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What's the best part about being famous? What is the worst? If you could have the same level of monetary\prestige success without being famous would you take it?

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I had a English teacher who said he has been a fan of yours throughout your rise to fame. If I recall correctly, he said the first show he saw was in a very small venue and it was just you (no band) performing Pretty Hate Machine material to like 20 people in attendance. Did such shows ever take place or was he lying to try and earn some cool points in the eyes of the class?

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Hello Alex, big fan here.

  1. On Chopped no one ever mentions the food being cold (or too hot). Due to the format of the show, as a judge do you just accept that the food will probably always be cold and must shift your focus on other aspects for critique?

  2. Aside from Richard Blaise, it seems like celebrity chefs can only appear on the Food Network or shows like Top Chef/The Taste, but not both at the same time. Is this defined in your contract? Don't these entities realize that they all stand to benefit from a celebrity chef being more widely known/popular regardless of where they have been seen? I'd love to see you on Top Chef masters!

  3. How often do you and other celebrity chefs (that you are friends with) actually cook in your restarants?

  4. Are there any amazing chefs that you know who would no doubt be very popular "celebrity chefs" if they didn't prefer to stay out of the limelight? If so, can you drop any names?

  5. Truffle oil and sriracha seem to be all the rage for people attempting to "elavate their food". What ingredients do you see as being the next big thing(s) on the horizon, and what ingredients do you wish would become more popular?

  6. Finally, my wife has given me a free pass to make sweet sensual love to you and Amanda Freitag at the same time with our bodies smothered in nutella while Aarón Sánchez cheers us on. Can you please get the wheels in motion on making this dream a reality?

Thank you!

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What is your favorite dish to cook and your favorite to eat? (could be the same answer)

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Thank you for the reply! As for number 6, well, a gentlemen can continue to dream......