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"I got invisible bitches in my invisible jet, their invisible pussy is visibly wet"

Clearly this is his best line ever. Shit's gold son.

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Ooorrrrr, the maker refused to drop the price as far as Walmart was demanding so you pulled it from your shelves.

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Might want to block out your full legal name, as it is now associated with your reddit account.

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I can assure you that the creative team that worked on it secretly believed that it was brilliant.

Your campaign was one of those unicorns in advertising where the client actually approved the brilliant work without vomiting nonsensical feedback all over it first.

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when we met I told him how much I loved SLAPSTICK and he said it wasn't a very good book.

I've found that creative individuals tend to see nothing but the flaws in their work where other people see greatness. It's part of what pushes them to produce great work.