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Neil, which historical figures do you find most fascinating?

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What do you find to be the most challenging part of running against a sitting member of your own party? What do you feel most distinguished the two of you?

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pls respond

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Hi Don, my question is about the politics involved in running or Governor. You did very well at the convention this year, but two of your fellow candidates failed to make the cut and had their names taken out of the running despite both of them being qualified for the office in their own ways. Many commentators believe that a two-ballot convention would have resulted in a very different outcome.

The State Convention is not going anywhere, but as Governor (and therefore a leader in your party) would you push for a return to a multiple-ballot convention? Why or why not?

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What is the biggest misconception people in the western world have about African life? (I know that's a very broad question, so feel free to break it up into regions)