Hey people of Reddit!

I'm Forrest Griffin, UFC Hall of Famer, author of "Got Fight?" and "Be Ready When The Sh*t Goes Down" (available from all good book stores!) and I'm currently in Dublin, Ireland for UFC Fight Night McGregor vs. Brandao.

I've been reliably informed you can watch the whole event live on Saturday night by signing up for a free trial to UFC Fight Pass - http://www.ufcfightpass.com - so go do that!

Ask Me Anything bitches and I'll be back at 8pm GMT / 3pm ET / 12pm PT

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/pX6hESf.jpg

Thanks for the absolutely ridiculous questions, they were right down my absolute bizarre alley. Make sure you watch the fights on Saturday from Dublin otherwise you'll have a very incomplete and unsatisfying life!

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ForrestGrffin30 karma

What do you guys call crack cocaine, y'know just in case that shit arises?!

nuqqet9k9 karma

Banshee dust

ForrestGrffin19 karma

Ahhh that's good to know you guys have crack over here too, I was feeling bad for crack due to the rise in popularity for meth.

zarabarry20 karma


ForrestGrffin29 karma

Tell me where to go..

nuqqet9k17 karma

No one ever answers this, but I ask every time:

Have you done any tests that monitor brain function over the years?

ForrestGrffin78 karma

I actually have, I went to Cleveland Clinic and had some tests done on my brain they didn't have a baseline to start with but they said I'm very stupid. True story!

broken_halo7617 karma

3 parts: 1) how fucking pumped were you when your arm slid under Shoguns neck? Were you all "holy fuck im gonna tap shogun!"?
2) has anyone outside of the octagon shocked you by how hard they hit? 3) you once said (jokingly obv) that chuck didnt condone the all cookie diet, and thus you dont like him. Chuck's awesome and I laughed my ass off, but what's your favorite cookie?!

ForrestGrffin19 karma

  1. You actually did read my mind, I thought I was going to win that fight but then oh wait Im actually going to finish Shogun! 2. Wanderlei hit me really hard and I'd always stay conscience so I'd have time to ruminate on how hard he hit me. 3. My favorite cookie is Macadamia nut because I forget what it is actually is.

ThatPoopingMane15 karma

What's the craziest thing you have seen happen while you were a school teacher?

ForrestGrffin35 karma

I actually was a school teacher for 1 semester, I was teachers assistant for EBD kids and one girl bit me. I was more or less a bouncer for children! I had to testify in court against that girl and she went on to become a straight A student!

Trace31014 karma

Can you talk a little bit about your relationship with Dana and how it's changed over time?

How do you think others view your legacy?

What do you see as your future? The future of UFC?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

ForrestGrffin104 karma

I actually don't know Dana White that well. People ask me to speak to him all the time, y'know if we have a board meeting next month or something but I'll probably not mention that. I'm not Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, I won't really have a legacy. The guy that made the most out of the least amount of talent. Yes, that's me. As for my future, I'll most likely die obese from diabetes from eating too many donuts. I'll end up sucking dick for donuts in a back alley somewhere :-)

toleran11 karma

Which salad dressing is your favorite?

ForrestGrffin70 karma

Whichever one is on a steak

JonnyBoomBots11 karma

What does Chris Leben smell like?

ForrestGrffin50 karma

It depends on which Chris Leben we're talking about. Old Chris Leben smelt like Irish Spring and sweat alcohol, new Chris Leben smells like Patchouli and some sort of organic muffin.

Benevolent111 karma

Big fan Forrest, great to have you here. What's your opinion on the recent rise in popularity of women's MMA?

ForrestGrffin62 karma

I didn't like womans MMA because I don't like to see women make mean faces and then also when they would mad dog each other I didn't feel like they could back it up, now I'm married so I'm used to women making mean faces and the talent in womans MMA has grown enough to where they can back it up.

clipmann10 karma

1: Mr. Griffin: thanks for all the awesomness over the years.

2: Any plans for a third book?

3: Would you ever compete in BJJ, metamoris, or others?

4: What is currently, your favorite fight pick up line(s)?

ForrestGrffin20 karma

  1. You're welcome. 2. No, I'm too busy not fighting to write my third book. 3. No because I suck and it would be an embarrassment to the person that gave me my blackbelt at this point. 4. "I heard you were a bad motherfucker but I'm not the kinda guy who believes what he hears, I want to see it for myself"

z0rlak10 karma

Who's your favourite up-and-coming fighter?

ForrestGrffin28 karma

Just because I'm at a Conor McGregor fight my favorite up and coming fighter is Dustin Poirer!

PRIDE_FC9 karma

when will someone give you and Bonnar a tv show?

ForrestGrffin38 karma

Well we've pitched and they said no, we're horrible people and no. The only people that find me and Stephan funny is me and Stephan.

T-town049 karma

Any interesting experiences with fans that you'd like to share?

ForrestGrffin44 karma

I met thee guys in a bar at a UFC in Houston, they offered me a lift and as soon as I got in the car everyone went quiet, we drove for 20mins and then I ran because I didn't have my rape whistle

bamboosage8 karma

If you could do a buddy cop movie, who would you pick to play opposite of you as your partner?

ForrestGrffin37 karma

Bisping just because of the cool accent and we could do a really shitty Guy Ritchie movie

adammoths8 karma

How's Dublin kid?

ForrestGrffin23 karma

The tram has been great so far, I don't understand how paying for it works so will most likely be cited at some point, The good news you don't have to pay those citations you just can't come back.

raboolaconundrum7 karma

Where will you be Friday/Saturday night in Dublin where I can buy you a pint?

ForrestGrffin15 karma

You tell me buddy, where?

RAND06117 karma

When did you start your fight career? High School, college?

Why did you quit being a cop to become a fighter?

What is your diet/workout like?

ForrestGrffin36 karma

I actually started fighting because I played full contact basketball on asphalt every saturday and sunday only everyone else didn't know it was full contact and I found out I was better at the fighting than the basketball. I fought grown men on the basketball court when I was 16 in Georgia.

oldnerdybastard6 karma

Forrest what ufc ring girl do you think is hottest?

ForrestGrffin27 karma

Without a doubt Carly because the British guy next to me told me so.

VLXS5 karma

Forrest I read your book and you're a sick bastard. Is Big John McCarthy really as crazy as you are?

ForrestGrffin15 karma

That's not actually Big John McCarthy, that's my friend Big John. Turns out Big John is quite a common nickname and yes Big John was crazier than I've said.

aliencowboy5 karma

Have you tried Guinness yet?

ForrestGrffin13 karma

At this very moment - even though they don't sponsor us - fuck Guinness but it's delicious.

scotty2hally5 karma

Would you come out of retirement to fight Bob Sapp?

ForrestGrffin24 karma

I would come out of retirement to fight Bob Sapp as you know I'm a big fan of Bob Sapp. Whenever I can't think of a name I just say Bob Sapp. I have no idea why

barack_iguana4 karma

What is your opinion on all the controversy regarding PEDs in the UFC and what do you think of guys like Rory Macdonald and GSP's fighting styles? Do you think that more people adopting that style is good for the sport?

ForrestGrffin11 karma

I was would say the testing works, all the guys you think do drugs sooner or later fail a drugs test

outstanding831 karma

Dude forrest youre my favorite fighter of all time. What advice can you give a 16 year old kid thats been training for four years and wants to fight when hes 18?

ForrestGrffin19 karma

Wrestle. Wrestle. Wrestle. Anywhere you can find organised wresting do it.

OhHelloPlease-1 karma


ForrestGrffin38 karma

Obviously you've never wrestled or done MMA day in your life. Marathon running is relaxing and has a tempo, fighting is not relaxing and has no tempo and has the key element of unpredictably of an opponent which your "sport" doesn't. Favorite post anything meal is a my wifes carrot cake.