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I have a simple yes-no question if you don't mind answering!

Do you believe the IMF will help Ukraine?

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OK, good to know! It still surprises me how people who work in the financial sector don't understand shit about large-scale economies.

I'd like to bet you 1000 satoshis that in two years time Ukraine will be in the deepest financial shit of the past 20 years, and the IMF will be claiming they made a couple honest mistakes and underestimated public corruption.

Gentlemen's honour bet?

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Forrest I read your book and you're a sick bastard. Is Big John McCarthy really as crazy as you are?

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Cool, your book was very funny by the way, I really enjoyed it. More stories and Forrest-type-writing and less self-defence moves next time please! (edit: because we are all experts here and we already know how to fight anyway).

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What kind of options are there for "vegan" culture media? Can you mash hemp/quinoa seeds to get the proteins needed to culture red meat? How long till embryonic fluid is exchanged for plant based alternatives?