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What is the nuttiest/craziest/awesomest image that you came across during your work?

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What is the percentage of husbands hire you to know if their wifes are cheating on them?

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Well,, do not keep us in suspense, i hope that he was faithful to his mistress, and did'nt cheat on her with his wife?

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Ok, i work in an office, i heard your song, and suddenly felt like jumping on desk, swinging my underware, bang my head. DUDE, you guys ROCK, :) and i LOVE the pakistaniness. Im a middle easterner myself, and i have many pakistani friends. I would LOVE to see you guys on stage doing EXACTLY what you do, and embracing a LITTLE (or alot) of your culture, as little as some of your clothing, or even throwing some Takatak on the audience, :)

Eitherways, KEEP ON ROCKING.

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Congratulation Dr. Stuck.