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Given the current trend of beer companies coming out with alcoholic seltzers to compete with White Claw and the like, would you ever consider releasing a line of 'hard' teas?

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Did being classified as a hate group have any direct impact on the WBC other than leading to being barred from entry into Canada and the UK?

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This AMA session is a fascinating read- thanks for sharing your perspective and taking the time to field our questions.

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Does the [not to be named!] mean you've seen/patrolled around Hyperion or any of the other closely guarded massive Redwoods?

How does one become a ranger? Did you get a degree in forestry or some other ecological field?

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Also: It seems to me that being disbarred really set Fred Phelps off in a whole new direction- was that the case, or did he always have his "old-school" beliefs? On a side note, how much of that rhetoric was legitimate vs how much was a ploy for attention?

How was it growing up in that environment?