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My short bio: I'm running for Congress because I saw firsthand the consequences of terrible leadership in Washington. Congress didn't know what they were doing when they sent us to war in Iraq, and they didn't have our backs when we were there. We can see the consequences of that terrible leadership here at home, in our failing schools, failing infrastructure, and gridlock in Washington. We've never had a less effective Congress in our nation's history. We need a new generation of leaders in Washington. I'll be one of those leaders. Read more at

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sarcasmandsocialism523 karma

How do you and Tierney differ on the issues?

From your comments so far you seem to be campaigning on two things: 1) Tierney might lose giving Republicans another seat, and 2) you would be better at being a Congressman than Tierney because you would try harder.

I am thoroughly unconvinced by #2, by the way. Politics isn't as simple as putting in a new, inexperienced player who is going to try harder.

sethmoulton55 karma

Hey Reddit, I answered as many questions as I could in an hour yesterday before going back out on the campaign trail. When I signed off, this question only had a couple points and I couldn't get to it, but I'm happy to answer it now:

You're right that getting results isn't as simple as "trying harder," but given Tierney's track record of 1 bill in 18 years, it's hard to make the argument that he even tries that hard compared to other members of Congress. My background of getting things done in one of the most difficult, adversarial environments on earth--namely a misbegotten war in Iraq--gives experience and credence to the case that I can do better than Tierney in Congress. As importantly, I don't spend all my time making excuses and blaming the other side. As obstructionist as the Republicans are right now, there are some Democrats, like Tierney, who just complain about it, and there are others, like Rep Joe Kennedy from MA and fellow veteran Rep Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, both about my age, who are rolling up their sleeves and getting things done. That is the kind of Congressman I will be.

As to the issues, Tierney and I are both Democrats, so we agree on many things. But there are some key differences. Tierney voted three times against sending much-needed body armor to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a someone who had sheet metal cut-outs for "armored doors" on the side of my humvee for protection against roadside bombs, I never would have voted that way. Tierney believes the Affordable Care Act is perfect and shouldn't be changed. I support the law and would have voted for it because it is a step in the right direction, but I think we need to be realistic and acknowledge that we should make some improvements to the law. Tierney also supports the medical device tax, which I oppose because while large companies can handle the additional costs, many smaller companies where much of today's innovation take place cannot afford to stay open. There are many others, which you can read about at or in my economic development plan:

Hope that helps!

evanessa250 karma

What are your thoughts on net neutrality?

sethmoulton481 karma

The internet has always been free and equal and needs to remain that way! I think these guys have a good take on it:

OliStabilize284 karma

Can confirm, will vote for president.

sethmoulton307 karma

Flattered, but I'm just running for Congress!

Acted148 karma

What was it like being a democratic marine?

sethmoulton402 karma

A lot of people think that the military is all conservative, all Republican, but that's not true. Today's volunteer military has people of all political stripes. When I came back from the war, people asked if my liberal views had changed, and if I go down issue by issue, from gay rights to abortion to the environment, my views are the same. What's different is that I understand the other side better now. And I think that's important to being able to get things done in Congress.

Acted156 karma

Thanks for the reply. As an active duty military member, the preponderance of people I work with are very vocal conservatives, and many often speak about how much they hate liberals. Because of the hostility, I keep my views to myself. I think it's inspiring you were able to talk about your views openly, and that kind of courage is something we need in Congress.

sethmoulton173 karma

Thank you. I think courage is exactly what's missing from Congress today. People often ask why so many people in Congress are stupid. I don't think they're stupid--I just think they don't have the courage to speak the truth when it's not politically convenient.

Bro-ham31 karma

Have you heard Gohmert speak? It's not lack of courage Mr Moulton, these people are only interested in dog whistle sounbites that rile up the base, but to the rest of us sound asinine. I hope you are more about action.

sethmoulton38 karma

Couldn't agree more about the need for action--that's why I'm running.

olaftheviking83 karma

What is your stance on the Citizens United ruling, and how do you feel about money in politics?

sethmoulton123 karma

There's way too much money in politics. Rep Tierney gets almost half his funds from PACs and special interests in Washington, DC. As of 3 months ago, he took money from 173 different PACs! Our campaign is a grassroots campaign with all our support coming from individual donors.

mikeoc6174 karma

What are your thoughts on the role of unions in modern America? Do you support collective bargaining for municipal, state, and federal employees?

sethmoulton110 karma

My sister is a public school teacher in a teacher's union. Her union has protected her, like the time that the school wouldn't give her a permanent substitute when she had to miss weeks of school for jury duty. And I support collective bargaining.

Osoir68 karma

Why do you think your party's incumbent has been so ineffective in Congress? Why do you think you could avoid the same fate?

sethmoulton107 karma

Most members of Congress are back-benchers. He once said that he goes to Washington to "relax." It's easy to be a reliable, party vote on the issues, much harder to be someone who rolls up his or her sleeves, drives the debate, crafts legislation, and brings together the coalitions from both sides of the aisle to get it passed. I hear from people all the time in the district that Congressman Tierney just ignores their requests rather than write bills to fix problems.

drewfer39 karma

Have you considered making a pledge to support the sort of fundamental political reform that the Mayday PAC is working toward and to make yourself eligable for their funding?

sethmoulton29 karma

Actually I've already come out in support of many of their proposals:

farffy36 karma

What is your opinion on net neutrality and the NSA spying on citizens?

Also, from what I recall, when the Patriot Act was put forth I remember that there was a clause for funding body armor/humvee armor included to force people to vote for it (or be seen as not approving the armor for troops). How do you feel about these practices?

sethmoulton59 karma

Freedom is what America is all about, and it's Congress' job to make sure the government is not spying on its own citizens.

Bills that lump too many issues together are one of current politicians' tactics to create deadlock or further their own agendas rather than having serious debates about the issues.

mehowl34 karma

what do you think the flaws of the current public education system are? how would you remedy them?

sethmoulton35 karma

America is a land of equal opportunity--it's enshrined in our Constitution--but today educational opportunity is not equal. Too many kids have limited chances for success simply because of the zip code in which they were born. I see that all over my district in Massachusetts. Our state has the best schools in the country--on average--but there are a lot of failing schools in the district. There's even a failing school right across the street from where our current Congressman lives--and he's on the education committee! We need to change this.

shotinthedark8362 karma


sethmoulton43 karma

Universal pre-K is an important first step. Every study shows that dollars invested when kids are younger have higher payback. I will also make a personal commitment to ensure that every failing school in the district gets fixed--I will take serious responsibility for this under my watch. I can't believe our current Congressman says he's a champion of education and yet lives across the street--in a nice house on the water--from a failing school.

jjgaybrams25 karma

What do you find to be the most challenging part of running against a sitting member of your own party? What do you feel most distinguished the two of you?

sethmoulton28 karma

I'm the strongest Democrat in the race. I am the best chance of keeping this seat Democratic, and you don't need to take it from me. National Journal said, "Democrats' chances of holding this seat increase markedly if Moulton wins the nomination." And we need all the help we can get this year in the House. Despite that, people from my own party accuse me of being "disloyal" just because I'm running against an incumbent, even though he's one of the most ineffective members of Congress and he takes millions of dollars away from the national party just to barely hold on every election. Why should the national Democratic party be sending millions of dollars to an 18-year incumbent in Massachusetts?!

followerofprez18 karma

What experience did you get in the Marines that would make you a great Congressman? Do you wish more elected officials had military experience?

sethmoulton37 karma

My job description in the Marines was simple: "You are responsible for everything your platoon does or fails to do." That's the kind of leadership we need in Congress. Congressman Tierney's answer to every question is to blame the Republicans. Let's get leaders in Washington who take responsibility for fixing problems and getting things done.

ylime12317 karma

What are your thoughts on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and the role they play in our nation's food supply?

sethmoulton48 karma

I have a lot of concerns about GMOs, but I also think there are a lot of other problems we need to address first. That's just my honest opinion.

Samsoy10 karma

Who would win in a fight?

100 U.S. Marines V.S. 1000 Silver Back Gorillas?

Answer this one right and you might just have yourself a vote there, Mr.Moulton.

sethmoulton50 karma

10 Marines to win the fight, 90 to throw the victory party. Semper Fi. (I actually love gorillas though.)

BahamaBruiser9 karma

What do you tell to people who say you are an opportunist taking advantage of a weak democratic incumbent in order to further your own personal political career? John Tierney has been a strong democrat for a long time now, and if you were a good democrat you wouldn't have run against him.

sethmoulton11 karma

It's a good Democrat's job to challenge dead-weight incumbents. A vote for Tierney in this election is a vote for John Boehner in the general election--Tierney is polling 5 points behind the R challenger. Rep John Tierney is also one of the least effective members of Congress in the entire country--he's only passed 1 bill in 18 years. He takes millions of dollars of national party money every year just to hold onto his seat. We need a strong Democrat to represent this district.

jadedlens8 karma

What do you think about the current situation in Iraq? Should we send more troops?

sethmoulton29 karma

NO! Sending more troops right now would just be propping up a failed regime. PM Maliki needs to go. This is fundamentally a political problem, not a military one. The Iraqis (including the Iraqi Army) don't trust their government. Let's fix the problem with diplomacy, not by putting more young American lives on the line.

porquoithepig5 karma

How do you deal with the frustrations of being a politician without becoming cynical?

sethmoulton4 karma

I'm not someone who grew up wanting to be a politician. When I was approached about running, I was pretty surprised, but I realized how much Congress is in need of new leadership, and I knew I had seen the consequences of failed leadership over 4 tours in Iraq.

HolyWah4 karma

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

sethmoulton28 karma

I'd like to fight one horse-sized duck because I could eat it afterwards.

mrstealyourgirl24 karma

Why u still single bro?

sethmoulton23 karma

Dunno man. Got any tips?

charlieinthetrees144 karma

Why are the Red Sox in last place?

sethmoulton31 karma

Congress is in last place--we have the worst Congress in our nation's history! If the Sox end up having their worst season in franchise history, we wouldn't expect them to come back next year with a new batting order--we'd expect a new roster. That's what we need for Congress--a new roster.

charlieinthetrees144 karma

House of Cards - which character are you?

sethmoulton18 karma

Freddy. You should try my bbq.

UnknownSense3 karma

First of all, as a former Marine myself, I want to thank you for your service and Semper Fi.

What would you say your most gratifying moment as a politician would be? Have you ever accomplished anything that really means a great deal to you personally?

Also, if you make it to congress can I write you letters to complain about the VA?

sethmoulton2 karma

Thank you for your service--Semper Fi!

I love helping people. I joined the Marines to serve, but didn't think I would enjoy serving as much as I did. Even in the middle of a war I disagreed with, I helped saved lives, and now I want to do that work again back here at home.

As for letters to the VA, yes of course! That's Congress' job--to fix problems like the VA. And I actually get my health care from the VA. I don't think any current member of Congress can say that!

ieatgrapes293 karma

Almonds or cashews?

sethmoulton4 karma

I love cashews. My staff makes fun of how many cashews I eat every day--no joke!

Jonesoda3 karma

Favorite breakfast food?

sethmoulton10 karma

Nothing really tops my Mom's strawberry rhubarb coffee cake. But I've also invented something called "Triple P." It's made of peanut butter and bananas, and the three P's stand for what it gives you. Any guesses?

jadedlens4 karma

Peanuts, Protein, Potassium?

sethmoulton6 karma

Close! The 3 things you get from it are: - protein - potassium - pleasure!

[deleted]2 karma


sethmoulton2 karma

I'd like to fight one horse-sized duck because I could eat it afterwards.

W3llD4mn2 karma

As a high school senior who is unhappy with current politics and could see myself with a career in government, where do you get started, and how do you work your way up to eventually running for congress?

sethmoulton5 karma

Start by serving your country or community where you can, and do something serious. For me, I joined the military, but there are a lot of other options. Think about the Peace Corps, CityYear, and other ways to serve. And you can start with something close to home. If you decide to run for Congress someday for anything other than wanting to serve your country and community, you're doing it for the wrong reason.