Hey Reddit! I am Forrest Griffin, former UFC light heavyweight champion, current Hall of Famer and best selling author! I'm in London for UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson vs. Manuwa. Ask Me Anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/ForrestGriffin/status/441582345930678272

I'll be back at 3:20pm GMT / 10:20am ET / 7:20am PT

Edit: The guy next to me says I don't have to this any longer! Greenwich Mean Time Bitch!

Edit2: I'll be at the UFC Fight Night London weigh-ins tomorrow from 1pm at The O2! Come hang out.

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withasmackofham1089 karma

Would you rather fight an Alistair Overeem sized Demetrious Johnson or 3 Demetrious Johnson sized Alistair Overeems?

edit: Thanks for the gold random redditor! Without context, I bet Forrest thinks reddit is weirder than Diego Sanchez at a post fight interview.

ForrestGrffin1056 karma

Did you take your pills today? Or are you just smoking weed?

ExoStab745 karma

Forrest, my wife and I met you in Fresno right after Got Fight was released. It was her birthday and her being star struck when you gave her birthday was the cutest thing I ever did see. Not that I expect you to remember us, but I wanted to share that we won't forget it. We have always liked you for your awesome attitude, even in times of defeat. You were never trying to be someone else. You always felt like someone we had known for years and not an untouchable celebrity. We will still have the pictures we all took together framed and in the open. Not hiding. :o) Whatever you do, we wish you the best. Hopefully we will run into you again someday.

ForrestGrffin967 karma

I'm only replying to this so more people will see it, it's a great compliment to me!

Covmeister604 karma

Hey Forrest!

So, my name is also Forrest. I live in Ireland, and I have never met another Forrest here. In all the countries I have traveled to - not a single Forrest.

My question is: How much do you hate that fucking movie? You know the one...

ForrestGrffin1372 karma

I like it because I enjoy running as seen in my fights.

TrickyWon387 karma

If you could fight one historical figure, who would it be?

ForrestGrffin1367 karma

Whoever invented math!

luvchicks379 karma

Have you ever walked away from someone picking a fight with you?

ForrestGrffin905 karma

Yes, this guy slapped me in a bar for no reason and I was in the process of getting my background check for the police dept so just walked out. I really wanted to hit that guy!

Nodnarb4242360 karma

Forrest, I heard you had your arm broken in a match then still won with your other arm. Is this true? I hope this is true.. Edit... Misspelled his name... fml

ForrestGrffin662 karma

It is true, I also won a atch with one arm dislocated - like out of socket!

jermisballin303 karma

Is there a chance for a 3rd book? I love your first 2. Oh and.. Have you ever farted on someone while grappling?

ForrestGrffin604 karma

No third book, the first two were too perfect so won't bother with a third! And no on the farting, I'm not a disgusting animal like yourself!

NekoQT233 karma

Whats your favourite bout ever??

ForrestGrffin740 karma

No brainer. TUF 1! No shit right?!

Magmatron217 karma

What is your favorite book that you have read?

ForrestGrffin556 karma

To Kill a Mocking Bird and Fight Club.

BreakingForABad201 karma

Dude, what's the most extreme diet you've ever tried but will never try again?

ForrestGrffin465 karma

I did the cabbage soup diet for 5 days where you literally eat nothing but cabbage soup for 5 days.

Ignorance_Is_Swiss188 karma

Hi Forest! Huge fan since the first TUF, was wondering your thoughts on the recent TRT ban? It seems like a majority of fighters Will use PEDs if they are LEGAL, how do you think this affects the sport?

ForrestGrffin427 karma

Most good fighters don't use drugs, they use genetics. All the guys that I thought were taking drugs eventually failed a drug test which makes me think the system works.

ObsidianWarrior178 karma

Hey Forest, Thanks for the AMA

Did you do anything outrageous with the UFC Light Heavyweight belt when you had it?

ForrestGrffin621 karma

My little brother causally wore it around town to the grocery store.

TheAlbu176 karma

who had the best fight with a door in the TUF house?

ForrestGrffin301 karma

I think me and Chris both had good fights with doors but I have to give Leben the decision on that.

GavMaTav161 karma

Hey Forrest, how often do people confuse you with Josh Hartnett?

ForrestGrffin387 karma

Not near as often as I'd like.

parasocks159 karma

What's the hardest part about being Forrest Griffin?

ForrestGrffin579 karma

The self loathing really

ketosabe145 karma

What is your opinion on Ronda Rousey and women's ultimate fighting?

And is her success (or anyone's, for that matter) more due to ability? Or press received for being, say, photogenic? Is this ultimately good or bad for the sport? Thanks!

ForrestGrffin319 karma

I wasn't big on it at first because I didn't think the talented level was the same but the growth of MMA has caused the talent level to rise thus making the fights better. Now I'm a big fan!

Narwhalhabadasher141 karma

Do you still have that bad ass leather jacket you wore in season 1 of the ultimate fighter?


ForrestGrffin314 karma

I sure as shit do! I got that leather jacket as I moved into an abandoned apartment and it was left there

Vermilionpulse135 karma

Hey Forrest, I love you man. I've read your books, and (as most people) refer to your TuF fight with Stephan Bonnar as the greatest fight of all time. I have no questions, just wanted to say you are awesome.

ForrestGrffin255 karma

I have to disagree with you on that one.

Rtstevie132 karma

When you used to be a police officer, were there any moments that made your MMA-self proud? Meaning, was there ever a time you ever got to man-handle a criminal?

ForrestGrffin418 karma

When I was a cop I threw the best Thai kick of my life and knocked a guy head over heels. It was pretty awesome.... I told him to stop!

churrrls132 karma

What is the strangest interaction you have ever had with a fan?

ForrestGrffin349 karma

I once took a picture with somebody while I was taking a piss. It was uncomfortable!

jemalt113 karma

GSP vs Hendricks. Who won that fight in your opinion?

ForrestGrffin343 karma

I think the fans won cos it was a great fight.

Hammer94110 karma

Hey Forrest. I've only read your second book (too cheap to buy the first one) but it was hands down one of the funniest yet informative books I've read. Ever thought about starring in a movie with Rich Franklin as a classic good twin-bad twin flick? Sorry, it's way too early for me and couldn't think of a better question to ask.

ForrestGrffin268 karma

I was thinking we could do a remake of Step Brothers!

FantasticBastard104 karma

My ex girlfriend is from Augusta. My understanding is that you are too. She claims that you got in a fight on her front yard and her dad came out and broke it up. This would have been sometime around 2003 or 2004, something like that. Maybe earlier, I think it was when you were in high school.

Do you have any memory of that or was she full of shit?

It's also entirely possible that you got in lots of fights in lots of front yards and have no way to figure out which time I'm referring to.

ForrestGrffin313 karma

That happened in 95, I think the statute of limitations is up bitch!

Slimbopboogie81 karma

Hey Forrest,

Who would you say the toughest opponent you faced in UFC was?


ForrestGrffin287 karma

Yes, why thankyou for asking I've always wanted a talking dog.

spy94380 karma

What was with the hair cut on The Ultimate Fighter 1?

ForrestGrffin245 karma

Boredom, which is the reason behind a lot of bad decisions.

Crisspie1378 karma

Favorite Food now that your retired and weight is not a issue? Also what was your toughest Training Camp! What was your first feelings when you won the belt! You were the most exciting Fighter the UFC ever had! Thanks for getting your face beaten in for our entertainment!

ForrestGrffin143 karma

My favorite food is sugar and weight's not been a problem, the less I do the skinnier I get.

granteth73 karma

Hey Forrest. Clearly you are a beast and champion dominant people smasher. You know it and I I know it but.....have you ever been tested to see how much ape DNA is coursing through your veins? Because, I mean, come on....thanks for the years of entertainment, much respect to the training and dedication.

ForrestGrffin192 karma

If there was a way to introduce monkey DNA into my body I'd do it. I've always wanted a tail.

GrandmasterAss71 karma


ForrestGrffin195 karma

Kinda. Maybe Wanderlai?

cbear9362 karma

in a fight between you and sean connery, who would win?

ForrestGrffin231 karma

Sean Connery's accent everytime!

3rdLion62 karma

How are you liking England, Forrest? Been able to get out and explore London?

ForrestGrffin217 karma

I like England, I'm going to explore some dark lager later.

venadad58 karma

What would you consider the greatest thing that motivates you?

ForrestGrffin120 karma

Fear.. and drugs! I've always been motivated by fear. I'm afraid of everything so I try to prepare for it.

theflealee49 karma

What was it like watching Jon Jones rise up through the ranks and what do you think of him in terms of being the greatest light-heavyweight of all time?

Also just wanted to add that I'm a huge fan and after I started watching the sport I never missed even one of your fights. You were my first favorite fighter. Thanks for all the great battles.

ForrestGrffin99 karma

I don't know if that was a question but the answer is true, he is the greatest light heavyweight of all time.

knifewrench148 karma

Hey Forrest! How did you first meet the Killers? Loved the behind the scenes video you shot with them!!

ForrestGrffin143 karma

I actually know the Imagine Dragons lead singer's brother so good old fashioned nepotism!

AdonisAdan47 karma

What are your picks for this weekend?

ForrestGrffin137 karma

Gustfasson. Michael Johnson. Pickett. By the way I'm horrible with this.

koolaidkronic45 karma

If you weren't a fighter, what else would be doing for a job ?

ForrestGrffin196 karma

I'd still be a cop unless I'd gotten fired for misbehaviour, in which case I'd be a security guard.

jmoney7333 karma

Huge fan Forrest! Last summer I asked you if I could buy you a beer for my 21st birthday in Vegas and you shot me down. Any comment?

It was the weekend of Silva/Weidman 1 if that matters

ForrestGrffin115 karma

Sounds like a lie. I never turn down a free beer!

bevanj30 karma

Hey Forrest!

I know its weird to be asking you about fashion choices, but do you ever lament the fact that the "go to" shirt for MMA people are those over-the-top Affliction or Tapout shirts? I just figured professional fighters wouldn't be the type to flock to/promote clothing with glitter or shiny stuff.

Anyways, big fan and best of luck in your writing career!

ForrestGrffin112 karma

Fighters will wear whatever they get paid to wear!

Ariosoto26 karma

Mr.Griffin, thanks for doing this AMA.

I would like to ask how your transition from law enforcement into martial arts has changed your life (better or worse) and if there was something you could go back and change what would that be?

ForrestGrffin69 karma

If I could change anything, it would be everything. There's so many things I'd like to change but hindsight is 20-20.

cuntpolice26 karma

What was your childhood like? Your parents? You seemed like a cool and down to earth guy when I saw the show way back in the day. Also it was some of the most raw fighting I had ever witnessed. How did you keep the fame and fortune from going to your head and becoming a prick like some of the guys I see? Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out, if I knew you were fighting, I would always try to watch. Best fights ever.

ForrestGrffin100 karma

If I seem cool and down to earth the facade must be working.