry in Firefly really?

JewelBStaite841 karma

Not as good as a cheeseburger. Sorry, boys.

BDS_UHS419 karma

If you could have given Kaylee a storyline they never got to film, what would it be?

JewelBStaite1027 karma

Kaylee needed to have mad babies. Like, a litter of babies.

nrkcs415 karma

Hi Jewel! What do you think Kaylee is up to nowadays?

JewelBStaite1088 karma

Kaylee's kicked Mal down a couple pegs and become Captain, obviously. Simon looks after the babies.

JoshMS371 karma

Hey Jewel! You took a picture with my 6 month old son dressed as Jayne at Rose City Comicon and I just wanted to say it's one of my favorite pictures of him.


Are you or any of the other Firefly peeps going to be up in the Pacific northwest anytime soon?

JewelBStaite404 karma

I'm gonna say yes, cuz I live in the Pacific northwest. Whew, that was an easy one!

spencerlance352 karma

What's your favorite behind the scenes FireFly moment?

JewelBStaite812 karma

Probably behind BEHIND the scenes as in Sean Maher's behind. Just joking! Not really! My favourite moments were always the moments we spent on our downtime, usually at Nathan Fillion's house playing charades and drinking margaritas. I love those people. We have all held each other's hair back at one point or another. I'd do anything for them. But don't tell them I said that because they'll get big heads.

BigCrazyIndian286 karma

Jewel, first off, I love you.
Second, when you worked on Stargate Atlantis, did you ever get to touch Richard Dean Anderson (despite only guest starring in a handful of episodes)? If so, did you find you were a better engineer after coming into contact with the aura of MacGyver?

JewelBStaite323 karma

I have never touched RDA. I am sorry. For you, not necessarily for me. I'm sure he is a nice man.

SuzyMetaxas276 karma

Hi Jewel :) can't wait to see you How To Plan An Orgy in a Small Town; What made you say yes to Jeremy?

JewelBStaite449 karma

Basically, besides the script being brilliant and making me laugh my ass off by page 3, Jeremy is super nice and enticed me with free clothes and alcohol. You will love this movie. I can't wait to do it.

ThisIsMarklar268 karma

Hi there! I was wondering if you could shed any light on Joss Whedon's surprise appearance at the StarFury convention in London last September? It was super cool and now I'm scared to go to any other Cons - just in case he crashes the party again!

JewelBStaite828 karma

The short story is this: Sean Maher and I were near Heathrow airport doing a convention. Joss was secretly in town for The Avengers. We met at our hotel bar and after one tequila two tequila three tequila four, Joss decided he wanted to go dancing. The only place we could think of that had any form of dancing was back at the convention disco party. So we decided to dress him in a disguise which consisted of my friend's scarf over his head. (Sean also wanted a disguise so he put on his glasses like Clark Kent, which isn't really a disguise but he's so cute I didn't want to tell him that) We walked into the disco thinking we were going to pull the wool over everyone's eyes but he just looked like Joss Whedon with a scarf on his head. Everyone was super cool about it and we basically formed a giant dance circle and Beyonce'd our asses off until 3am and it was glorious. Browncoats know how to par-tay.

tomdelfino263 karma

  • If you could be either Batman or Robin, which one would you be?
  • If you were to get stuck in an elevator but could choose who'd you'd be stuck in there with, who would it be and why?
  • If you could pick a song to sing on American Idol, what song would you choose?

JewelBStaite546 karma

  1. Who in hell is ever going to choose Robin?
  2. Someone who makes me laugh (Nathan Fillion, Seah Maher, Ennis Esmer, Aaron Abrams), or someone I get to make out with (boyfriend)
  3. I do a very mean Whitney Houston "Run To You", if I can toot my own horn.

BobCoupee246 karma

If you woke tomorrow and found that you were now Bruce Willis, what's the first thing you would do?

JewelBStaite555 karma

Call up my buddy Sam Jackson and go for brunch.

FirePower40244 karma

Hey Jewel! How different do you think Firefly would have been if you had gotten the role of River instead? Would you have played her in a similar way to Summer or do you reckon it would have been unique?

JewelBStaite632 karma

I can't really imagine anyone else playing any of our roles. Plus no one plays crazy like Summer. (hi, sweetheart!) Also if any of them do an AMA and get this question and think they would have played Kaylee "more uniquely", someone's getting their ass kicked.

TheWolfbat244 karma

Do you watch shows even if you star in them? If you do, can you still see yourself or other cast members as characters, or is the whole facade ruined for you?

JewelBStaite475 karma

Most of the things I watch that I've done I want to strangle myself. I can usually get through everything once, because in my opinion that's how you learn how to improve for next time. Sometimes I get nostalgic for Firefly and watch that again. But then I end up strangling myself so for the sake of breathing I try not to.

cartonmardybum226 karma

Is your aversion to corn anything to do with the fact it passes through your digestive system unscathed and therefore cannot be composed of edible matter? And who is the most fantastic sticky out eared none fanboy convention staff member to have ever driven you around the UK and got totalled with you on your birthday whilst listening to the animals in Blackpool zoo. I seem to remember a discussion about rimming a beaver if we woke up with headaches....but then the bar ran out of Pinot Grigio. How very dare they.

JewelBStaite241 karma

Hi, Nicola.

fiercekittenz212 karma

Hi there! I have no idea what I'm doing either. This is my first question to a AMA post :) I'm a big traveler and have a "bucket list" of locations I'd like to visit someday. What is one place you would love to travel to and why?

JewelBStaite682 karma

I want to go to Italy. And I want to eat my way through it. And I want someone to roll me around in a stroller while I eat. Like a fat baby.

sosoconsistent204 karma


JewelBStaite436 karma

Pure bliss and gratification. We needed closure. It's like after a bad breakup when your ex wants to rekindle things for a minute. PLUS we got to film on the Universal Studios backlot which means we got to ride the rides for free anytime we wanted, son!

LittleWhiteDragon187 karma

What would it take to win your heart?

JewelBStaite484 karma

Do you own a yacht and/or winery?

redalader182 karma

What's the most difficult scene/thing you've done in a show/film?

JewelBStaite414 karma

The wraith in Stargate: Atlantis season 2 was a nightmare. First day at work, my call time was 3:45 AM to get the prosthetics on. Plus, when you look that ugly, no one wants to talk to you. Except David Hewlett. He talked to me. I love you, David. Also, filming "that scene" in Dead Like Me was a wee bit awkward, because it was my first day and I didn't even know Callum, and then there we were humping against a wall. My dad still hasn't seen that one.

Lukeps1980160 karma

Hi Jewel! First I just want to say your awesome. If you could choose between an unlimited supply of your favourite food or wine, or for a second season of firefly to be made what would you choose?

JewelBStaite386 karma

You are a cruel human.

ndodpgk16141 karma

We're you able to keep a prop from the set of Firefly or part of your costume? If so, what?

JewelBStaite328 karma

Nathan took everything so basically the only things I was allowed to keep were the small things he managed to part with. The Kaylee's room door sign. The hammock from the engine room. And one padded bra I stole from my wardrobe, I'm sorry Mom.

stevetehpirate133 karma

  1. Are there any books you’ve read that you’d love to see turned into movies?

  2. Who do you hang out with the most from the old Firefly cast?

  3. What do you think of the upcoming Star Wars movies?

JewelBStaite243 karma

  1. In The Woods and the sequel, The Likeness. I would play the female cop, naturally.
  2. Toss up between Nathan and Sean.
  3. Meh. Although boyfriend is a massive Star Wars nerd so I will probably be forced to watch.

I_Lase_You126 karma

Hello Jewel! Here's a Welcome to reddit lase I made for you! [Link] Now the question: You're given the power to revive a series: Firefly or Atlantis?

JewelBStaite276 karma

That's like asking me which family member I like the best! I can't answer that! I mean, I could, but you know what I mean. If forced at gunpoint I would have to say Firefly, only because Atlantis got years and Firefly got.. well.. weeks? Lame-o.

Redditastrophe125 karma

Hey Jewel,

I have a vary serious question:

Who would win in an epic space starship smackdown between Kaylee and Catalina? You decide the rules.

JewelBStaite275 karma

Kaylee. Catalina's biggest weapon is her wit, and that's not going to take her too far. Plus Kaylee's friends fight dirty.

XinArtemis116 karma

What is the most important thing in your life?

JewelBStaite277 karma

The quality of my life. Putting my personal life and my own happiness first before work or anything else. Doing things I love. Spending time with the people I love. And most importantly, my shoes, my purses, and my wine club memberships.

operation_hennessey116 karma

Hi Jewel!

Can you tell us something about yourself that we may find surprising?

JewelBStaite336 karma

I have 12 children, all from previous relationships.

G_Diffuser112 karma

Hello! What was one of your most memorable moments with a fan at a convention?

JewelBStaite416 karma

A fan was so nervous meeting me, he farted. And we both ignored it like it never happened. I will never forget that fart, or you, my friend. <3

oilslicksunset111 karma

If you had to choose between:

  • A muscle car

  • A unicorn

as your daily driver, which would it be and why?

JewelBStaite333 karma

Muscle car. Something tells me unicorns are shit at staying the course and getting you where you need to go. Unicorns are probably flakes. Amiright?

brutalbrian109 karma

Mal, Wash, Jayne - Shag, Marry, Leave to the reavers?

JewelBStaite291 karma

EW OH GOD. I would rather shag a reaver, seriously.

ClownJamboree104 karma

What is your favorite dish to cook and your favorite to eat? (could be the same answer)

JewelBStaite343 karma

Cheeseburgers, all day long. I make a mean roast chicken, manicotti, mac and cheese, great souvlaki.. Basically, I'm your dream lady, food nerds.

LittleWhiteDragon104 karma

If Sean Maher was heterosexual would you date him?

JewelBStaite288 karma

I think we're too brother-sister now. A person's sex appeal tends to dwindle once you've seen them do pilates, wear your nightgown, dry heave on tequila, cry to a Whitney Houston song, and skip out on a bar tab. You can guess who did what. (I LOVE YOU, SEAN, YOU ARE THE BEYONCE TO MY JAY-Z! unless they break up)

dresdenologist92 karma

Hey Jewel! Love what you've done and your sense of humor.

If you could pick a role as a villain, what type of villain would you be and what would be your great evil scheme to defeat the good guys?

JewelBStaite209 karma

I'd be the kind that gets to dress in super hot outfits while kicking ass and breaking hearts. And my evil scheme would be to defeat them with my charm, obv.

MahaliAudran88 karma

Hi Jewel,

Huge fan of Firefly and Stargate here. My bro-in-law is too, especially Stargate. He gave a talk at Contagion about Stargate last year.

My question is what went through your mind the first time a fan told you they looked up to you/your character as a role model?

JewelBStaite221 karma

Pure terror.

Jesper_Laursen83 karma

Thanks for doing this and thanks for being an awsome person at conventions.

Have you ever turned down a role, that you later regretted? And if so, will you tell us what it was?


JewelBStaite158 karma

I turn down a fair amount of things, because I've been at this for 25 years and I can luckily afford to be a little picky. I've never once regretted anything I've turned down. Regretted a couple things I said yes to, but what are you gonna do? Regrets are a waste of time.

stillercity81 karma

Hi Jewel!

How do you plan an orgy in a small town?

JewelBStaite184 karma

Carefully. It's like planning the perfect dinner party. Spiked punch helps. And there must be canapes.

Konigsberg6381 karma

What Firefly cast member would fit best into the cast for Orgy movie?

JewelBStaite159 karma

Sean Maher. For reasons other than the fact that his nickname is Sean "The Bod" Maher. Don't tell him I told you that.

Ron_Tam77 karma

Hi Jewel! Thanks for doing the AMA! Huge fan of Firefly and the Killing (like everyone on Reddit)

Important Question. You have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. What would you choose for your final meal?

Also, is The Killing over over?? Or any chance on a new renewal?

JewelBStaite154 karma

Firstly, as far as I know, The Killing is over-over. Boo. Secondly, I would say the 8 course seasonal tasting menu at L'Atelier Joel Robouchon (there's one in Paris and one in Vegas-- EAT THERE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD). Best mashed potatoes in existence. Second choice is a cheeseburger from Umami burger washed down with a bottle of pink Veuve. I would have to be drunk for the electrocution.

JoanOfSarcasm71 karma

Hi Jewel!

As a fellow food lover, what wine did you choose for this AMA? And what is the best restaurant you've eaten at?

JewelBStaite191 karma

My beverage of choice right now is coffee, I swear. But best restaurant on planet earth goes to Mama's Fish House in Paia, Maui. Best lobster bisque. Best ahi tuna club. Best mai tai. Best service. Best everything. I want my ashes scattered in that restaurant. Which is gross.

dnewport0161 karma

Hi Jewel, I'm a big fan. If Kaylee were a real person, I would marry her. I have two questions:

1) Would Kaylee say "yes" if I proposed? Keep in mind, I'm probably very charming in space. 2) If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be?

JewelBStaite195 karma

  1. Kaylee is in love with a super smart doctor dude who is so hot he looks like a Ken doll.
  2. Probably Jack from Lost, although he's a bit of a whiner and I couldn't be trusted if Sawyer was around.

Scott_nm60 karma

I enjoyed meeting you at Comic-Con Dallas and recently discovered your food blog http://happyopu.net/. What wine varieties and regions do you tend to enjoy? If you have a glass at home at the end of the day, do you have a go-to wine variety? Do you tend toward traditional styles (French) or New World (Australia, North America) or South American varietals? When you have a glass of wine with your friends do you typically choose red, white, bubbly? Dry or sweet or it depends? The next time I'm up in Washington state visiting relatives, I'm hoping to cross the border and visit The Flying Pig you've reviewed so highly. Stay shiny and Cheers!

JewelBStaite160 karma

To really delve into this question, I would have to say the only wines I like are bubbly ones, white ones, pink ones, and red ones. Bye!

orbitalsideburns201460 karma

Cashews. Yay or nay?

JewelBStaite137 karma

Oh my god FINALLY!!!!!!

adamrbrooks51 karma

What are your feelings on "LA Complex"? Just cheese, or actually well-made, interesting cheese?

JewelBStaite112 karma

Very well made. No cheese. More soap. Meaning if anything it was more of a juicy soap opera. Plus it was a very sometimes all too real depiction of the film industry. I loved doing that show, and Raquel was one of my favourite characters to play. Besides Firefly, it's my favourite thing I've ever done. And it's on Netflix plug plug plug

hellaxmella40 karma

Ohmigosh, HI! Of course I'm obsessed with Firefly, but I'd like to know how you liked working on The Killing? Definitely an awesome show, and I would have loved to see your character's storyline play out! Are you sad it's over?

JewelBStaite74 karma

I'm super sad, but feel like it ended on the note it should have. As in, Caroline decided not to put up with Holder's guff anymore. Highlight of the shoot was being directed by Jonathan Demme, who was so kind to me and said some nice things I'll never forget. I think he has a pretty bright future in directing.

Scott_nm35 karma

We also have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They're very intelligent and equally mischievous. Would you tell us a favorite funny or annoying occurrence that Charlotte instigated? Who rules the house between Charlotte and your Cocker Spaniel? Thanks!

JewelBStaite92 karma

Charlotte the cavalier rules all things in this house. She is the antichrist. The devil. Satan herself. Many shoes have been lost. I saw her run at the wall and take a bite out of it for no reason. Do not let the cute face fool you. If I wind up dead, she did it.

anclag28 karma

Seriously, is there anything better than bacon?

JewelBStaite113 karma

No. Don't be daft.