Forrest Griffin

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is a retired American mixed martial artist.

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ForrestGrffin1372 karma

I like it because I enjoy running as seen in my fights.

ForrestGrffin1367 karma

Whoever invented math!

ForrestGrffin1056 karma

Did you take your pills today? Or are you just smoking weed?

ForrestGrffin967 karma

I'm only replying to this so more people will see it, it's a great compliment to me!

ForrestGrffin905 karma

Yes, this guy slapped me in a bar for no reason and I was in the process of getting my background check for the police dept so just walked out. I really wanted to hit that guy!

ForrestGrffin740 karma

No brainer. TUF 1! No shit right?!

ForrestGrffin662 karma

It is true, I also won a atch with one arm dislocated - like out of socket!

ForrestGrffin621 karma

My little brother causally wore it around town to the grocery store.

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No third book, the first two were too perfect so won't bother with a third! And no on the farting, I'm not a disgusting animal like yourself!

ForrestGrffin579 karma

The self loathing really