Hey! So my name is Ryden, and I've been in adult entertainment for almost 3 years now. I've been selling independent pornographic videos for 8 months and I've been working for the alt porn site GodsGirls for 6 months. Additionally, I have ALSO been running an online sex toy shop for the past few months. Ask away!

Here is my twitter https://twitter.com/RydenGG

EDIT: also proof photo? http://i62.tinypic.com/5l2y4j.jpg

EDIT 2: Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the questions! I'm gonna go ahead and close this up. Feel free to check me out on any of my sites.



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Pleasedonttouchit30 karma

I read your name as Raiden and had tons of questions. Now, not so many. Do you like video games?

rydenanne46 karma

I love video games! I actually have a triforce tattoo on my left arm and a kingdom hearts tattoo on my back.

fuckswithducks22 karma


rydenanne39 karma

Suicide Girls is very constricting in a lot of ways. They usually only hire skinny girls that basically all look the same. They sign girls and almost never pay them, and you can't get out of contract with them for over two years! GodsGirls, however, is a lot more accepting. The community is absolutely wonderful. They pay a bit less, but it's worth it to know that it's going to a good site. Additionally, there is zero contract, so you can quit at any time.

If I got enough requests for it, I'd probably do a video involving rubber duckies!

mattoly4 karma

Also are you on crushee? You look familiar!

rydenanne4 karma

I am!

SportsCenterIsGood317 karma

What's your favorite type/genre to act in?

rydenanne30 karma

I like doing role-play scenes, mostly because I love wearing costumes and I like scripting the scenes!

_skywalker13 karma

What made you choose this career?

rydenanne25 karma

At first, it was mostly because I was a bit short on cash, but I just fell in love with how empowered it made me feel and the community that comes along with the job.

luminatx-131 karma

because it's easier and cheaper than going to school and getting a real job lol.

rydenanne45 karma

You've clearly never done porn.

alfienism12 karma

What type of penis is easiest to work with on a shoot? Does size & girth affect longevity for multiple/long shots? Is there a continuity manager for reshoots?

rydenanne41 karma

Haha, I'm still amateur, my friend! I only shoot with my husband and everything I do is DIY!

stegnow5 karma

Have you ever considered shooting with other men? If so, what is your husband point of view?

rydenanne5 karma

I have, but it's not something I'm comfortable with. He has told me countless times that he would allow me to do so (not that I need his permission, I am a grown woman after all.) It's just not something I'm personally into. My fans don't mind, they like my husband. He's actually pretty popular with them. Really, to be blunt, most of them don't care who's fucking me as long as I'm getting fucked.

Brutalkeso58 karma

"Not that i need his permission"!? You dont think you need your partners permission to fuck other people? Thats the shittiest thing ive ever heard!

petadogorsomethng8 karma


rydenanne13 karma

This isn't entirely true, but thank you for saying it regardless. We are in an open relationship, yes. Not quite like what you're saying, though. If one of us decides that we want to go out and get boned, we talk about it. For example, if someone were to proposition my husband for sex and he was interested, he'd come to me and talk to me about it first. For the most part, I won't tell him no. I don't mind it. I want him to enjoy all of the pleasures in the world. I will, however, make helpful suggestions. If it's someone that isn't good enough or I believe would become emotionally attached and attempt to ruin our relationship, I suggest that he avoid it.

People aren't quite grasping what I'm saying here, and I think it's pretty silly that everyone's got a bee in their bonnet over something that doesn't concern them. I stated pretty clearly above that I don't have any intention of sleeping with other men, but people have somehow jumped to the conclusion that it is my intention to go do so.

rydenanne7 karma

I believe you misunderstand me, or really relationships in general. I am under no ones control. I can, in fact, go out and sleep with anyone at any given time because my body is still mine. What I'm trying to say here is that, talking generally, if I wanted to do something bad enough, I would tell him that it was something I wanted to do. If he told me that he didn't want me to (he'd never tell me no), we'd have to decide what to do from there. My relationship is important, but it's not more important than my own happiness and well being. He knows that, I know that. If I suddenly decided that I wanted to work in a mainstream porn set, and be fucked by numerous male talent, that is something that I would do if it was most important, even if it compromised my relationship. Just the same as if I wanted to do anything else that was a deal breaker for him. Just the same as if he wanted to do something that was a deal breaker for me. Relationships, despite popular belief, are not the most important thing in life. They are not the end all be all. Something isn't right if you're willing to destroy your happiness and goals for a relationship, in my own opinion.

a_until_z-4 karma

You think this person doesn't understand relationships in general because he/she thinks if you're married you should get permission to fuck other guys?

I think it's you who doesn't understand relationships.

rydenanne-2 karma

You didn't read a word I said. I'm not even entertaining this anymore.

Brutalkeso-10 karma

That just seems selfish and childish to me, what you are saying is the moral equivalent of "i dont mind living in a pigsty, i should'nt have to clean". But each to their own, i genuinly wish you all the happyness in the world, and im happy you found a likeminded individual.

rydenanne5 karma

You clearly didn't understand a word I said, or you just didn't read it. I am a 21 year old woman, despite the fact that I am set to be married, a relationship doesn't dictate my life. I'm still reasonably young, and if my relationship were to end now, I'd still have a ton of my life ahead of me to find someone else. Life ain't living until you find someone, then giving up on everything. I'm not going to be in a relationship if it stops me from doing something that I really want to do. I really don't see how that equates to being content living in filth.

Johnny9033 karma

Maybe not his permission but his input should carry some weight. He is your husband afterall. Let's say hypothetically that he didn't want you to have sex with other men, and you did: would you just have sex with other men anyway? It's not about permission but mutual respect and understanding, no?

rydenanne-23 karma

I really don't think it is my relationship that is up for discussion here, would you not agree? We don't have a traditional relationship dynamic, and it wouldn't really help you understand even if I explained it, because people never really seem to understand. I'd rather just leave it at that.

zeussays23 karma

Aren't these questions the point of an AMA though?

rydenanne-19 karma

I just think my relationship isn't on-topic.

dexter30-1 karma

Wow, so you're like in the indie porn scene? Does that mean you have like a creepy hipster fanbase and everything?

rydenanne3 karma

I wouldn't call my fanbase creepy hipsters, no.

testmypatience-2 karma

I'm curious... Is this story real then: http://redd.it/2d1ubf

rydenanne3 karma

Everything I write is fiction, but on nosleep it is to be treated as fact.

Snarfler10 karma

How do you feel about lemon stealing whores?

rydenanne12 karma

Best. Porn. Intro. Ever.

I actually watched the entire film a few years ago. It was a wild ride.

squeler7 karma

if you told your pal you were doing porn, and he was like "oh wow that's great, Ill check it out right away!" is that considered supportive or creepy?

rydenanne2 karma

I guess it all depends on the style of the friendship, but I'm mostly pretty open about it. my fiance's ex boss actually bought a few of our videos.

squeler1 karma

so your cool with guys jerking off to you, i mean do you make the guys in your life feel good about it or is it a little obligatory, like your thinking about how they could never fuck you and they're willing to pay to see your tits (not saying only the zit faced wanna mess with you)? theres a negative side of porn on red tube, gw etc by just seeing a set of pussy and tithes, both avoiding the person behind the computer, but it'd be more fun to have something a little more freeing, something that could use sex to free people instead of using guys as an atm and perpetuating a destructive relationship. As an alt porn person, whats your mental relationship with that nasty porn guy you know is out there? Always been curious, i think standard is to just close your eyes and do it for the dough, or pretend they aren't there. I've always felt sorry for these guys, in a way i guess I've been there, think they could use some acceptance they can't get in non-virtual society, and since i still look at porno it'd be cool for me as well. not really suggesting anything in particular i was just wondering if you'd thought about it and if you could tell me your thought on the porn consumer base, which I wouldn't expect anyone to want in their real life as they are not just physically repellant, but mentally and spiritually. The thing is everyone no matter who they are needs to bust a nut and it could be a force bringing us together as much as anything else in this world imo. there used to be sex priestesses and stuff right?

rydenanne8 karma

It's not something that I think about often, but it's not something that bothers me. It's just part of the job. I don't have a mental relationship with the "nasty porn guy" because I don't view consumers of my product as nasty. I think that's a really negative way to look at people. A lot of people are porn consumers, and to brush them all up into one category is just wrong. I don't feel sorry for my customers, or any other customer of the Adult Industry, because purchasing sexual content isn't a shameful thing, in my honest opinion. Views like that harm the industry, not help.

Mikereb7 karma

Hi Ryden! How did you get started in your line of work?

rydenanne6 karma

At first, I was just taking self shot nudes for the hell of it. It's kind of an overconfident thing to admit, but I saw other girls posting nudes and thought "Eh, I can do it better!"

Eventually, I had a friend suggest that I start to market my nudity. The rest is history!

Mikereb5 karma

How long do you plan on staying in this career?

rydenanne4 karma

I haven't decided yet. I don't plan on leaving any time soon, but I am aware that it isn't a permanent career and I will eventually have to move on to something else.

rquattro7 karma

What's the hardest part of your job?

rydenanne19 karma

I don't really see much negative in what I do, but I guess I could say that the worst part is the stigma. Everyone has these awful assumptions about Sex Workers. Either we're broke drug addicts or stuck up rich stereotypes. No one ever considers the fact that we're just normal people, doing a job that we love.

FearlessDuck6 karma


rydenanne1 karma

Plenty! I plan on possibly going to school for a bit, starting a career as a photographer, and maybe owning my own site.

bozobozo5 karma

Hey Ryden!

What's your favorite dinosaur?

rydenanne5 karma


thepimpmeister5 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awkward was it to explain your new line of work to your parents?

rydenanne7 karma

Not all that awkward, probably around a 4 maybe. My parents never asked too many questions, haha.

jazzygazungas2 karma

because they are terrified of knowing more, prefer to sleep better

rydenanne2 karma

Of course, no parents want to know about their kids sexuality. Duh.

Secret_Targ_warg5 karma

Are your parents aware of what you do for a living? If yes, how do they feel about it?

rydenanne6 karma

They are! I'm very lucky to have two wonderful, supporting parents. They've always backed me 100% in everything I've ever wanted to do in life, and this has been no exception to that rule.

moombathon5 karma

What do you tell people when they ask what you do? Are your friends as supportive as your parents?

rydenanne2 karma

I don't always tell people what I do, because you really can't know how people will react once they find out. My friends are all lovely and supporting, though.

vampgenx4 karma

Hi Ryden love the name my question is...

Do you notice if being in the adult film industry causes any obstacles in other parts of your life? Basically what are the cons?

Also any crazy stories about being approached by fans?

rydenanne9 karma

The only issues I've had with it in other aspects of my life is my relationship. While my fiance completely supports my work and actually does videos WITH me, he does say that being surrounded by sex so often is draining on him.

I actually was at one of the Is Anyone Up parties in Akron, hanging out with the oh-so Infamous Hunter Moore. A guy walked up to me and kept trying to get me to autograph a photo. I almost got the photo in my hands when I realized that he had cum on it!

coloradofishtapes4 karma

I apologize if this is a silly question. What is God's Girls all about? I just pictured a religious organization that sells pornography, and I am now confused haha!

rydenanne0 karma

I think the title is based off of a song, actually. It's just an alt porn site. The models that are part of the site shoot nude photo sets.

hanni903 karma

would you ever have sex with an asian guy?

rydenanne4 karma

I don't really discriminate by race, so sure! I'm in a pretty committed relationship though, so I don't see any sexual interaction with any males happening in the foreseeable future.

runningfromthecops3 karma

How old are you?

rydenanne4 karma

I am 21.

yazid_assaf3 karma

How fulfilling is it to work in this industry? Any advice for those who want to enter it?

rydenanne1 karma

It's completely fulfilling. I absolutely love this industry and I love the community.

My advice; only do it if you're 100% sure that it's what you want. Although it doesn't happen often, being in the porn industry can twist your life up.

hoodyupload3 karma

How much do you make every month and how much sex toyS have you sold ?

rydenanne4 karma

I don't really like disclosing much information about my pay. Aspiring models tend to reflect that off of what they think they should be making, which isn't at all realistic. I bring in more than enough to keep me comfortable.

I've sold a few sex toys. I probably would have sold more, but a "rival" model opened a store right after I opened mine.

hoodyupload1 karma

Hum it seems you are smiling to bank often . how does a rival model sex shop effect yours ?

rydenanne4 karma

Many customers often buy from multiple models. This shop owner happens to have quite a few of the same customers as I do. This means they're forced to choose between the two of us.

Darkalex30003 karma

Incidentally, what are your favourite sex toys? (if you dont mind me asking)

rydenanne5 karma

Vibrating wands. I've never been fond of vaginal toys.

GRIMMnM2 karma

What's your favorite Foo Fighters song?

rydenanne5 karma

Monkey Wrench

Sandvicheater2 karma

If you thought about leaving porn, then what would be your alternate job? If you like games you can always be a twitch streamer.

rydenanne4 karma

Well, I hope to stay in the industry as either a site owner or a photographer.

AdrianTheGreat242 karma

Pancakes or waffles?

rydenanne12 karma

Waffles. Pancakes don't have syrup traps.

Th3Obsolete2 karma

So Godsgirls are doing porn huh? Well fuckin' hallelujah.

rydenanne4 karma

Well, separately, yes. A lot of my fellow GG models also sell porn videos!

TheVodkaDrink2 karma

where did the name Ryden come from? Or is it the obvious

edit: your page on godsgirls.com says you're from Indiana. If you're ever in Bloomington you should give me a call.

rydenanne16 karma

Actually, my 3D arts teacher in high school once made a comment that I reminded her of a Mark Ryden painting. To be honest, I think she meant it as an insult, but I've always taken it as a compliment.

BassAddictJ1 karma

What's one of your favorite phrases that you hear from your husband that makes you feel sexy?

rydenanne3 karma

"Good Girl" Probably.

[deleted]1 karma


rydenanne1 karma

I write, and I sing. neither of them make me feel empowered, they're both just something that I'm just as passionate about.

Azphix1 karma

Do you or is anyone you know working there religious at all?. If so, how do they cope with it and the stigma that it brings?. Also, can you also describe a situation where u have been wrongly judged due to the kind of work that u do?

rydenanne2 karma

I'm not religious, and I'm not really familiar with any models that are.

I've had plenty of situations where people have judged me wrong. For some reason, people get the impression when you mention porn that you're working for a mainstream company, doing 4 orgy shoots a day and snorting coke off of dicks. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here, drinking Mountain Dew and reading a book. Most people have no idea that there's anything outside of mainstream porn.

iUseThings1 karma

What's life like for you? Ups and downs

rydenanne4 karma

Life is pretty normal for me. I'd say it's no different than anyone else's life.

Thisplayer11 karma

Do you run all the e commerce yourself?

rydenanne0 karma

Right now, I work under a site called Clipvia. They handle mostly everything. All I have to do is edit, upload, and market.

HonestAbeRealist1 karma


rydenanne6 karma


xoshistoryteller1 karma


rydenanne2 karma

Honestly? I don't sugar coat things for people. I got pretty sick of being sweet to rude people pretty dang quick. I think people aren't used to that.

KomodoMoses1 karma


rydenanne1 karma

My feet, probably.

NYstate1 karma

Hi Rayden thanks for doing this AMA for us. Wait...is that a Triforce tat on your arm?! I would ask you to marry me but I'm not Morman!

Seriously though. You obviously game do you have a Twitch page? I'm sure plenty of people would tune in to see you play.

Also: Any cool/weird stories about you job you'd like to share?

Edit: Link to your shop?

rydenanne19 karma

Nah, I don't have a Twitch page, sorry :(

Hmmm. I guess this isn't really a cool or weird story, just kind of silly. I was at a house party about a year back and I was walking around, drinking and chatting people up. Well, this guy comes up to me and starts talking to me about this porn star he heard was at the party. He mentions my model name, Ryden. I didn't say anything, just to see where the conversation would go. The dude goes on about how he supposedly fucked ME a whole bunch of times and starts spinning this awful lie about how I was supposedly in love with him and he thought he was too good for me blah blah blah. After he finished his story, I finally admitted to my identity and that I didn't think I had ever met him before. The dude turned so red, stuttered a half-assed apology, and ran off.

Edit; Which shop? lol



woodenfleshbeast1 karma

Favourite cake ?

rydenanne2 karma

Chocolate. Also butts.

eraof91 karma

Has anyone ever recognized you outside your circle?

rydenanne4 karma

Yeah. More in the past than now, mostly because I've moved to a pretty quiet town. Most people are really intimidated by me, so i never find out until wayyyyyy later.

Bmanvox1 karma

What're the chances of you doing a THALL set of pictures? O.o

rydenanne1 karma

I actually did a set in my Thall shirt, but it was only for my husband haha. I probably wouldn't do a marketable one because that was something I did special for him.

Bmanvox1 karma

Would you do one picture(non nude) with the Thall shirt for a friend?

rydenanne1 karma

Idk maybe.

pllrnz1 karma

Do you still genuinely enjoy the concept of sex, having sex either inside or outside pornography?

rydenanne3 karma

I do! When I first started, I admittedly had a very hard time separating my work pleasure from my personal pleasure and it actually frustrated me to the point where I just had no sex drive. Thankfully, I grew out of that.

bagofbuttholes1 karma

How do I find love?

rydenanne12 karma

It's more likely that love will come to you. Stop looking.

Le_Bard1 karma

Hey Ryden, I actually got you the toy you posted on twitter earlier ;) (All my usernames are similar aha) Would love if you could show how you liked it on the private blog.

My question is: Why and when did you decide to change your nickname to Ryden? Snorl4x was an awesome nickname in my book.

rydenanne5 karma

I was still using Ryden while I had the URL Snorl4x, so technically the only thing I did was drop the name.

Also, thank you for the toy! :) I will use it in a set.

deango990 karma


rydenanne3 karma

Listen to her. Ask her what makes her feel good. Also, pay attention to the clit, but don't be too rough with it.

TheTalentedMrTorres0 karma

So, it seems to me like a lot of people in the film industry started out working on porn- do you have any advice on how one should go about getting a job on the production side of things( say, as an editor, camera, or grip), or is it the same old "send out demo reels, build up a resume, and try to network" story?

rydenanne1 karma

Honestly, I'm not sure. I wish I could be more helpful. I'd suggest checking out different sites and seeing if they have any policies for behind the scenes workers.

troy7770 karma

Are there gangs involved in this industry? 2.which big stars you have met?

rydenanne1 karma

Gangs? Not that I've heard of. I've never met anyone famous, but that's mostly because I prefer keeping to myself.

TryNstopME024-2 karma

How many lines of cocaine do you let a guy snort off your tits?

rydenanne4 karma

I can't say I've ever had coke snorted off my tits!

stuffthangz-7 karma


rydenanne10 karma

There are plenty of ways to find photos of my tatas, so I probably won't post them here. Sorry!